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  2. Kliff: He's a nice guy. Bit of a friendly jerk. He's my least favorite Ram Villager but only out of necessity. Someone has to be the least favorite after all. But he's an alright character. As a unit, in my first run i made him a Mage and he was decent. In my second run, i made him an Archer and he was amazing. He (along with Gray) were my MVPs in the Thabes Labyrinth. Pathia's Trance Shot is OP. Palla: She's alright. Even in the Archanea games, i didn't pay too much attention to her. She's an alright character though. As a unit, she's the easiest of the Whitewings to train up. And once she becomes a Falcoknight, she wrecks Terrors. Grieth: I actually remember him due to his death quote. "There's gonna be another me....there's always another me." Other than that, he put up a good fight. His map was decent too, because despite having desert, there wasn't a whole lot of desert.
  3. Why was I summoned? I think you meant to invoke someone else, but pulled the wrong name. That'll be ten orbs for the mis-summon. Or if you can't pay that, sacrifice in my name ten Sorens and burn some beef brisket on an altar. Also give me your Valter so I can evolve my Clefairy.
  4. Yeah, it wasn't really supposed to be a surprise that Judas was a traitor, this all happens years before the actual story. Think of this as the exposition. And slavery is an important theme of the game, most of the enemies in this game are Laguz (by that I mean shifters, not specifically Tellius creatures) that have been enslaved for hundreds of years and have been led to rebellion in Nykos. The guilt thing with the princess actually sounds really interesting, thanks for the good idea :) Especially because Michael, one of the pre-promotes of the game, his parents were conspirators that died in that explosion.
  5. hhh

    Okay, as expected, once the Granzon is down to 60% HP left, Shu casts Alert, Strike, Hot Blood, and Valour. I'll continue the onslaught.
  6. This captures my thoughts rather well. As of now, they feel like Dollar Store versions of Eirika and Ephraim.
  7. Oh? oh... I can almost replicate the strategy in the second OP for Infernal, but I would need to teach my Xander Goad Cav. And the only source of that I have is my other, 3 star Camus. And I'm cautious about dumping him because that GHB might not ever come back.
  8. hhh

    33 Atk is by no mean bad and it doesn't stop her from buffing with Dark Aura, so I guess it's fine. Unlike my +Def/-Atk Titania. Don't know why I would ever use a unit with 24 Atk at level 40. That's 36 Atk with her Emerald Axe+ which is lower than many of my units' base atk...
  9. hhh

    not even skill fodder? oh well, nothing is good like free feathers not from what i've seen personally just some turn based strategyv it wouldnt have been so bad if it wasnt agartha and his pink sailor outfit thats the spirit
  10. @Interdimensional Observer B!Cordelia has DB2. Not enough SP for DB3. Oh yes, Reinhardt has Lancebreaker. I'll try swapping Ninian for Olivia and see how that works
  11. This is coming from someone who loved Lana in HW and liked the 2 protagonists in DQH, I really don't like the OC Twins. The two have boring way too similar designs compared to the contrasting DQ OCs with the Fire and Ice motif. Especially now thst we have more blonde characters in the roster like Lissa, Leo and Corrin, they're bright yellow hair pops out in a way to jarring. Not to mention the rejection IS had of making the two at least have the other parts of the Weapon triangle. Instead we get clone beginner sword users. This is coming off rather negative, as I'm reading this. I don't despise them, but rather feel let down by them not having any uniqueness or variety besides the hair. Luckily they won't affect my purchase, hopefully I won't be forced to play as them often. Link was understandable for HW for being the main protagonist of all the series being one of the only playable characters we had until that point. 'It helped he was top tier as well'... And DQ heroes had the party management thing despite requiring one of the protags to stay with the team. It helped that they at least had quirky personality. Which so far Rowan and Lianna lack. But hey I may be wrong, and I'll enjoy them when the game arrives.
  12. I meant in the long run, I wasn't referring specifically to what they'll be doing in FEW.
  13. Kliff: Kliff is like Genny in that he's a character I wish we got more of. What they do show of him is good, but ultimately it isn't a whole lot. And unlike several of the other characters with only one support and less story importance, Kliff seemed to lag behind most of the others as a unit. I use him because I like what they do show, but I really wish there was more. I like his design, it suits his character well. Palla: The oldest of the pegasus sister trio, and...honestly there isn't much to say about her. She acts like an older sister who's concerned for her siblings, she functions well as a unit and, like her sisters, I like her design a lot. Greith: He's probably the least memorable of all the villains in Echoes. Does he serve his purpose? Yes. Do you get Est and/or Deen/Sonya because of him? Yes. That's about it.
  14. Do you mind if I ask what you like about Awakening's story?
  15. We thinks you're missing the point. Why spend an orbses to get another orbses? Nothing but a waste of stamina, we thinks.
  16. It has done quite the influence in FEH so it's possible to extend that trend to FE Warriors. Also, FE Warriors will release this year so FES has no influence on the vanilla roster and it's very unlikely it'd influence the first or even second wave of DLC. FES will most likely be a special E3 2018 reveal. Alm, Celica and a SoV map or scenario for the first wave of DLC to wrap things up for SoV.
  17. Perhaps it's because the lance cavalier doesn't find anyone weak to him? Other than Xander who has WTD against him, but is still fast enough to avoid getting doubled and has high defense, all the other units you're using are neutral to him and are definitely a threat, especially if Reinhardt has Lancebreaker and bride Cordelia who can still double him to death even if she were -Spd and had Brave Bow+ and L&D3 -- she'd probably destroy him without needing to double. Reinhardt would get doubled by the lance cavalier and bride Cordelia could disintegrate in one hit, but they're still really dangerous to him. Maybe try swapping Ninian for Olivia? That way, there would be a fast, but squishy red unit the lance cavalier would like to stab.
  18. While this is great, I can't help thinking the localized names will change again. Like Lachesis to Raquesis in Awakening then back to Lachesis in Heroes.
  19. Ok, I'm fine with your choices and enjoyed your roster.
  20. Criticism should be elaborated on, I agree with that. There is truth to that. But even if you like a game, I think being open to critiques of it is always on the table.
  21. hhh

