Available Skills

Skills Available at 5★ Rarity

By default (and where available), Heroes are listed in the order they appear in the in-game Catalog of Heroes (which itself is ordered by Origin).

Note: Some Skills are also available at lower rarities.

Name Weapon Assist Special A B C
Alfonse Fólkvangr Sol Death Blow 3 Spur Atk 3
Alfonse (Spring) Giant Spoon+ Noontime Sturdy Blow 2 Def Smoke 3
Sharena Fensalir Rally Attack Speed +3 Fortify Def 3
Sharena (Spring) Muninn’s Egg Rally Atk/Spd Swift Stance 2 Live for Bounty Res Tactic 3
Anna Nóatún Astra Vantage 3 Spur Res 3
Veronica (Brave) Hliðskjálf Recover+ Windfire Balm+ Wrathful Staff 3 Close Guard 3
Fjorm Leiptr Ice Mirror Atk/Def Bond 3 Shield Pulse 3 Drive Atk 2
Fjorm (New Year) Kabura Ya+ Reposition Atk/Def Bond 3 Atk/Spd Link 3 Even Res Wave 3
Gunnthrá Blizzard Glacies Fortress Res 3 Chilling Seal Res Ploy 3
Gunnthrá (Near Year) Hikami Glimmer Swift Sparrow 2 Desperation 3 Joint Hone Spd
Ylgr Sylgr Glimmer Sorcery Blade Chill Spd 3 Spd Tactic 3
Surtr Sinmara Bonfire Steady Stance 4 Wary Fighter 3 Surtr’s Menace
Hrid Gjöll Moonbow Distant Counter Freezing Seal Atk Smoke 3
Hrid (New Year) Geishun+ Swap Atk/Def Bond 3 Quick Riposte 3 Hone Atk 4
Laegjarn Niu Bonfire R Duel Flying 3 Chill Atk 3 Distant Guard 3
Laegjarn (New Year) Wagasa+ Pivot Chill Res 3 Def Tactic 3
Laevatein Laevatein Swap Fury 3 Atk/Def Link 3 Odd Spd Wave 3
Laevatein (New Year) Kumade+ Rehabilitate+ Earthfire Balm+ Wrathful Staff 3 Even Def Wave 3
Helbindi Byleistr Vengeance G Duel Infantry 3 Guard 3 Infantry Pulse 3
Eir Lyfjaberg Iceberg Swift Sparrow 2 Mystic Boost 3 Sparkling Boost
Loki Thökk Restore+ Earthwater Balm+ C Duel Infantry 3 Odd Atk Wave 3
Marth Falchion Pivot Escape Route 3 Spur Spd 3
Marth (Groom) Ardent Service+ Rally Spd/Def Wings of Mercy 3 Drive Atk 2
Marth (Legendary) Exalted Falchion Fire Emblem Atk/Spd Bond 3 Binding Shield Infantry Flash 3
Jagen Silver Lance+ Aegis Fury 3 Fortify Cavalry
Cain Brave Sword+ Escutcheon Wings of Mercy 3 Threaten Atk 3
Abel Brave Lance+ Aegis HP +5 Swordbreaker 3
Draug Brave Sword+ Pavise Lunge Ward Armor
Gordin Brave Bow+ Shove Attack +3 Vantage 3
Luke Brave Sword+ Bonfire Fire Boost 3 Panic Ploy 3
Roderick Firesweep L+ Rally Def/Res Drag Back Drive Def 2
Caeda Armorslayer+ / Wing Sword Rally Speed Darting Blow 3 Fortify Fliers
Caeda (Bride) Blessed Bouquet+ Iceberg Attack/Res 2 Hone Spd 3
Ogma Brave Sword+ / Gladiator’s Blade Noontime Defiant Atk 3 Spur Atk 3
Barst Brave Axe+ Reposition Knock Back Spur Atk 3
Linde Aura Ardent Sacrifice Speed +3 Fortify Res 3
Linde (Summer) Starfish+ Ardent Sacrifice Brazen Atk/Res 3 Cancel Affinity 3
Jeorge Parthia Blazing Flame Seal Atk 3 Spur Spd 3
Michalis Hauteclere Blazing Thunder Iote’s Shield Threaten Def 3
Minerva Hauteclere Sacred Cowl Life and Death 3 Ward Fliers
Maria Panic+ Physic+ Miracle HP +5
Palla Ruby Sword+ / Whitewing Blade Moonbow Wings of Mercy 3 Goad Fliers
Catria Killer Lance+ / Whitewing Lance Luna Armored Blow 3 Seal Atk 3
Catria (Spring) Huginn’s Egg Draw Back Chill Res 3 Drive Spd 2
Est Heavy Spear+ / Whitewing Spear Shove Defiant Res 3 Seal Spd 3
Merric Excalibur Growing Wind HP +5 Spur Res 3
Hardin Gradivus Vengeance Brazen Def/Res 3 Bold Fighter 3
Camus Gradivus Growing Thunder Grani’s Shield Goad Cavalry
Sheena Killer Axe+ Escutcheon Svalinn Shield Fortify Armor
Tiki (Young) Flametongue+ / Breath of Fog Growing Flame Armored Blow 3 Breath of Life 3
Tiki (Young Summer) Summer’s Breath Moonbow Atk/Def Bond 3 Hit and Run Dragon Valor 3
Tiki (Legendary) Divine Mist Moonbow Fierce Breath Bold Fighter 3 With Everyone!
