Hoshido World Map

The world map becomes available upon completion of Chapter 6.


Here, you can advance to the next mission, visit the Dragon’s Gate (to access DLC), alter the difficulty level, start any available sidequests or return to My Castle.

Optional Battles

If playing the Birthright or Revelation campaigns, optional “challenge” battles will occasionally appear in locations you’ve already cleared in the story.

You can also force challenge battles to appear by choosing the “Scout” option and paying Gold–the amount required depending on the selected location.

Defending your Castle

For all campaigns, as you progress through the story, you will encounter up to three “Invasion” battles that occur in your castle.

Unlike regular challenge battles, these type of battles can only be played once. However you can enjoy more of these battles via StreetPass, SpotPass or Multiplayer.


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Main Story

Chapter Location Chapter Location
1 Northern Fortress 15 Mount Garou
2 Castle: Reception Room 16 Near Palace Macarath
3 Bottomless Canyon N. 17 Ice Tribe Village
4 Valley Settlement 18 Woods of the Forlorn
5 Hoshido Capital: Plaza 19 Sevenfold Sanctuary
6 Plains of Hoshido 20 Fort Dragonfall
7 Fort Jinya 21 Demon’s Falls
8 Wind Tribe Village 22 Windmire
9 Izumo: Castle Interior 23 Underground Passage
10 Mokushu Forest 24 Castle: Training Grounds
11 Sea of Hoshido 25 Castle: Grand Staircase
12 Opera House 26 Castle: Combat Room
13 Cheve 27 Castle: Throne Room
14 Border Walls Final Castle: Throne Room


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Note: Some paralogues occur in Deeprealms within the Astral Plane and thus do not appear in the “normal” world map.

Chapter Location Chapter Location
1x Small Village 8x Deeprealm Mountain
2x Town in a Deeprealm 9x Thieves’ Den
3x Astral Sea 10x Poachers’ Forest
4x Sanctuary in a Deeprealm 11x Wastelands
5x Riverside Village 12x Village in a Deeprealm
6x Divine Dragon’s Forest 13x Riverside
7x White Sands 14x Cemetery in a Deeprealm