Weapon Refinery

The Weapon Refinery can be accessed by tapping the golden Refining Stone icon near the top-right corner of the Home screen, or by going to Allies – Advanced Growth.

At the Weapon Refinery, you can enhance or upgrade certain weapons available at 5* rarity. Heroes with a compatible weapon will appear towards the top of the list; heroes without a compatible weapon will have a X symbol and cannot be selected.

Not all weapons can be refined. In general, it’s possible to refine most common weapons–ones that can be inherited, although there are exceptions. Some exclusive weapons (that cannot be inherited) can also be refined.

However, even if a certain weapon cannot be refined at the present time, it’s not impossible for it to be refined in the future. For example, Eirika’s Sieglinde couldn’t be refined until Version 1.5.0.

When refining weapons, there are a few possible refinement options.

  • Adding a Mt, Spd, Def or Res boost to the weapon, on top of a HP boost (available for all weapons, except Staves).
  • Adding a skill to the weapon (typically for exclusive weapons, but also for Staves and certain “effective” weapons).
  • Changing the weapon to a completely different–and generally better–weapon (mainly for outclassed weapons such as Killer weapons).

Regardless of the refinement option, sometimes the weapon may receive a slight Mt boost. Likewise, the weapon’s existing skill may also receive a slight boost or be replaced with a completely different skill.

To refine weapons, Refining Stones are required for common weapons and Divine Dew is needed for exclusive weapons. Additionally, Arena Medals and SP is required for both types of weapons.

Refining Stones can be obtained by participating in Arena Duels, Arena Assault, via quests, etc. Divine Dew can be obtained via Blessed Gardens and Rival Domains. Furthermore, each time you use Refining Stones, you’ll receive the equivalent number of Divine Dew.

Arena Medals, as you might expect, are awarded from winning Arena Duels and occasionally from quests as well.

Situation Arena Medals Refining Stones Divine Dew Required SP
Enhancing most common weapons 500 50 350
Upgrading a common weapon to a different common weapon 200 20 300
Upgrading Candlelight to Candlelight+ 100 10 300
Enhancing most legendary/exclusive weapons 500 200 400
Upgrading an exclusive weapon to a different exclusive weapon 375 150 400

Refined weapons (with an enhanced effect) have blue text for their names and, when equipped, cause the unit to glow on the map. After a weapon has been refined, it’ll be added as a skill option for the hero. So you can still equip the original weapon, for example. 

You may also refine the original weapon again and choose a different option. However, note that refined weapons can not be inherited, but they are available when merging heroes.