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  1. Yup, that's something I like about daggers :) I keep thinking it'd be nice if they gave them the ability to choose the lower out of def/res like dragons... but then I remember how much I dislike Legault and Sothe as my enemies already (and even the bulky thieves like Gaius and Matthew if in the right hands). I just can't seem to utilise them well myself >.<
  2. It could be interesting to see. We have a staff and a tome, why not a dagger? I suppose it wouldn't be as good as the staff, though, which can do multiple people at once.
  3. You had me worried then, because I used to do them last minute... then I remembered I was desperately mining orbs and it was horse week so I must've got it in early xD Tbh, the dew is the only other reward that's really amazing. The feathers aren't much and unless you don't use the Training Tower, the badges are meh. The orb is the best prize, for me, still.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Really struggling. I've even seen a few sessions with three greens but I've only had one session with three colourless. Even two colourless is rare. It's almost 50:50 between 1 and 0... This is the true colourless hell for me! I shall wish you luck with your Xander. Hopefully we'll both find him in the end ^.^
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Why the heck has colourless become the new green? I managed to scrounge the orbs up for a few pulls today. Got one session with one colourless, and two sessions with none! What the heck? >.< Got a Leon, a Merric and a Fir... None of whom I need or particularly want right now -.- Forgot to check if my rate has gone up to 4.75. I'm almost done with Tempest orbs, too >.<
  6. Official Pull Topic

    This game... What the heck? I got another freebie 5* summon - Karla this time! Still 4.5 on Xander's banner... But, even more than that, I now have at least one copy of every single FE7 character in the game except Legault. I'm missing a few alts here and there, but I have at least one of each character... Adding to that, both the units he came in with (Flying Nino and Karla), I have now received as freebie pulls. I just... Is this luck? I can't even pull the 4* I want out of the banner xD Oh well. Yay for freebie 5*s and I'll keep hoping Xander comes home soon ^.^
  7. Thanks :) I might do my usual then and just see how I rank, and then try again with getting more kills.
  8. I really hate Future Lucina and her stupid Future Sight, myself. She's ruined a few actual arena runs. How many points do we get for getting a kill on a bonus unit? I've died so many times having to try horrible tactics to feed kills to my bonus unit and I would rather play as I normally do... but also really don't want to drop a tier from 18 to 17 >.<
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Urgh, the several 5* freebie pulls in a row have come back to haunt me in a big way. 4.5% trying to get Xander now - and still not even a Legault to make up for it -.- Funnily enough, my friend went and pulled both Legault and Xander one after another as a I watched -.- Even more - he's pulling all colours for now since he's still pretty new to this, but his main want is Ryoma xD We keep staring jealously at each other's dancers (although I do adore my Ryoma... I just want Xander to join him!)
  10. Faye and Sumia pitybroke me when I was going for Xander and Ryoma. I thankfully finally got Ryoma, but still yet to get Xander. Odd Faye pitybroke us both (although she was a new character for me).
  11. New Voting Gauntlet!

    Tharja's the worst one for me since she's won far too many times and for topics that don't even suit (winning the love one really peeved me, even when I normally don't care about the winners). Ike, Lucina, Camilla... yeah, I think they should take a rest from some of the more overused people for a while. Heck, even Takumi and Leo, although at least they've never won so they're not too bad...
  12. New Voting Gauntlet!

    This was my thought, although I sort of hope they go for something a bit less mundane. I like their odd themes more, like long hair vs short hair, etc xD
  13. Al - 'Spring, the season of rebirth!' - I really like the intensity with which he says this line. Not sure why, but it makes me laugh. I do enjoy his other quotes, too. I think he has a good voice actor :) Sharena - My gosh, she's just too adorably happy in all of her quotes. I went with 'I'm hopping your way' due to her obsession with hopping... but they're all so fun and happy :D Kagero - ' Ninjabbit Attack!' - This line is just ridiculous. Love it!
  14. Official Pull Topic

    @Vaximillian Congrats :D Fingers crossed Grima comes along for you, too ^.^ @mcsilas My luck has been odd... I had 180 orbs (200 when I bought the promo pack) and I used them all. I got three 5*s out of it... Faye... Sumia... and Dancing Ryoma :) The first two are 5*s I don't have, although I really don't like Faye and don't care much for Sumia (who should have been demoted, honestly) but can't complain at two new 5*s. Was very happy to see Ryoma :) Hopefully he'll inspire Xander to join him ^.^ @Zeo I got about ten Matthews today... Can you tell him to drag Legault along next time? I'm still looking for him!
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Thanks :) Fingers crossed! I also got luck on the last legendary banner, since I got Helpful Chrom pretty quickly and he is the only one I wanted from there lol. Must be leading up to something... Oh well, will give it a shot :D