Katarina Rauðrowl+ / Reese’s Tome Glacies Swift Sparrow 2 Atk Ploy 3
Clarisse Clarisse’s Bow+ Glimmer Poison Strike 3 Threaten Def 3
Legion Legion’s Axe+ Reprisal Fury 3 Obstruct 3
Navarre Killing Edge+ / Scarlet Sword Blazing Wind Desperation 3 Threaten Spd 3
Wrys Slow+ Rehabilitate+ Heavenly Light Live to Serve 3
Athena Wo Dao+ Moonbow Sturdy Blow 2 Sword Exp. 3
Gharnef Imhullu Ignis Mirror Stance 2 Chill Atk 3
Alm Falchion Draconic Aura Attack +3 Windsweep 3
Lukas Killer Lance+ Sacred Cowl Fortress Def 3 Obstruct 3
Gray Zanbato+ Swap Wind Boost 3 Sword Valor 3
Tobin Armorslayer+ Pivot Attack +3 Seal Spd 3
Kliff Sagittae Growing Light Fort. Def/Res 3 Chill Spd 3 Fortify Res 3
Faye Firesweep Bow+ Noontime Wings of Mercy 3 Bow Exp. 3
Clair Silver Lance+ / Rhomphaia Harsh Command Hit and Run Spur Spd 3
Clive Silver Lance+ Escutcheon Defence +3 Hit and Run
Celica Ragnarok Blazing Light Distant Def 3 Spur Def 3
Celica (Fallen) Beloved Zofia Luna Chill Spd 3 Hone Atk 3
Celica (Brave) Royal Sword Galeforce Death Blow 4 Double Lion Atk Tactic 3
Mae Blárowl+ Draw Back Desperation 3 B Tome Exp. 3
Boey Gronnowl+ Ignis Earth Boost 3 Renewal 3
Genny Gravity+ Physic+ Heavenly Light Wrathful Staff 3
Saber Slaying Sword+ / Golden Dagger Aegis HP/Spd 2 Shield Pulse 3
Leon Slaying Bow+ Ignis Speed +3 Guard 3
Mathilda Ridersbane+ Rally Resistance Cancel Affinity 3 Hone Atk 3
Delthea Dark Aura Miracle Death Blow 3 Drive Atk 2
Sonya Dark Excalibur Moonbow Mirror Strike 2 Res Ploy 3
Berkut Berkut’s Lance+ Blazing Flame Water Boost 3 Ward Cavalry
Duma Fell Breath Draconic Aura Def/Res Solo 3 Bold Fighter 3 Upheaval
Sigurd Divine Tyrfing Miracle Close Def 3 Crusader’s Ward Spd Smoke 3
Arden Brave Sword+ Pavise Follow-Up Ring Drive Def 2
Arvis Valflame Growing Flame Recover Ring Def Ploy 3
Tailtiu Blárblade+ / Tome of Thoron Rally Spd/Res Attack/Res 2 Drive Spd 2
Quan Gàe Bolg Rally Spd/Def+ Draconic Aura Steady Posture 2 Drive Atk 2
Ethlyn Fear+ Physic+ Heavenly Light Spd/Def Bond 3 Live to Serve 3
Ayra Ayra’s Blade Regnal Astra Swift Sparrow 2 Desperation 3
Jamke Slaying Bow+ Astra Heavy Blade 3 Cancel Affinity 3
Lewyn Forseti Glimmer Swift Sparrow 2 Special Spiral 3 Odd Atk Wave 3
Eldigan Mystletainn Growing Light Fury 3 Lunge
Lachesis Absorb+ Physic+ Solid-Earth Balm Spur Res 3
Deirdre Divine Naga Ardent Sacrifice Quick Riposte 3 Spd Ploy 3
Silvia Barrier Blade+ Dance Mirror Stance 2 Deluge Dance 2
Seliph Tyrfing Rally Speed HP +5 Brash Assault 3
Julia Naga Dragon Fang Resistance +3 Breath of Life 3
Ares Dark Mystletainn Draconic Aura Brazen Atk/Def 3 Seal Def/Res 2
Lene Safeguard+ Dance Firestorm Dance 2 Sword Valor 3
