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  2. Oh my god! There is an Eevee in my bed that is apparently trying to hide from shouting.
  3. So I pulled an Eldigan on the latest banner but unfortunately, he is is -Atk/+HP. The question is, is this Boon/Bane very harmful? Is Xander (still a 4*) a better Sword Horse? I'm assuming QR is the most reasonable build for this guy, so another question is, should I give him Bonfire or Ignis with Quickened Pulse? QP let's him trigger Ignis in one round of combat but after that Bonfire would trigger more often. For what it's worth, his team support is: Camus: Fortify Cavalry Ursula: Ward Cavalry. I could add Elise for a 3rd buff of some kind but I usually plan around including a bonus unit for Arena.
  4. When should I merge my inheritance Olivia into my other one? The fact they are currently two different units is what's allowing me to dance and make their grinding nicer, but at the same time, I'm not sure if I should work Olivia all the way up to 4* 40 before merging.
  5. i guess ill also get started hopefully i dont do to bad for my first time
  6. You see, this is why my lists don't use letters. It tells you exactly what you should expect from each rank rather than inflation.
  7. Tier 20 score of 4858 (no deaths; no surrenders; 690, 690, 700, 698, 694, 694, 692; Nowi +2, Athena, Eirika 5*, Nino +4): Jun 26 1:20AM - #1793 (/889 to stay) Another random marginal improvement. I guess it's a new personal best, but it also changes nothing. No new defenses with my best still at 582.
  8. Chrom invalidated Brave Sword Chrom.
  9. The wiki team updated their tier list again, apparently. Laslow, Seliph, Chrom, Palla, Caeda, Roy, Lyn, Effie, Shanna, Catria, Clair, both Cordelias, Frederick, Spring Camilla, Fae, Virion, Gaius, Saizo all moved up. Hinata, adult Tiki, Lukas, Est, male Robin, female Corrin, Nowi, Michalis, Gordin, Kagero, Felicia all moved down. By Naga, those one-letter tier names are so confusing, S+, S, A+, A+, soon-to-come B+, B, C. So silly. Why not S, A, B, C, D, E, F?
  10. Yeah, after I posted this I thought about Savage Blow. I think that's what I'll go with just because I have a spare. I should already have ways of getting her out of harm's way if need be.
  11. Hey aren't you from G+?

  12. Oops, sorry for not reading the entire post! And thanks for replying to me, it means a lot on this huge site! @BANRYU For the pose, I'd like Oujay (And Marisa if you can) to both be in this one if it works, no palette swaps or anything like that, thanks! and if i'm still missing anything, please tell me!
  13. I did it! I finally completed the armor quest for the first time
  14. Does anyone know the odds of pulling Eldigan on this latest banner? I'm half tempted, but I half want to save for the new banner... Decisions, decisions... I don't even particularly need Eldigan... I just want him... Also, I had a dream that I found out the upcoming banners for the next two months and they all sucked. I can't remember most, but one was Barst, Bord and Cord, only Cord was called Toast because odd translation decisions happened... No clue why...
  15. So I 5*ed my +Atk -Def Selena finally. Right now she has Fury 3 and Threaten Spd, and I'm planning on giving her Wo Dao+ with Moonbow or Bonfire (probably Moonbow, but haven't decided fully). I can't really decide what B Skill would be good for her though. This set isn't focused on sustain and tanking, so I don't really need Renewal; Desperation works with her great Spd and Threaten Spd, but I'm not entirely sure if it's worth since Moonbow can't proc in one round of combat like that; Vantage Moonbow with Wo Dao sounds a bit evil, but Selena has low Atk to begin with even with +Atk, not sure how much it's worth.
  16. It's one of the neo-emotional tracks from Fates, that fulfills it's purpose. I very much like it. 7.8/10 This track is like a human in the calm version, but godly on Fire (just sharing that opinion of mine). Anyways: Conquest - No Justice (Fire)
  17. kct

    oops i just saw this hahaha BUT SAME AS MUCH AS IT HURTS TO ADMIT aaaa AND I DONT EVEN LIKE HIM
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  19. You just invalidated Brave Sword Chrom just now, didn't you?
  20. Soooo I finally made a custom battle frame for my game. However, the only issue is that purple pixely thing in front of the screen when I resume the chapter and there's battle happening, or when it's enemy phase there is text all over the screen when the battle animation begins. I've been following this tutorial, and everything has gone well except the part that says how to fix this issue I'm having is very unclear: I'm SOOO close. I just need to fix that darn glitch!
  21. Great, a chance to save orbs. I care literally nothing about any of the banners that are up except the Echoes banner (45 orbs on the Vantage banner and no Gordin or Reinhardt...) As for the Fury banner, Hinata was my only reason for caring. I don't even remotely care about Eldigan, Jagen can be pulled as a *4 for Fortify Cavs and LOLBATRE. I'll admit though it does irk me a bit that Jagen has 900+ HM on my file from the Kozaki and Cavalry quests. Annoys me seeing him up there and makes me want to use him just to max HM for those last 1.5k feathers.
  22. Lissa is a free unit, so most people interested in her may have already searched for her before the gauntlet announcement. On the other hand, Priscilla is from a less popular game, so it's more likely that those just pulled her in the new banner wanted to look her up, know who she is and how good her stats will be. However, I have to admit Lissa's artwork looks dull compared to other clerics, especially her battle expression. One more disadvantage is that as a free unit, most people got 1 or 2 star Lissas, but Priscilla's first appearance was a 5 star focus unit. So I guess those who knew neither Lissa or Priscilla may have some biased image that Lissa is a less cool unit. So I guess the scores between Lissa and competitors like Mist and Priscilla will be closer than what we first thought.
  23. fruits and vegetables mostly. I drink protein shakes twice a day additionally (want to gain the muscle mass)
  24. Welp im new. Idk why i made an account but i did and now im here. Im pretty shy irl but typing something isnt too much of a problem. I mean it can show if we ever manage to talk in a thread but... Well thats it. Im also about to be 15 (I know, im young). I am male (none of that Tumblr crap) and gay. Games I've beaten/played FE8 Fates Awakening Echoes Currently Playing: FE7 Geneology of the Holy War Will never finish: FE6 FE12 I also do some 3DS and Fates hacking (No i dont make hacks i just do them) Anyways that lil ol' me for ya. Sorry if this intro was long i have a real spacing problem when organizing text.
  25. I'm fond of travelling and my biggest dream is to travel around the world. This year I want to visit Australia. I've visited it twice already and I want to visit it again this fall. I've booked cheap tickets at to Sydney, want to spend there two weeks. As for me, Australians are quite friendly people. Last time I lived in Melbourne, but in my next trip I'm going to live in Sydney.
  26. Well, I've managed to accumulate 124 orbs. Might as well spend a few looking for Priscilla or an improved Clarine. 3* Clarine: I said improved. This is not what I meant. 3* Clarine: Not what I meant! 3* Felicia: At least you're not another damn Clarine. 4* Sully: Why can't you be like Abel and have Swordbreaker 3? 3* Jagen: Maybe I'll use your Fortify Cavalry. I'm legitimately angry now. Such high hopes, such utter garbage. More wasted orbs.
  27. I seriously wish we could use Alfonse as DB3 fodder because screw that guy. I need it bad for my Palla.
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