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  1. Roy - 'With all my heart' - I think you said it best. Makes me think of a shounen type lead - friendship, love, etc. Lilina - 'I'm not all sweet' - I like the contrast with her father.
  2. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    And that's my final vote for Ike done and dusted. I've been wondering who I would have picked if we'd got to go for any unit we wanted at 5*. It'd either be Kimono Azura or Summer Corrin, I think. Maybe Gray, because he never pulls for me and he has sword valour...
  3. Next Grand hero Battle: Xander

    Why is it that the stupidest things cause the biggest problems? The healer and the stupid knock back on the lancer caused me the most problems this time. After several attempts, though, I finally completed the infantry quest for Xander. My team was PA Azura, Klein, Shiro and Arvis... although I now realise that all Arvis was used for was for his repositioning skill. I don't remember exactly what I did, but I'll give a vague rundown of what I can recall. Klein took out the sword user (he had to have swordbreaker, Atk+3 seal and PA!Azura's Hone Attack +2 seal to do so). He then was danced and took out the green mage. Azura was repositioned away by Arvis. The horse green mage tries to murder Klein, who tanks it, while Xander and the lance user move in and the healer swoops over to heal the green cav. Next turn, Klein murders the green cav. This bit was easy, but then it became tricky, since Klein then has to be danced to murder the healer, other wise the healer murders him. This, however, puts Azura in the way of Xander. Originally, it was fine, since I thought I could block the way with the lance user for one turn and then kill, but stupid knock back left a gap for Xander to kill Azura. However, during one playthrough, I'd moved Arvis up so he was then close enough to stand next to Azura. Klein kills the healer with Azura's dance and Arvis stands next to Azura to stop her being knocked back. If the lance user wasn't AI driven, he'd then attack Shiro and knock him back so Xander could get to Azura. Thankfully, he is fully AI driven. The lance user attacks Azura and gets killed by her next turn. Shiro stands next to Xander, who then suicides against him over a turn or two. So proud of myself for managing that. I know they're not exactly the worst units, but I've never really attempted Infernal by myself without guides before. I'm still dubious about armour and flier emblem quests, since I feel they are still too hard... but there's a year and I know there are budget guides slowly cropping up on YouTube.
  4. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    I think the thinking goes that most people wouldn't be unhappy with Distant Counter fodder, and that he's still not really the easiest to get since he's 5* exclusive. I think if Hector Tudor had been out when this started, people would have picked him instead.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    So I had both Azura and Kagero at 5* so I decided to go for M!Corrin since I only have him at 4* for my free pull. Got three red orbs so decided to pull all. First: 4* Swap Fodder (Stahl). Second: My third freaking Young Freaking Tiki!!! (I don't particularly like her... I dislike her voice the more I use her - especially the map quote where she falls asleep and then wakes up). I suppose yay 5*... but still >.< She'll just be merged in. Third: 4* TA + Repo fodder (Selena). I'm actually happier about the fodder than the 5* but oh well. I hope Young Tiki bogs off, now. There are plenty of red units I still need at 5* and she is not one I even use overly, despite the fact that I believe she'll now become my highest 5* merge...
  6. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    Eliwood. For some reason, I thought BunBun had done him as well as Roy and Lilina >.< Whoops! I suppose that's two artists I don't like the normal art for, then!
  7. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    I just really don't want Winter Tharja to win. I don't want a story chapter based around her, or for the impression to be given that that is what people want when they think of Fire Emblem (even if CYL and various gauntlets have probably already done that... Since it feels like it is more often than not these days). I also really don't like her art. Not just her clothing, but her face is just... off to me. I didn't even recognise it as Tharja when I first saw it, and even now it looks about as much like her to me as Lloyd does... I'd rather have any of the other three win, even if I already have Hector and Azura. I'm continuing to vote for Ike since I don't actually have him in this iteration and another legendary would be nice. Plus I did like him in PoR, even if this is his RD version, which really put me off him. I wish we knew how far everything was along from here. Part of me fears that a lot of people have switched their votes over now the finalists have come out... Oh well. I'm debating if she does win if I can bear to use her, or if I will fodder her off to someone. I really don't want her in my catalogue, though. Her face just looks so weird >.<. I prefer her as a shadow...
  8. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    I would totally watch this xD How do people even make these connections? I'm there just thinking ooooh at Hector Tudor and other people are there thinking... totally Dreamworks xD
  9. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    Got the 5* Eliwood now. I really don't like how this artist draws the normal art on any of the characters they've drawn. I really like their moving art on most characters - attacking and damaged, but not the normal art. Oh well, the attacking and damaged are are really nice :D Zelgius is slowly gaining SP. He now has all of his skills except for Panic Ploy (going for Ward Armour first), and I've given him Swap. He's almost ready to replace BK :) He also has an A Rank summoner support. Once he gets S, I'll switch over to cavalry emblem, since I think there's no other pretty armours (apart from normal Hector) who need an S support from the summoner, and I don't want two green physical armours on the team at once. Besides, lots of horses still to get S support with me :)
  10. Four-Fanged Grand Hero Battle: Lloyd

