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  2. Cavalry currently has 1 fewer seasonal. But if you broaden uniques to include Legendary, Brave Heroes, and Alts like Eirika/Chrom, then Cavalry has quite a few more uniques than Fliers. And if you mean unique as in weapon/movement combos that is partly due to Cavs having had most of the weapon types from early on. All cav are missing are Dagger and Breath. Every other weapon is accounted for. Fliers are lacking Bow and Staff and are tied with Cavalry now with Daggerabbit on their side. Infantry obviously has everything and Armor is missing Staff and Dagger. So basically every move that lacks full weapons lacks the same number of weapons. Dancer wise it is a bit naive to expect them in all move types real quick. Those will be leaked out nice and slow to milk it all the way. And flier getting it first isn't a big surprise. Both Olivia and Azura have access to a flyer class, but no other movement type by default. Then there are the Herons, yes? So yeah, no surprise. I would personally expect Horse last simply due to how insane horse dancers would likely be. Horse plus other 2move dancer is already pretty nuts. As for trenches I don't see them as a whole lot different then trees. They could put trees in instead and the maps would be fairly similar. What trenches allow is more freedom in map design. You have to be careful with trees since cav can't cross them at all. Trenches have the benefit of trees without that drawback. Honestly I prefer trenches on maps than awkwardly placed trees to create challenges for horses. Though it would be nice if it just cost 2 move instead of all 3, basically making them infantry slow rather than armor slow. But that is likely the same limitation that causes armors to be able to sprint through forests with Armor March. That said I don't think they are the best implemented. Some maps just look plain weird with trench placement. @mcsilas Honest I just wish we had an option to break them down into shards. I don't enjoy leveling up countless 3* to 20 so that I can fodder their skills. So I burn a lot of the shards. Crystals. . . not so much. Only time Crystals get used is when I have a better boon/bane for a hero that is already fully built and has plenty of SP. Then I just laze my way up the levels and merge into. But that isn't a common occurrence for me.
  3. I have never called any of these people thot and never will. I don't shame women that way. I just sometimes get a bit irritated by onsided fanservice, since there are far more women that show their chests and butts than men. However, FEH is a lot more fair towards fans of male fanservice than many other games, so at least there's that. And ninjas were meant to be renowned for their secretive ways, from my understanding of it. A woman can still have sex appeal without her boobs spilling out of her outfit. I am glad it's not a full female banner, and I'm not really as annoyed by it anymore, since part of my was expecting fully female and I thought I could save some orbs. Doesn't stop me sighing or complaining, though, because I'm not as happy with the banner as I'd like to be - especially since I adored the last Easter banner so much. But that's my own prerogative. I'm going to make my pulls and either celebrate or complain if I get the units I want, and then continue waiting for the Thracia banner.
  4. More or less my 2 cents on the units. Catria - Most appealing colored unit. The tome rocks, her skillset is good and chances are her stats will be up to par. Sharena - Pass. She's probably a good green mage which is always nice but I'm not really interested. That and she shares a color with a unit I care about even less. Alfonse - Cool that we get another Axe cav... but I don't care about cavs... Wo Dao Axe is cool but slimy to release it as a seasonal. I can really just pass on green alltogether. Kagero - Dagger flier speaks for itself. I'm not in love with Fliers in general, but they're cool and a colorless one is unique and awesome. Gonna pull Colorless primarily and a little blue. Green only if I have to. The less orbs I spend on this banner the better and I only really want Kagero. But we have a month so there's plenty of time. Unlike Love Abounds this banner will safely keep it's grimy hands away from my entire orb stock.
  5. @DLNarshen Congratulations! Cool to see a Flier-heavy team succeed to stay in tier 20! With my Shiro-boosted score (5036) I managed to stay in AA top 5k again (rank 4,212). I hope I'll be able to score this high also the next times.
  6. Chrom can be very speedy. 31 spd with spd boon + 5 spd from his weapon + 6 from darting blow + 6 from hone cavalry + spd seal 3. That gives him 51 spd. Not as fast as Siegbert, but he can hit harder
  7. What I love most about the series is its worlds and lore and of course the wide variety of characters. I also very much enjoy the strategic aspect of it's gameplay (duh!) and that you can approach it in many different ways and are free to do so. What I dislike most is when you can clearly see developer favouritism towards certain characters when said characters are always shoved in your face with neon signs that say "Like me!!!", especially when other characters only exist to make these characters look better, both in gameplay and supports. Though this problem really only exists in Fates. It isn't as bad in the other games. I also hate it when the developers clearly intend for players to use certain characters over others, either with the maps themselves and how they are structured or with some kind of gimmick that only a handful of units can make use of, thus restricting your options. I want to pick who I like and use. I don't need you to do that for me.
  8. I'm glad to be able to save orbs, don't care about any of them. I'll free pull for Catria for Chill Res fodder and that's it.
  9. I understand where is the sentiment is, but at least this is not yet full all female banner and Alfonse have both bulge and chest cleavage. I don't care about female fanservice, but I always find it funny of this fandom calling women who show their chests thot and licks their screen when a man does so. And isn't being a ninja is exactly why her clothes show sex appeal? female ninjas are known to use their sex appeal to gain information or make their target distracted, it makes sense. Seriously though, only few units fits both my sexual and playstyle preference, and that is Siegbert and Brave Roy. Sigurd is too defensive and Grima is armor. meh. I am seriously concerned about this too.
  10. Hmm, not what I expected. Catria seems the coolest unit, but I recently built a L'arachel. Too bad Catria isn't red (no Leo or Eirika here). Kagero seems strong, but I won't pull specifically for her (@Poimagic). I will do 1-2 full summons and save my orbs afterwards.
  11. Skipping it until I get everyone from Thracia banner. If I have orbs left I'll spend them on this.
  12. The Last To Post Wins!

