Past Events

February (and earlier) Events

Event Description Duration
Choose Your Legends A pre-release event that encouraged fans to vote for their favourite characters from across the series. 19th January ~ 1st February 2017
Legendary Heroes & Deep Devotion The very first Summoning Foci, with a healthy mix of famous and fan-favourite heroes. 2nd February ~ 15th February 2017
Launch Celebration Maps A set of 6 special maps released weekly for 6 weeks that provided more Orbs than usual. 6th February ~ 14th March 2017
Global Retweet Event A Twitter campaign that asked for 10,000 Retweets between the various official Twitter accounts. 7th February ~ 8th February 2017
Arena Promotion As thanks for the massive number of Retweets, players were rewarded with arena-related quests. 9th February ~ 1st March 2017
Grand Hero Battle: Narcian The first Grand Hero Battle, which offered determined players the chance to recruit Narcian. 10th February ~ 14th February 2017
Daily Orbs Extension A welcome extension of the daily Log-in Bonus of 2 Orbs to celebrate the game’s release. 14th February ~ 14th March 2017
Family Bonds Focus & Quests The third Summoning Focus, where the Magvel twins and Holy War half-siblings took centre stage. 15th February ~ 27th February 2017
Weapon Mastery Quests A set of week-long quests that encouraged players to battle with mono-weapon teams. 20th February ~ 27th February 2017
Grand Hero Battle: Robin + Focus The second Grand Hero Battle; this time, female Robin was up for grabs, but only for the skilled. 23rd February ~ 27th February 2017
Sibling Bonds Focus & Quests The fourth Summoning Focus. Siblings are back, this time hailing from Jugdral, Elibe and even Tellius. 27th February ~ 14th March 2017

March Events

Event Description Duration
Nintendo Switch Log-in Bonus A Log-in Bonus to celebrate the launch of Nintendo’s new console: the Nintendo Switch. 2nd March ~ 2nd April 2017
Princes & Princesses Voting Gauntlet The very first Voting Gauntlet, which pitted popular princes and princesses against one another. 8th March ~ 13th March 2017
Play Everday Event On top of permanently enhanced features, a chance to earn daily Orbs and Hero Feathers. 13th March ~ 11th April 2017
Feh vs Lucina Exhibition Match A Twitter campaign that asked for 50,000 retweets between the global Twitter accounts. 13th March ~ 15th March 2017
Blazing Shadows Focus & Quests The fifth Summoning Focus; 6 new Heroes descended from the World of Blazing. 14th March ~ 30th March 2017
Training Tower Quests An excuse to grind the Training Tower for Orbs; because who can say “no” to Orbs? 16th March ~ 3rd April 2017
Starter Support Orbs + Maps A set of 2 special maps as well as a new daily Log-in Bonus that awarded Orbs to all. 17th March ~ 3rd April 2017
Michalis Early-bird Event A chance to challenge the upcoming Grand Hero Battle early, with additional prizes too. 20th March 2017
Helping Hand Quests A group of very straightforward quests for newcomers and experienced players alike. 21st March ~ 5th April 2017
Lunatic Challenge Quests A selection of high level quests that awarded a generous amount of Orbs. 23rd March ~ 7th April 2017
Grand Hero Battle: Michalis + Focus The third Grand Hero Battle; Macedon’s ambitious King Michalis was the challenge. 24th March ~ 28th March 2017

April Events

Event Description Duration
Grand Hero Battle: Navarre + Focus The fourth Grand Hero Battle; Navarre finally made his appearance after the Nintendo Direct tease. 4th April ~ 9th April 2017
Wyvern & Pegasus Voting Gauntlet The second Voting Gauntlet; the skies bore witness to a fearsome battle between wyverns and pegasi. 5th April ~ 11th April 2017