My Nintendo

My Nintendo is Nintendo’s official rewards website. If you link Fire Emblem Heroes with your Nintendo Account, you will be eligible to complete missions on My Nintendo and get items sent to your game.

You can link your Nintendo Account at the very start of the game, when prompted, or at any time by navigating to Misc., Account Management and Nintendo Account.

To receive a gift (reward), you must first earn points (Platinum Coins) by completing a variety of My Nintendo Missions. These include–but are not limited to–missions related to Fire Emblem Heroes.

Missions for Fire Emblem Heroes

Note: All missions are one-time only.

Mission FEH Platinum Coins
Link Fire Emblem Heroes to a Nintendo Account 100
Clear the Prologue 100
Clear Chapter 1 100
Clear Chapter 2 100
Clear Chapter 3 100
Clear Chapter 4 100
Clear Chapter 5 100
Clear Chapter 6 100
Clear Chapter 7 100
Clear Chapter 8 100
Clear Chapter 9 100

Besides these missions, you can also complete generic missions related to “Nintendo services” to receive regular Platinum Coins, which can be used universally.

For instance, if you log-in into the Nintendo eShop and Miiverse at least once per week, you can receive 60 Platinum Coins per week. Which doesn’t seem like a lot, but at least you can get endless.

Having acquired Fire Emblem Heroes-specific and/or regular Platinum Coins, you can use these coins to redeem some useful rewards.

Rewards for Fire Emblem Heroes

Note: To clarify, Platinum Coins from other sources (namely Miitomo and Super Mario Run) cannot be redeemed here.

Reward Required Platinum Coins Comment
10 Orbs 0 One-time only. Used to Summon Heroes.
500 Universal Crystals 100 No limit. Used to level up Heroes that are Level 20 or higher.
Stamina Potion 100 No limit. Increases Stamina gauge by 50.
Light’s Blessing 100 Limit of 3. Can be used during battle to revive all Heroes, restore HP and movement and enable Specials.
Dueling Crest 100 No limit. Restores Dueling Swords to 3.
500 Universal Shards 100 No limit. Used to level up Heroes that are Level 19 or lower.

If you’re swimming in Platinum Coins and have no use for them, you could do a lot worse than redeem them in Fire Emblem Heroes!

After redeeming a reward, it will be sent straight to the Present List.