    Woooooo, I managed to do armour emblem on this one :D I can't remember who I did it with, though. I tried a few different teams. I think The Christmas Robin, Hector, Count Henry and BK might have been involved... Or Frankenjakob might have replaced Count Henry. I think I used Hector over Hector Tudor... Too much TT has numbed my brain >.<
  11. I love Thracia and its characters, although I really hope Marty doesn't get in as a joke character (seriously, enough with the memes already >.< ). Leif, Finn and Nanna would be first and foremost. I'd also love to see Eyvel over Bridget... but then I guess I'd rather see Bridget's weapon (bow > sword in this sword infantry oversaturated game) so eh... Fred for Olwen, for sure. Glade and Selfina because I imagine they'd be another sweet couple like Mathilda and Clive, and I am a sucker for that :D I'd also love to see the silent trio of Kein, Alba and Roberto, just so they get given a voice. Sleuf for a good looking male healer. Rifis because he's one of my favourite Thracia characters (I mean, who else can pull off odd weird trousers?). Shiva because... um... have you seen his oa? ...Probably the same for Homer, but I would murder to make him a male refresher. And also Carrion because I like him in the story :D And Salem just 'cos... Plus Dean and Linoan... because cute couple again :D (Basically, just give me almost any of them that aren't just meme characters and I will probably be happy!).
  12. Xander Appreciation Thread

    I really enjoyed Xander - he looks the best of all the royals to me (though Leo won me over with his personality). I will say I much prefer him from the supports, where he's capable of being his own person, than from the story when some of his actions seem very odd.
  13. Funny you mention Robin... he's pretty much my most used mage. He's my Lyn (and other non-CA bow users) killer in AA, so he's set up for that with bowbreaker. However, I have also given him a daggerbreaker set, too, which I've found useful in a fair few squad assaults and ghbs. Both Camus and Xander also have Fury that is often swapped out for TTs. Reinhardt also switches between Moonbow with QP and Luna with Atk+3 seals depending upon need. I've also started giving my Armour Marchers different C skills for when I want all my armours to be close together. So far, it's not working out great, but I'm still getting used to armours :)
  14. Weirdest Unit You've invested in

    Depends what you mean by invested in... Due to my goal of basically having a 5* of every unit I own, I've promoted a lot of different units that many normally wouldn't. Of those, I've built Henry, Not Quite Naked Frederick, Naked Gaius and Gaius to be Lyn killers, given Alfonse a brave sword that he doesn't tend to use any more, given various units breakers against their opposite colour weapon (Subaki, Gunter, Berkut, Clive, Tobin, Laslow, Bunny Chrom... many more)... I don't really promote units just for their weapons at the moment, though, due to it interfering with my goal, so I've not done any major investment. I also don't bother with merges outside of pulling 5* dupes that have no skills I wish for.
  15. Grand Hero Battle: Navarre

    Thanks :) I'll give it another shot. I think I took Armour March off Count Henry to try with some kind of buffing action... Ward or something. I might swap back then and see. I'll continue SP'ing up the other two in the TT, as well :)