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  2. Post a fact about the person above!

    Has proven me wrong.
  3. WoL RP Thread

    (Entry in spoiler tag above).
  4. That kind of thing must also be why Easter sometimes happens in March. I heard that the day Easter falls on is determined by something to do with the moon. I hate when Easter's in March though, for two reasons. One, it's more often in April, so that's the month I'm more used to celebrating it in and associating it with, making it feel weird to have it in March. And second, it's still kind of cold in some parts of the country in March, so the weather would suck if you like doing Easter egg hunts and all that. If you're in the south, that's probably not an issue, but good luck if you're living in my area. We may still even get snow in March. I miss living in the south. :(
  5. is the SF discord worth joining

    After two weeks I got tired of SF Discard. Servers with multiple hundreds of people are not my cup of tea, but this is just me.
  6. is the SF discord worth joining

    hey, it keeps my phone busy, and I get the impression that people in the office, upon hearing the vibration, think that "this guy's girl is always checking on him" or smth XD
  7. Hey, I gotta figure there's at least one or two Ace Combat fans on this forum, so who among you got this game? I preordered it the night before (game kind of snuck up on me), so I got that game alongside AC 5, and so far - having played up to about Mission 08 - I'm enjoying it. If you liked some of the earlier games like AC4, you might like this. After... everything that was Assault Horizon, I was glad to learn a lot of that games's elements aren't present in this game. Particularly the gimmicky dogfight mechanics. Feels much more rewarding and exhilarating to dogfight enemies manually again, with my only assistance being the high G-turns (which kind of were always a thing anyway). Also, clouds suck.
  8. January/February Events Calendar: New Special Heroes Theme? Oh my!

    Correct. The Lunar New Year being discussed is the Chinese New Year. Although technically speaking, the Chinese New Year is a Lunisolar calendar. Which is to say it uses the Moon for its months, but it tries to keep its months aligned with the Seasons, so all Januaries are cold, and all Julys are hot, which means keeping it in line with the Earth's orbiting of the Sun. This is done via intercalary days and months- days added every so often to keep things roughly aligned. And this is why, when put against a pure Solar calendar, like the Gregorian, the exact day of the Chinese New Year's wobbles every year, but only to an extent, you'll never see it happen in April. The Jewish calendar is also Lunisolar. For a pure Lunar calendar, see the Islamic one. There, the major holidays, like the literal month of Ramadan, can take place any time on the Gregorian, it can be in February, or it can be in August. A pure Lunar calendar has no relation to the Seasons, which would be very important somewhere fertile and that gets very distinct seasons- like China and Europe, since it'd help you figure out when to plant crops. The Islamic calendar originated in a part of the world where the Seasons are not so distinctive, the Arabian Peninsula in the Winter will be to some extent different than it in the Summer, but you won't be seeing withered trees and mounds of snow and subzero temperatures vs. full foliage and scorching heat. So there is some possible logical reasoning why Islam chose Lunar over Lunisolar and Solar, ignoring a quip or two from the Quran and or a Hadith that mandated/supported the choice. Calendars on that note are partly a cultural choice, besides being a utilitarian choice as alluded to above.
  9. If you like to receive a billion of notification every single day, go for it.
  10. Post a fact about the person above!

    Should knows it's a pure coincidence then because my username is a result of changing two letters of my real name around and replacing one by another.
  11. Post a fact about the person above!

    Name may or may not be based on a certain Don Bluth movie.
  12. Aether Raids General Thread

    What build of Camus are you guys using? Moonbow/Fury/Vantage?
  13. Today
  14. Post a fact about the person above!

