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  1. Persona 5 The Royal

    I liked Persona 5, but not enough to buy it and play another 100 hours without a female player option. So this is looking like a pass.
  2. You missed LA!Eliwood. I can definitely picture Meg getting prettied up for a Heroes debut.
  3. Magia Record

    It's about damn time.
  4. Special Heroes Silhouettes for April 19th!

    People are expecting alts of characters who don't already have one, and I guess that trumps the random seasonal theme.
  5. That was a datamine and it was real (if it wasn't some other dataminer would have debunked it), but it never needed to be related to Joker.
  6. Sorry, I misread what you said there. Well, I'm the one who mentioned a Piranha Plant trailer in the first place, so I don't see how I'm moving any goal posts. I guess I should have specified that I meant gameplay trailer, but there's a clear difference in the PP announcement trailer and the Joker one. Actually I'm honestly not quite sure what you mean to say here at all. Holy crap man calm down. Sorry if I said something that got to you, this was all just normal conversation to me (and a few misunderstandings as I noted above). What I said was, and I quote: I won't pretend what happened is exactly as I predicted since I expected an announcement prior and a livestream, but in terms of content it is pretty much what I expected it to be. So it's less than I implied overall, but it's also more than you implied. If you disagree with that assessment, fine, but if you don't want to say anymore then just don't say anymore. I can't carry a conversation with myself, after all, and I won't think any less of you if you just stop responding.
  7. Special Heroes Silhouettes for April 19th!

    Ready for more characters to get alts before Anna.
  8. Piranha Plant is more well-known, but wouldn't even be considered a 'character' prior to being included in Smash (and arguably still isn't). It got little fanfare because it's a fighter offered for free that no one would have ever asked for. Same can't be said for Joker. Like, seriously, it's a plant. Just because it's a well-known plant doesn't mean it was something to expect much fanfare for. This was in the November Smash direct: Well, did they? They didn't announce it beforehand, but it is a 15 minute presentation video. I'd sooner say neither of us was truly correct in predicting how they'd do it.
  9. So the video has dropped by now but I still want to say this isn't a good comparison. You're talking a generic enemy vs the protagonist of one of 2017's biggest titles. Besides, Piranha Plant did get a trailer, which is more than Joker got (until today).
  10. I really cannot imagine them dropping Joker with so little fanfare. He's the first character in their fighters pass and the last direct teased other details for 3.0. I don't predict a general Nintendo direct, but I'd be shocked if there's no Smash presentation before Joker releases. I also expect said presentation to reveal fighter #2, since they should want to make the next one known before the first one goes on sale. Remember, all of the Smash 4 DLC fighters were shown off either in a general direct or a Smash one.
  11. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    If any OC other than Loki is going to get in through another Farfetched, I imagine it'll be Bruno. Regardless, we don't know the rules, so when making a potential prediction list all options should be noted. That includes currently non-playable OCs and characters like Charlotte and Noire.
  12. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    You missed Hel (you put Thrasir, so she should be here) and Charlotte (her standard version technically isn't in the game) between Ilyana and Lilith. I've been keeping and updating a list of CYL3 top 100 units who aren't yet playable in the game along with their rank and number of votes, if anyone's curious: 05. Anna (Awakening) 38,916 14. Bruno 13,483 16. Lif 11,876 23. Louise 9,274 35. Thrasir 7,045 52. Jill 4,872 56. Rinea 4,699 58. Severa 4,568 65. Rinkah 4,051 66. Anna (Fates) 4,031 67. Ilyana 4,022 68. Hel 3,964 74. Charlotte 3,704 77. Lilith 3,495 78. Naga 3,454 79. Selena (SS) 3,412 84. Conrad 3,152 85. Nils 3,140 86. Shinon 3,139 90. Rath 3,091 92. Cormag 2,943 94. Nah 2,909 99. Mila 2,670 100. Python 2,630
  13. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    Looks like one seasonal + one regular banner per month now. And the tempest trials are all themed around the seasonals. Ugh.
  14. Getting so careless they're leaking their stuff on their own now. A direct of some sort has to be right around the corner.
  15. Is Jill coming to Heroes soon?

    That's why they should have just combined all the Annas. They'd all be removed if one were to win, after all. As for the case at hand, though, dunno what would happen if Fates Anna places well enough next year. I'm not 100% certain Awakening Anna will happen this year, it's just something we should keep in mind when predicting.