Support Bonus

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When a character (the Lead Unit) fights adjacent to a friendly character (i.e. Tag Team), they will receive a boost to their combat stats dependent on who their Support Unit is and their support level.


  • The boosts for each support level are cumulative. For example, to determine the S Support boost, you need to add together the boosts from the No, C, B, A and S Support levels .
  • If the Lead Unit is paired up with the Support Unit, discard all of the Support Unit’s boosts, then add a standard Dodge +5 boost.
  • If there are multiple adjacent Support Units, add together the boosts from each Support Unit and divide by 2.5, then round down.
Support Unit(s) No Support C Support B Support A Support S Support
Anna Hit rate +10 Avoid +5 Dodge +5 Avoid +5 Avoid +5, Dodge +5