Game Mechanics

The Avatar

First appearing in the Japan-only Heroes of Light and Shadow and returning in Awakening, the customisable Avatar is in this game too. Unlike previous games, the Avatar is the main character of the game, not just an important side character.


Although in the promotional materials, the Avatar is nearly always named “Kamui” and sports the same appearance, players can customise the Avatar’s name, gender, appearance and voice, just like in previous games. By default, he/she starts in the Dark Prince or Dark Princess class.

In addition to the usual appearance choices, such as build, hair, hair colour and face, players can also select hair accessories (female only) and facial features. The selection seems to be larger than previously too, with at least 27 hair colours to pick from, rather than 20.

Downloadable Characters

cipher-stream-01 cipher-stream-02

In a similar vein to the previous game, Awakening, this game will feature downloadable guest characters, although the current method to obtain them is slightly different.

The “Fire Emblem Cipher” trading card game that releases on the same day will include character download codes inside special packs.

Product Cost What you get
“Shadow Dragon Chapter” Starter Deck 1404 Yen / 11.8 USD 50 preset cards, DLC: Marth, Prince of Altea
“Awakening Chapter” Starter Deck 1404 Yen / 11.8 USD 50 preset cards, DLC: Lucina, the Swordsman who claims to be Marth
“Blade of Heroes” Booster Box 6048 Yen / 50.8 USD 16 booster packs (10 random cards each), Fire Emblem if Promo card, DLC: Pegasus Knight Minerva

Phoenix Mode

Phoenix Mode: A mode where allies simply cannot die.

Phoenix Mode: A mode where allies simply cannot die.

Phoenix Mode is a new mode where fallen characters are resurrected immediately on the next turn. According to the developers, it was introduced to sway newcomers to the series who might think the game is too difficult for them to play.

This mode sits above the existing Casual Mode (fallen characters are resurrected after the mission’s end) and Classic Mode (fallen characters don’t come back).

Unlike the other two modes, which can be selected regardless of difficulty (Normal, Hard or Lunatic), Phoenix Mode can only be selected if playing on Normal difficulty.

If players ever feel like the game is too difficult, there is the option to change the mode and/or difficulty in the middle of the game; for example, from Hard-Classic to Normal-Phoenix. This change is irreversible though and it isn’t possible to return to Classic.

Dragon Vein

feif-april041 feif-april042

“Dragon Vein” is a draconic power wielded by carriers of dragon blood–namely, the Avatar, Aqua and the eight royal siblings. At certain points on the battle map (likely the glowing orbs of light), wielders of Dragon Vein can activate its power to alter the terrain of the map.

Effects of Dragon Vein are multitude and include creating rock bridges between cliffs, triggering earthquakes, flattening mountains, transforming desert into grassland or removing water from the sea.

Depending on how its used, players can create an advantage or even disadvantage for their army. Furthermore, it’s not just the player who can use Dragon Vein–the enemy can use it too; hinting at some complex battles with your opposing royal siblings.

Other Features

Joker can become a Paladin, Great Knight or Strategist.

Joker can become a Paladin, Great Knight or Strategist.

Characters can use a new Parallel Seal to change to a different class from within the same tier (eg. promoted to promoted). This can be done at any Level and, after changing class, the character’s Level is not reset.

The available classes when using a Parallel Seal depend on the character themselves, in a similar manner to Awakening’s Second Seal, with characters so far having access to two class branches, rather than the previously three.

Monsters are back; not dissimilar to the ones in The Sacred Stones or Gaiden. One monster is referred to as “Nosferatu” by the Avatar and is later slain by Marx. Another–the giant monster from the first trailer–appears as a “Golem” in My Castle.

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