Support Basics

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Building Supports

To raise a support relationship, two characters must first be compatible with each other. You can determine compatible pairs via the in-game “Support” menu or by referring to the support list.

Hearts appear when support points are gained.

Compatible pairs can earn support points via these methods:

Action Points
Fight an enemy with a Support Unit present (while paired up or adjacent to an ally) +3/6
Fight an enemy while adjacent to an ally (who is NOT the Support Unit) +2/6
Use a staff on or sing for an ally +2/6
Activate a Dual Strike or a Dual Guard (only once per combat) +1/6
Use a “Seed of Trust” item while paired up +1
View a conversation between allies in My Castle (random chance) +1
Give a neutral or liked Accessory to an ally in My Castle (random chance) +1
Invite an ally into your Private Quarters (random chance) +1

At the end of each map, support points are rounded to the nearest integer (0 is treated as an integer in this case). Additionally, each pair can gain a maximum of 3 support points per map.

Furthermore, if a character has gained support points with multiple characters, the support points are reduced to 2 for the pair with the second-highest points, 1 for the pair with the third-highest points and 0 for pairs with less points.

If there is a tie, priority is given to characters higher up in the in-game support list.

Finally, should a character in a pair fall in Casual mode, that pair forfeits all points gained during the map.

(Note that points obtained from Seeds of Trust are not bound to these rules. E.g. you can gain up to 4 points with one Seed of Trust used.)

Support Levels

When enough support points have been earned, a support conversation between the two characters can be viewed outside of battle, which increases the support relationship by one level.

Support levels start from zero and then progress to “C”, “B”, “A” and finally “S” for opposite-gender characters (excluding siblings) or “A+” for same-gender characters (excluding the Avatar).

Note: Unlike traditional support levels, there are no support conversations for “A+” support levels; furthermore, “A+” support levels are one-way.

Every character can have any number of support relationships up to “A”, but only one “S” support level and one “A+” support level.

Benefits of Supports

The support level affects the stat boosts for Tag Team and Pair Up (please follow the links for the exact details).

Marriage in Fire Emblem is nothing new.

It looks like Felicia took the proposal well.

When two characters reach an “S” support level, they become married and their children may join in sidequests.

Note: The Avatar can acquire an “S” support level with Rhajat regardless of gender, but no child will be produced if the Avatar is female.

In addition, characters can acquire their “S” support partner and “A+” support partner’s primary class by using the Partner Seal and Friendship Seal items.