Basic Premise

About the game


The fight you choose. The future you grasp.

The keyword for this new Fire Emblem is “what if?”

With the conflict between the kingdoms of Hoshido and Nohr as the backdrop, the player themselves must choose which of the two sides to ally with.

From the player’s choice, the game will follow one of two very contrasting stories that feature different dialogue, missions and obtainable allies.



At the heart of this world is a conflict between the peace-loving kingdom of Hoshido and the glory-seeking kingdom of Nohr. As the strained relationship between the nations reaches critical point, a large-scale conflict breaks out.

The protagonist was born in the Hoshidan royal family, but raised by the Nohrian royal family. He or she is faced with a great decision: whether to side with Hoshido, the land of their birth, or Nohr, the land where they were raised.

You are the protagonist


This time, the protagonist of the game is the player themselves, as they appear in the game in the form of a customisable Avatar.

Players can personally experience the struggles of the main character, such as asking themselves “should I side with this country?” and “was my choice really right?”

The two paths

feif-april015Choosing Hoshido will lead to a more traditional Fire Emblem story where you work with your Hoshidan kin to repel the Nohrian invaders.

In addition, there will be a way to level up characters and earn gold outside of the main story.


Opting to serve Nohr however will lead to a more complex and challenging story, as you and your Nohrian kin fight to reform the conflict-seeking Nohr from the inside.

In this route, there are limited opportunities to gain experience and gold and victory conditions are more diverse.