Nohrian Characters

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Main Characters

Image Name Class Birthday
fefates-icon-kamuif Avatar Nohr Prince/Princess (Decided by the player)
A prince/princess raised in Nohr after being abducted from Hoshido as a child. Can change into a dragon and wield the sacred blade, Yato. He/she is well liked by all. Has the most hidden potential.
fefates-icon-azura Azura Songstress 3rd March
A princess raised in Hoshido after being taken hostage in exchange for the Avatar. Secretive and hides her emotions, but kind and wise. Her songs help her allies on the battlefield. A restless sleeper.

Shared Characters

Image Name Class Birthday
fefates-icon-felicia Felicia Maid 19th February
One of the Avatar’s Ice Tribe retainers, along with her sister, Flora. A hard worker and skilled combatant, but clumsy and prone to breaking things, which upsets her. The most destructive.
fefates-icon-jakob Jakob Butler 3rd December
A multitalented Nohrian butler who serves the Avatar at home and on the battlefield. While generally cool toward others, he took a vow of absolute loyalty to the Avatar. Not a morning person.
fefates-icon-kaze Kaze Ninja 2nd October
A Hoshidan ninja. Unlike his twin brother, Saizo, he has a polite and calm demeanor. He is loyal to his chosen liege, willing to give up his very life. Best-liked member of the army.
fefates-icon-silas Silas Cavalier 1st November
A newly appointed Nohrian knight of noble birth. Childhood friend of the Avatar. He is both very kind and quite skilled for a man of his age. Worst “bedhead” in the army.
fefates-icon-asyura Shura Adventurer 21st December
The leader of a group of thieves in Nohr. Formerly of the sacked city of Kohga in Hoshido. Trained to serve the royal family as a ninja, but forced to survive as a thief. Great at long-distance swimming.
fefates-icon-izana Izana Onmyoji 29th December
Archduke of Izumo. Descended from a divine dragon, he is precognitive. Much more relaxed than his appearance suggests, and often surprises his guests. Largest vocabulary in the army.
fefates-icon-mozume Mozu Villager 6th October
A daughter of farmers from a small village in Nohr. Lacks confidence, but tries her best to help those around her. Overwhelmed to be near royalty all the time. Has the best survival skills in the army.

Exclusive Characters

Image Name Class Birthday
fefates-icon-garon Garon (NPC)
The ruling king of Nohr; the Avatar’s foster father. Strongly suspicious of others and lustful for power; he’s an ambitious man who plots to invade Hoshido.
fefates-icon-gunter Gunter Great Knight 13th June
A Nohrian knight of middling birth who reached his rank on talent and discipline. He now serves as the Avatar’s retainer. He is exceedingly hard on himself and others. Has no sense of humor.
fefates-icon-elise Elise Troubadour 19th March
A playful Nohrian princess whose innocence sometimes lets her see truths that others miss. Loves her siblings to a degree bordering on hero worship. The best at remembering birthdays.
fefates-icon-arthur Arthur Fighter 24th January
A local hero from a small town in Nohr, now a retainer for Elise. He has an eccentric obsession with justice matched only by his incredibly poor luck. The most likely to take a bad spill.
fefates-icon-effie Effie Knight 13th April
A Nohrian soldier who serves Elise. Gentle and wishes to protect others, which is fortunate because she is strong enough to break armor with her bare hands. Most likely to ask for seconds.
fefates-icon-odin Odin Dark Mage 15th July
A dark mage serving Leo in Nohr. Does not talk about his homeland or history, but still talks a great deal. Gives absurd names to his weapons and “special moves.” Most likely to shout “Level up!”
fefates-icon-zero Niles Outlaw 22nd April
A Nohrian former thief serving as Leo’s retainer. He grew up as an impoverished orphan. Appears relaxed and mature, but flirts with everyone to see them react. Does the most stargazing.
fefates-icon-nyx Nyx Dark Mage 17th February
A Nohrian mage preternaturally talented with curses. Cool and composed, she mostly avoids the others. Looks much, much younger than she actually is. Gives the best gifts.
fefates-icon-camilla Camilla Malig Knight 30th November
The elder princess of Nohr. An extremely affectionate older sister and mother figure to the Avatar, she is a terror to her enemies in battle. Loves hot springs and baths.
fefates-icon-luna Selena Mercenary 21st January
A retainer serving Camilla in Nohr. Her homeland and history are unknown. Strong willed and angry, she will occasionally show a gentle side to those she trusts. The most wasteful shopper.
fefates-icon-berka Beruka Wyvern Rider 26th February
A wyvern knight from Nohr serving Camilla. Born to heartless parents who left her on the streets, she is quiet and unexpressive. Has been an assassin since her youth. Has the highest poison tolerance.
fefates-icon-lazward Laslow Mercenary 7th August
A mercenary serving Xander in Nohr. His homeland and history are unknown. A friendly flirt, he is actually quite shy. He aims to be a dancer someday and is quite good. The biggest night owl.
fefates-icon-pieri Peri Cavalier 24th December
A Nohrian noble serving Xander. Spoiled by her wealthy family, she’s childish and a crybaby who loves combat and bloodshed. No longer allowed to have a butler. The best chef in the army.
fefates-icon-benoit Benny Knight 24th March
A border guard from Nohr. His intimidating appearance is even scarier for his silence, but really he’s just shy and quite gentle. Always carries a charm with him. Most of his friends are bears.
fefates-icon-charlotte Charlotte Fighter 4th May
A border guard from Nohr with ambitions to marry above her station. Puts on whatever persona she thinks will make people like her, but favors a cutesy innocent act. The most cynical in the army.
fefates-icon-leo Leo Dark Knight 30th June
The brilliant prince of Nohr who wields the legendary Brynhildr and is known for his potent magic. He can be quite cruel to his enemies. Objectively loves tomatoes more than anyone else could.
fefates-icon-flannel Keaton Wolfskin 30th October
A wolfskin leader from Nohr’s Mount Garou. Cheerful, sociable, and a little stupid. Loves big bugs and round dust bunnies; avidly collects both. The most easily distracted member of the army.
fefates-icon-xander Xander Paladin 27th October
The crown prince of Nohr and wielder of the legendary Siegfried. Gifted military leader. Can seem unapproachable, but is actually kind and personable. Has nice handwriting.
fefates-icon-flora Flora Maid 19th February
Along with her twin sister, Felicia, one of the Avatar’s Ice Tribe retainers. She is an excellent and thoughtful maid, unlike her sister, but also tends to overthink things. Surprisingly jealous.

