Bond Units

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Credits: FE Fates Wiki (general information)

“Bond units” are guest units created when two players form a “special bond” during My Castle visits.

Right now, information is limited, but it seems both players must gift an Accessory and register profile cards before a Bond Unit will appear. When successful, a brief cutscene will occur to signal the Bond Unit’s creation.

Bond Units look the same as Avatars you can create, but they have a brand on their face to distinguish them. On some occasions, they may use the “Hooded Man” face instead.


Essentially, Bond Units function like a “child” between the two players’ Avatars. (This is just a metaphor though and you can form Bond Units between same-gender Avatars).

Although their initial class appears to be random, Bond Units inherit the secondary class set from both Avatars (the “Talent” chosen during Avatar creation).

Similarly, Bond Units inherit the last equipped skill from both Avatars.

Note: Because of a possible oversight, a Bond Unit’s primary class set is always Nohr Prince/Princess, not their initial class (unless their initial class is Nohr Prince/Princess).

As such, you cannot use a Heart Seal to return to their initial class or, if promoted, access their initial class’s promoted classes.

Available Bond Units

The Bond Units you can receive are randomly selected from a limited pool–and the types of units depend on the combination of both players’ campaigns.

Note: During creation of a Bond Unit, you may change their name.

3rd route x 3rd route

Name Gender Personal Skill
Dimitri Male Healing Descant
Alexa Female Perfect Pitch
Galen Male Swap
Althaea Female Shove
Damien Male Movement +1
Jacynth Female Shelter
Orion Male Lunge
Sophia Female Seal Defence
George Male Seal Resistance
Eva Female Aptitude
Theo Male Nobility
Helene Female Vantage
Spiro Male Poison Strike
Odele Female Strong Riposte
Peter Male Darting Blow
Rhoda Female Miracle
Lukas Male Lancebreaker
Charis Female Sol

3rd route x Hoshido

Name Gender Personal Skill
Shoga Male Lucky Charm
Anzu Female Noble Cause
Inaho Male Optimist
Yuzu Female Sweet Tooth
Mugi Male Playthings
Umeko Female Calm
Nori Male Haiku
Kurumi Female Prodigy
Naruto Male Wind Disciple
Ringo Female Fiery Blood
Shoya Male Morbid Celebration
Kiku Female Natural Cover
Katsuo Male Evenhanded
Ayu Female Quick Draw
Takeshi Male Duelist’s Blow
Mizuna Female Camaraderie
Koumei Male Shurikenbreaker
Shiori Female Lethality

3rd route x Nohr

Name Gender Personal Skill
Sorrel Male Highwayman
Rosemary Female Born Steward
Bay Male Guarded Bravery
Anise Female Fierce Counter
Saffron Male Goody Basket
Pepper Female Fortunate Son
Basil Male Sisterhood
Ginger Female Daydream
Clove Male Mischievous
Mint Female Icy Blood
Caraway Male In Extremis
Thyme Female Elbow Room
Sage Male Odd Shaped
Cassia Female Malefic Aura
Dillan Male Good Fortune
Lavender Female Locktouch
Fenn Male Tomebreaker
Perilla Female Vengeance