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  2. I think there was a similar system in place in Berwick Saga. However, that game also had an initiative system of sorts. So any FE game that has it might have to take inpsiration from Berwick to do so effectively.
  3. New Feh Channel on the 19th at 8:30 PM PDT (for most)

    Due to numerous enquiries they are informing that the upcoming Feh Channel will not have info about CYL characters. They'll remain a mystery for now.
  4. Tales of Malaketh: Ritual of the Blood Red Night - Part 1: On The Run

    "Oh, well that's just unfortunate. Hate spillin' my drinks. Fetch yerself a glass for a few gold, if yer wantin' one." Misea paused to glance at Glendwr... What an odd man, he truly seemed on edge at all times. "I don't need anything, no... Do you, Jackson?" "If I did, I'm sure you'd already be stoppin' it, Misea." He smirked, and they chuckled. "Be at ease here, Glendwr. We're among friends. Now, Astrid, it truly wasn't a spectacle. Really, I was just... Oh, what's this?" Lua had come in, and sat herself down at one of the far tables... Poker? Ohohoho, what delicious fun~ "Astrid, we should go and watch this. I can only imagine the mayhem~" "Freedom of movement... Maybe." Almira had never really wondered about this. Was freedom of movement all that important? She supposed for fighting, yes. It would definitely be necessary, but... What would give her that? Dresses were definitely not very free to move in, but were shorts or pants her thing? She pondered that as Mina pondered her own quandaries, eventually asking Almira a few more questions, and answering the princess' one. "Ohhh, I see. So you like to keep the top and bottom separate? Is there a benefit to that compared to just wearing a full length dress?" Ever curious, she felt it an important question... And what would match Mina? Huh... "Mmmm... Red? A burgundy, maybe... It'd go nicely with your pretty hair. Something like that, I suppose. I don't really know how much of this stuff works... I just know we've got similar hair colors, so, we'd probably look good in the same sort of clothing. Right?"
  5. One thing the beasts could have is Wave skills inherent in their weapons. Fateshifters had abilities that worked every other turn, and it's not entirely unlike the laguz transformation gauge.
  6. New Feh Channel on the 19th at 8:30 PM PDT (for most)

    That's..... I don't know what to say to that.
  7. This Google translation from the official twitter account is provided without comment: 何名かの召喚師様が気にされているようなので・・・ 今回の「フェーちゃんねる 2018.7.20」では、総選挙特別バージョンの英雄さんたちの情報は手に入れられませんでした。 彼らはまだまだナゾにつつまれているようです。 It seems that some summonsmen are concerned ... ... In this "Fey-channe 2018.7.20", information on heroes of general election special version could not be obtained. They seem to be still being caught in the ass.
  8. Fire Emblem 8 Animation troubles.

    can someone help me with a couple things. so i made my FE8 journeymen class so it promotes to a fighter and mercenary so i added a sword weapon rank for franz of E and axe weapon rank f e for ross(its for a custom sacred stone im building) but the problem is, journeymens dont have sword animation and it seems like sticking a generic sword used by falcoknights and replace the hatchet animation would make it work and im on the process of making that sprite so what i wanna ask is how do i plonk it down in the rom and apply it?
  9. Honestly, I kind of want a link given so that I avoid spoilers for this Feh Channel. It's been a while since April, would like to not be spoiled but it's on while I'm asleep so.......
  10. New Tempest Trial+: Sweet Dreams [Datamine]

    I sent it in game through the enquiry section in Customer Support under Broken Features (the closest thing I could find to a section for issues in game) and got a generic filler response about the message being passed on. I don't think I would have expected this to be possible until it happened.
  11. New Tempest Trial+: Sweet Dreams [Datamine]

    If you already contacted support, I don't think there's much else to be done. I've never heard of anything like that happening before!
  12. I put the time in the title. If you're going to inform people about this, might as well tell them when it will happen!
  13. New Feh Channel on the 19th at 8:30 PM PDT (for most)

    You and me both. The trio has been seriously left in the dust, and nothing indicates they are going to be remembered. Also it’s ironic hoping for the cessation of pumping out alts while the most hyped-for next addition to the roster is an army of alts.
  14. New Tempest Trial+: Sweet Dreams [Datamine]

    Calling this back up because I sent an enquiry and got essentially nothing in response. Who do I contact about this?
  15. Which of these would you rather do?

