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  2. Introduction from myself!

    Welcome! I'm currently working on my own Fire Emblem fangame in SRPG Studio. There is an Introductions subforum right above the General subforum. I'll kindly ask the admins to move it there.
  3. I want Kris in there even if I only have any actual emotional connection to F!Kris. But I want my Avatar Emblem~
  4. Hi! I wanted to check the guide on GitHub but the link doesn't lead anywhere. Will it be okay if I follow the outdated guide for 4.2?
  5. Alright, here's mine. For some light context, this is a sequel to a Choose Your Own Adventure story I made for the Serenes Scribbles competition in 2016. Reading that story isn't at all necessary to read this one, but it does warrant being mentioned (and plugged) just to establish that these absurdly out of character versions of Tauroneo and Volug have a history together. Thanks to AnonymousSpeed for some edit checking. Title: Tauroneo and Volug's Excellent Adventures, or, the Emblem Saga Word Count: 4789
  6. The Selective FE8 PME!

    Patch 1.9 is out, guys! It features tons of crazy boss concepts, renamed stat boosters and promotion items, and last but the most important, @Dragoncat replacing Myrrh! You won't get a changelog tonight, though. I'm kinda tired and I have school tomorrow.
  7. Introduction from myself!

    Hey everyone! I am Anna Karly Cutie#4643 in Discord and AnnaKarly123 here. I got into Fire Emblem Fates because a friend of mine called Sparkle talked about that game with me, even she roleplayed a lot with that game's characters (Both in Discord and ROBLOX since we're both there). And since then, I wanted to search it. It is awesome indeed. I'd love to meet you all! Sincerely, ~ AnnaKarly123. (POSTDATA: Since I didn't see any welcoming sections, I posted this in Entertainment, because I need to adapt to this site a lot.)
  8. Chapter Unit Limit Question

    How do you/is it possible to increase the character/unit limit on a chapter? For instance, say a chapter only allows you to bring 11 heroes into battle; is it possible to change that limit from 11 to 16 (exclusively using Nightmare)? I know adding enemy units isn't, but I wasn't sure if this was different. Thank you, and sorry if this is a dumb question!
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  10. What Is Good My Dudes

    Is the topic title a question or a statement?
  11. I think for it to count you need to play the same save file. Like I probably first played the original Super Mario Bros when I was four or five, but I never actually managed to finish it until I was 16, but I wouldn't say it took me over ten years to finish it. Over ten years to beat it maybe, but not finish. When I did beat it, I finished it in like half an hour. Taking that into account, it took me about two years to playthrough Chrono Cross, because that game simply wasn't doing much for me.
  12. Hmm well I'm not in that range, but if I had spare feathers and use Shigure more, then Blarraven + breaker is a fun combo to try. But yeah I do think dancers are higher priority in terms of TA fodder.
  13. Another thing to consider is the spread of terrain. Three range fliers (when they're at max HP) only have an advantage over ponys on maps with terrain, which are a lot of maps, but not all of them uniformally. Some maps don't have any terrain at all aside from walls/breakable walls that also affect fliers. So their advantage can range from massive to pretty much non existent based on circumstance.
  14. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    I agree with this to some degree, which is what's weakening my scumread on her somewhat. I feel stuff like her scumread on Tuvy2 suddenly dissapearing and her saying there's probably scum in the middle voters without any thought on who that is still looks bad though (the former moreso than the later).
  15. But wouldnt you need a + spd nature for best effect? 33spd isnt gonna double too many units I think
  16. @Ginko @mcsilas Thanks guys. I think you are right and WoM, Blárblade and LnD would make him a fun unit to use in modes like TTs. (I don't have Eirika at 5* btw.) For AA I just need reliable counters though. WoM for example shouldn't proc at all ideally. If Shigure works against both colorless and red +10 units with TA/Blárraven/QR, I would invest a 5* Robin without thought. If all those +10 units are too strong, I would go TA+breaker. I still have some spare Roys left and I think dancers profit the most from TA. At 744 range I meet many armors and dragons, but often enough there is a Tharja, Lyn or other ranged unit among them.
  17. Just Started Genealogy and Oh My God

    the game is quite good indeed, and overall better balanced compared to Mystery of the Emblem. it was also the first title in the serie to introduce special skills and skills/items/stats inheritance. the main issue that many people usually have with FE4 is the size of the maps, since they're really huge and non-mounted units tend to be left behind. basicly completing one map is almost like completing 3 normal chapters at once in previous FE titles, but i guess you've already found that out. i also believe it has one of the best stories in the serie, but that's just my opinion anyway.
  18. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    ##Vote: Fairyjigglypuff
  19. What Is Good My Dudes

    Welcome to the Forest, Luis Liberato! Have a nice day and keep enjoying your stay!
  20. Soul Calibur VI!

