Accessory Preferences

The following table lists each character’s liked and disliked accessory types.

When a character asks for an accessory in My Castle, giving anything that’s not a disliked accessory will grant 1 support point.

(Note: Giving a liked accessory will evoke a better reaction from the character.)

Also, when a character is manning the Accessory Shop, there will be a discount on their liked accessory type.

Character Likes Dislikes
Ryoma Hand Body
Takumi Hat Body
Saizo Hand Body
Kaden Face Body
Hinata Hand Body
Azama Body Face
Subaki Hand Body
Hayato Hat Body
Jakob Hand Body
Silas Hat Body
Kaze Face Body
Xander Hand Body
Leo Hat Body
Benny Face Body
Keaton Body Hand
Arthur Face Body
Odin Face Body
Laslow Hand Body
Niles Body Hat
Hinoka Hat Body
Sakura Hat Body
Orochi Hat Body
Kagero Hand Body
Hana Hat Body
Setsuna Body Hand
Reina Hat Body
Oboro Hat Body
Felicia Hat Body
Azura Face Body
Mozu Face Body
Camilla Body Face
Elise Hat Body
Charlotte Face Body
Effie Hat Body
Peri Body Hat
Beruka Hand Body
Selena Face Body
Nyx Face Body
Shiro Hat Body
Kiragi Hat Body
Asugi Face Body
Selkie Hand Hat
Hisame Hat Body
Mitama Hand Body
Caeldori Hand Body
Rhajat Hat Body
Kana (M/F) Face Body
Shigure Body Hand
Dwyer Face Body
Sophie Hand Body
Midori Hand Body
Siegbert Hat Body
Forrest Hand Body
Ignatius Face Body
Velouria Body Face
Percy Face Body
Ophelia Face Body
Soleil Body Face
Nina Hat Hand
Yukimura Hand Body
Izana Body Face
Shura Hand Body
Fuga Hat Body
Gunter Hat Body
Scarlet Hand Body
Rinkah Face Body
Anna Body Hat
Flora Hat Body