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  1. Only played for about an hour, but after the first few wild Pokemon my throws started going wild. I do the straight joycon motion and my balls go way off to the left. In fact, it's hard for me to hit anywhere except extreme left, even when I throw as far right as possible. Am I missing something?
  2. Smash controversy regarding war bonnet

    The truth is, none of these people actually cared about the feather. They just care about this invisible "SJW" threat and want to stick it to those who they (wrongly) perceive to be "ruining video games."
  3. Tempest Trials: Before We Met…

    Just got my 5* 40+1 Smolzura. Who knew such a small girl could kick so much ass?
  4. I expected it to look awful. But...it doesn't. I actually thought it looked really good. What the hell? How did they make this look good?
  5. So like, everyone forgot?

    I think the main reason WW2 is more remembered is simply because there are still people alive today who lived through it. If anyone who actually lived during WW1 is still alive today, they were likely too young to remember anything about it.
  6. I always wondered if it was actually Zero Suit Samus who the testers felt was the strongest and the announcers at the invitational simply got it wrong.
  7. "S&W" is Spice & Wolf. Uh, yeah, I agree.
  8. Hero Merit Grinding and Flaunting Mega Thread

    I'm using this one:
  9. I really don't think the next Smash will be a reboot. Sakurai had that choice but gave us what we're getting because he believes it's what the fans want (and he's right). No one - ahem - pretty much no one actually wants a reboot of the series and to see half the roster cut out, and I think its sales would be noticeably worse as a result. There's not really a practical benefit for Nintendo to do that.
  10. Bound Hero Battle: Dragon Blood

    Uh, why the hell does male Corrin get 2 BHBs and female Corrin gets none?
  11. Which free unit do you want to merge up?

    None of the current ones, but maybe the upcoming Azura.
  12. If this happens I will literally delete the app from my phone.
  13. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT

    Askr trio now the only units unable to merge to +10.
  14. I closed the tab when Feh started sleeping then I saw people talking about Book III so I had to go back.
  15. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT

    It's finally time for me to share this list of skills that would become more readily available once GHB/TT units are more easily acquirable.