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  1. September Legendary Banner Expectations

    I'm actually guessing FCorrin for this month.
  2. New summoning banner: Doorway to Destiny

    Well now, check this out.
  3. Help with King Garon Lunatic

    Phoenixmaster1 to the rescue.
  4. Favourite Heroes OC

    Yeah, that was rhetorical. I know Anna was there and did stuff.
  5. Favourite Heroes OC

    That, basically. I hate Alfonse. He's just another generic blue-haired sword lord, but despite that he's supposed to share story roles with Sharena and Anna (and Fjorm in book 2), the game throws all the attention squarely at him. Characters in book 1 often speak strictly to Alfonse. Not Sharena, the princess who should have just as much power (and story attention) as him. Not Anna, the fucking Commander. Not even the player. Then in book 2 all the solutions and smart decisions are made by...Alfonse. Sharena is just along for the ride and was Anna even there? Not in the cinematic cutscene for it, she wasn't. Even in another theoretical universe where Sharena and Anna don't exist and Alfonse is the protagonist by himself, I'd still find him very bland and completely unmemorable. That he exists as he does and is a spotlight hog to boot makes me hate him almost as much as male Corrin.
  6. Favourite Heroes OC

    To my knowledge, it's never outright assumed a gender for the summoner, though it has implied a male summoner at times, like when they teased Sharena wanting to give...something with romantic implications? I forget exactly what it was - to the summoner in a paralogue.
  7. Favourite Heroes OC

    Technically Anna, but she's not really a Heroes OC, so I'd feel awkward voting for her here. Otherwise, Veronica. Most of them I'm pretty neutral towards, though Alfonse is easily dead last.
  8. Does anyone still use Hones/Fortifies?

    I still use them plenty often since I don't have endless fodder of the new stuff, nor am I always using mixed teams for Tactic skills.
  9. If you could add one more FE character...

    Anna would be my preferred choice, but I'll take pretty much any female default character at this point, preferably without a sword.
  10. Don't know what you think you did, but they're not fixed. You hotlinked (aka took the link directly from the website that hosted it instead of getting it re-hosted first, which is actually against the rules of these forums) and Nintendo Everything doesn't allow hotlinking so they don't show up for other people. Cloud and the ones in your second post are fine because they were re-hosted on an image sharing site (imgur) first.
  11. All but Cloud are broken due to hotlinking.
  12. I'd really rather not have another sword dude in the FE Smash roster, even as an echo.
  13. Starting to feel like I've had enough internet for one day.
  14. We, in the real world, are taught morality and "being good," so we identify with heroes of justice and give them a pass more freely. It's what many would like to see themselves as. However, characters like Roy are often criticized for being bland.