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The standard (retail or digital) versions of the game only allow you to play one campaign (Birthright/Hoshido or Conquest/Nohr). However if you desire a broader experience, you can purchase the other campaign as DLC for a discounted price.

flowchart-birthright flowchart-conquest

To do so, you must choose the “Explore Paths” option, which is the bottom-left option in the main menu (before loading a save file). This same option also allows you to purchase the third campaign, Revelation.

DLC Cost Description
Birthright (Hoshido) 19.99 USD / 24.99 CAD Birthright campaign for Fire Emblem Fates Conquest or the digital version
Conquest (Nohr) 19.99 USD / 24.99 CAD Conquest campaign for Fire Emblem Fates Birthright or the digital version
Revelation (3rd route) 19.99 USD / 24.99 CAD Third campaign for Fire Emblem Fates Conquest/Birthright or the digital version

Once you own more than one campaign, during the “Branch of Fate” in Chapter 6, you will be able to select which campaign you wish to play, from the ones you own.

(Having experienced the “Branch of Fate” at least once, you can skip ahead to the “Branch of Fate” at any time, by selecting the option directly above “Explore Paths” in the main menu.)


Bonuses: Those who own multiple campaigns can receive item presents by interacting with the Crystal Ball in My Castle and going to the “Bonuses” option.

Of note, you can redeem two Dread Scrolls (for the Dread Fighter class) when you own two or more campaigns and two Ebon Wings (for the Dark Falcon class) when you own three campaigns.


Besides full-length campaigns, you can enjoy bite-size maps similar to Awakening’s DLC maps.

When they are available, you can access them via the “Dragon’s Gate” on the world map (available upon completion of Chapter 6).

To play your maps, pick the first option “Play DLC”.

If you want to purchase maps, pick the second option “Purchase DLC” and then the top option “Purchase DLC”.

Map Pack 1: You can purchase a pack containing the following twelve DLC for 17.99 USD or 22.49 CAD. Keep in mind that even if you pay for all of the DLC upfront, you can only play the DLC as they’re released.

Release Date DLC Reward (notes) Difficulty Price
19th February 2016 Before Awakening Exalt’s Brand, Hero’s Brand (first time), Pebble (unlimited) Free
25th February 2016 Boo Camp Experience (unlimited) 2.49 USD / 3.19 CAD
Beach Brawl Special illustrations ★★ 2.49 USD / 3.19 CAD
3rd March 2016 Ghostly Gold Funds (unlimited) 2.49 USD / 3.19 CAD
Museum Melee Weapons (unlimited) 2.49 USD / 3.19 CAD
17th March 2016 Royal Royale Various stat-boosters (first time), Dread Scroll, Ebon Wing (unlimited) ★★★★ 2.49 USD / 3.19 CAD
24th March 2016 Hidden Truths (1 and 2) Fell Brand, First Blood (unlimited) ★★★ 4.49 USD / 5.69 CAD
31st March 2016 Vanguard Dawn Vanguard Brand (unlimited) ★★ 1.99 USD / 2.49 CAD
7th April 2016 Anna on the Run Anna (first time) 1.99 USD / 2.49 CAD
14th April 2016 Ballistician Blitz Sighting Lens (unlimited) ★★ 1.99 USD / 2.49 CAD
A Gift from Anna Sighting Lens or Witch’s Mark (first time) N/A Free
21st April 2016 Witches’ Trial Witch’s Mark (unlimited) ★★ 1.99 USD / 2.49 CAD

Map Pack 2: You can purchase a pack containing the following seven DLC for 7.99 USD or 11.29 CAD. Keep in mind that even if you pay for all of the DLC upfront, you can only play the DLC as they’re released.

Release Date DLC Reward (notes) Difficulty Price
5th May 2016 Another Gift From Anna Boots and Paragon (first time) N/A Free
I: In Endless Dreams Skilltaker and Lucktaker (unlimited) ★★★ 0.49 USD / 0.69 CAD
12th May 2016 II: Realms Collide Magictaker (unlimited) ★★★ 1.99 USD / 2.89 CAD
19th May 2016 III: The Changing Tide Strengthtaker (unlimited) ★★★ 1.99 USD / 2.89 CAD
26th May 2016 IV: Light’s Sacrifice Defensetaker (unlimited) ★★★ 1.99 USD / 2.89 CAD
2nd June 2016 V: Endless Dawn Speedtaker, Resistancetaker (unlimited) ★★★ 1.99 USD / 2.89 CAD
9th June 2016 End: Lost in the Waves Point Blank (unlimited) ★★★ 1.99 USD / 2.89 CAD