Note: Names are subject to change during localisation.

Main Characters

Image Name Class Alliance
if_face_avatarm Avatar Dark Prince/Princess Hoshido/Nohr
The main character of the game; a youth born into the Hoshidan royal family, but raised by the Nohrian royal family. Like past Avatars, players can customise this Avatar’s name, gender and appearance. (In promotional materials, he or she is always named “Kamui” and has the same appearance.)
face_aqua2 Aqua Songstress Hoshido/Nohr
The heroine of the game; the princess of Nohr taken prisoner by Hoshido. Because she and the Avatar share similar circumstances, upon their meeting, she follows the Avatar regardless of their camp. She possesses an unique singing voice with the ability to soothe others.


Image Name Class Alliance
feif-face-6-mikoto Mikoto Hoshido
The peace-loving queen who rules over Hoshido. The Avatar’s birth mother. She ascended the throne, following her late husband Sumeragi’s untimely death. In the second trailer, she is glad to see the Avatar safe, possibly after he/she was involved in a difficult battle.
feif-face-6-ryouma Ryouma Trueblade Hoshido
The eldest son of the Hoshidan royal family; the Avatar’s real brother. He’s bursting with samurai spirit and exudes an extremely reliable presence. In cutscenes, he fights wielding a green, lightning-charged blade (the Raijin Katana?), which he perhaps inherited from his deceased father.
feif-face-6-hinoka Hinoka Pegasus Warrior Hoshido
The eldest daughter of the Hoshidan royal family. Fitting for a warrior, she’s honest, if unsophisticated. After the Avatar was abducted by Nohr, she trained in the art of battle. Although she has a generally serious expression, she seems to have a soft side, as she is seen crying into the Avatar’s chest.
feif-face-6-takumi Takumi Bowman Hoshido
Ryouma and the Avatar’s younger brother. In order to make others acknowledge his strength, he trains to perfect his martial arts. Personality-wise, he is strongly distrusting of others. Despite being his real sibling, he feels no love for the Avatar, who grew up in a faraway country.
feif-face-6-sakura Sakura Priestess Hoshido
Ryouma, Hinoka and Takumi’s younger sister. In contrast to her three siblings, she has a shy and reserved personality. She uses honourifics even when speaking with her family. Unit-wise, she is a Japanese-style Priestess who heals allies with ceremonial batons.
feif-face-6-suzukaze Suzukaze Ninja Hoshido/Nohr
Born into a family of ninjas who have served the Kingdom of Hoshido for generations. However, Suzukaze himself doesn’t follow a particular liege, simple the castle itself. In contrast to his elder twin, Saizou, he’s a composed and polite young man.
fefates-face-saizou Saizou Ninja Hoshido
A Ninja who has sworn allegiance to and directly reports under Hoshido’s prince Ryouma. The polar opposite of his younger brother Suzukaze; he’s hot-blooded and easily fired up. While Suzukaze follows the Avatar regardless, Saizou is only an ally during the Hoshido campaign.
fefates-face-kageroui Kagerou Ninja Hoshido
A kunoichi (female ninja) who serves Ryouma. She always keeps a cool head and often has to act as the restraint for the reckless Saizou. Along with Saizou, an ally in the Hoshido campaign only. In one screenshot, she uses a skill called “Ninja Art Counter”.
fefates-face-hinata Hinata Samurai Hoshido
A samurai who serves Prince Takumi. Hails from a family of samurais who have served Hoshido for generations. He’s easily fooled and quick to quarrel, but he’s thoughtful of his friends and draws his energy from those around him. As a Samurai, he fights with katanas (swords).
fefates-face-oboro Oboro Lancer Hoshido
Takumi’s subordinate. She has a personality befitting a girl her ages and harbours a small crush for her liege, Takumi. Because of her past experience, she possesses a stronger hatred for Nohr than most people. In fact, she deals more damage to those affiliated with Nohr.
feif-face-6-rinka Rinka Oni Hoshido
A fighter born into the “Fire Clan”, which exists independent of the kingdom. Following her father–the chieftain’s orders, she assists Hoshido. In accordance with her clan’s law of solitude, she does not interact with her comrades more than what is necessary.
feif-face-6-tsukiyomi Tsukuyomi Spellcaster Hoshido
Unlike Rinka, he was born into the “Wind Clan”. Despite his young age, he’s extremely talented; so much, that he’s overbearingly confident. On the other hand, he retains child-like weaknesses such as being afraid of the dark. His confidence manifests as the “Arrogance” skill.
feif-face-6-orochi Orochi Spellcaster Hoshido
A spellcaster hired by the royal castle, whom expensive magic can be bought from. Despite her old-fashioned, relaxed manner of speech and her mysterious appearance, she is actually a bright and playful person. She has the ability to capture enemies.
feif-face-6-nishiki2 Nishiki Fox Spirit Hoshido
A fox spirit youth who lives in a remote region of Hoshido. Following his father’s footsteps, he acts as his clan’s leader and keeps his people in order. In Japanese folklore, fox spirits (yokou) are creatures known for tricking humans with their shape-shifting powers.
fefates-face-kazahana Kazahana Samurai Hoshido
Sakura’s subordinate; a well-known katana-wielder in Hoshido. She hails from a noble family and has been a close friend of Sakura since childhood. To protect Sakura, she trains hard everyday, not stopping even when she’s covered in mud. In the reveal trailer, her eyes were closed.
fefates-face-tsubaki Tsubaki Pegasus Warrior Hoshido
Sakura’s subordinate who fights astride a pegasus. He has an easygoing manner and is always smiling. Though his conduct suggests he’s a shallow man, he actually has a side that constantly drives him to achieve perfection. Of note, he’s the first playable male pegasus unit the series.
fefates-face-asama Asama Priest Hoshido
Hinoka’s subordinate. Has an affable and gentle personality. Although he appears to be a prime example of a clergyman, it’s difficult to know what he’s truly thinking because of his aloofness. Occasionally, he may show off his sharp tongue. His skill damages the enemy when he’s unarmed.
fefates-face-setsuna Setsuna Bowman Hoshido
Hinoka’s subordinate. She speaks little and comes and goes like a shadow. Extremely clumsy, but has nerves of steel and is oblivious to sarcasm. She passes her spare time by daydreaming and silently shooting objects down. For some reason, she recovers more HP when healed by an ally.
feif-face-mozume Mozume Villager Hoshido ?
A humble-looking female lance-wielder. She appears to join during a battle full of Nosferatu and seems to possess a strong accent. Later, we discover she’s a Villager like Donnel from Awakening. So she’ll probably be unremarkable early on, but eventually grow into a beastly fighter.


