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  2. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #201

    I nominate @Karimlan and @Innocentmask.
  3. The most steamy, Rated-18 ones to boot! Say goodbye to your innocence, Nino!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. Noble Lady of Caelin Escape Pincer help

    I see. I forgot to manhandle (womanhandle?) mooks. As I added, I'm on Switch. Kinda makes the game slightly harder. Also, the AI sucks at defending against shadows. Shadow Elimination is pretty tough, despite everyone being Lv40+.
  5. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #201

    I vote for @Karimlan.
  6. Aether Raids first impressions

    Ok, that's good to know. Thank you again.
  7. Kana did quite a good job this season: 3784 in T21 - Rank 753/1537 to stay in. Unfortunately Arena Assault ended as usual: 5267 - Rank 1085 Getting really sick of just barely being pushed out of top 1k every week... I really need to invest in legendary Tiki in January or something.
  8. Yoho!

    Finally can reply! Wooooot. Not a fan of Genesis. Just isn't for me. Anyway, my thanks for the welcomes. 'ppreciate it. Same back at you all!
  9. Bridging the Sky

    Update chapter 9 ✦ "Snow and Rainfall" chapter 10 ✦ "Madness is Divinest Sense"
  10. What if no Alts ... ?

    They dug that hole when they made Ursula blue instead of green. Gigascalibur is very obviously wind magic. I'm operating under the assumption that the seasonal banners are left unchanged, which would leave Hinoka alt-less if she didn't get her Kinshi alt. Never mind the fact that I'd love to get Hinoka in a swimsuit.
  11. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    They weren't worth the wait. I wish that Serenes Forest would stop randomly logging me out.
  12. Once her HP ran out, she simply had to take a more offensive role, Glad I managed to show it off. Yep, Kinoka is a lifesaver for these types of units. Sometimes I get sad that I can't oull an extra copy of her and give her bow to Sunkumi. I was a bit uncertain about going with a Gravity build over the usual pain-shenanigans with her, but I can definitely say that it's been more than helpful thus far. As far as ease, I would still rank both about equally. It wasn't until I saw your playthrough that I found the right approach to this map for Sakunyan. @ruruo Thanks! I usually just try out skills for each individual slot until I find the right ones for the right scenarios in each map, so combinations can become quite wonky. That's definitely not a standard built, but it was perfect for this very long map. I am also happy there were so many mages for her to take out. Julius almost got her with his pre-charge special, but since she was offense only afterwards it helped more than it hurt. xD Thank you again, I am glad I could show of OG!Sakura too, since she is one of the more underappreciated healer units. (Yep, just going through all the Tales soundtracks at this point. The latter two are orchestral versions of the two Japanese Openings. The first for the Gamecube version, the second for all others).
  13. FE9 Newbie Normal Mode draft.

    I'll join.
  14. Alphabet Game

    Just as the Titans overthrew their predecessors, they were overthrown by their children; The Olympian gods. U is for Uvula.
  15. @Nanima Sakunyan action!! The part is how she managed so many kills! I like how you gave her Desperation and a Stance skill. It's an unusual combination, but it helps her on both phases. Happy that there was so many mages for her to initiate on! Highlight was definitely when she tanked Julius' Glacies, and countered x) Also, I've never realised how hard hitting OG!Sakura can be until I started watching your videos. Overall excellent job on this!! (Totally off topic, ToS music again! I actually couldn't recognise the last two, and looked them up... the second one wasn't released in the english version? But omg.. the last one was the background to when Kratos rejoins ;_; !!!)
  16. I’m going to give FE Three Houses a try. As for anime, I’ve basically stopped watching it. I’ll watch an episode or two here and there, but it’s been years since I last watch on entire season of a show. I can’t even remember the last anime I watched to completion.
  17. I think OOT ganon has a lot of things that do look good. He has that very nice looking red cape and his face is fine. Its the weird brown outfit that bring the design down for me. I find the team magma/Aqua redesigns to be much better then their original counterparts. They all looked so generic in Ruby/Saphire, but in the remakes I felt like they got a lot more character. Aqua expends a bit on the pirate theme and the scientist theme works well for Maxie. The same can be said for the team rocket admins in Heartgold/Soul silver, but thats not entirely fair. The admins where just generic grunts in the original so that probably doesn't count.
  18. Kaiji Tang was game!detective Pikachu's English VA.
  19. Elise: No, and you'd have to really read far into it to see otherwise. Camilla: What did they do to Camilla in the B-C support? WHY?! Gah. . .right. . .topic. . .wow, this is complicated. If they're both single, then it opens the way for them to rekindle that spark. If either is married, then it becomes an awkward "well I had a crush on you, and then stuff happened" moment. It's pretty ballsy for a support, since it's not something you'd casually drop. From my PoV, it shows that they're comfortable enough around each other to admit it. Whether this turns into an affair depends on the integrity of the two in question (given those two, my guess is that it ends with that conversation). Never thought an A support would redeem an entire chain.
  20. Agree. Actually, I think his OoT design is his worst design (aside from CDi, of course) and his HW design is his best.
  21. Least Favorite FE Character?

