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  2. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    The description for Brazen X says: “Grants X during combat”. If the translation is correct, it will stack with hones. Can @Ice Dragon confirm?
  3. Post a fact about the person above!

    Didn't just get a full nights sleep without their dog barking after MONTHS of their dog waking you up every night
  4. a Flying Reindeer Axe Lissa that is in an armored unti would have been perfect! suffers still from shit movement but can surpass mountains and water lol
  5. FEH: Winter's Envoy Banner

    Wow, I am not interested in characters at all this time, but dat Bold fighter. I mean sure Christmas weapons sound great too, but why bother if you can get guaranteed quad and trigger ignis ever combat you initiate? Not gonna delphin for this banner, but I might give it shot with free orbs...
  6. At least we have a new lance armour now? Actually you know what we don't have yet? An axe pegasus knight. Lissa would've been perfect because on her reclass options was Peg Knight and it also calls back to her Axe wielding War Cleric. But yeah I can deal with Axe Lissa at least. Her metal skirt thing is armour enough.
  7. Yaaay Saber! You're right that he has the perfect voice. It's what made him into one of my favourite characters :D Saber - 'You don't know when to quit' - Just perfect delivery, although I love his other lines, too. Genny - 'Now I'm angry' - You don't want to make a sheep angry. They turn big and green and---- oh wait, that's the Hulk... Leon - I love his voice in this game. I went with 'Get lost' because I love the way he says it. I do like all his lines, though. They're nothing fancy but they're all said in the perfect manner for him :D
  8. Galatea, in the... Code "Firmia, I don't understand-- my head-- please disconnect the cables--" "Hello, Firmia!" A different tone this time, though just as bubbly and bright. Hannah hadn't said anything, which could only mean... A small, pink haired... Person? They displayed as such, wearing a toga... Hannah quickly unplugged herself and resumed normal sight, quickly becoming just as bewildered. "What... Who?" "I'm Galatea! And... It was getting really hard to just watch you have all of this fun on your own, Hannah! Gosh, all that hugging, talking, joking, messing around! Even if I was the one prodding you to do it, that doesn't mean I didn't want to join in! Geez..." The tiny person on screen folded their arms, puffed up their cheeks, and stuck their tongue out, before losing the gesture in another laugh. "So! I decided to leave the poor android alone and hop into the Mantle... But, Firmia! Before you have an aneurysm from sheer anger! I'm not going to do a thing to your robot. I don't have the permissions or the access codes to do so, anyway... I've only got the rights to run whatever I want to in Hannah, nothing else. I promise!" She placed a hand over her chest and nodded seriously, before returning to smiling again. "I only got in because of the cables. Thanks~" Hannah was beside herself. This... This was Galatea? This bubbly, mischievous little program was what had been driving her to act the way she had? "Hold on a moment, please, I..." "Hannah, I'm sure you have a lot of questions that I can prooooobably answer, but right now, I'm more worried that Boris-ette is gonna try and delete me... And I'd much rather be friends with all of you, so if you could hear me out and ask whatever you need to ask before activating Kaspersky, or, whatever nonsense they use in Russia, that... That'd be great." As cheerful as the program had seemed initially, she was certainly getting worried now. "I... Okay. I believe it would be in all of our best interests to listen to her, Firmia." Hannah mostly didn't want the source to all of her issues to up and disappear without a single motion. Hopefully Firmia would be... Patient. Morning Call, 0830 CST, August 2nd The rest of the day on the Riese passed with little issue. There was no follow up attack by Apotheosis, and refueling the ship went as scheduled. Morning started to crest over the ship, as the sun shone down on its reflective panels, and the first person to be disturbed that morning was Roxanna. As Jess wasn't present on the bridge when the call came in, it was swiftly forwarded right to Roxanna's room. "XO! XO Martinson, please respond! This is Ensign Mitchell Abernathy, come in!" The name may have been unfamiliar to the second in command, but the message that followed would definitely prompt a response. "I'm hailing the Heion Riese from ANF headquarters! We've finally been able to establish a closed line with the ship. Please, respond! This is urgent!" Whatever information needed to be heard, had to be heard soon. To top it all off... "Martinson! Please, wake up!" Tristan was at her door too, knocking not too loudly, but with urgency. He could hear the mumbling of the call from within her room. "The captain isn't responding to calls and she's not opening her door! I don't think she's in her room. Wherever she is, this is too important to wait! Please!" Unfamiliar Setting Avery snapped herself away, smacked her head against the ceiling of the Ceres' cockpit, and groaned. "Fuckin', hell... Fell asleep in 'ere, huh... Chris'... Ugh, that'll smart fer a bit. Now where was... Phew." She smiled, at least one thing had gone right. She'd managed to finish working on the inner repairs to the Ceres and updating its OS to top ANF standard. There had been bits and pieces of the Colony code lying around inside it. This would make it run just a tiny bit smoother. Must've nodded off puttin' th'final touches on it. Glad I got e'erythin' else done, whew. That woulda been a mess. Yawning hard, and adjusting their hat after that bump, Avery carefully led herself out of the machine and onto the lift, spinning gently as she took it down. "All in a day an' night's work! Now I jus' gotta get some fuel in m'self." Astin was probably still sleeping... How unfortunate. She'd so enjoyed being served by them. Still Psychic Christina woke up with a hefty groan, but not because of anything but her headache. It was still around, and worst of all, she could still feel... Whatever was wafting into her room from the others. That meant... "These aren't going to go away any time soon... Uuuuugh. That's awful. Literally, just, awful..." So it hadn't just been some freak accident, this was here to stay. Stay for at least a few days, if nothing else, but that was getting very optimistic. She pulled herself out of bed and towards the conjoined bathroom, hoping that a nice, long, hot shower would help her calm down and feel better. "At least I had fun with Makoto yesterday... Mmmnnn... So tired."
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  10. Greetings

