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  2. It's only about a hundred years actually. Some of the older characters in the game could very well have had grandparents alive in the Crusaders' time.
  3. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    I'm not in any hurray to open the collab can of worms so I hope it can be pushed back as much as possible. Or never happen, that'd be great.
  4. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    @Shoblongoo @TheSilentChloey
  5. FE 11's Take on Storytelling/Less is More

    DSFE General base stats is just silly lol. Its kinda understandable that Post Kaga era decided to nerf promotion in general althought t makes promotions feels much less epic Yeah DSFE is in the end effectively the cause of problem that Fates and Awakening had. The absurdity in stats growth was something done first by NM, and Shadow Dragon exp formula was the model ended up used on Awakening, which is already obviously problematic even before Awakening put it into highlight Honestly even Caeda would have been even more broken if it didnt use DSFE dodge formula since her speed is just stupid high
  6. State of Play: Direct Updates on Playstation

    Good presentation style. Needs better material to present though (TLOU 2, Death Stranding?) if the like-dislike ratio is anything to go by. Sony's decision to skip E3 may make sense if they don't have good things to present this year (PS5 is on the horizon and seems to be their biggest priority at the point).
  7. "State of Play will give you updates and announcements from the world of PlayStation. Our first episode will showcase upcoming PS4 and PS VR software, including new trailers, new game announcements and new gameplay footage." So yeah, it's a nintendo direct but with playstation products. But that's okay! Suddenly Sony's withdrawal from E3 makes a lot more sense, since It's not like they have no games to advertise while we wait for PS5. More than half of it is PSVR games, which is appropriately on-brand. I was wondering what happened to Concrete Genie. Mortal Kombat still rocks. What do you guys think about this sort of presentation?
  8. Sounding like This is our base roster before DLC
  9. Be Very Wary of Shen Yun

    Where are you getting your demonizing info on Falun Gong? Because I'm no expert, but it looks like for all intents and purposes it's just another form of Yoga the Chinese government legalized so they could increase their number of convicts to harvest organs from. Not saying they aren't Chinese Scientology (because I honestly don't know), but when there's a massively powerful government with a strong propaganda arm actively oppressing a group, hearing said group being referred to as racist homophobic antiscience alien worshipers, makes me a bit skeptical.
  10. The Last To Post Wins!

    Well, finally reached an event day. Good thing I saved the night before. Now I just need to reset until I get either of those last two events I need to unlock the marriage sub-event... why did they had to be four of them!? Although, at this rate I doubt it will happen before Act III begins. Oh well. Meanwhile, my first foray into the Sechs Floating Continent shows I really need to craft better stuff. Now if only I find platinum more often... Hmm? Well, uh... I really don't know what to say. If he can really make things better (a low bar to fill considering the country's track record, specially in the last decades), then great. If not... then business as usual...
  11. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    I think it's stated that it's rare for Pegasi to let men ride them but never that it's outright impossible. Pegasus riding alt for Hector: "These Pegasi are real perverts, you know? Why this fella I'm on wouldn't let me get on unless I was wearing this skirt. Something about the delicate communication between the horse and my lower half?" "Now, is it just me or does it seem to you like everyone is peeking up?" "Normally I'm wearing undergarments, I swear!"
  12. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    I feel like FEH would have done a collaboration by now if they had any intention. Cygames loves their collabs so it's expected for Dragalia. The Fire Emblem IP has so many characters to work with already, I think they have all the 'spice' available. I'm honestly surprised Cipher characters have not appeared, especially considering they were considered close enough to the core games that they appeared as DLC in SoV. And while I don't care for them at all, there are also spin off titles like Warriors and TMS.
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  15. Aether Raids General Thread

    Woo, finally made it to T22 because of a Fortress advantage and favorable bonus units which let me facetank most compositions with double blessed Myrrh. Time will tell if it was even worth it now that I'll be swimming in the same pool as the whales but I'm a little proud of myself. I heard flier teams and IF shenanigans are common up here. I wonder what new strategies I'll need to stay afloat. Currently my most common teams are Myrrh with Brinian + Kaden support and NY!Laev using CC + Pain and dancer team. Maybe something with Galeforce but I don't know who would be best besides L'Ephraim and Tibarn who I don't have.
  16. Weapons and Items That Should Return

    If I may be frank, I'm not confident in daggers returning, so that probably won't be a thing.
  17. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Oh I see. I thought it was worldwide now but I guess not. That really sucks though especially since they’re cracking down on emulators which makes it even harder if not outright impossible to play outside of the countries it’s available in.
  18. The problem for me is that Charlotte's design was purposefully more androgynous. She lost a lot of bulk on her armor, and in turn more of her skin is exposed. And she has like... battle stockings?! It's not so bad, (I do dig the new hair) just a bit off character and more generic. Shiki I think isn't too much of a surprise, but it's a nice direction they're taking with the roster, it's hype to see. Also we'll probably see more V chars as well.
  19. So what's the deal with the oatmeal of that time, the hot cereal? Is everyone making it with almond milk and not that crap that is milk? I assume technological advances have allowed us to move on permanently from that substance. Also, I really hope that the cereal known as "Honey Smax" has been exterminated. Such a crime to flavor should be kept under heavy surveillance at all times if not wiped out.
  20. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    I would care more if Dragalia had actually released in my country yet. If this is a "once in a game's lifetime" opportunity, it'll actually kill my interest in it, since I don't want to play a game just to see other people use my faves.
  21. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    I think we must assume that all pegusus riders are female because all pegusus' are heterosexual males/homosexual females with a human kink. "Sit on me." "...what?" "I mean, er, uh..." *Innocent horse noises* According to developer notes I just made up, Florina was originally the pegusus' mount for Lyn and they later kept her personality and made her human.
  22. I just exist.

    Soul is patented. Anyways hi, whether if you are the real Soul or not.
  23. Shantae 5-Announced for Release This Year

    Whoa, but is that the full title? The way her hair is shaped like a 5 is making me think it's official. Well, I suppose that's fine. Talking to fans about Shantae has often been disorienting because the games are so distinct yet subtitles are so non-descript. "Half-Genie Hero" does not sound like a fourth game regarding Shantae's character, since she's been a half-genie hero since the events of the second game, and even the third game deals more with her adjusting to her not-as-magical abilities by borrowing Risky's pirate gear. However this game turns out, you know I'm always Ret-2-Go.
  24. Only in the UK and Ireland, which is why I specified "European continent". Frankly considering they specifically went out of their way to exclude the rest, it makes me think we aren't getting it ever. There have been no talks about it. Maybe in a year or two when there is no chance of ever catching up with the rest.
  25. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    Silently cries I, for one, am extremely excited to see this collab, and I hope that FEH decides to do something on its side too (though they've yet to announce anything). Dragalia is a fun game, and it'll be awesome to see some FE characters in it, even if they're just Heroes OCs. Meanwhile, Dragalia characters in FEH would be great as long as they're filling one of our excessive number of seasonal banner slots. I know that the FE end of the FEH community is largely against crossovers, since its "not FE" and "it'd be taking the place of new FE characters", but really, its not going to make a major difference for Geoffrey's (or someone else new) chances of getting into FEH. All seasonal banners are predominantly alts anyway. I'll admit that its not FE though.
  26. FE Heroes x Dragalia Lost Colab Coming

    I do not know this series, so I do not really care. However if more crossovers will become a thing in Heroes, then it gives a chance to see characters from Fate Grand Order or Tales of the Rays in this game. Latter would be my absolute dream, but it is very unlikely to happen since the English version was shut down about one year ago.
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