Image Name Class Alliance
feif-face-6-garon Garon Nohr
The ruling king of Nohr; the Avatar’s foster father. Strongly suspicious of others and lustful for power; he’s an ambitious man who plots to invade Hoshido. In the second trailer, he watches the execution of a Hoshidan male and later grabs out to the camera–perhaps the moment in which he takes in the infant Avatar.
feif-face-6-marx Marx Paladin Nohr
The eldest son of the Nohrian royal family. He is a taciturn and honest man who faithfully follows his father, the king’s will for the sake of his country. In battle, he wields a formidable blade, infused with a red aura, which he uses to battle Ryouma and easily fend off a Nosferatu.
feif-face-6-camilla Camilla Revenant Knight Nohr
The eldest daughter of the Nohrian royal family. She dotes on the Avatar, her younger brother/sister, to the point where she would kill others for his/her sake. Not to be mistaken for your usual seductive villainess, ala Aversa, she appears to be an ally, at least if you side with Nohr.
feif-face-6-leon Leon Dark Knight Nohr
Marx and the Avatar’s younger brother. Unlike his brother, he is an adept at sorcery. He’s a genius who can skilfully handle anything. It’s possible he’s the enemy Dark Knight unit on the bridge in the bridge map (although he probably only retreats when defeated, at that early stage in the story).
feif-face-6-elise Elise Rod Knight Nohr
The youngest child of the Nohrian royal family; pure and innocent. Despite being unrelated by blood, she’s as close to the Avatar as her real siblings. She appears as both an enemy and playable unit on the map; possibly before and after you choose sides.
feif-face-6-felicia Felicia Maid Hoshido/Nohr
A talented(?) maid who cares for the Avatar during his/her residence at the Kingdom of Nohr. A hard-worker who puts on a brave face, but a careless person who’s prone to making mistakes. An ally regardless of the Avatar’s chosen camp. As a Maid, she can heal with staves or attack with hidden weapons.
feif-face-6-joker Joker Butler Hoshido/Nohr
Like Felicia, a butler who serves the Avatar while he/she is at Nohr and an ally no matter what. Capable and intellectual, he can do anything from household chores to fighting. However he’s unfriendly towards anyone besides the Avatar. His class allows usage of staves and hidden weapons like Maids.
feif-face-6-gunter Gunter Great Knight Hoshido/Nohr
A knight who has served the Kingdom of Nohr for many long years, with a reputation built on his past feats of valour. He acts as the Avatar’s caretaker and subjects him/her to battle training. Strict, but also has a friendly side. An ally in both campaigns, likely acting as the reliable “Jagen”.
feif-face-6-cyrus Cyrus Cavalier Hoshido/Nohr
A fledgling Nohrian knight who has known the Avatar since childhood. He has a good heart and is always mindful of his comrades. He’s also a cautious person who would gladly sacrifice himself to save someone who lets their guard down. In the Hoshido route, he starts as an enemy.
fefates-face-elfie Elfie Knight Nohr
A kind, female knight who serves Elise. Contrary to her appearance, she possesses amazing physical strength. To protect her companions, she undergoes exceptionally heavy weight-training. She’s also Elise’s childhood friend. Her skill boosts her damage if she’s stronger than the enemy.
fefates-face-harold Harold Fighter Nohr
Elise’s subordinate. A self-proclaimed hero of justice who protects the good from the evil. He’s devoted to following the path of righteousness and lives by his self-made rules. His one flaw is his exceptionally bad luck. Possibly modeled after Harold II or “Harold the Unfortunate”, a former King of England.
feif-face-6-charlotte Charlotte Fighter Nohr