    Has a quote in sig
  15. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    Beat the level before the Fog of War clears. What does "when do you get the also" mean?
  16. Aether Raids General Thread

    Looks like I won't be making it out of Tier 18 this week. How are all these players shredding my defense team and giving me the full defense loss? Tier 18 really is the worst place to be, constantly pummeled because you don't get a sixth member. I'm switching it up, but I fear it's too little too late. "Tier 18: Thermos". I'd like to empty a Thermos full of dye and glitter over each player that beats my defense team.
  17. Their supports are great and they are personally my favorite characters in the game so that certainly gives it a boost.
  18. Oh okay then, thanks.
  19. In my opinion, Dancers/Singers are unnecessary in a dragon team since the vast majority of them are better off as Enemy Phase units, and Enemy Phase teams do not need a Dancer/Singer. Dragon teams also generally do not want to mix with other units so they can take full advantage of Ward Dragons and basically be a more mobile version of armor teams; at most, they will have one non dragon unit on the team to deal with units with dragon effective Weapons. For beasts, he pairs best with Tibarn and Naesala as a trio and should ideally be running Hone Beasts or Hone Fliers. Nailah does not need Dancer/Singer support as an Enemy Phase unit, but she would appreciate Fortify Beasts though. His nature honestly does not matter unless you need him to fight. His nature is actually fine as is if you just need him to survive and I would just stick with his default skill set. If you cannot afford to run Hone Beasts on him, the Hone Atk-Hone Spd combo is good and cheap and it works outside of a beast team too. +HP/Spd/Def/Res, -Atk Heron Wing Sing Daylight — Miracle (Any A that boosts HP, Spd, Def, and/or Res) Guard — Null Follow-Up (Any C) (Any Sacred Seal that buffs) — (Any Sacred Seal that boosts HP, Spd, Def, and/or Res) A Triangle Adept build is the most practical in my opinion. As a Triangle Adept unit, HP and Spd are the least useful stats. Having low HP does not matter since blue units will not get past his Def/Res; Spd is unnecessary with Quick Riposte, and since the unit got Triangle Adept, being doubled does not matter either since the enemy will generally be hitting you for single digit damage. Again, Hone Atk-Hone Spd is the most practical combo in my opinion. +Atk, -HP/Spd Heron Wing Sing Glimmer — Moonbow Triangle Adept Quick Riposte (Any C) (Any Sacred Seal) I personally have not found Ploys to be that useful on my Dancers/Singers since I need them to be near their allies to provide buffs, so they generally do not have the luxury of breaking formation to set up Ploys. Chills and mobility skills (Flier Formation, Aerobatics, Wings of Mercy) are probably his best B slots in this skill set. +Res, -HP/Atk/Spd/Def Heron Wing Sing (Any Special) Res +3 — Fury — Fortress Res — Fort. Def/Res Chills — Flier Formation — (Any B) Ploys Ploys — Fortress Res Additional explanation on certain stand alone skills and skill combos: I would go with +Atk if you running her exclusive Weapon since that provides more than enough Spd. I would still keep a +Spd copy in reserve though in case there is another arms race on Spd. For a Blárblade set, I would go with +Spd.
  20. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    My FE sorter results show my unpopular opinions. Here are my bottom 39 and top 25.
  21. is the SF discord worth joining

    this deserves to be stickied
  22. is the SF discord worth joining

    hmmmm depends on how scared you are of Parrhesia and Integrity moderating the place~ but anyway, although the discord group is really really huge, I feel like no more than 10% of them are particularly active, so it's probably not a particularly fast moving chat if that's smoething you care about (not always, at least). And I will always shamelessly advertise the FE game Harudoku created on a discord bot that has its own channels in the place, but it's also on multiple different servers so you don't necessarily need to be on the sf server for it. Maybe for all I know you're already on a server that that game is on
  23. hello sf blog

    tier lists "of friends" aw maaaaan I just got friend-zoned in front of an entire forum section!
  24. Count to 802,701!

  25. Post a fact about the person above!

    Is an astute observer.
  26. PMU/Let's Play - Super Robot Wars X

    space king kittan obviously
  27. Count to 802,701!

    30,144. Costs might be cut a little if you don't attach it to any particular license.
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