Julius Loptous Draconic Aura Guard 3 Atk Ploy 3
Ishtar Mjölnir Moonbow Swift Sparrow 2 Vantage 3 Odd Atk Wave 3
Leif Light Brand Blazing Light Steady Blow 2 S Drink Drive Atk 2
Finn Brave Lance+ Miracle Attack/Def +2 Goad Cavalry
Nanna Absorb+ Restore+ Heavenly Light Spd/Res 2 Drive Def 2
Reinhardt Dire Thunder Blazing Thunder Vantage 3 Goad Cavalry
Reinhardt (Sword) Meisterschwert Pavise Death Blow 3 Vantage 3 Spur Atk/Def 2
Olwen Dire Thunder Reposition Warding Blow 3 Ward Cavalry
Olwen (Green) Thunderhead Blazing Wind Swift Sparrow 2 Renewal 3 G Tome Exp. 3
Saias War God’s Tome Glacies Escape Route 3 Spd Ploy 3
Roy Binding Blade Shove Triangle Adept 3 Seal Def 3
Roy (Brave) Blazing Durandal Galeforce Steady Blow 2 Desperation 3
Roy (Valentine) Gratia+ Reciprocal Aid Death Blow 3 Bow Valor 3
Lilina Bolganone+ Growing Flame Attack +3 Spur Atk 3
Lilina (Valentine) Green Gift+ Blazing Flame HP/Atk 2 Atk Tactic 3
Gwendolyn Killer Lance+ Escutcheon Drag Back Hone Armor
Raigh Rauðrwolf+ Rally Attack HP +5 Seal Res 3
Cecilia Gronnraven+ Rally Resistance Attack +3 Escape Route 3
Cecilia (Christmas) Goodie Boot+ Iceberg Atk/Res Bond 3 Def Ploy 3
Klein Brave Bow+ Glacies Death Blow 3 Quick Riposte 3
Clarine Fear+ Martyr+ Swift-Winds Balm Resistance +3
Zephiel Eckesachs Reprisal Life and Death 3 Wary Fighter 3
Narcian Emerald Axe+ Vengeance Lancebreaker 3 Savage Blow 3
Shanna Killer Lance+ / Shanna’s Lance Iceberg Desperation 3 Threaten Spd 3
Bartre Hammer+ / Axe of Virility Smite Fury 3 Brash Assault 3
Fir Killing Edge+ / Nameless Blade Glacies Speed +3 Pass 3
Sophia Fenrir+ Dragon Fang Warding Blow 3 Fortify Res 3
Fae Light Breath+ Draw Back Renewal 3 Threaten Atk 3
Fae (Christmas) Glittering Breath+ Luna Def/Res Bond 3 Vengeful Fighter 3 Armor March 3
Eliwood Durandal Sacred Cowl Axebreaker 3 Ward Cavalry
Eliwood (Valentine) Casa Blanca+ Rally Atk/Def Fire Boost 3 Goad Armor
Lyn Sol Katti Galeforce Defiant Atk 3 Spur Spd 3
Lyn (Bride) Candlelight+ Rehabilitate+ Swift-Winds Balm Dazzling Staff 3
Lyn (Brave) Mulagir Draconic Aura Swift Sparrow 2 Sacae’s Blessing Atk Smoke 3
Lyn (Valentine) Blue Gift+ Ardent Sacrifice Atk/Spd Bond 3 Guard 3 Armor March 3
Lyn (Legendary) Swift Mulagir Rally Def/Res Laws of Sacae Desperation 3 Spd Tactic 3
Hector Armads Pavise Distant Counter Goad Armor
Hector (Valentine) Berserk Armads Glimmer Distant Counter Wary Fighter 3
Hector (Legendary) Thunder Armads Draconic Aura Distant Counter Vengeful Fighter 3 Ostia’s Pulse
Hector (Brave) Maltet Ignis Ostian Counter Bold Fighter 3 Even Res Wave 3
Matthew Rogue Dagger+ Reciprocal Aid Poison Strike 3 Hone Spd 3
Serra Absorb+ Recover+ Swift-Winds Balm Hone Atk 3
