**Note: Confessions are unlocked when a character reaches Level 40 with a Rarity of five stars.

Location Dialogue
Home Screen 1
Home Screen 2
Home Screen 3
Home Screen 4
Home Screen 5
Good Level-up
Average Level-up
Bad Level-up
Learned New Skill
Confession It seems that I’ve gotten much stronger here. My power has grown almost to overflowing. That isn’t enough. Oh, I don’t mean my strength. I’ve always been capable enough there. I mean that strength isn’t always enough to protect us. Yes, it helps force a foe to submit. But strength can also blind one to others’ feelings. That is exactly how I once lost a good friend. I must become kinder and more compassionate, or else I risk repeating my mistakes. You have those qualities. And so I must remain with you. Then I will learn all I need to. You’ll find that I’m a grateful student…and friend.

Voices/Voice Clips

Voice Clip ID Dialogue
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