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This page lists the available class options for each character when using a Heart Seal.

Additionally, if a character uses a Partner Seal or Friendship Seal, they will borrow their partner’s first (left-most) class option.

For more details, please check the Class-Changing page.

Note: If a character is in a promoted class, the promoted classes corresponding to the class options on this page will be available to them instead (e.g. Swordmaster and Master of Arms if they have the option to change to a Samurai).

Shared Characters

Note: The Avatar’s second class option is determined by the Talent selected at the time of creation and includes every regular class (excludes Songstress, Kitsune, Wolfskin and Villager).

Character Options
Avatar Nohr Prince(ss) Chosen by the player
Felicia Troubadour Mercenary
Jakob Troubadour Cavalier
Kaze Ninja Samurai
Azura Songstress Sky Knight
Silas Cavalier Mercenary
Shura Outlaw Ninja Fighter
Izana Monk Samurai Apothecary
Mozu Villager Archer

Exclusive Characters

Character Options
Rinkah Oni Savage Ninja
Sakura Shrine Maiden Sky Knight
Hana Samurai Shrine Maiden
Subaki Sky Knight Samurai
Saizo Ninja Samurai
Orochi Diviner Apothecary
Hinoka Sky Knight Spear Fighter
Azama Monk Apothecary
Setsuna Archer Ninja
Hayato Diviner Oni Savage
Oboro Spear Fighter Apothecary
Hinata Samurai Oni Savage
Takumi Archer Spear Fighter
Kagero Ninja Diviner
Reina Sky Knight Diviner Ninja
Kaden Kitsune Diviner
Ryoma Samurai Sky Knight
Scarlet Wyvern Rider Outlaw Knight
Yukimura Apothecary Samurai Monk


In general, children inherit the first class option from each parent for a total of three class options including their own.

If A) the child’s default class option is the same as their parent’s first class option or B) their parent’s first class option is Songstress or C) the child would inherit the same class from both parents, the child will inherit their (in the case of C, variable) parent’s second class option instead.

Following from B), if the child’s default class option is the same as their parent’s second class option, they will gain a parallel class corresponding to their parent’s first class option instead (or second class option if the parent is the Avatar or if case C would apply).

Note: The tables below list each child’s default class option plus the class option inherited from their fixed parent.

Shared Children

Character Options
Kana Nohr Prince(ss) Avatar’s Talent
Shigure Sky Knight Troubadour
Dwyer Troubadour Cavalier
Sophie Cavalier Mercenary
Midori Apothecary Ninja

Exclusive Children

Character Options
Shiro Spear Fighter Samurai
Kiragi Archer Spear Fighter
Asugi Ninja Samurai
Selkie Kitsune Diviner
Hisame Samurai Oni Savage
Mitama Shrine Maiden Apothecary
Caeldori Sky Knight Samurai
Rhajat Diviner Oni Savage