Raven Brave Axe+ / Basilikos Sol Defiant Spd 3 Threaten Def 3
Lucius Pain+ Martyr+ Miracle HP +5
Rebecca Silver Bow+ Ardent Sacrifice Darting Blow 3 Seal Atk 3
Priscilla Panic+ Rehabilitate+ Still-Water Balm Spur Def 3
Dorcas Stout Tomahawk Draconic Aura Fierce Stance 3 Quick Riposte 3 Infantry Pulse 3
Dorcas (Halloween) Hack-o’-Lantern+ Swap Sturdy Stance 2 Wary Fighter 3
Florina Heavy Spear+ / Florina’s Lance Ardent Sacrifice Darting Blow 3 Breath of Life 3
Canas Rauðrowl+ Reciprocal Aid HP/Res 2 Res Tactic 3
Karel Wo Dao+ / Nameless Blade Reprisal Defiant Atk 3 Desperation 3
Karla Vassal’s Blade Draconic Aura Wrath 3 Even Spd Wave 3
Hawkeye Killer Axe+ Growing Light Death Blow 3 Threaten Atk 3
Ninian Light Breath+ Dance Escape Route 3 Fortify Dragons
Ninian (Bride) Fresh Bouquet+ Dance Chill Atk 3 Drive Spd 2
Lloyd Regal Blade Iceberg Pass 3 Threaten Atk 3
Linus Basilikos Luna Brazen Atk/Spd 3 Drive Def 2
Jaffar Deathly Dagger Glimmer Life and Death 3 Threaten Spd 3
Ursula Blárwolf+ Growing Thunder Death Blow 3 Threaten Res 3
Nino Gronnblade+ Draw Back Resistance +3 Hone Atk 3
Nino (Flying) Giga Excalibur Moonbow Swift Sparrow 2 Aerobatics 3 Spd Smoke 3
Legault The Cleaner+ Glimmer Swift Strike 2 Atk Tactic 3
Eirika Sieglinde Pivot Drag Back Hone Spd 3
Eirika (Tome) Gleipnir Rally Atk/Spd Swift Sparrow 2 Desperation 3 R Tome Exp. 3
Eirika (Legendary) Storm Sieglinde Moonbow Atk/Spd Solo 3 Lunar Brace Odd Def Wave 3
Eirika (Christmas) Joyous Lantern+ Restore+ Heavenly Light Dazzling Staff 3 Atk Opening 3
Ephraim Siegmund Moonbow Seal Def 3 Threaten Def 3
Ephraim (Legendary) Flame Siegmund Sol Sturdy Stance 2 Solar Brace Fortify Def 3
Ephraim (Brave) Garm Draconic Aura Close Def 3 Special Fighter 3 Armor March 3
Ephraim (Christmas) Festive Siegmund Dragon Fang Atk/Def Solo 3 Bold Fighter 3 Close Guard 3
Seth Ruby Sword+ Swap Fortress Def 3 Seal Atk/Def 2
Lute Weirding Tome Rally Atk/Res HP/Res 2 Res Ploy 3
Innes Nidhogg Iceberg Fortress Res 3 Cancel Affinity 3
Innes (Summer) Beach Banner+ Rally Atk/Def Def Feint 3 Goad Fliers
Tana Vidofnir Moonbow Spd/Def 2 Guidance 3
Tana (Summer) Fruit of Iðunn Rally Spd/Res Atk/Spd Push 3 Renewal 3 Spur Atk/Def 2
Lyon Naglfar Vengeance Attack/Res 2 Drive Res 2
Valter Cursed Lance Luna Darting Blow 3 Panic Ploy 3
Amelia Slaying Axe+ Sacred Cowl Earth Boost 3 Armor March 3
Joshua Audhulma Moonbow Close Def 3 Windsweep 3
Marisa Wo Dao+ Glimmer HP/Def 2 Infantry Pulse 3
L’Arachel Ivaldi Growing Light Renewal 3 Res Tactic 3
Myrrh Great Flame Bonfire Fury 3 Hone Dragons
Myrrh (Halloween) Spirit Breath Bonfire Def/Res 2 Vengeful Fighter 3 Armor March 3
Ike Ragnell Aether Heavy Blade 3 Swordbreaker 3
