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Note: This page does not cover support conversations; you can find those here.

By fighting together and interacting, characters can develop support relationships (or “bonds”), which can lead to improved ability in combat, among other things…

If you’re new to supports, click here for an overview of the basics.

Support List

The support list is divided into two tables for convenience’s sake. To understand the full support list, make sure to read both tables carefully!


  • Characters highlighted in red are possible marriage candidates.
  • Guest characters (from StreetPass, Amiibo, the Einherjar Shop or Prison etc.) cannot support.
Character(s) Possible supports
Avatar Every character (marriage only possible if the opposite gender *1)
Jakob, Silas, Kaze, Ryoma, Takumi, Saizo, Kaden, Hinata, Azama, Subaki, Hayato Felicia, Azura, Mozu, Hinoka, Sakura, Rinkah, Orochi, Kagero, Hana, Setsuna, Oboro *2
Parents Their children
Kana, Shigure Their siblings
Kana (M), Shigure, Dwyer, Shiro, Kiragi, Asugi, Hisame Kana (F), Sophie, Midori, Selkie, Mitama, Caeldori, Rhajat *3

*1 The Avatar can marry Rhajat regardless of gender
*2 Marriage not possible for Ryoma/Takumi x Hinoka/Sakura
*3 Except Kana (M) x Kana (F)

Character Possible supports Character Possible supports
Avatar Takumi Ryoma, Hinata, Jakob
Felicia Hana Kagero Orochi, Rinkah, Setsuna
Jakob Silas, Takumi Reina
Kaze Saizo, Silas Kaden Hinata, Azama, Hayato
Azura Hinoka, Sakura Ryoma Saizo, Silas, Takumi
Silas Ryoma, Jakob, Kaze Scarlet
Shura Yukimura
Izana Kana (M) Shiro
Mozu Oboro Kana (F) Midori, Mitama, Selkie
Rinkah Orochi, Kagero, Oboro Shigure Hisame
Sakura Hinoka, Hana, Azura Dwyer Asugi, Kiragi
Hana Sakura, Setsuna Sophie Caeldori
Subaki Azama, Saizo, Hinata Midori Selkie, Kana (F)
Saizo Ryoma, Subaki, Kaze Shiro Kiragi, Asugi, Kana (M)
Orochi Rinkah, Kagero, Oboro Kiragi Shiro, Hisame, Dwyer
Hinoka Sakura, Setsuna, Azura Asugi Shiro, Hisame, Dwyer
Azama Kaden, Subaki, Hayato Selkie Rhajat, Midori, Kana (F)
Setsuna Hinoka, Kagero, Hana Hisame Kiragi, Asugi, Shigure
Hayato Kaden, Azama Mitama Caeldori, Rhajat, Kana (F)
Oboro Orochi, Rinkah, Mozu Caeldori Mitama, Rhajat, Sophie
Hinata Takumi, Kaden, Subaki Rhajat Caeldori, Mitama, Selkie