    Depends, do I get to use a silence staff on Serra beforehand? Also, I like how everybody ignored this. To answer your question, I'd rather do neither, but if I had to choose one... I suppose my hair. Having a dirty butt is the worst thing ever. I'd feel guilty for sitting anywhere. My question is: would you rather play through FE6 with Wendy and Sophia as the only allowed units, or play normally but you have to sacrifice every character you like, one per chapter? Now let's see if I actually get it answered.
  16. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    +1 Mallow Cards arrived safely. Thanks!
  17. Wilhelmina nodded along as Almira explained. Dresses were good. Right and proper, and looked very nice, sharp and respectable. Her imagination took to working on the project at hand, and maybe it was due to that, or maybe she was just hearing whatever reinforced what she already believed, with her brain automatically correcting any details to the contrary. So Misea really has taken to men's styles, huh. A shame, I wonder what it would take to slip a dress on her... Sephtis's interjection was worthwhile though. While traditional female garb may suit Mina just fine, what with magic not requiring quite the range of motion or dexterity that swordplay or other fighting would, perhaps it was worth considering some alternatives for Almira. Hybrids of course, she should still look her finest, even when compromising. Perhaps a set of culottes, for the lower garments. Blouses... should still be fine on top, no? Maaaaybe sleeveless, if that would help. Never having swung a sword, Wilhelmina couldn't be quite sure what was necessary and what wasn't. Or... oh... maybe detachable? If they were tied on with ribbon or lace or something, that could be exciting. Oh, how she was getting ahead of herself, fantasizing up outfits without even seeing what was currently in stock. She really ought to put on the brakes. Almira's question was perhaps the best way to do so, actually. "What I've been wearing so far is more or less my par for the course. A rather sturdy, gabardine skirt--full-length of course--paired with either a cotton or linen blouse. I do have something a bit more formal, which I'll probably break out for a special occasion, as well as that comfortable nightgown you saw me lend to Astrid. Maybe some day, something more exotic will catch my eye, and more importantly not exhaust my wallet, but for now, simple yet effective has been the order of the day." "Hmm," Mina paused for thought. Some decisions weren't fully conscious, just things that happened. This was true for clothing, as much as anything else. "I guess, outside of the neutrals, most of my color choices have tended to run the range of the red spectrum: from your rusts and burgundies to your plums and purples. Generally the darker shades, haven't been so much on pinks or other pastels. Maybe I should branch out though, sometime, try some blues or I dunno. What do you think would suit me?"
  18. Today
  19. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    Yep. Still never seen the hit go below 40 against any of my guys. I've gotten sub-40 hit against enemies before (mostly vs Uhai when he's sat on a forest) but never against my units.
  20. Anyone Part of FireEmblemHeroesForum?

    they have a contact us link but it requires a reCaptcha which doesn't work as well....
  21. Fate/Grand Order General

    One full summon and eleven tickets later, and the best thing I got was the Jeweled Sword. Lancelot doesn't want to share me, it seems!
  22. Henry: Twisted Mind

    Just forget about Dull-Ranged already. lol +Def yields more results in a vacuum because of it’s damage output...Dragons are very much a thing, which is part of the reason it’s much stronger in practice. And again, super boon. An extra bang for your buck when you Def-refine.
  23. SFMM5 Game Thread- Day 1

    I'm going to work for the next three days. If you really need to get a hold of me, you'll either have to catch me late at night (my time), or PM me. (that's a none-too-subtle hint that I will be using the PM system if I need to get in touch with you, so please don't ignore your collective inboxes, thanks). Not hopping on the Marth wagon because I haven't talked to him yet. I'm going to fix that.
  24. Anyone Part of FireEmblemHeroesForum?

    . . .well, this is an interesting situation! They don't have an external Contact Us link?
  25. Video game music

  26. Anyone Part of FireEmblemHeroesForum?

    Probably not the best idea to talk about another fire emblem forum in a fire emblem forum but this is kind of important and I figure this place has the highest chance of someone being part of the forum. So long story short I believe the reCaptcha for signing up for Fire Emblem heroes forum is broken due to it failing to load on 3 different computers and on 1 mobile device leaving people unable to sign up and the bigger problem is that the only way to contact them to inform them of this problem also has a broken reCaptcha. The issue I see is a warning in their code about the reCaptcha which enforces my belief that it's broken. So the only way I can think of informing them of this problem is to find someone that's already part of the forum to inform a moderator to do something about this. Hence why I am asking this. So if someone is part of fire emblem forums can they inform a moderator to check on this issue. Or if not see if I'm the only one having this problem. I would also like to state that I am not advertising and apologize if it seems that way. I just figured that this site would have the highest chance of someone being part of that forum.
  27. SFMM5 Game Thread- Day 1

    #Unvote ##Vote: Marth Dont know if its necessary but might as well
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