Nohrian Classes

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  • It is possible to acquire Nohrian classes in the Hoshido campaign and vice versa.
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Base class
fefates-class-nohrprince Nohr Prince(ss) Weapon Rank Sword fefates-icon-stone
A Nohrian royal fitted with their kingdom’s equipment. Their body conceals the
power of dragons.
fe15-class-cavalier2 Cavalier Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Lance
Knights who fights on horseback. Can use both swords and lances.
fefates-class-knight Knight Weapon Rank Lance
Foot-soldiers encased in heavy armour. Slow but has high defence
fefates-class-fighter Fighter Weapon Rank Axe
Axe-fighters with a superior body. Has high attack power, but weak defences.
fefates-class-mercenary Mercenary Weapon Rank Sword
Sell-swords who can handle any mission. They have well-balanced abilities and superior skill.
fefates-class-outlaw Outlaw Weapon Rank Bow
Crooks who are skilled at picking locks. Wields bows and boasts high speed and resistance.
fefates-class-wyvernrider Wyvern Rider Weapon Rank Axe
Knights who fight astride a wyvern. Has superior strength and defence.
fe15-class-darkmage Dark Mage Weapon Rank Tome
Sorcerers who have learned Nohrian magic. They attack enemies with magic.
fefates-class-rodknight Troubadour Weapon Rank Staff
Staff-wielding knights who are incapable of fighting. Instead, they heal allies with staves.
fefates-class-garou Wolfskin fefates-icon-stone2
A werewolf said to feast on the flesh of humans. Has excellent strength and speed.
Promoted class
fefates-class-nohrprince-n Nohr Noble Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Tome fefates-icon-stone
Royals whose heart aligns with Nohr. Wields magic in addition to swords and dragonstones.
feif-class-paladin Paladin Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Lance
High-ranking knights praised for their bravery. They have better capabilities than a Cavalier.
fefates-class-greatknight Great Knight Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Lance Weapon Rank Axe
Armoured riders. Capable of wielding swords, lances and axes.
fefates-class-general General Weapon Rank Lance Weapon Rank Axe
Generals fortified from head to foot with heavy armour. They possess exceptional defence.
fefates-class-berserker Berserker Weapon Rank Axe
Crazed fighters who fight with axes. They excel in performing critical hits.
bravehero Hero Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Axe
Heroes renown for their bravery. They wield swords and axes and can adapt to any battlefield.
fefates-class-bowknight Bow Knight Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Bow
Knights who rain arrows from horseback. In addition to bows, they can wield swords.
fefates-class-adventurer Adventurer Weapon Rank Bow Weapon Rank Staff
Glory-seekers who investigate ruins for treasure. With their bows and staves, they’re capable of many things.
fefates-class-wyvernlord Wyvern Lord Weapon Rank Lance Weapon Rank Axe
High-ranking wyvern riders. With their axes and lances, they demolish enemy forces.
fefates-class-revenant Malig Knight Weapon Rank Axe Weapon Rank Tome
Knights who command a mage dragon. With their axes and magic, they trample over enemy forces.
fefates-class-sorcerer Sorcerer Weapon Rank Tome
High-ranking sorcerers who have reached the esoteric pinnacle. They possess exceptional magic.
fefates-class-darkknight Dark Knight Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Tome
Magic knights whose bodies are infused with sorcery. They’re capable of harnessing swords and magic.
fefates-class-strategist Strategist Weapon Rank Tome Weapon Rank Staff
Tacticians who command the battlefield from horseback. With their magic and staves, they turn the tide of battle.
fefates-class-butler Butler Weapon Rank Kunai Weapon Rank Staff
Male vassals who serve a master. They heal their master with staves and protect them with daggers.
fefates-class-maid Maid Weapon Rank Kunai Weapon Rank Staff
Female vassals who serve a master. They heal their master with staves and protect them with daggers.
fefates-class-garou2 Wolfssegner fefates-icon-stone2
A high-ranking werewolf with a more resilient body. Has better abilities than a Wolfskin.