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  2. OMG! I'm here to share my happiness!! This become the first Hero Battle I beat in Lunatic!!! All the other fights ended terrible for me in lunatic, but this time, I were able to beat Michalis, with this team: 2 units 5* in lv40 and 2 units 3* in 30+ , it was intense yeah, but I need to be gratefull for everything all of you comented here and that 3* video, since I wanted to replicate it... I were only able to replicate the start of the fight and then change the other half, since my Narcian wasn't able to resist Michalis attack, but I ajusted my units and in the end with what I remember from this thread and I won! Thanks guys! Now... Now I have a Michalis for me and 1 extra iote shield I think haha Thank you guys
  3. hhh

    >Subterfuge is not always about lurking in the darkness, some shadows remain hidden in the light. A hair's breadth separates truth from lies, and none will gaze beyond the illusion to see my true face. thanks urobuchi
  4. Was this on Pokemon Showdown? Having trouble sleeping.
  5. kct

    only one v necessary
  6. kct

    this mvv is my happy place i don't want to let it go
  7. Thanks for that. 1. Should we have game names (normal ones like Jack, Angela, Ryan, etc.) so we don't have to refer to each other by screen names? 2. Are you going to give us something similar to the Monokuma files when we are investigating? 3. How much interference will you-as-Monokuma have over us-as-students? Will you actively hinder our progress during investigations (Monokuma has a habit of deliberately withholding information from Monokuma files).
  8. kct

    it took me nearly a year to figure out that boys generally asian was inspired from girls generation TOO MANY DAYS WENT BY FOR THIS DISCOVERY
  9. I just use my offense team for defense since I’m lazy and want to free up a team slot >_> (can’t be bothered always shifting around units for the Cav/Flier quests plus trainee teams with Clarine/Eirika/Olivia) The team is literally 2 melee + 2 glass cannon blue mages w/ Draw Back. Linde is Linde and Robin(M) with Life and Death 2 is Linde-lite. Eirika gives some buffs and can Drag Back into the waiting mages, Anna might teleport and catch someone off guard. I think the actual best defense teams have the teleport skills, because they are very hard to keep in mind. And if people use units that are hard to oneround (being naturally fast/bulky or have Wary Fighter) then other units swoop in on Wings on Mercy and crush your team. Or refreshers+ranged units. The Cav mages can cover the whole screen practically and can run Dire Thunder or –blade tomes for absurd damage.
  10. kct

    nvm GOOD NIGHT
  11. kct

    aw let's all be sad together : ( then un-sad when we eventually forget/move on
  12. kct

    need2sleep bc it's 3 a.m. but i want to say that omg i love joshua hong
  13. kct

    tbh i love joshua hong
  14. kct

    dude natemare and kitty and i were talking about bein sad about that last night hopefully a dedicated fan makes and sells them
  15. Finally got my first deathless win streak, and with just about the highest BST team I could muster, too (Lyn, Tiki, Nino, and Ursula). Switching Takumi out for Nino actually worked very well, though Ursula dragged the score down a bit. 4,472 points doesn't seem bad, though.
  16. kct

    i need a kpop group to react to this so i can move on with life
  17. Yay! The file formats I can work with are the usual PNG/GIF/BMP, granted they aren't compressed. I don't have a preference but'll likely convert them to PNG if they aren't already.
  18. kct

    Me after i realize i have to be up early tomorrow: ⍢ amazing btw
  19. kct

    currently i feel like i need to catch up on nigahiga and the entirety of kpop history but life is short
  20. kct

    ⍢ omg i found the third gary triplet
  21. kct

    i died when they said that tbh
  22. kct

    o wow i didn't know that that makes it even better =(
  23. kct

    "Behind The Scenes"
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