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  1. Bound Hero Battle: Distant Blade (Tana & Amelia)

    ATiki, Axura, Bride Caeda, Brave Lyn. First try blind on all three. I didn't even use Lyn until Infernal. Here's something funny/awesome: on Infernal, my TA Tiki barely took damage from a Sapphire Lance pegasus. Granted she was on a defense tile, but it was still awesome to watch her tank that like it was nothing. 45 defense is nothing to scoff at.
  2. Why is it that Fire Emblem has more male fans?

    Believing that media is a lesser influence in people's lives and saying something like, "It's just a fucking movie" are pretty telltale signs. And also, yes, the fact that you think the linked video is over-analyzing.
  3. Why is it that Fire Emblem has more male fans?

    You're pretty young, aren't you?
  4. Anna, Commander

    Something like that, yes. For the brave, Vengeance can be run for 20 damage (compared to Iceberg's 15ish) when Anna is at 1 HP. I also prefer Def Ploy in C because it helps to mitigate her lowish atk and, while limited, isn't locked to a 5* pull. Anna has her flaws, I know that, and if people want someone better, they can do so, but this isn't about that, it's about getting out of Anna what you can, so naming units she doesn't handle isn't really pertinent to this discussion (Brave Lyn doesn't show up in TT anyway). Spd +3 is fine, too; I said as much myself. I'm just saying BA is a pretty viable option for her. This isn't about Lyn, so I won't continue discussing Lyn builds. I wouldn't recommend a teleport build for Arena. For that, your builds are good. I specifically mentioned Tempest Trials (and potentially chain challenges, but since those are fixed there are probably better options) because it's a place where keeping Anna at low health is not unreasonable. You can switch around different builds for different purposes. I hope if/when Noatun gets its upgrade it gets the Sol Katti treatment and she gets Escape Route 4 and maybe Desperation 3 on top of it.
  5. Anna, Commander

    Teleporting allows her to hold back when needed and jump in for a kill. It also makes it easier to use Reposition, since she can theoretically move any ally in any direction no matter where she is. With Fury, getting below the required HP threshold isn't an issue. If you have a WoM dancer then you just have units moving everywhere around the field. And don't forget that if she's warping next to an S rank partner she's getting the full boost. Atk +3 or Spd +3 are certainly also good options. I'm just saying the ability to guarantee a double is nice, especially since those faster units tend to be defensively weaker, so the two attacks are more likely to kill. With a special ready, she can occasionally even use this to jump in and kill swords. I'm not pulling this out of theory alone, I've used the build to great effect myself. Wrath is better, but also locked to a 5* pull. It's a good idea to take budget options into account. Weapon Refinery definitely gives more viable options, but a teleporting build still shouldn't be discounted.
  6. Best to avoid Twitter comments, there will always be someone complaining. If Ike and Roy get in, they'll complain about Hector. With Hector in, Ephraim next, then Alm, etc. I'm just happy the game has been successful regardless.
  7. Anna, Commander

    Seriously, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who ever thought of this. There are two units who can combine Escape Route and Desperation, Anna and Lyn, and it's a good combo for tempest trials. Now we can even throw Brash Assault on top of it. I really hate when people call Noatun a "gimmick."
  8. This is just stupid.

    I was making a joke about it not being Corrin because I thought the image was implying it was a male Corrin (whom I despise), but I'll take that instead.
  9. This is just stupid.

    Why is she apologizing to Takumi?
  10. Celica uses outlaw materials. I don't know who off hand, but I know a few characters use knight materials, though you won't need many.
  11. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    Does this count as a project? The team pictured is the team I used to beat all the later chain challenges with.
  12. That's the most dedicated way I've ever seen to explain how someone pronounces a name, but I too have always said "Thar-ya." I have also always pronounced Rhajat's name that way. Why would this be indicative of how Tharja's name is supposed to be pronounced? Are you going to try to pronounce each letter the same way in both names? Good luck with the H. These names came easy to me, but at least one of them always seems to be difficult for others. I'm so sick of hearing "Thar-JA."
  13. Tiki, Naga's Voice

    I've gotten myself a 40+6 5* adult Tiki (+Def, -Spd) and she's basically my most reliable unit. She doesn't even have any 5* exclusive skills on her that she couldn't naturally learn. She's pretty great. I agree with +Def over +Atk, especially now that we can refine Lightning Breath+ to hit the lower of Def/Res on ranged enemies, further mitigating the need for more attack power. My Tiki is using TA, but I have Fortress Defense (I liked being able to see 50 Def on her) learned and might try it out sometime. It will help against swords and possibly let her tank non-TA/Sapphire Lances, but makes going up against green tomes (especially Julia and Deirdre) more dangerous. Also, Swap needs more love. Reposition is great, but I tend to prefer Swap on tanky units.
  14. Perhaps Mantle just triples the power. Like a critical hit.