Ike (Brave) Urvan Aether Steady Breath Beorc’s Blessing Threaten Def 3
Ike (Valentine) Heart’s Blade+ Radiant Aether Distant Counter Special Fighter 3 Even Spd Wave 3
Titania Emerald Axe+ / Draconic Poleax Reciprocal Aid Armored Blow 3 Guard 3
Titania (Valentine) Loyal Wreath+ Swap Triangle Adept 3 Atk/Res Link 3
Soren Rexcalibur+ / Wind’s Brand Growing Wind Watersweep 3 Fortify Res 3
Soren (Valentine) Blárblooms Rally Atk/Spd+ Atk/Res Bond 3 Spd Feint 3 Res Opening 3
Mist Slow+ Recover+ Miracle Spur Def/Res 2
Mist (Valentine) Gronnblooms+ Rally Def/Res+ Swift Sparrow 2 Res Feint 3 G Tome Valor 3
Greil (Valentine) Faithful Axe+ Aether Fury 4 Wary Fighter 3 Armor March 3
Oscar Sapphire Lance+ Rally Spd/Def Lancebreaker 3 Spur Spd/Def 2
Mia Resolute Blade Luna Flashing Blade 3 Vantage 3
Elincia Amiti Ardent Sacrifice Death Blow 3 Flier Formation 3
Nephenee Slaying Lance+ / Dauntless Lance Moonbow Atk/Spd 2 Wrath 3
Sanaki (Bride) Nifl Frostflowers Draw Back Atk/Res Bond 3 Def/Res Link 3
Black Knight Alondite Black Luna Steady Stance 3 Wings of Mercy 3
Micaiah Thani Sacrifice Distant Def 3 Guard 3 Drive Atk 2
Micaiah (Dancer) Dawn Suzu Dance Atk/Res Bond 3 Fireflood Dance 2 Res Ploy 3
Sothe Peshkatz Glimmer Life and Death 3 Spur Atk/Spd 2
Mia (Halloween) Witchy Wand+ Recover+ Heavenly Light Spd/Res Bond 3 Hone Fliers 3
Ike (Legendary) Ragnell Radiant Aether Warding Breath Seal Atk/Def 2 Def Tactic 3
Elincia (Dancer) Cloud Maiougi+ Dance Atk/Spd Push 3 Rockslide Dance 2 Drive Res 2
Tibarn Hawk King Claw Draconic Aura Sturdy Impact Chill Atk 3 Even Atk Wave 3
Reyson Heron Wing Sing Steady Posture 2 Fortify Beasts
Leanne Heron Wing Sing Mirror Stance 2 Flier Formation 3 Hone Beasts
Naesala Raven King Beak Blazing Wind Swift Sparrow 2 Guard 3
Nailah Wolf Queen Fang Moonbow Distant Counter Null C-Disrupt 3 Glare
Sanaki Cymbeline Harsh Command Triangle Adept 3 Hone Atk 3
Zelgius Alondite Black Luna Fierce Stance 3 Warp Powder Panic Ploy 3
Oliver Shine+ Blazing Light Mirror Strike 2 Atk Ploy 3
Chrom Falchion Aether Defiant Def 3 Spur Def 3
Chrom (Spring) Carrot Axe+ Shove Attack/Def +2 Axe Experience 3
Chrom (Winter) Sack o’ Gifts+ Pivot Brazen Atk/Def 3 Wary Fighter 3
Chrom (Cavalry) Sealed Falchion Aether Fury 3 Chill Def 3 Sword Valor 3
Robin (Male) Blárraven+ / Tactical Bolt Bonfire Defiant Spd 3 Spur Def 3
Robin (Winter) Tannenboom!+ Reciprocal Aid Brazen Atk/Spd 3 Armor March 3
Robin (Fallen) Expiration Ignis Vengeful Fighter 3 Ward Dragons
Robin (Female) Gronnwolf+ / Tacticial Gale Ignis Defiant Res 3 B Tomebreaker 3
Robin (Summer) Deft Harpoon+ Reposition HP/Def 2 Lance Valor 3
