Mess Hall

Credits: RRPG (shop upgrade details), Pegasus Knight (title effects)

At the Mess Hall, you can exchange Foodstuffs to create food dishes that temporarily increase your characters’ stats for the duration of a mission.

Upgrade Details

Shop Level Chapter Completion Required Dragon Vein Points
1 7 1
2 13 1
3 19 1

Things to Note

At the beginning, you can only create dishes with 1 ingredient and only half your party will benefit from the effects of the dish.

After upgrading to Level 2, you can create dishes with 2 ingredient. Then at Level 3, your entire party will benefit from the dish.

Furthermore, the effects of the dish are slightly modified by the character who’s running the Mess Hall at the time.

Lastly, dishes can only increase each stat by a maximum of 2 points and characters only have the stomach for one dish before each mission.


Dish Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Effect
Steak Meat None Strength +1
Sashimi Fish None Speed +1
Yoghurt Milk None Speed +1
Tofu Beans None Strength +1
Cabbage Salad Cabbage None Resistance +1
Pickled Daikon Daikon None Resistance +1
Berry Jam Berry None Magic +1
Candied Peaches Peach None Magic +1
Bread Wheat None Defence +1
Rice Ball Rice None Defence +1
Surf and Turf Fish Meat Strength +1, Speed +1
Creamed Beef Milk Meat Strength +1, Speed +1
Chili Beans Meat Strength +2
Cabbage Rolls Cabbage Meat Strength +1, Resistance +1
Beef Stew Daikon Meat Strength +1, Resistance +1
Steak with Berry Glaze Berry Meat Strength +1, Magic +1
Steak with Chutney Peach Meat Strength +1, Magic +1
Steak Sandwich Wheat Meat Strength +1, Defence +1
Beef Rice Bowl Rice Meat Strength +1, Defence +1
Poached Fish Milk Fish Speed +2
Fish Balls Beans Fish Strength +1, Speed +1
Sashimi Salad Cabbage Fish Speed +1, Resistance +1
Yellowtail with Daikon Daikon Fish Speed +1, Resistance +1
Fish with Berry Glaze Berry Fish Magic +1, Speed +1
Fish with Peach Sauce Peach Fish Magic +1, Speed +1
Fried Fish Wheat Fish Speed +1, Defence +1
Sushi Rice Fish Speed +1, Defence +1
Creamy Bean Soup Beans Milk Strength +1, Speed +1
Tangy Coleslaw Cabbage Milk Speed +1, Resistance +1
Vegetarian Chowder Daikon. Milk Speed +1, Resistance +1
Berry Pudding Berry Milk Magic +1, Speed +1
Peach Pudding Peach Milk Magic +1, Speed +1
Macaroni Wheat Milk Speed +1, Defence +1
Rice Gratin Rice Milk Speed +1, Defence +1
Bean Salad Cabbage Beans Strength +1, Resistance +1
Simmered Beans Daikon Beans Strength +1, Resistance +1
Berry Tofu Pudding Berry Beans Strength +1, Magic +1
Peach Tofu Pudding Peach Beans Strength +1, Magic +1
Bean Bread Wheat Beans Strength +1, Defence +1
Beans and Rice Rice Beans Strength +1, Defence +1
Vegetable Salad Daikon Cabbage Defence +2
Berry Smoothie Berry Cabbage Magic +1, Resistance +1
Peach Smoothie Peach Cabbage Magic +1, Resistance +1
Cabbage Strudel Wheat Cabbage Defence +1, Resistance +1
Cabbage Fried Rice Rice Cabbage Defence +1, Resistance +1
Berry Juice Berry Daikon Magic +1, Resistance +1
Peach Juice Peach Daikon Magic +1, Resistance +1
Vegetable Tempura Wheat Daikon Defence +1, Resistance +1
Daikon Fried Rice Rice Daikon Defence +1, Resistance +1
Mixed Berry Salad Peach Berry Magic +2
Berry Tart Wheat Berry Magic +1, Defence +1
Berry Mochi Rice Berry Magic +1, Defence +1
Peach Upside-Down Cake Wheat Peach Magic +1, Defence +1
Peach Mochi Rice Peach Magic +1, Defence +1
Rice Bread Rice Wheat Defence +2



  • The “random stat” chooses from the non-boosted stats.
  • On occasions, characters may cook a dish with a different title than the one that’s listed for them.
Title Target Additional Effect Characters
Exquisite Everyone Boosted stats +1; random stat +2 Jakob, Peri, Percy, Anna
Delicious Everyone Boosted stats +1; random stat +1 Mozu, Mitama, Caeldori, Dwyer, Flora
Mouthwatering Everyone Boosted stats +1; random stat +1 Azura, Shigure
Hoshidan Hoshidans Boosted stats +1; random stat +1 Subaki, Sakura, Yukimura
Nohrian Nohrians Boosted stats +1; random stat +1 Xander, Siegbert
Hearty Males Boosted stats +1; random stat +1 Ryoma, Shiro, Fuga
Alluring Males Boosted stats +1; random stat +1 Charlotte
Dreamy Males Boosted stats +1; random stat +1 Nina
Passionate Females Boosted stats +1; random stat +1 Camilla
Fanciful Females Boosted stats +1; random stat +1 Laslow, Forrest, Soleil
Dedicated Avatar Boosted stats +1; random stat +2 Rhajat
Sophisticated Gen 1 Boosted stats +1; random stat +1 Orochi, Nyx
Simple Gen 2 Boosted stats +1; random stat +1 Hayato
Eccentric Everyone Random stat +2 Azama, Izana
Practical Everyone Defence +1 Kana (M), Kana (F), Gunter
Spicy Everyone Skill +2 Saizo
Daring Everyone Strength +1 Hinata, Effie, Scarlet
Salty Everyone Skill +1 Hana, Beruka, Hisame
Supersweet Everyone Luck +2 Asugi
Chosen-y Everyone Magic +1 Odin, Ophelia
Sweet Everyone Luck +1 Oboro, Elise, Midori
Standard Everyone None Takumi, Silas, Benny, Kiragi
Elegant Hoshidans Boosted stats +1 Kaden, Kagero, Selkie
Saucy Nohrians Boosted stats +1 Niles
Sour Females Boosted stats +1 Sophie
Crisp Males Boosted stats +1 Kaze, Leo, Shura
Bitter Males Boosted stats +1 Ignatius
Prickly Females Boosted stats +1 Selena
Reckless Everyone Dish effects -1; random stat +2 Arthur, Hinoka
Disgusting Everyone Dish effects -1; random stat +1 Setsuna
Revolting Everyone Dish effects -2; random stat +1 Keaton, Velouria
Burnt Everyone Removes all stat boosts… Rinkah
Noxious Everyone Strength and Magic +1; other stats -1 Reina, Felicia