Skills were introduced in the series in Genealogy of the Holy War and they were last seen in Awakening. These have various effects in battle and, if used well, can turn a disadvantageous situation on its head.

Like in Awakening, characters gain skills as they Level Up in different classes–the skills they acquire depending on the class. Outside of battles, players can customise their characters’ skills from the skills that character has learned.

The person skill is the larger skill in the most top-left corner.

The personal skill is the larger skill in the top-left corner.

This time, characters come with a fixed personal skill from the onset. Now even if two characters share similar class branches, they will always have at least one unique skill to differentiate between them.

To account for this additional skill, characters can have at most 6 skills (1 personal and 5 from classes). Unlike class skills, personal skills can not be removed.

Personal Skills

Skill Character Effect
Mysterious Charm Avatar When acting as the support (back unit), if the front unit has a C or higher support, the front unit’s Hit Rate is boosted by 10, damage by 2 and damage received reduced by 2.
Desperate Struggle Hinata When at half HP or lower, half the damage received by swords, lances and axes is also dealt to the enemy.
Super Strength Elfie When the user’s Strength is 5 or more points higher than the enemy’s, damage increases by 3.
Nohr-hater Oboro When engaging a Nohr-related enemy, damage increases by 3
Unlucky Soul Harold Enemies within a 2 tile radius have their Critical Evade reduced by 15, while the user’s Critical Evade is reduced by 5
Arrogance Tsukuyomi When unit’s Level is lower than the enemy’s (promoted units count as Level +20), damage increases by 4
Ambush Duty Belka When the user attacks an enemy who cannot counter-attack, damage increases by 4.
Competitive Luna When user is the support unit, if the front unit triggers a critical hit, the user is guaranteed a critical hit (if their attack connects).
Curse Reflection Nyx When the user sustains damage from an enemy’s magic spell, the enemy also receives half of the same damage.
Gratitude Nishiki When an unit uses a healing staff on the user, that unit has their HP restored by half the same amount.
Tomboy Kazahana When user’s attack KOs the enemy, all adjacent enemies have their HP reduced by 20% of their max HP.
Perfectionist Tsubaki When HP is full, Hit rate and Avoid +15.
Killer Instinct Pieri If user KOs an enemy with their attack, Strength, Magic, Skill and Speed +4 for one turn.
Azure Dance Lazward When used as a command, Strength and Speed +1 to all allies within a 2 tile radius for one turn.
Blood-tingling Odin When equipped with a forged weapon whose name is written with 8 kanji, critical rate +10.
Hoshidan Capture Orochi If there’s a prison in My Castle, after defeating a generic enemy with the “Capture” command, that enemy will be sent to the prison.
Nohrian Restraint Zero If there’s a prison in My Castle, after defeating a generic enemy with the “Capture” command, that enemy will be sent to the prison.
Woman’s True Nature Charlotte When facing a female enemy, Damage +4 and Critical rate +20.
Intimidate Benoit Enemies within a 2 tile radius receive Avoid -10.
Divine Punishment Asama When user doesn’t have a weapon equipped and they sustain damage from an adjacent enemy, the enemy receives half the same damage.
Absent-minded Setsuna When user is healed by a staff, they restore 1.5 times the normal HP.
??? Sakura All allies with a 2 tile radius of the user receive 2 less damage from enemies (unknown if passive or command)

Class Skills

Skill Class Effect
Line of Death ??? Damage +10; damage received +10.
Flowing Strike ??? ???
Vantage Myrmidon? ???
Strength Seal ??? ???
Defence Seal Lancer After battling an enemy, the enemy’s Defence is reduced by 6
Substitute Lancer When the command is selected on the map, the user and target switch places on the map.