    Okay, it's not as bad as I thought. I can semi-trust the RNG to favor me. Okay, reloading, and time to unleash it all! Not quite, though.
  22. I don't care what you think of her situation. I don't care who you think would be a better option. She's a villain, and this is my prediction.
  23. Interviews

    71. Pet peeves? Very well, then I simply must allude to stereotypes and narrow-minded assumptions in general. After all, such needs not be elaborated. And of course, the increasing amount of unrefined colloquial language vexes me ever quite so. Of course, I could be here for far too long and as such, my final mentions shall be regarding the reliance on mobile devices and the excessive use of the vulgar emoticons. 72. My favourite The Legend of Zelda game just might be The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. I find such video games to be most enjoyable to play. 73. I do not believe I actually played this video game but I must say, I am mildly fascinated by the soundtrack. 74. Most certainly, and one shall never be insolent towards me. Actually, if I am to confess, my ideal world would be far more similar to a fantasy environment. 75. A lady such as myself tend to not laugh, or at least guffaw in any way. But regardless, I find irony, wordplay and some forms of satire to be most amusing—especially if such involves a great amount of wit. 76. No, I have never tasted such a recipe, for I would easily find my regular blend of black tea to be far superior. 77. I have tried doing so for humourous reasons. Needless to say, a regular teenager just may find such an imitation to be most offensive, "bro". "Like whatever, what's their problem?" Forgive me, that was unspeakably dreadful. If one ever wishes me to imitate an uncultured internet peasant, I may desist using the "shift" key and "spam", contract all my words and "spam" emoticons. This goes without saying, doing so truly vexes me, for everything I stand for would be shattered. 78. As selfish as I may appear, I would be willing to dispose of a few material possessions to save an insignificant life. For instance, a spare mobile device or a decorative candelabra. But if I am to say, I tend not to care for strangers so insignificant as there is a very high probability that not many significant lives would be affected. 79. As a logical individual, I am one to follow my head. Naturally, I am never one to have my actions determined based upon the emotions of myself or other individuals. 80. As of now, I normally fall into slumber once my clock strikes upon the number four or six. Otherwise, I shall remain awake until the Sun rises. Of course, farewell. Think this not as "pushing me too much", for I find these questions to be mildly entertaining.
  24. They're not showing any Archanea characters, huh?
  25. Knows that I like Eevee in general.
  26. We need more of this and less of "this game suck because it just does" (an opinion that I would be doubtless be labeled with because I don't like FE Fates) Also people need to understand that Awakening is a very personal experience type of game; it essentially comes down to the player and how they interpret everything. The same could be said of any and all Fire Emblem games.
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