    Welcome to the Forest, ChuyEloy! Since you asked for corrections have some : It's actually the other way, writing skills Improve Decide I'll consider buying is the way to go. Participating is enough here. Overall your english is okay so don't worry too much about it and as you said, being around the Forest will most likely help you improving it. Have a nice day and enjoy your stay!
  11. actually she wants Atk/def because her upgraded sol katti allready gives her desperation and brash assault, meaning she will double anyone that can counter, giving her more physical bulk. But then again there is mages you want to double sooooo yaie?
  12. Smash 5: What if/Wants discussion

    I want a new adventure mode ala subspace emissary that's more ambitious in terms of story and mechanics. More enemies and bosses from different games instead of the Kid Icarus rejects that populated subspace. They could play around with this like only being able to hurt Mechon if Shulk is in your party or including the Orne's from Kid Icarus that can kill in one hit. I'd like the story to play around with the different ways Nintendo handles it story. Pit could be the viewpoint characters since he's the most talkative and expressive one, as well as nerdy enough to handle himself around most ninty villains. Characters like Mario or Link would just communicate in their regular grunting while characters like Pit, Lucina or Shulk could do the talking. They already got character models from the like of Ghirahim and Metal face so with some expanding it would be easy to include them as bosses. I also want Ganondorf to drop the whole Falcondorf thing and get his own moveset based on magic. I do want them to retain the concept of him being an extreme hard hitter that can turn the match in just two hits
  13. Jesus I just realized Lyn wants Brazen ATK/SPD... really, REALLY bad. Brazen ATK/SPD + Wrath = Perpetual death.
  14. Today
  15. chill they are armor exclusiv, and while they look strong on paper. They arent really, because Armorers were never Player Phase units to begin with, with their shitty movement. Bold Fighter 3 looks as an interesting skill to give to Hector, turning him into a semi Enemy and Player Phase unit, since he has built in Quick Riposte Vengefull fighter looks interesting but all slow armors that have high attack basicly give up their defensiv option in the form of Wary Fighter. Onits like Zephial with low Speed risk to get doubled and ORKO easier. This banner is all about the brazen skills because they look quite fantastic.
  16. Firmia had some choice words for Hannah when she said she was on her own side, but something was off, and the words were lost to the ether in very short order. Hannah continued on in a jovial manner for a moment or two, trying to weasel her way into the competition proper, and even punctuated the request with a joke. Hannah had been trying out jokes and other social maneuvers too advanced for basic AIs, but this was something else. In terms of social skills, she'd 'leveled up' several times. At first, Firmia thought the android was using the opportunity to test some styles of speaking she'd been holding back for their sake, but the instant Hannah referred to herself in the third person, everything clicked. 'Hannah' seemed to realize her mistake, and then quickly vanished as the real Hannah returned. It was so fast, Firmia could hardly believe it. "What the crap!" the Alkaev swiftly grabbed Hannah by both sides of her head, trying to get the confused android looking squarely at her. All the while, Firmia was looking straight passed her. "Get back here and explain yourself, you randy run-time!" "Uh ..." Brant was at a loss but curious all the same, "status report? Damage report? ... anything?" "It's freaking Galatea," Firmia yelled over the radio. That made sense, at least as far as explaining Hannah's sudden and dramatic shift in personality. So was Galatea in control there for a moment? If that was the case, then her evolution was looking to be even more complicated than he first thought. It may or may not be as delicate as Brant thought, depending on how Hannah would come to view the program, in light of all this. "Alright, simulations can wait. Time to disconnect before it messes with the systems or who knows what ..."
  17. I can't beat Berkut on Chapter 5

