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  2. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    I, uh... I hope it's okay if I fix a ninja from Sully that happened on page 3? Heal Tobin, Hurt Alm Alm 6Atlas 18Berkut 20Boey 25Catria 17Celica 20Clair 24Conrad 21Delthea 18Desaix 15Duma 21Emma 18Faye 24Fernand 18Forsyth 18Genny 21Gray 22Jedah 14Jesse 20Kamui 20Kliff 21Leon 18Lukas 21Luthier 18Mae 25Mathilda 20Mila 22Mycen 21Nomah 20Palla 21Python 28Randal 20Rinea 20Rudolf 19Saber 20Shade 18Silque 18Slayde 14Tatiana 10Tobin 27Valbar 18Yuzu 14Zeke 25
  3. Post a fact about the person above!

    Posted a fact about the person above him.
  4. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    I'm talking about a bar in calgary. what are you talking about?
  5. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    Wait, I'm a bit confused, what are you talking about?
  6. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    I dunno, the hell bar in Calgary wasn't really that good for me. It felt like a lot of the people there were just sad and stuff. and that killed my vibe.
  7. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    Hell's fun though! :D
  8. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    Fanfic hell sure sounds terrible. I'll figure something out. That isn't hell
  9. Comedy Critique Club

    7/10 I once knew a girl that was named “Holiday” . As you can guess, everyone came up with jokes for her name. My personal favorite was this one: Said to a friend in front of Holiday: “ Say, did you know that Green Day was on Holiday?”
  10. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    Or you could like...Go to a SD discussion? Or you could go to Far From the Forest? Or you could join me in Awakening/Fanfic hell? :3
  11. 30th May's Legendary Hero Predictions

    Don't we have a topic for this?
  12. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    Fair enough. I'll wait
  13. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    You'll probably get attacked by a mod for spamming :/
  14. Possible new Pokemon games leaked?

    I don't know anymore with all of these rumors.
  15. Post a fact about the person above!

    Same fact is true for him.
  16. FE16 "leaks"

    i stop whinning abd hope fe16 is coming with e3. i hope there are more characters like nieve because the combo lucina+ nephenee is awesome! 2 weeks to e3...we can do it!
  17. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

  18. I see this as an oppurtunity for the card's division to make some alternate art for Julius. But I just really like Julius. So probably not.
  19. The Last To Post Wins!

    dying irl has the most realistic graphics
  20. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    Just...Dart? Wow o-o Is Eliwood mode that easy? Yeah I know, but I'm just looking for the time to actually sink my teeth into three possible 20+ hour rpgs, as good as they look ^^" I can see why Weapon rank bonuses would be looked into, but aren't dual strike/guard rates listed in game? You've...done Lunatic plus? Wow, congrats to you because I can't even get past Lunatic regular. I wouldn't know, because I don't go on reddit much at all, but regardless, welcome!! Ah, that's okay! There are other things do to here than just chat - people post their sprite art, music, illustrations, written work, play forum games, all that! I bet I have worse opinions than you I'll fight you on that Pokemon is great you have good taste :D EEEEEEEEEHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I wouldn't do that - the forums have a strict no spamming rule unless you're in the Far From the Forest section of the forums, so I wouldn't mess with it. Instead, you could try just like...posting once in different discussion forums, like just leaving your two cents on a topic, and leaving...Or like, just getting into forum games and the like. Just, anything but spamming, my dude.
  21. hey liberals

    A song that is, in my humble opinion, fucking awful
  22. The Last To Post Wins!

    i like that headline
  23. Comedy Critique Club

    5/10 You mom's so dumb , she thought JarJar(binks) was filled with pickles pickles.
  24. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Probably because deep down all humans have as their most base desire, to hurt ruin and kill everything but the self, so that they themselves can monopolise all joy. They wish to ensure that no other but they can stand at the pinnacle of the world, it is not enough that they succeed, but others must fail... or something. Wazzahhhhh?
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