    Okay guys, follow the steps : True but nowadays, PC gamers actually got some love. SEGA especially are doing some fine damn moves (Shenmue, Yakuza, Valkyria Chronicles) and I'm sure other developpers will follow but that's another discussion.
  21. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    This. Also, with Alette I'm getting the feeling I disagree very very often, but don't really think it's scum intent?
  22. FE Gba style Portraits (Submit your requests here)

    i didn't really feel the need of opening a new thread just to post one image, so i decided to leave it here( sorry for the intrusion ). i was looking at some sprites on the site out of curiosity, when i suddenly came up with an idea about a crossover. here's the result after an hour and half of messing around in Photoshop with sprites: don't expect much more sprites from me thou, i just made this out of boredom.
  23. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    Why again? Marth agreed with Athena on thinking the Tuvy post was a scumslip I think, so why wouldn't he jump to lynching there? Also, you mentioned cases on Alette being bad, but are you scumreading anyone for those? Why did you unvote without voting anywhere else then? If you felt the momentum wasn't there, why didn't you consolidate somewhere? I think you really misunderstood my point in that post tbh. I don't mind it if you reiterate other people's statements. What troubles me is that all you literally did outside your Alette case was iterate what was basicly a universally agreed on point. Basicly, if Alette wasn't there, wouldn't you be just as lost as she is? I don't dissagree with you on Alette being scummy btw, but I do think you're scummy for similar reasons. I think people generally refer to a tunnel as someone only talking about one scumread and ignoring anything else that's happening in the game or only looking at it to see who makes sense as buddies for their one scumread (without judging said buddies on individual scumminess). This makes very little sense to me, because why would Athena ever reintroduce the Tuvy scumslip when people weren't trying to lynch him eod in this scenario? You kind of have to lynch someone D1 to get anywhere, so I don't really think it's that weird? Like this part, actually. I doubt the bolded part tbh. She never mentioned noticing it afterwards and Athena had commented on it already anyway, so I really don't see how Alette is trying to take credit for that. It could be a bus after she noticed her buddy had slipped, sure. I think that's a good enough reason for why scum!her wouldn't vote Tuvy2 when it appears to be a coinflip between the two judging from her posts (other reason would be both Tuvy's are scum, in which case RIP the scumteam tbh). Wouldn't dropping the vote actually make him less frozen in place? You also failed to mention why Tuvy2 wasn't on your lynch list anymore. Any thoughts on which of those middle voters would be scum then? I'm at this weird point right now where I think some of Jiggly's points against Alette are good and I want to lynch her for it, but then a lot of other points feel like he's just trowing all the dirt he can think of against her hoping for a lynch on her (as opposed to actually trying to get a read on her). I think there's at least one scum in here, but I somewhat doubt Jiggly would stick to hardbussing his buddy after a scumflip D1, so probably not both. I also think Alette would fight back harder if it's a bus actually. I think Jiggly is more likely to flip scum right now, so: #Vote: fairyjigglypuff
  24. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    The times listed in the table are UTC (GMT). Subtract 7 hours to get PDT, add 9 hours to get JST (Tokyo time).
  25. My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 2

    FYI this was never actually a thing on SF until you and Yolo started stating it.
  26. @mampfoid TA is a good choice, in my case I just went with HP+4 since mine is -HP and I lack TA fodder and am cheap about it whenever I do get Roys. WoM is the best B skill for a dancer. I just use his default tome since he is mainly AA dancer and a Blue Tome Valour dancer when training. Personally i think Blarraven would be fun to use just for extra defensive properties, although you'll need to upgrade a Robin so not sure if it's worth it depending on how much you want to use PA Shigure.
  27. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    i haven’t been here in a while hi so basically i’m going to see red velvet in concert next month hdjskskd i don’t think i’ll be allowed to take photos/videos there tbh but i’ll still enjoy it a lot
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