    Hayato is in a very weird place for me. I definitely hold it against him that he's so much like Ricken. With the same gimmick, same color scheme and same avatar support he's only a hair away from being an outright clone like the second gen losers. Considering Ricken was kinda unpopular the main design philosophy behind Hayato was probably laziness rather than fanservice. So all in all Hayato is very hard to respect. But taken on his own I actually think Hayato is the better Ricken. He's more expressive with his pouting and growling and he seems actually competent rather than Ricken desperately wanting to prove he's competent. The relation with Fuuga and his family backstory also adds some depth that Ricken lacked.
  22. Least Favorite FE Character?

    Disregarding Fates as many of them are the lowest hanging fruits and in a league of their own, I'm going to say Alm. His role in the story is downright detrimental and seems to work against the themes that it wanted to convey. I know plenty of people disagree with this, but I simply cannot get over that this is the game that tried to include a theme of classism and then use Alm as some kind of example of it being wrong when he gets weapons only he can use because of his special blood, and he can get past an invisible wall that literally separates kings from peasants - without it, the Deliverance would've died beneath Rigel Castle, stuck between the gate and the wall until they starved. Alm kind of proves the villains right in that you are indeed born special. Sure, Alm grew up as a normal kid, but at the end of the day it is his special blood that separates him from the rabble; Tobin isn't the main character for a reason. He never faces any setbacks or defeats that would force him to change his way of thinking or cause him to change as a person. Alm starts as the complete package and finishes as the complete package. This would've less frustrating if he had had an interesting personality, but he doesn't. He's a kind soul and a good fighter in no need of change, with no interesting character dynamics or relationships. You'd think they'd try to make his relationship with Celica more intriguing, but we get one prologue scene of them cementing the fact that yupp, they've got special birthmarks and are thus connected and then Celica has to leave for seven years. They then have a painfully forced fight and...why am I supposed to care about these two's relationship, again? To make matters even worse, Alm's perfection detracts from Celica's importance to the overall plot. Alm is the one who pushes Rigel out, defeats Rudolf, saves Celica and kills Duma, whereas Celica effectively deals with the sidequests. In a game all about duality, I would've thought it vital to balance Alm and Celica's roles in terms of importance and representation, but whereas Alm soldiers on without ever being wrong or challenged, Celica is manipulated, gets captured, is forced to apologize to Alm for being wrong and overall has a lack of impact on the plot. We can see Alm influencing her with his way of seeing the world, and her accepting it, but we never see the opposite happen. A part of the problem with Alm's utter domination of Rigel and the lack of obstacle he faces can be attributed to the horrendous use of the worldbuilding the game itself establishes. Zofia is one of the most messed up nations in the series, having suffered famines, droughts, bandit raids, a civil war, an occupation, and the living dead ravaging the land. It also has a population that is notorious for being lazy, weak, and corrupt...yet this is never really shown in the war. There is no mention of this once the group begins pushing into Rigel. The mentions of morale, tactics, supplies, lack of training, unknown and harsh terrain, etc. get lip service at best and no mention at worst. However, while this is not directly Alm's fault, it does negatively impact his character, just like how the nonsensical plot curse of Fates makes Azura come across as a complete idiot. Sure, there are many other characters who one could argue are worse, even discounting Fates. Nergal is the least efficient villain in the series who keeps letting people go and can't even keep a tortured man restrained in his own seat of power, everyone in Magvel either wants to be Ephraim or sleep with him, and Faye's inclusion in Echoes is as confusing as her character is appalling. However, I don't think anyone quite reaches Alm's level where he just takes his own game and breaks it upon his knee.
  23. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    Ultra Instinct Zelgius build: I use WoM over Warp Powder for my Aether Raid defence team.
  24. What do you want in Three Houses? ( Mechanics and such )

    4. I wouldn't know why; I have yet to play Valkyria Chronicles. I was thinking of the breakable doors in Path of Radiance. 5. The Tellius games were actually the last time. It would be great to see them return + more siege engines: towers, trebuchets, etc.
  25. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    No, unless they are stacked on top of one another. What is the square root of Serenes Forest?
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