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  1. lucina

    When one letter changes the meaning of your sentence.
  2. Season 2 DLC Wishlist (If It Happens)

    If we're talking straight wishlist and not predictions and assuming it would stick to the same three games: SD: Jagen (Lance), Maria (Tome), Nagi (Stone) Awakening: Maribelle (Tome), Aversa (Tome), Flavia (Axe) Fates: Shigure (Lance), Mozu (Lance), Jakob (Dagger?) And if we were to get any bonus extras I'd like to see Micaiah.
  3. lucina

    The bolded is the real truth of the matter. People would care less about FE getting so much if they felt "their" series was well-repped. People should also remember that complaints are much louder than praise or apathy.
  4. Was the Fire Dragon supposed to move?

    I wonder if it's possible there was a mix-up somewhere with the fire dragon and Ashnard (who does move on hard mode) leading to those strange rumors. Or it may have just been started from the general conception that the Japanese version of a game tends to be harder. Someone might have brought up the idea of it somewhere and it evolved into a rumor about it actually happening.
  5. Was in my local store yesterday and they had signs all over saying there were no closing sales. Guess I'm not lucky.
  6. Tempest Trials: Invisible Ties!

    I'm running a simple budget team of FRobin, normal Chrom (-Atk, +Def), Donnel (+Atk, -Res), and Lilina (+Atk, -Def, +1 merge), some 10 runs now and I have yet to fail getting the A/A. I must say it feels kind of cool having Robin and Chrom team up to kill Grima. Thematic! I have a +Atk Cherche with Brave Axe+ ready to go and it feels like a shame not to use her here, but I left her out because she works well even without the boost, unlike Robin and Donnel. I might sub her in for Lilina and see how she fares without flier buffs.
  7. FE:W Update Sneaks in 3/8/2018

    It's a DLC pack for a spin-off game. I don't recall any Hyrule Warriors DLC getting any kind of "massive announcement."
  8. lucina

    Source? Somehow I doubt you've polled every person who bought Smash 4.
  9. Which FE Characters would you want in the new Smash

    I don't exactly disagree with this, but Smash isn't a typical fighting game. Most people don't play under competitive rulesets, so items and stages are still pretty visible. Dixie Kong and K. Rool would round out the DK cast quite nicely imo.
  10. Which FE Characters would you want in the new Smash

    Look, I love Metroid, but given the size of the franchise and the cast it has, its representation is justified. "Increasing" importance for Sylux is debatable. If Sylux has a notable role in Metroid Prime 4, though, I could see him getting in. Zelda has the characters it needs. Yeah, FE has more than Zelda on the roster, but consider that every FE fighter currently is either a protagonist or a plot-central character, whereas Zelda has the protagonist, the villain, and a plot-central character. Zelda is better represented in other ways, like stages and items, where Fire Emblem is comparatively lacking. I'm not saying another Zelda rep couldn't or shouldn't get in, but it's a different kind of series and that comes with a different kind of representation. That is not underrepresented. If you want to argue that FE is over represented, fine, but Pokemon is not underrepresented in any part of the game. 6 unique fighters (and 2 more that were in Brawl), multiple stages, and the most complex item in the game are dedicated to this one franchise. "Harebrained" doesn't even begin to describe the notion of calling Pokemon underrepresented. All of this and yet you don't mention the franchise that actually is underrepresented: Donkey Kong.
  11. Which FE Characters would you want in the new Smash

    Because there is no character in the FE franchise I despise more than male Corrin.
  12. Which FE Characters would you want in the new Smash

    Huh? Zelda is arguable here, but it still has the triforce trio and alternate forms of two of them. Given the kind of series it is, no one else screams "necessary inclusion!" Metroid is only barely arguable. There are hardly any other candidates throughout the series in the first place if you don't consider Ridley an option. In general, those options that do exist aren't very popular. Pokemon? Underrepresented? That is a joke.
  13. It's not just you. A lot of people have said this. Some people are using it as the crutch of their belief that it's a fully new Smash game, and that just confounds me. But that's just me.
  14. By "partial port" I mean that it would essentially play the same, which you can't say for each iteration of Smash to this point. This is pretty much all stuff you could say about Slatoon 2 in one way or another. All this says is that it's being branded as a new game, and in technical terms it still would be as long as there's anything new, even if it were 98% a port. No deluxe subtitle? Branding, literally. No Smash 4 transition? Branding. Champion Link? Maybe (maybe) he's getting reworked. Could be a lot, could be a little, but either way this doesn't scream "NEW GAME." (I honestly find this to be the absolute weakest argument anyone has used. Like, seriously?) Again, in technical terms, this absolutely is a new game. The issue is just how new it is. You seem to think it's at least 90% new (estimating). My guess is that it will be like Splatoon 2, which is something like 50% new, but the fact is that we just don't have enough information to know. And that last part is the point I'm making. I'm just trying to get people to realize that we really don't know yet, because if the game turns out to be a half port all these people who are so sure that it's a new game are going to be disappointed, and in the Smash fandom that's never pretty.