    thx a lot guys and girls i did it!!! Now i'm at the final battle and i can't do it. The Duma earthquake makes my units too easy to be killed and i don't want any one of them to die at the final battle...
  18. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Chiming in on the villains I do think they are a downgrade compared to the original Xenoblade but they are all decent enough. They aren't as funny and intimidating as Metal face and that secret disciple and they aren't as interesting as Egil but I do like the big happy, evil family thing they got going on there. Malos is also definitely worth at least an 8 to me. I like what they did with their powers. They are depicted as though fighters and a step above the party but not overly so. They have to retreat plenty of times and once you reach the snow Titan your party is probably stronger than anyone but Malos and Jin. I definitely don't like Akhos though. He's painfully generic and every time he uses his theater speech I have to think on how the writers were just doing it because they needed to convey he was the smart one instead of it having an actual point like with Kuja. He's just a trope going through the motions. Jin's okay but kinda generic as well. And about that spoiler villain, he definitely gets points for I don't know where his character leads just yet and his general archtype made it inevitable that he was evil but he's definitely getting points for the good effort.
  19. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    To be exact iirc the sp stamina ratio is around twice of 1&2 CC. For 10 SO its around 148 ish sp on double SP iirc to 1&2 156 for 20
  20. ....Christmas Armors. ...Arright. Mkay. Not sure if want... It's about time armors got a bit more of a kick, but I'm still not really one for them. Lissa I probably want the most, maybe I want Tharja?... that Brazen ATK/SPD on Robin 2 gud though... that's basically Life and Death 3.5 for a lot of units without sacrificing bulk. Really really nice stuff. They won't be around very long either... maybe I'll summon for them some.
  21. And here are your picks: Eldigan - "By Mystletainn!" Lachesis- "You swine." Reinhardt- "Magic is everything!" Camilla - "Time to play!" Now we back to Valentia, where we take a look Celica's allies during her journey- it's Saber, Genny and Leon! You can listen to the voices here under Special Skills: My picks: Saber- "You don't know when to quit!" Keith's a perfect voice for Saber and you can tell Saber is a very experienced mercenary from his lines. Somehow I always connect Saber to complaining about Celica's actions (which is a good thing, being the voice of reason and the team dad), so him complaining about the enemy suits him! Genny- "I do not like you!" Sheep girl is angry- and that raspiness in her voice during the line really adds to the effect. Now fear her Wrathful Staff! Leon- "Excuse me?" Leon's VA totally nails the delivery of everyone's favourite sassy archer. It's just so Leon. Close second is "Hands off!" @Zeo To be honest, I connect that line to Hinoka when she enter battle and not exactly a battle quote. Also I still don't have special fodder for Hinoka
  22. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Now that we have Brazen Skills to tie to the Tyrfing effect, are we currently missing any Legendary skill effects in passive form? Also, if Tauroneo doesn't have Brazen Atk/Spd, we riot.
  23. True, I guess I keep Moonbow, I give QP to another unit. I think I’ll give Ephraim Triangle Adept. It could work well with Moonbow.
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  25. Camillas warrior map (hard difficulty) gives full SP to 5* level 40 units, also when already solved for a low amount of stamina. Because there are so many units to beat in the warrior maps, the SP/stamina ratio is unbeatable.
  26. He doesn't need QP to activate Moonbow on the first attack. With QP and the redefined weapon you could give him Bonfire or Draconic Aura. With two attacks he will kill most low Def units anyway, Moonbow helps with the units of medium/high Def.
  27. But would Moonbow really make such a difference? I mean, with high Attack and low Speed, Ephraim doesn’t seem like he would need Moonbow, I mean sure, things like Refined Siegmund and Quickened Pulse, he would pretty much use it in one turn, but Moonbow adds so little damage, which makes me wonder if Ephraim really needs it. I could give Quickened Pulse/Moonbow combo to someone who needs it more like Reinhardt and give Ephraim something like Draconic Aura. Not to say Moonbow is useless to Ephraim, but maybe he could use something better.
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