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  2. Sonya's Ending *spoilers*

    Do remember the Divine vs Earth dragon war killed almost all of the divine dragons. They practically came close to being extinct right there and then. No way Naga would be behind that. Well, since they're dragons with all kinds of powers... it doesn't have to be dying by inflicting themselves actual physical harm. It could be a more... magic/spiritual/whathaveyou method.
  3. Fate/Grand Order General

    Is this your first time doing the event? 3M is really easy to farm once you get the Carp CEs from the ladder.
  4. I definitely think I'm projecting a bit but the only confirmed way we have of killing a dragon is through Naga. She can say what she wants but her power speaks for itself. I'm not totally against the suicide it's more of a question if even Mila and Duma are even capable of killing each other. And if they can't would they even be strong enough to take their own lives?
  5. Makes sense. It just didn't bother me as much. Obviously BB didn't have the best map structure, I just found it, for the most part, easier to deal with than in SoV. Rescuing and dropping units has its own set of issues but I do like at least having the option. Regardless of how many enemies were guarding the vault, Duma, whose only weakness is Falchion, will always make a better guard. The thing about Jedah's plan is that it seems to be mostly conjecture on Jedah's part. We never see Duma tell Jedah to bring him a branded, Jedah does so of his own accord. He believes it will work but there's no proof that it's the actual cure to madness. It's possible that Duma needed the souls of both branded or that his plan wouldn't work at all. Jedah making the choice to let Alm, the only possible person who could still harm Duma, roam freely and not have any backup if Celica's soul wasn't enough is completely counterintuitive to how intelligent and manipulative Jedah is supposed to be perceived as. If Jedah really only wanted Alm and Celica to fight because it would be bittersweet for Alm, then Jedah is sadistic to a fault and that character trait should've been expanded on more earlier in the game. It also wouldn't hurt if Jedah actually antagonised Alm into finding Celica if that was the case. Obviously, the game plays out the way it does because Alm v Celica is a crux of the game and dungeon crawling is a main selling point. This all makes sense gameplay-wise but I really think there was a better way to integrate these aspects into the plot. Like I said earlier, something as easy as Jedah telling one of his daughters to capture Alm or a line about goading Alm into finding Celica would've made the story flow better. Almost anything would've been better than Jedah just vanishing amd leaving Alm to his own devices.
  6. Hello people

    Welcome, there's a decent ROM hacking community here, so I'm sure you can get help if you have any questions there.
  7. So almost like the weekday profile reveals so I guess we'll see next week hopefully.
  8. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    You grow wings. What beverage should I drink to grow a tail?
  9. Are you excited for Three Houses?

    Excited...Sadly I don't have a Switch!
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  11. IO's First LP- Forgotten in the Conscious Mind: Persona 2: Innocent Sin (Screenshot LP)

    How'd I miss that!?!??????????????????? Still, I think I'll stick with Innocent Sin and return to Persona 1 later. From what I hear it isn't so accessible or fun compared to P2. The two games I know aren't linked save for being continuations of the same general war in the collective unconscious. Editing the OP for that humungous blunder.
  12. I personally was able to read them just fine. They seem to be doing it every other issue. They did one last week but not two weeks ago.
  13. Fate/Grand Order General

    Been using grailed Emiya Alter + incomplete Mash + Support Tammamo for the 3M node, and it has been absolute RNG ride depending on whether Ibaraki killed the frontline too early.
  14. Blessed Gardens is ending

    The mode itself was "meh". It was like a crappier version of CC with an arbitrary blessing restriction. Now, the restriction worked a bit in the beginning because it forced me to do diversify my roster instead of giving everyone and their mother a Water blessing. At least the rewards it offered were cool stuff! I think I've only finished the Water section, I left the others incomplete to have a feather/dew bank just to be safe. The feathers maps will stay untouched until I get all the Y!Azura copies to +10 her (only 2 more to go but 500 grails is going to take a while) and the Dew maps until one of Gleipnir/Beloved Zofia/Cordelia's Prf happens.
  15. I'm surprised you don't bring up the PSP re-release of Persona 1, known as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona. Its translation is much more faithful to the original, but it also replaces the original soundtrack with a new one meant specifically to appeal to Persona 3 and 4 fans. Thankfully there should be a patched version that mostly restores the original soundtrack.
  16. My FE Heroes character name is Kraven. It is linked with my Nintendo account (however I don't recall if it's linked with the Nintendo log in information or the Nintendo Network ID) When I downloaded the FE Heroes app in my new phone I launched the app and I linked it to my Nintendo account before playing the game. Unfortunately, it has me starting from the very beginning. Where's my saved data? Isn't it supposed to be backed up when linking? I went to the Nintendo website to look for some answers Em I suppose to only play FE Heroes in my old phone? Can someone help me? Thanks in advance Fire Emblem community members.
  17. Press Ctrl+V

  18. Hello people

    Welcome! So if I understand correctly, you already have a story planned out and want to make a game out of it. If you haven't delved too deeply into learning how to hack the GBA games yet and have $60 to spend, I would definitely recommend SRPG Studio, especially if you want to deviate some from traditional GBA standards.
  19. @Von Ithipathachai Alrighty! Soon as I get that settled I'll put a list of people and their roles, and their classes and stuff, etc. Thanks for the assistance!
  20. Post a fact about the person above!

    Isn't waiting for their FASFA refund to come in next week.
  21. Is fanservice inherently bad?

    I was talking about games like fallout, were nothing prevent you from pointing a shotgun on a random civilian and pull the trigger. Or to join unambigusly evil organizzation like the legion. Recently i had to leave the room because my sister was playing GTA V and in a mission show had to torture someone. There are definitly games out there were playing as a sociopath is allowed or even encouraged. My point is that even game like that have standards and rape is were they draw the line. Wich imo seemed relevant in a discussion about gratutous rape being prevalent in media.
  22. I see. That's understandable. SRPG Studio is about $60. My advice would be to keep a lookout for when it's on sale, as it does go on sale from time to time, though I don't know when. If you opt out of using SRPG Studio altogether, I'd say FEBuilder is your next best bet.
  23. Are you excited for Three Houses?

    There are two kinds of games - ones I pick up and play for like 30 minutes and take months to beat because of dropping in and out... and then the other kind. The ones that I beat the main story in 2-3 days using monster sessions, and then 100% or replay within the first two weeks. I expect FE to be in this second category. albeit pre-impressions about low difficulty contribute to this.I
  24. Ok, I'll remind you when I make the decision, but I am trying to stay free with this project if possible. But that might change if some instances arise.
  25. Of course. If you're willing to buy SRPG Studio I could go ahead and make the adjustments myself and provide you with a skeleton project, leaving you to develop the maps from there. I won't consider it stealing as long as you credit me.
  26. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Because they aren't that humerus. I'm probably allergic to whatever they make. What would happen if I drank Red-Bull?
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