**Note: Confessions are unlocked when a character reaches Level 40 with a Rarity of five stars.

Location Dialogue
Home Screen 1 It’s so boring here. Without any Risen, who am I supposed to pluck the arms and legs off of? Flies aren’t the same…
Home Screen 2 I kinda miss wizard school. That’s where I learned to smile all the time! Also where I got my pain tolerance.
Home Screen 3 You doing OK, Kiran? No battlefield injuries or anything? I’d hate for you to die yet!
Home Screen 4 Want to help me with an experiment real quick? It’s a hex that kills 100 people at once!
Home Screen 5 I’ve been collecting crow feathers for a while. I wonder how many I need to fly…
Joining Hiya! I’m Henry, and I don’t want to brag, but I’m preeeeetty much the scariest dark mage in Plegia!
Visiting Say, are you Kiran? I come with a big hello from [Your Friend]!
Good Level-up I’m a hex of a lot stronger now. Ha! Get it?
Average Level-up Ohhh, wow! When did I grow that?
Bad Level-up Nya ha! I hardly learned a thing!
Learned New Skill Oooh! New powers! So who do you want me to curse?
Confession Oh! Planning on sending me out to kill some more, Kiran? Nya ha! That’s great! Who’s my target? A Hero? Emblian soldier? Oh! Could it be someone in the Order of Heroes? Huh? Allies don’t kill each other? Who told you THAT? Eh, if you say so, I guess… Then again, I like this place, and I wouldn’t want anyone to die. You won’t die, will you, Kiran? If you died, I’d have to invent a horrible new hex for whoever killed you. So just…stay alive, OK?

Voices/Voice Clips

Voice Clip ID Dialogue
Clip 1 Grunt 1
Clip 2 Grunt 2
Clip 3 Grunt 3
Clip 4 That smarts…
Clip 5 Here, have some death!
Clip 6 Special delivery!
Clip 7 Ooh! This’ll hurt!
Clip 8 It’s curse o’clock!
Clip 9 Hurts nice…
Clip 10 Heehee
Clip 11 Wanna play?
Clip 12 Need someone cursed?
Clip 13 All my best friends are crows.
Clip 14 Ready to trade that white cape for a black one like mine?
Clip 15 You don’t think I’m scary, do you?
Clip 16 I wonder if it’ll hurt when I die…
Clip 17 You need somebody killed? It’s no trouble. Like, at all.
Clip 18 OK!
Clip 19 Oh!
Clip 20 You got it!