Lottery Shop


At the Lottery Shop, you can receive a random weapon or item free of charge.

Upgrade Details

Shop Level Chapter Completion Required Dragon Vein Points
1 7 1
2 13 1
3 19 1

Things to Note

The Lottery Shop reopens for business at the start of each morning. In practical terms, you can visit it once every four battles or four 6-hour periods (or a combination of the two).

In the Birthright campaign, you can play the “Dawn Lottery”; meanwhile, in Conquest, you can play the “Dusk Lottery”. Or if you’re in Revelation, both options will be available.

The items you can obtain obviously depend on the lottery you’re playing, but also the prize ball that comes out.

  • Bronze: Consolation Prize
  • Silver: Good Prize
  • Gold: Jackpot Prize

The higher the Lottery Shop Level, the better the chances of acquiring rare items.

Note: The tables below may be slightly inaccurate.

Consolation Prizes

Type Dawn Lottery Dusk Lottery
Resource Pearl, Coral, Lapis, Quartz, Jade, Amber, Beans, Peaches, Fish, Rice, Daikon Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Onyx, Emerald, Topaz, Meat, Berries, Milk, Wheat, Cabbage

Good Prizes

Type Dawn Lottery Dusk Lottery
Sword Brass Katana, Iron Katana, Steel Katana, Kodachi, Axe Splitter, Practice Katana, Spirit Katana Bronze Sword, Iron Sword, Steel Sword, Armourslayer, Wyrmslayer, Killing Edge, Levin Sword
Lance Brass Naginata, Iron Naginata, Steel Naginata, Swordcatcher, Guard Naginata, Bolt Naginata Bronze Lance, Iron Lance, Steel Lance, Javelin, Beast Killer, Killer Lance, Blessed Lance
Axes Brass Club, Iron Club, Steel Club, Throwing Club, Pike-Ruin Club, Great Club Bronze Axe, Iron Axe, Steel Axe, Hand Axe, Hammer, Bolt Axe, Killer Axe
Daggers Brass Shuriken, Iron Shuriken, Steel Shuriken, Sting Shuriken, Barb Shuriken, Flame Shuriken Bronze Dagger, Iron Dagger, Steel Dagger, Fruit Knife, Hunter’s Knife, Kris Knife
Bows Brass Yumi, Iron Yumi, Steel Yumi, Illusory Yumi Bronze Bow, Iron Bow, Steel Bow, Mini Bow, Killer Bow, Blessed Bow, Shining Bow
Tomes Rat Spirit, Ox Spirit, Tiger Spirit, Sheep Spirit, Horse Spirit Fire, Thunder, Fimbulvetr, Mjölnir
Staves Bloom Festal, Sun Festal, Wane Festal, Moon Festal,
Rescue, Silence
Heal, Mend, Physic, Recover, Freeze, Enfeeble
Items Vulnerary, Concoction, Elixir, Master Seal, Heart Seal, Partner Seal, Friendship Seal

Jackpot Prizes

Type Dawn Lottery Dusk Lottery
Sword Silver Katana, Venge Katana, Wakizashi, Dual Katana Silver Sword, Brave Sword
Lance Silver Naginata, Venge Naginata, Dual Naginata Silver Lance, Brave Lance, Spear
Axes Silver Club, Venge Club, Battering Club, Dual Club Silver Axe, Brave Axe, Tomahawk
Daggers Silver Shuriken, Spy’s Shuriken, Dual Shuriken Silver Dagger, Soldier’s Knife
Bows Silver Yumi, Spy’s Yumi, Dual Yumi, Surefire Yumi Silver Bow, Crescent Bow
Tomes Rabbit Spirit, Dragon Spirit, Snake Spirit, Calamity Gate Ragnarok, Ginnungagap, Lightning, Nosferatu
Staves Hexing Rod Entrap
Items Seraph Robe, Strength Drop, Spirit Dust, Secret Book, Speedwing, Goddess Icon, Dracoshield, Talisman, Arms Scroll, Eternal Seal