**Note: Confessions are unlocked when a character reaches Level 40 with a Rarity of five stars.

Location Dialogue
Home Screen 1 Good thing you wear white. I grew up hating dark clothing. Like, really, really hating! So if you ever catch me making a scary face, that’s probably what’s on my mind.
Home Screen 2 I’m Lord Takumi’s retainer. He’s so strong, beautiful, noble… *sigh* Couldn’t be happier to serve him.
Home Screen 3 I heard you’re not equipped to enter battle. No problem. I’ll use my lance to protect you. Need to keep you safe!
Home Screen 4 I’m curious what the fashions are like in this realm. Let’s go find a tailor shop or clothing store sometime!
Home Screen 5 So, you were summoned here suddenly too? I bet you don’t have a change of clothes. I’ll make you something!
Joining My name is Oboro. I’m a spear fighter from Hoshido-and a pretty great tailor, if I say so myself!
Visiting Oh, I really like your style! By any chance, are you Kiran? I’m here to say hello from [Your Friend]!
Good Level-up Now that makes a statement!
Average Level-up One step at a time!
Bad Level-up Sorry. That didn’t make me look very good.
Learned New Skill For all my talk of fashion, it’s what’s inside that counts.
Confession Oh, is something wrong, Kiran? You haven’t ruined your nice clothes, have you? Or ripped a stitch? Or spilled soup on yourself? Oh, I’m only kidding. I know you come around for more than my needle and thread. You know, I do like it when I see you in your nice, clean uniform. It’s so dapper! I like it even more when you don’t get blood all over it-means you’ve come back safe from battle! Clothes can always be replaced, but you’re one of a kind. I just couldn’t do without you. So I promise to always protect you…and to help you keep your uniform in top shape!

Voices/Voice Clips

Voice Clip ID Dialogue
Clip 1 Grunt 1
Clip 2 Grunt 2
Clip 3 Grunt 3
Clip 4 My clothes!
Clip 5 Oh, that’s it!
Clip 6 You’re gonna need stitches.
Clip 7 I’ll tear a hole in you!
Clip 8 Coming through!
Clip 9 What…?
Clip 10 Haha
Clip 11 Oh, did you need something?
Clip 12 The clothing you and your friends wear here is very stylish. Impressed!
Clip 13 I love to make clothing when I’m off duty. So, I’d kill for some good fabric. Have any?
Clip 14 You would not believe the scary face I make when I get really, really angry!
Clip 15 I’m particular about my clothes. But when it’s time to fight…? I get dressed in a flash!
Clip 16 Oh, Lord Takumi… Where are you? I should be with you!
Clip 17 I like to keep my stitching abilities in top shape. So I’ll mend everyone’s clothing after battle!
Clip 18 OK.
Clip 19 Ready.
Clip 20 Do my best.