Member of Nohr’s border guards. Anyone who meets her would think she’s a pure and kind woman, but it’s actually a devious act to get men under her control. Her true nature is a boorish woman who’s a dab hand at hand-to-hand combat. Her dream is to marry into wealth and high society.
feif-face-6-benoit Benoit Knight Nohr
Member of Nohr’s border guards; Charlotte’s colleague. He has a menacing face that instills fear in his foes and also his comrades, but he’s kind at heart and thoughtful of his friends. During battles, he carries a home-made charm with him. Enemies near him become less evasive in fright.
feif-face-6-nyx Nyx Dark Mage Nohr
A sorceress who resides at Nohr. Despite her youthful appearance, she has an incredibly grown up personality. Although she’s a skilled sorceress, she lives a quiet life as a fortune-teller, away from common society. Her skill inflicts damage when attacked by another magic-user.
fefates-face-belka Belka Wyvern Rider Nohr
A resourceful assassin who serves Camilla. Her emotionless and silent demeanor keeps people away from her. She is a favourite of Camilla who has a liking for “powerful girls” and often stays by Camilla’s side. Enemies who can’t counter-attack receive greater damage from her.
fefates-face-luna Luna Mercenary Nohr
Camilla’s subordinate. The type of person who hates to lose. She always tries her absolute hardest to make up for any areas she’s lacking in. She’s strangely kind to her female friends, to the point where they’re taken aback. Totally based off Severa from Awakening.
fefates-face-pieri Pieri Cavalier Nohr
A knight who serves Marx. She’s the daughter of a prestigious noble family. Although she’s innocent like a child, she loves combat. Upon sensing danger on the battlefield, she starts crying before turning violent. She then moves out to massacre the enemy–a far cry from her usual self.
fefates-face-lazward Lazward Mercenary Nohr
A swordsman who serves Marx. Has a cheerful and sociable personality, which allows him to get along well with anyone. Likes girls and has a habit of spending his free days picking up women, but his success rate is very low. Good at dancing. Inigo, anyone?
fefates-face-odin Odin Dark Mage Nohr
A magician who serves Leon. To create “amazing special moves”, he extensively researches magic day in and day out. He loses control of his power when he gets fired up, although it does no actual harm. Can we just call him “Owain” and call it a day?
fefates-face-zero Zero Thief Nohr
A former thief who serves Leon. He was born into unfortunate circumstances, which led him to become an infamously skilled thief and assassin within Nohr. Takes great joy in watching others suffer and has a unique and suggestive manner of speech. Able to capture enemy units.
feif-bluemaid ??? Maid? Nohr?
A blue-haired maid who appears slightly obscured during the scene where Felicia tries to wake up the Avatar. She and Gunter appear on the boxart for Nohr, while Felicia and Joker are on the boxart for Hoshido. Her English name may be “Flora”.
feif-face-mc-crimson Crimson Wyvern Rider? Hoshido/Nohr?
A crimson-armoured wyvern rider who appears briefly after the face-rubbing scenes in the My Castle trailer. Although her name and appearance seem Nohrian in origin, she’s present at a Hoshidan castle, suggesting she may be an ally in both campaigns.
fefates-face-iago Iago ??? ???
This frightful man seems to be King Garon’s aide and appears alongside him in Nohr’s throne room. Like his liege, he’s suspicious of others and he’s quick to assert his authority even against the royal siblings. No doubt an enemy you’ll eventually have to beat down (with great joy).


Image Name Class Alliance
feif-face-mc-lilith Lilith Star Dragon Hoshido/Nohr
A small, baby(?) star dragon that resides at the player’s castle. By visiting its shrine, players can feed it food to increase its Level and boost its stats–the stat boosts depending on the type of food given. It also aids the player as a NPC during My Castle battles.