Robin (Legendary) Expiration Bonfire Dragonskin Cancel Affinity 3 Res Smoke 3
Lissa Gravity+ Rehabilitate+ Kindled-Fire Balm Renewal 3
Lissa (Winter) Handbell+ Bonfire Bold Fighter 3 Fortify Armor
Frederick Hammer+ Luna Wings of Mercy 3 Fortify Def 3
Frederick (Summer) Seashell+ Ardent Sacrifice Armored Blow 3 Seal Atk/Spd 2
Sully Sapphire Lance+ Draw Back Swordbreaker 3 Spur Def 3
Stahl Ruby Sword+ Swap Defense +3 Obstruct 3
Sumia Reprisal Lance+ Reposition Close Def 3 Atk/Def Link 3
Maribelle Trilemma+ Martyr+ Miracle Dazzling Staff 3 Staff Valor 3
Cordelia Brave Lance+ Galeforce Triangle Adept 3 Pass 3
Cordelia (Bride) Cupid Arrow+ Rally Atk/Spd Escape Route 3 Breath of Life 3
Cordelia (Summer) Shell Lance+ Harsh Command Sturdy Blow 2 Dull Close 3
Libra Wo Gùn+ Noontime Renewal 3 Spur Atk/Res 2
Gaius Rogue Dagger+ Rally Speed Defiant Atk 3 Pass 3
Gaius (Summer) Refreshing Bolt+ Astra Vantage 3 Def Ploy 3
Donnel Brave Lance+ Reciprocal Aid HP +5 Drag Back
Lon’qu Killing Edge+ / Solitary Blade Glimmer Speed +3 Vantage 3
Olivia Silver Sword+ Dance Knock Back Hone Atk 3
Olivia (Performer) Dancer’s Fan+ Dance Distant Def 3 Blaze Dance 3
Olivia (Flying) Skuld Dance Bracing Stance 2 Chill Spd 3 Guidance 3
Henry Rauðrraven+ Ignis Defiant Def 3 G Tomebreaker 3
Henry (Halloween) Spectral Tome+ Repreisal Live for Honor Armor March 3
Tharja Rauðrblade+ Vengeance Darting Blow 3 Spur Res 3
Tharja (Winter) Candelabra+ Iceberg Close Counter Vengeful Fighter 3 R Tome Valor 3
Tharja (Bride) Muspell Fireposy Rally Atk/Spd Atk/Spd Bond 3 Spd Feint 3
Aversa Aversa’s Night Dragon Fang HP/Spd 2 Odd Res Wave 3
Walhart Wolf Berg Luna Grani’s Shield Chill Def 3
Virion Silver Bow+ Astra Defiant Res 3 Seal Spd 3
Cherche Hammer+ / Cherche’s Axe Pivot Attack +3 Fortify Def 3
Tiki (Adult) Lightning Breath+ / Breath of Fog Bonfire Defiant Atk 3 Spur Res 3
Tiki (Adult Summer) Melon Crusher+ Sol Close Def 3 Axe Valor 3
Nowi Lightning Breath+ Rally Defense Defense +3 Threaten Res 3
Nowi (Halloween) Grimoire Reposition Atk/Res Bond 3 Live for Bounty Hone Fliers
Lucina Falchion Aether Defiant Spd 3 Spur Atk 3
Lucina (Spring) Blue Egg+ Rally Speed Swift Sparrow 2 Seal Res 3
Marth (Masked) Falchion
Lucina (Brave) Geirskögul Aether Sturdy Blow 2 Drive Spd 2
Lucina (Legendary) Thögn Future Vision Swift Sparrow 2 Wings of Mercy 3 Distant Guard 3
Owain Missiletainn Blue Flame Atk/Def Bond 3 Wrath 3 Spur Spd/Def 2
Inigo (Performer) Dancer’s Ring+ Dance Gale Dance 3 Hone Atk 3
Gerome Poleax+ Rally Atk/Def Fortress Def 3 Hit and Run
Morgan (Male) Grima’s Truth Dragon Fang Dull Ranged 3 Spur Def/Res 2
Morgan (Female) Blàrserpent+ Iceberg Mirror Stance 2 Guard 3 Atk Ploy 3