    i made fun of the dragon's dogma magick archer class but it's actually OP and it has aimhacks because all your shots are homing
  13. I was hoping for a bit more orb rewards for the new quests, but oh well the other rewards are nice, too! Sacred Coins are always welcome! I wish the crystals rewards in the TT would change...I have like, 99,999 of the big crystals that I never use.
  14. That'd actually be pretty cool if she could legit revive a dead unit. Not sure how they'd handle it exactly, like a standard staff with a really high special CD for revival. But then do you name the special "Aum", the weapon, or the assist? Anywho, I'm pretty into this banner. How long has it been since we've had a seasonal banner shared by 3DS and non-3DS characters? The Bridal banner, right? Not to mention the OCs finally get a little love. Gonna pull for everyone but Alphonse, though if Alphonse shows up I'll probably like him, just like Spring and Winter Chrom.
  15. Class names that don't make sense?

    Damn it. My bad.
  16. Funny examples of Gameplay Story Segregation?

    Virion can shout "Shall I make you... famous?" at Marth of all people in the DLC chapters and / or Einherjar battles. Let that sink in for a moment. "I must retreat!" says Oboro... after having her skull split apart by a giant axe. And any other enemy quote to that effect.
  17. Good to hear that. I hope justice will prevail.
  18. How do you determine what is right and wrong?

    That isn't hedonism, though. Hedonism holds that it is most moral to seek happiness for YOU SPECIFICALLY. Your beliefs sound like positive utilitarianism; utilitarianism holds that the best course of action is that which leads to the greatest good for the greatest number of people, and you seem to define good as how happy people are. Your system does seem to have another problem, additionally. What about situations where you can't be certain of the facts of the situation, or results? What if, for example, a classmate jokes about shooting up a school? You could report it, in order to avoid a massacre, but you can't be certain if they actually intend to do it; if they didn't, you'd be ruining the life of someone basically just because they made a joke in bad taste. Personally, I essentially support Kant's system of ethics. Before taking any action, ask: what the results would be if everyone took this action. For example, you could lie in court to protect someone you think is innocent, but if everyone lied in court we would have no way to find criminals. It's when following our moral principles hurts others that it's most important to follow them; corruption and evil always starts with evil acts the perpetrators believe are necessary.
  19. Class names that don't make sense?