Shared Children

Image Name Class Birthday
fefates-icon-kanna Kana Nohr Prince/Princess 19th April
The Avatar’s son/daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Loves his/her father/mother more than anyone else and wants to be like him/her. Usually cheerful, but often feels lonely and cries. Enjoys being a dragon.
fefates-icon-shigure Shigure Sky Knight 6th June
Azura’s son, raised in the Deeprealms. Like his mother, sings beautifully. Also likes to draw. While mild and kind, he can also be a bit temperamental. Quite fond of heights.
fefates-icon-deere Dwyer Troubadour 16th November
Jakob’s son, raised in the Deeprealms. Doesn’t like work, but might be even more accomplished in the butlery arts than his father (much to Jakob’s chagrin). Has the most hidden talents.
fefates-icon-sophie Sophie Cavalier 21st July
Silas’s daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Practices hard to be a great knight like her father, but her horse, Avel, just won’t listen to her. Eternally optimistic regardless. Often talks to herself.
fefates-icon-midoriko Midori Apothecary 17th May
Kaze’s daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Bright, enthusiastic, and well mannered, she enjoys inventing and brewing medicines in her free time. Has the sharpest sense of taste in the army.

Exclusive Children

Image Name Class Birthday
fefates-icon-siegbert Siegbert Cavalier 28th May
Xander’s son, raised in the Deeprealms. Feels inferior to his accomplished father. Educated in many disciplines, but has trouble saying no and gets pushed around because of it. Has the best teeth.
fefates-icon-foleo Forrest Troubadour 13th March
Leo’s son, raised in the Deeprealms. Drawn to the healing arts by a sense of duty to help those in need. Loves fashion and sewing. The most sympathetic ear in the army.
fefates-icon-ignis Ignatius Knight 16th August
Benny’s son, raised in the Deeprealms. Wishes he wasn’t so weak willed. Treasures the charm his father made to protect him. Much kinder than he looks. Afraid of ghosts and bugs.
fefates-icon-velour Velouria Wolfskin 11th October
Keaton’s daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Loves her father, maybe too much. Doesn’t express her other feelings well. Picks up everything she finds and keeps much of it. Has the messiest room.
fefates-icon-lutz Percy Wyvern Rider 5th September
Arthur’s son, raised in the Deeprealms. Dreams of becoming a hero like his father, and trains day and night with his dragon, Ace. An earnest, sweet young man. Has astonishingly good luck.
fefates-icon-ophelia Ophelia Dark Mage 15th September
Odin’s daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Aspires to be a “chosen one” like her father. A dreamer, she has a strong spiritual connection to stars and stones. The best in the army at skipping.
fefates-icon-soleil Soleil Mercenary 31st August
Laslow’s daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. She is cheerful, is athletic, and adores cute things. She is also a relentless flirt with girls, though she is also attracted to men. The worst singer.
fefates-icon-nina Nina Outlaw 31st January
Niles’s estranged daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. She is a devoted daydreamer and voyeur, especially when she sees two men together. The worst at talking to members of the opposite sex.