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Image Details Image Details
fe15-class-songstress2 Songstress
Weapon Rank Lance
Aqua’s default class. Can fight with lances or sing to allow allies to move again.
feif-class-myrmidon Samurai
Weapon Rank Sword
An eastern-style swordfighter who fights with katanas. Promotes to Trueblade or Weapon Master.
fe15-class-trueblade2 Trueblade
Weapon Rank Sword
One who has reached the pinnacle of swordsmanship. Has exceptional speed and evasive abilities.
feif-weaponmaster Weapon Master
Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Lance Weapon Rank Axe
An adept who can handle any kind of enemy. Wields katanas, naginatas and maces.
fe15-class-lancer2 Lancer
Weapon Rank Lance
Oboro’s default class. Looks like a foot-based lance-wielder. Soldier fans can now sigh in relief.
Unknown Villager ?
Weapon Rank Lance ?
Mozume’s default class. In Awakening it was a weak class with a lot of potential.
feif-class-pegasuswarrior Pegasus Warrior
Weapon Rank Lance ?
A gender-neutral Pegasus rider. Fights with naginatas (lances).
Unknown ???
Weapon Rank Lance Weapon Rank Bow ?
A promoted Pegasus Warrior who can wield bows in addition to lances.
feif-class-oni Oni
Weapon Rank Axe
A demon-like warrior who fights with maces. Excels in offence and defence.
fe15-class-oni-promoted ???
Weapon Rank Axe ?
A promoted Oni who seems to be carrying a sake gourd on their back.
fe15-class-bowman2 Bowman
Weapon Rank Bow ?
Takumi’s default class. Hmm… I wonder what kind of weapon it uses…?
feif-ninja2 Ninja
Weapon Rank Shuriken
A mobile unit who operates in the shadows. Uses shurikens to attack and weaken enemies.
fe15-class-puppeteer Puppeteer
Weapon Rank Shuriken ?
A promoted Ninja who rides an eerie puppet mount.
fe15-class-spellcaster2 Spellcaster
Weapon Rank Tome
Wields a fan that separates into talismans. Logically, Hoshido’s version of the Mage class.
feif-class-priestess Priestess
Weapon Rank Staff
A maiden dedicated to serving the gods. Can use batons to heal allies.
Unknown ???
Weapon Rank Bow Weapon Rank Staff
A promoted Priestess who wields bows and batons. Implied by Sakura’s TCG artwork.
fe15-class-foxspirit Fox Spirit
Fang ?
Nishiki’s default class. A shape-shifter who transforms into a fox to attack.


Image Details Image Details
feif-class-darkprincess Dark Prince/Princess
Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Stone
The Avatar’s default class. Can transform into dragons using dragonstones, but not always…
Unknown Mercenary
Weapon Rank Sword ?
In Awakening, a well-rounded sword user. Perhaps promotes to Brave Hero or Bow Knight.
bravehero Brave Hero
Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Axe
Heroes renown for their bravery. Well-suited for any type of battle.
Unknown Bow Knight
Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Bow ?
A horseback knight who fights with bows (and probably swords).
fe15-class-cavalier2 Cavalier
Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Lance
A series staple with high movement and well-balanced stats. Likely promotes to Paladin or Great Knight.
feif-class-paladin Paladin
Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Lance ?
Marx’s default class. Like Cavalier, a series staple, often belonging to a veteran “Jagen” unit.
Unknown Great Knight
Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Lance Weapon Rank Axe ?
Gunter’s default class. If it’s anything like its Awakening version, expect Gunter to be Frederick 2.0.
feif-class-knight Knight
Weapon Rank Lance
An armoured knight with exceptional defence, but poor speed and movement.
Unknown Fighter
Weapon Rank Axe
An axe-wielder who boasts impressive damage. Likely promotes to Berserker (and something else).
Unknown Berserker
Weapon Rank Axe ?
In Awakening, an axe-wielding powerhouse with unparalleled strength.
Unknown Wyvern Rider
Weapon Rank Axe ?
Belka’s default class. An axe-wielder who fights astride a wyvern.
Unknown Revenant Knight
Weapon Rank Axe ?
Camilla’s default class. Appears to be riding a wyvern or perhaps even a Dracozombie?
feif-class-thief Thief
Weapon Rank Bow
Previously a sword or knife-wielding class; now locked to bows. To boost their survivability, maybe?
fe15-class-darkmage Dark Mage
Weapon Rank Tome
Nyx’s default class. In Awakening, they had access to special “Dark” tomes, with unique effects.
feif-class-sorcerer Sorcerer
Weapon Rank Tome ?
A high-ranking sorcerer who has mastered the arts. Boasts exceptional magic.
Unknown Dark Knight
Weapon Rank Sword Weapon Rank Tome ?
Leon’s default class. In Awakening, it wielded swords and tomes; it is the same here?
fe15-class-rodknight Rod Knight
Weapon Rank Staff ?
A healer who aids allies on horseback. Seems to promote into Strategist or Maid/Butler.
feif-strategist Strategist
Weapon Rank Tome Weapon Rank Staff
A tactician who commands the battlefield from horseback. They can guide the battle towards their favour.
feif-class-maid Maid/Butler
Weapon Rank Shuriken Weapon Rank Staff
Capable of healing allies or attacking with concealed weapons. Probably promoted.
fe15-class-garou Garou
Fang ?
A shape-shifter who transforms into a wolf-like beast to attack.


Image Details Image Details
fe15-class-stardragon Star Dragon
Weapon Rank Staff fe14-breath
Lilith’s default class. Can heal allies or attack with dragon breath.
fe15-class-nosferatu Nosferatu ?
A large ogre-like monster who often appears in groups.
fe15-class-golem Golem ?
A gigantic rock-like monster. Can apparently be summoned to My Castle.