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  1. Opinion on Blossom?

    It's good when used properly. Give it to a unit with Paragon for normal experience gains and increased growth. Get a unit to 99 experience via BEXP so they'll level up after the first battle. Best effect on units with slower experience gain so they won't feel the negative effects too much, especially Laguz.
  2. This. Honestly, Fates' method of having kids was already more bonkers than magic babies would be. They'll make up a reason for a child to be born and grow to adult hood instantaneously, but kids between same-sex couples? Well, that just doesn't make sense!
  3. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Cool banner, but I think I'll be skipping. Maybe if Selkie's new voice didn't sound so awful I'd pull for her but as is I'd rather save. But then, for the first time in a long time the demote is not obvious. Selkie is the only one with 5 skills, so she's out. Keaton has Special Spiral and a Valor skill, so he's very likely out. But Velouria and Kaden seem almost equally likely. Both have a (semi-)premium skill (Close Defense, Spd/Res Link) and a new Goad/Ward skill. But if I had to guess I'd say Kaden even though he shares a color with Reyson. Pivot, unlike Luna, is a complete filler skill, and I don't think Spd/Res Link is as valuable as Close Defense. Free Panne is cool, but I'm annoyed that they gave her the same color as the other free beast, Naesala.
  4. Oh, those fans definitely exist and will complain. There are always people who complain when things don't go exactly their way, I'm just saying it won't be any worse than what literally any other aspect of the game could get. Those will be the fans who get made fun of by the rest of the fanbase for complaining about something so inconsequential.
  5. The solution here is just to have multiple, varied options. A character like Niles isn't necessarily bad representation, the bigger problem is that he was the only representation for LGBT men in Fates. Men like him certainly exist, and representing them isn't inherently a problem, but when he's the only one it just reinforces stereotypes. Have a Niles and have a couple others who are different and things look a lot better. Unfortunately, I could see this being their reason for such a decision, even though I think it's ridiculous to believe that fans would react in such a way to a degree that it would actually have negative financial results. However, one gay character wouldn't force any heterosexual players to do same sex marriage.
  6. Best 3DS Game

    Fates and Fates: Conquest for me. Sure, the story is trash, but it beats the other two in just about everything else, and the stories in the other two aren't exactly stellar, anyway. I liked Echoes, but I don't think I would ever play it again. I liked Awakening, but I don't think I can really go back to it after all the fixes Fates made.
  7. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    On its own, I don't necessarily disagree with this statement. I do, however, disagree with the conclusions you use it to come to. They have disadvantages, but it doesn't mean they are bad. They can still be quite good despite having disadvantages. Not sure what game you're playing, I've never heard of anyone complaining about 1600 for Olivi Grass before.
  8. If Fates allowed us to marry our family, including our blood cousin, I see no reason Three Houses won't allow us to marry students. As for LGBT...Please, IS, listen to the feedback we gave you after Fates. I give that somewhat of a pass because it was their first foray, but there are no excuses now. You can do better. My hope is to get at least three LGBT members for each gender, with one on each side being strictly gay and therefore only romanceable by the same gender, be it the avatar or another bi character.
  9. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    You can't seriously be trying to argue that Astrid is better than Ranulf and Volug. Ranulf, at base, doubles everything for a long time, with enough power to kill or seriously wound the majority of enemies. And Volug, like, what? Even ignoring part 1, he's easily your strongest non-BK unit in DB part 3. So he takes two turns to get going, big deal? Then you have him for the rest of the map. He doubles literally everything and, iirc, kills all but the strongest Tigers, and that's before he gets S strike. Volug is actually sick. I put him up with Janaff and Skrimir as non-Formshift Laguz who are actually long-term sustainable. Go ahead and dislike using Laguz all you want, it doesn't make them all bad. A lot of your statements here really just come down to you not liking them, not them actually being bad. Also lol @ suggesting 1600 for Olivi Grass is a problem.
  10. How do you think the routes will work?

    I'm not especially confident in any of my choices but these are my guesses for now: The routes will merge in the late game. I think it will work somewhat similarly to Sacred Stones; choose your route, but it all ends up converging. Mostly the same. See above. No. I could see some skirmishes and the like, but I don't think the major conflict of the story will involve the houses fighting each other. You will recruit other houses' students. Again, kind of like Sacred Stones. I think they'll want all players to be able to meet all, or at least most, of the characters in a single run.
  11. The Special edition up for preorder

    Yeah, just got mine through the Gamestop website. $120...this game had better be good. Still going to keep checking Amazon, though, and I'll just cancel the GS order if I can get it there instead.
  12. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    Really don't like this logic with Paragon you have here. It becomes a circle of, "Unit is bad, so we don't use her. We didn't use her, now she's bad." If you're using Astrid, you're keeping Paragon on her, and if we're talking about Astrid's value in gameplay, we're using her because you don't judge a unit on not using them. Consider it a cost if you must, but I don't think it changes anything in this particular argument. It's an option she can benefit from that Meg, Fiona, and Lyre largely cannot. I would actually argue using bows helps Astrid, at least initially. She can attack most enemies without risk of a counterattack, something Meg rarely gets, and even with Swords Meg has shaky accuracy for a while. Fiona, yes. Meg, no. Meg is forever hampered by low move and a terrible Spd cap (she has trouble doubling enemies in part 3 on normal mode with her 22 tier 2 Spd cap). Meg is really never good, she's only ever going to be okay at best, which is why I still put her lower than both Astrid and Fiona even though getting her to that "okay" is easier; if I'm going to train a bad unit, might as well use one that actually becomes good.
  13. The Special edition up for preorder

    Are you kidding me. I step out for an hour to do some errands and it comes and goes on Amazon.
  14. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    Astrid is pretty bad and definitely deserves more votes on this poll than some other characters have gotten, but I couldn't say she's the absolute worst.
  15. I'm still playing female avatar but yeah that outfit is just wacky.