    Nine tails are fox spirits though. To the extent that there wikipedia article is even named as such.
  20. Who Should Be a Future Legendary?

    I enjoy Surtr's brutish one note personality, but I'm pretty sure it's because I have like zero expectations when it comes to the story of Heroes. I never thought they were going to give me a decent villain, so I'm perfectly fine enjoying a rather bad one.
  21. Bound Hero Battle: The Shepherds (Chrom & Lissa)

    Effective no, fun yes. She is currently the only unit besides Anna that can run ER and Desperation (+Brash Assault) together. -SPD is unfortunate, but +ATK means you can reach 53 ATK before buffs on initiation with Death Blow 3. If she runs Brash Assault seal, you could choose +2 Mt refinement instead of the special refinement, with an ATK tactics buff she could reach 61 ATK on initiation then. That combination will kill a lot of melee units and some slower ranged units. Too bad she already has been TTs bonus unit in the past (To die on the battlefield), TT boosts are perfect for such units. Anna is still fun even without Galeforce in TTs, I can tell.
  22. How exactly was Arvis blackmailed?

    That's the tragedy.
  23. @Zeo Your idea for Selena seems like it'll help her out since her attack is pretty low. Giving Barst +1 Mov seems like a pretty neat idea to separate other brave users, and giving Tailtu another weapon is pretty cool even though she's already good with Blade Tome like the others stated. Curious what you have in mind for Jagen
  24. Oh look, a female weighted seasonal banner *sigh*. Before anyone points out the last one was sort of male weighted, we still got two females in that and Eliwood was tempest. It's annoying because they've finally began breaking away from Fates / Awakening somewhat, and yet they then do this again -.- For my thoughts, I want Alfonse because both axe cav and bunny boy. If I get pity broken by Sharena, I wouldn't mind, though, since she looks cute in her outfit. Couldn't care less for either Catria or Kagero. The latter has gained even more of a boob window and is trying to spill out her outfit even more than Camilla. There's something wrong when Camilla's outfit is more conservative than yours, especially when you're meant to be a ninja, apparently -.- Also, yet another female special flier. Yaaaaay. On the plus side, I only care to get 1 - 2 of the characters so hopefully I get to save some orbs. My luck hasn't been great of late, though... I am really happy Alfonse and Sharena gained outfits though. I'm hoping I get both ^.^
  25. The Last To Post Wins!

    I'm not really concerned about the Thracia banner cos I know they'll be added to the permanent summoning pool and Finn is totally gonna get demoted I really do want Alfonse because of the only good axe cavalry being Frederick. Why does Sharena also have to be green :/
  26. Official Pull Topic

    @mampfoid Thanks! Actually maybe I'll wait for Myrrh or something, I think she's one of the units that really wants DC as an A skill. Right now I don't think I have anyone that REALLY needs it, except maybe LA!Eliwood but LA!Lyn is already filling the blue spot for my armour team. Effie would also be a good choice, but she needs Berkut's Lance+ and again, Lyn is already my go-to blue armour. I guess I also have a +Res/-Spd Sheena that could be good when built up, but she's still 4 star plus there's already competition for the green armour spot, with Amelia, Winter Lissa and Vector being my main picks. Amelia already has LaD and I'm used to her not having DC, so it would be a waste of a Minerva if I replaced LaD with DC. @Cute Chao Thanks! I'll think of a use for him, at the very least he's more usable than my Athena right now. Someone wants a Wo Dao+ in my barracks anyway. Maybe Lon'qu that I can finally build up!
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