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This page lists the available class options for each character when using a Heart Seal.

Additionally, if a character uses a Partner Seal or Friendship Seal, they will borrow their partner’s first (left-most) class option.

For more details, please check the Class-Changing page.

Note: If a character is in a promoted class, the promoted classes corresponding to the class options on this page will be available to them instead (e.g. Swordmaster and Master of Arms if they have the option to change to a Samurai).

3rd route exclusive

Character Options
Fuga Samurai Oni Savage Monk

DLC exclusive

Character Options
Anna Outlaw Troubadour Apothecary


The Amiibo characters (Marth, Ike, Lucina and Robin) have no class options and thus cannot use a Heart Seal.


Enemy characters gotten by capturing (by characters with the Capture or Kidnap skills) can change classes like normal characters.

However their Heart Seal options are limited to the base version of their starting class (and the corresponding promoted classes if in a promoted class).

Example 1: Zhara starts off as a Mercenary, but he can’t use a Heart Seal straight away, since he only has Mercenary as a class option. But once he promotes to a Hero, he can use a Heart Seal to swap to a Bow Knight and vice versa.

Example 2: A generic Great Knight can use a Heart Seal to swap to a General, but not a Paladin, because their base class is Knight (and not Cavalier).