Training Tower

The Training Tower is a location accessible via the world map (Battle menu) where you can train your Heroes to make them stronger. It is available after completing Chapter 1 of the main story.

The tower is divided into 11 stages, known as “stratum”. in general, the higher the stratum, the stronger the enemies (and the more experience points).

Each time you enter the Training Tower, the maps and enemies vary slightly.

Note: To gain experience points, your Hero must survive the battle.

Stage Unlock Suggested Level Stamina Consumed
Starting Stratum Clear Chapter 1 1 (1★) 1
First Stratum 1-5 (1★) 1
Second Stratum 6-10 (2★) 2
Third Stratum Clear Chapter 3 11-15 (3★) 3
Fourth Stratum 16-20 (3★) 4
Fifth Stratum Clear Chapter 6 21-25 (4★) 6
Sixth Stratum 26-30 (4★) 7
Seventh Stratum Clear Chapter 9 31-35 (4★) 8
Eighth Stratum 36-40 (4★) 9
Ninth Stratum 38-40 (4★) 9
Tenth Stratum 40 (5★) 9

(As of 15th February 2017, Stamina costs have been permanently halved.)

Bonus Experience

Once per day, starting from 7:00 AM and ending 6:59 AM the following day, after clearing a stratum, you will receive multiple Shard or Crystal items, which can be used to level up Heroes outside of battle.

The colour of the Shard or Crystal depends on the day of the week.

Day 5th Stratum or lower 6th Stratum or higher
Tuesday Scarlet Shard Scarlet Shard or Crystal
Wednesday Azure Shard Azure Shard or Crystal
Thursday Verdant Shard Verdant Shard or Crystal
Friday Transparent Shard Transparent Shard or Crystal
Saturday/Sunday/Monday Universal Shard Universal Shard or Crystal

Unlocking Potential

Furthermore, each time you clear a stratum, you may receive a Badge item (or multiple), which can help increase a Hero’s rarity.

Likewise, the colour of the Badge depends on the day of the week.

Day 5th Stratum or lower 6th Stratum or higher
Tuesday Scarlet Badge Scarlet Badge or Great Scarlet Badge
Wednesday Azure Badge Azure Badge or Great Azure Badge
Thursday Verdant Badge Verdant Badge or Great Verdant Badge
Friday Transparent Badge Transparent Badge or Great Transparent Badge
Saturday/Sunday/Monday Random Badge Random Badge or random Great Badge