Tempest Trials+

Tempest Trials+ is a mode where you battle through multiple maps in a row. After you clear one, the next will appear immediately. The number of consecutive battles you wage depends on the difficulty you select. The final map of each difficulty is always the same and features the ‘Boss’ of the current Tempest Trial+.

Each Tempest Trial+ lasts for 10 days.

If you would like to attempt a Tempest Trials+ run, tap ‘Battle’ from the home menu and select the ‘Events’ icon from the battle screen. If Fire Emblem Heroes currently has a Tempest Trial+ running, the icon should be highlighted, and you may select it.

Getting Started

When you enter the Tempest Trials+ menu for the first time, you are treated to a cutscene. This cutscene segues into the mode itself and gives you an idea of what theme or Fire Emblem game the current Tempest Trials+ is based.

From there, tap ‘Select Stage’ to begin. You’ll see a number of difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Lunatic. As the difficulty increases, so do the levels of the enemies you’ll face, the number of battles you’ll engage in, the stamina cost, the maximum score possible, and the amount of teams you may use.

More detailed information about each difficulty is listed below.

Difficulty Level of Enemies Battles Max Score Stamina Cost
Normal 2★ Level 8 3 189 10
Normal 2★ Level 14 3 226 10
Normal 3★ Level 20 3 264 10
Hard 3★ Level 25 4 352 12
Hard 4★ Level 30 5 441 15
Lunatic 4★ Level 35 5 504 15
Lunatic 5★ Level 40 7 705 15

The game will also suggest a recommended stage for your team via a “Try This!” indicator. If this is obtrusive, you can disable it via ‘TT Difficulty Tip’ in the settings.

Rules and Guidelines

As previously stated, Tempest Trials+ tasks you with facing a series of consecutive battles against randomized enemies. After you clear a map, the health and charges left on a Hero’s Special will remain the same. Fallen allies will not be revived between maps, so be careful!

Should all of the units in your current squad be defeated, you can choose a new team of Heroes and try the map again. Each difficulty will tell you ahead of time how many teams you can use. If you lose all of your teams, it’s game over!

Heroes that were defeated may not be used in future teams of your current Tempest Trials+ run.

If you lose a battle, any enemies you defeated on that map will not come back when you deploy your next team. In addition, all foes will have their current HP reduced by 20% to make the battle easier.

Bonus Allies

As you may have noticed, on the home screen for Tempest Trials+ are a number of units designated as ‘Bonus Allies’ available to use. Fielding a Bonus Ally on your Tempest Trial+ team offers a number of benefits.

First, if you use one of the listed Bonus Allies, the Hero will be granted a stat boost of HP +10 and Atk/Spd/Def/Res +4.

Bonus Allies will also always earn double EXP and SP, which stacks with double SP days, so take advantage of it!

Using a Bonus Ally will also multiply the total score you earn for each Tempest Trial+ run by 1.4. More details on that are listed in the ‘How Scoring Works’ section.

Point Bonus and Ally Stat Boost

After every daily reset, it’s important to note you will receive a sizable boost regarding your first two Tempest Trial+ runs.

These first two runs will award all allies, not just bonus ones, a stat boost of HP +10 and Atk/Spd/Def/Res +4. All allies will receive double EXP and SP, and the score you earn will be tripled.

Your Score

The difficulty you select gives you a range of possible scores you can achieve based on several factors: Difficulty, Maps Cleared, Speed, Survival, and whether or not a Bonus Ally was used. Each of these areas is ranked and factored into your overall score for your current run.

Even if all of your teams are defeated, you will still obtain points based on your current progress when you lose.

As mentioned, your first two Tempest Trials+ runs each day will have their scores tripled, so go for broke!

How Scoring Works

So, we know the categories for calculating your score, but how exactly do they work?


First, each difficulty offers a base score dependent on difficulty.

Difficulty Base Score
Normal 25/30/35
Hard 35
Lunatic 40

Maps Cleared

After your base difficulty score has been set, you receive a multiplier to that score based on how many maps you clear.

Maps Cleared Multiplier
1 1x
2 2x
3 3x
4 4x
5 5x
6 6x
7 7x


The next multiplier is based on your speed. This rank hinges on how many turns it took you to complete the trial.

Speed Rank Multiplier Total Turns
A 1.5x Turns <= 28
B 1.4x 29-31
C 1.3x 32-35
D 1.2x 36-39
E 1.1x Turns >= 40

Note: Turns spent on failed attempts do not count towards your total. If one of your teams falls and you call in another one, your current number of turns will equal what they were when your previous team entered the map.


The ‘Survival’ category refers to the current team being fielded in your run. While the name may imply total individual survivors, the game only ranks you based on your team. This means even if only one person on your first squad survives and completes the trial, you will still obtain the max rank for Survival.

One rank is lost for each eliminated team.

Survival Rank Multiplier Defeated Teams
A 1.20x 0
B 1.15x 1
C 1.10x 2
D 1.05x 3

Bonus Ally

Finally, if you opt to use a Bonus Ally in one of your teams, you receive a flat 1.4x bonus to your score.

To receive the bonus, you must have a Bonus Ally enter at least one battle. You will receive the bonus even if the hero or their entire team is defeated.

You will not receive additional multipliers for fielding multiple Bonus Allies, although they will all benefit from the Tempest Trial+ stat boost.


After you have either completed the final map or all of your teams have been defeated, your score will be tallied and presented to you on the ‘Results’ screen.

The score you earned on your run will be added to your cumulative score for the current Tempest Trials+ and will increase your overall rank.


Some of the biggest incentives to participate in Tempest Trials+ are the vast number of rewards you receive. There are numerous milestones to reach which are based on your cumulative score.

To see the entire list of rewards and the points you need to reach them, tap ‘Check Rewards’ from the main menu of Tempest Trials+.

Completing all score rewards usually offers 42 orbs, 80 Sacred Coins, 11,000 feathers, a plethora of crystals, three unique Sacred Seals, and a Tempest Trials+-exclusive unit in both a 4★ and 5★ rarity!


Besides your cumulative score earning rewards, you will also earn a number of feathers proportional to your rank to other players. The higher your cumulative score, the higher you will be ranked. A higher rank means more feathers!

To view your current rank, go to the ‘Check Rewards’ screen and tap ‘Score Type: Score’. Select ‘Rank’ to see how you fare compared to other players.

The possible rewards available for all ranks are as follows:

Rank Feather Reward
1-1,000 10,000
1,001-5,000 8,000
5,001-10,000 6,000
10,001-50,000 4,000
50,001-100,000 3,000
100,001-200,000 2,000
200,001-300,000 1,500
300,001-400,000 1,000
400,001-500,000 500

With so many rewards available, it’s definitely in your best interest to shoot for a high cumulative score!