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  1. I don't think we'll get any characters as alts, not even female Robin and male Corrin.
  2. I'm pretty confident now that she's a separate unit from her male counterpart, not just a skin. I really doubt they'd show off an alternate costume like this.
  3. Being realistic is not by itself a positive. That's not bad game design, it's a more-or-less scripted event that introduces one of the game's mechanics to the player. You're not supposed to be able to get the best reward from it, just like you're not supposed to be able to save the north east village in Ch 1 of PoR.
  4. Conquest for best. Honorable mention to Radiant Dawn. Thracia for worst. It's the only game that just pissed me off too much for me to even want to bother finishing it. Capture, fatigue, dismounting, etc. were all a pain to deal with. This is having played all but the first 3. All Fates games are more or less saved from having the worst gameplay in the series by the core mechanics alone. Rev is the worst Fates game, but still has better gameplay than some other FE games.
  5. If Anna's not playable, I riot.
  6. Like Dragon Quest Heroes, I see. It's fine so long as they actually keep those names for the characters and don't let us give them custom names. I'm honestly kind of happy for this because it means (or should, at least) I won't have to see Rowan inevitably taking the spotlight.
  7. That's a coincidence. In anime and games I've seen actors get changed plenty, it just depends on the people behind it. This game has been in development since long before September 2016 and if Palla is in (which I honestly don't think she is anyway), they're not going to trash all that work just because they don't want a new actor. And honestly, anime can often be a whole different ballgame. Not saying actors aren't a big deal for games, but it's much more of a factor with anime where actors really make themselves known through certain characters.
  8. They'd find someone else if necessary. This wouldn't change a thing. They wouldn't throw away all that programming for such a reason.
  9. It's pretty naive to think that the existence of chance-based factors means there isn't strategy. Strategy is putting the odds in your favor and having backup plans for the times when the odds don't go in your favor.
  10. Where is anyone getting the idea that they won't take from promoted classes? Not only is that shut down entirely by Lissa right away, Chrom and Lucina are seen using other weapons already, Xander, Ryoma, and Frederick are already promoted, Marth doesn't promote in his own game, and Robin doesn't get any new weapons from promotion in the first place. That leaves Corrin and Cordelia to support this theory, and we don't even know any real details about how Cordelia fights.
  11. I believe Laura Bailey isn't voice acting lately for some reason or other and Alexis Tipton can do a very similar voice. No conspiracies.
  12. Now here's a blast from the past. Welcome back.
  13. Considering the recent Cordelia reveal I'm going to guess "mounted" is referring to cavalry, not a flier. Sully and Virion seems a possibility.
  14. I fully expect a FEW direct sometime late August or early September. Not sure what we'll get until then.
  15. Yeah, they were allowed exactly [number] character slots no matter how they get filled, so female Robin being a clone just wastes one. Yup.