Noire (Summer) Cocobow+ Ardent Sacrifice Atk/Spd 2 Infantry Rush 3
Corrin (Male) Yato Dragon Fang Defense +3 Obstruct 3
Corrin (New Year) Hama Ya+ Rally Def/Res Attack/Def +2 Spur Def/Res 2
Corrin (Male Dream) Draconic Rage Dragon Fang Atk/Def Bond 3 Null Follow-Up 3 Hone Dragons
Corrin (Female) Dark Breath+ Draconic Aura Seal Res 3 Hone Atk 3
Corrin (Summer) Sealife Tome+ Dragon Fang Swift Strike 2 Fortify Fliers
Corrin (Female Dream) Draconic Rage Rally Atk/Spd+ Draconic Aura Atk/Spd Bond 3 Fortify Dragons
Azura Sapphire Lance+ Sing Speed +3 Fortify Res 3
Azura (Performer) Urðr Sing Triangle Adept 3 Drive Res 2
Azura (New Year) Hagoita+ Sing Earth Dance 3 Hone Fliers
Azura (Young) Book of Shadows Sing Spd/Res Bond 3 Torrent Dance 3
Azura (Legendary) Prayer Wheel Gray Waves B Duel Flying 3 Aerobatics 3 Atk Tactic 3
Gunter Silver Axe+ Harsh Command Armored Blow 3 Hone Cavalry
Felicia Silver Dagger+ / Felicia’s Plate Glacies Resistance +3 Breath of Life 3
Jakob Silver Dagger+ Rally Resistance Defense +3 Renewal 3
Jakob (Halloween) Monstrous Bow+ Ignis Bracing Blow 2 Wary Fighter 3
Mikoto (Dream) Flash+ Martyr+ Miracle Brazen Atk/Res 3 Infantry Rush 3
Ryoma Raijinto Astra Defiant Atk 3 Hone Spd 3
Ryoma (Legendary) Raijinto Glimmer Kestral Stance 2 Bushido Guidance 3
Ryoma (Dancer) Sky Maiougi+ Dance Triangle Adept 3 Chill Def 3 Spur Spd/Res 2
Ryoma (Hot Spring) It’s Curtains…+ Luna Atk/Def Solo 3 Chill Spd 3 Odd Def Wave 3
Saizo Smoke Dagger+ Harsh Command Poison Strike 3 Spur Spd 3
Kagero Poison Dagger+ Reprisal Warding Blow 3 Daggerbreaker 3
Kagero (Spring) Lethal Carrot+ Glimmer Spd/Res Bond 3 Live for Honor Goad Fliers
Kagero (Halloween) Bottled Juice+ Draconic Aura Mirror Strike 2 Bold Fighter 3 Even Atk Wave 3
Hinoka Brave Lance+ / Hinoka’s Spear Blazing Wind Defiant Def 3 Hone Fliers
Hinoka (Bow) Warrior Princess Luna Atk/Spd Bond 3 Flier Formation 3 Flier Guidance 3
Hinoka (Hot Spring) Splashy Bucket+ Draw Back Atk/Spd Bond 3 Atk/Spd Link 3 Air Orders 3
Azama Pain+ Martyr+ Solid-Earth Balm Threaten Atk 3
Setsuna Assassin’s Bow+ Reciprocal Aid HP +5 Bowbreaker 3
Takumi Fuijin Yumi Vengeance Close Counter Threaten Spd 3
Takumi (New Year) Kagami Mochi+ Moonbow Atk/Res Bond 3 Bowbreaker 3
Takumi (Fallen) Skadi Vengeance Fury 3 Spd Smoke 3
Takumi (Summer) Fishie Bow+ Glimmer Fury 3 Odd Res Wave 3
Hinata Ruby Sword+ Pavise Fury 3 Brash Assault 3
Oboro Heavy Spear+ Rally Defense Seal Def 3 Threaten Res 3
Sakura Fear+ Physic+ Still-Water Balm Fortify Def 3
Sakura (Halloween) Kitty Paddle+ Glacies Warding Stance Guard 3 Dagger Valor 3
Sakura (Hot Spring) Grandscratcher+ Physic+ Fireflood Balm+ Wrathful Staff 3 Spd Opening 3
