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  1. Why I won't be buying this game new...

    Multiple things you've said aren't accurate to the realities of the current timeline, so I assume you've come from a different one and have yet to fully adjust to the differences.
  2. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Cleared hard and lunatic one try each, got infernal in about 4 tries with Brave Lyn, Brave Lucina, Nino, and Elincia. Dancers? Horse buffs? Psh.
  3. Why I won't be buying this game new...

    Good for you. But I do wonder: What timeline are you from?
  4. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Is this a datamine or an official reveal? Odd to see Arden on the player's side.
  5. Best units to use on ranked runs?

    It is certainly harder than playing casually, but it's less about who you use and more about how you play. Still, as I mentioned, units like Priscilla and Serra are very significant in ranked, definitely more than they are normally. And then there's Dart and Farina, who take a hit in ranked due to funds. Thing is, you've still got to beat the game, so most units who are good otherwise are still going to be good and vice versa. I've been toying around with a personal tier list and mini guide for S ranking HHM. If there's actually interest I could consider posting it.
  6. Best units to use on ranked runs?

    Yes @ Marcus. Don't overuse him, but don't be afraid to use him to save some early turns. There's a kind of middle ground here that's tough to explain, but basically make sure you are still getting levels on your other units while he's helping. Heaven and Earth Seals are pretty safe as long as you're watching your funds overall. They're the effective value of two normal promotion items, so if you promote something like 6 units and 1-2 use a Heaven or Earth Seal it's not going to make a noticeable difference. Although a player should be able to avoid using any Earth Seals simply by properly planning their team and actually acquiring all promotion items.
  7. Best units to use on ranked runs?

    In general, units who can grant you a lot of experience. Priscilla, Serra, and Ninian can grant you a lot of what is essentially free experience due to how their classes function. Matthew and Legault have a class experience bonus, so raising them to 20 is good. Aside from that, pretty much anyone who's good out of ranked is also good in ranked. On hard mode you need to cycle through pretty much everyone to gain enough experience for 5 stars, though. Be wary of Dart and Farina, though, since they have hefty costs associated with them (Dart's promotion, Farina's recruitment). And don't overuse early prepromotes.
  8. Custom Class List

    Oh yeah, that's the case in the GBA games, too. They have the male con/aid formula. And there are female enemies in those games so it's not like it's just an enemy-wide oddity.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    I swear, I feel like the free pull has a higher chance of being a 5*. I got a 5* Lukas from Holy War. I then went back to Performing Arts and got Inigo.
  10. Custom Class List

    On pegasi: There's nothing wrong with this choice per se, but there's also nothing wrong with just having Pegasus Knight not be a gender-restricted class. It's only within FE that such was ever a thing and there's no reason it can't change. On knights and bows: I find these decisions...boring. Rather than making them just like other classes/weapons, I think it would be more interesting if you gave them different strengths to make them stand out on their own. But that might just be me.
  11. What you've said doesn't prove me wrong. In fact, you haven't really said anything at all.
  12. I wonder if Japanese players would like an option for English audio.
  13. FE is not niche, not anymore. It's not a mainstream hit like Mario and Pokemon, but it is not niche.
  14. I think we don't know enough about the situation to take speculation and assumptions as absolute fact. Like I said, there are many different ways the situation could have gone.
  15. They never said they were forced to add anyone. They said it was suggested. For all we know KT wanted to add some bonus characters and actually asked who they should add. There also could have been other suggestions that KT declined. There are so many ways this could have gone but people just want to treat Nintendo/IS like schoolyard bullies. They never said it would be only those 3 games, just that those would be the focus. No one, myself included, thought it meant anything at the time, but it's what they said. There was always room for a couple bonus characters. Nothing? How about what's in the damn game? You're the one coming up with conspiracy theories.