Hana Armorslayer+ Rally Attack Life and Death 3 Obstruct 3
Subaki Sapphire Lance+ Swap Resistance +3 Quick Riposte 3
Kaze Barb Shuriken+ Iceberg Poison Strike 3 Atk Smoke 3
Garon Breath of Blight Dragon Fang Distant Def 3 Panic Ploy 3
Xander Siegfried Blazing Light Armored Blow 3 Spur Def 3
Xander (Spring) Carrot Lance+ Swap Live for Honor Fortify Def 3
Xander (Summer) Lilith Floatie+ Bonfire Fire Boost 3 Infantry Pulse 3
Xander (Dancer) Dusk Uchiwa+ Dance Close Counter Quick Riposte 3 Odd Def Wave 3
Laslow Silver Sword+ Noontime Axebreaker 3 Hone Spd 3
Peri Killer Lance+ Glimmer Resistance +3 Threaten Def 3
Camilla Brave Axe+ / Camilla’s Axe Draconic Aura Darting Blow 3 Savage Blow 3
Camilla (Spring) Green Egg+ Rally Attack Defiant Spd 3 Live for Bounty
Camilla (New Year) Kadomatsu+ Draconic Aura Spd/Def Bond 3 Ward Fliers
Camilla (Summer) Juicy Wave+ Draconic Aura Death Blow 3 Flier Formation 3 Hone Fliers
Camilla (Dream) Book of Dreams Draw Back Atk/Res Bond 3 Atk/Res Link 3 Goad Fliers
Camilla (Hot Spring) Ouch Pouch+ Glimmer Atk/Spd 2 Hone Fliers
Selena Armorslayer+ Reposition Triangle Adept 3 Threaten Spd 3
Beruka Killer Axe+ Glimmer Defiant Def 3 Lunge
Leo Brynhildr Blazing Light Quick Riposte 3 Savage Blow 3
Leo (Summer) Tomato Tome+ Iceberg Seal Res 3 Atk Ploy 3
Odin Blárblade+ / Odin’s Grimoire Moonbow Defiant Atk 3 R Tomebreaker 3
Niles Killer Bow+ Iceberg Warding Blow 3 Spur Res 3
Niles (Halloween) Devilish Bow+ Smite Swift Sparrow 2 Atk/Spd Link 3 Fortify Armor 3
Elise Gravity+ Recover+ Kindled-Fire Balm Live to Serve 3
Elise (Summer) Hibiscus Tome+ Rally Atk/Res Spd/Res 2 G Tome Valor 3
Elise (Hot Spring) Red-Hot Ducks+ Rally Up Atk+ Swift Sparrow 2 Atk Feint 3 Dagger Valor 3
Arthur Emerald Axe+ Swap HP +5 Lancebreaker 3
Effie Silver Lance+ Smite Death Blow 3 Wary Fighter 3
Silas Slaying Spear+ Reposition Steady Stance 3 Even Def Wave 3
Charlotte (Bride) First Bite+ Smite Wind Boost 3 Threaten Atk 3
Flora Hoarfrost Knife Iceberg Atk/Res Solo 3 Quick Riposte 3 Def Ploy 3
Kana (Male) Water Breath+ Dragon Fang Brazen Def/Res 3 Fortify Dragons
Kana (Female) Water Breath+ Draconic Aura Fierce Stance 3 Goad Dragons
Shigure (Performer) Dancer’s Score+ Sing Geyser Dance 2 B Tome Valor 3
Shigure Harmonic Lance+ Noontime Darting Stance 3 Ward Fliers
Shiro Bright Naginata Swap Steady Stance 3 Def Tactic 3
Rhajat Keen Gronnwolf+ Rally Atk/Def Distant Def 3 Savage Blow 3
Siegbert Dark Greatsword Dragon Fang Death Blow 3 Atk Tactic 3
Ophelia Missiletainn Rally Up Atk+ Blazing Light Sturdy Blow 2 Chill Res 3
Soleil Firesweep S+ Blazing Wind Darting Blow 3 Drive Res 2
Nina Shining Bow+ Draw Back Moonbow Spd/Res Link 3 Bow Valor 3