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  1. @Interdimensional Observer Abel ends up wandering forever in search of Est at the end of NMotE. If they fear it might be too dour, they can just take the Wolf from SD, like they took Abel from the middle of NMotE by the sounds of it (he mentions having a shop with Est and there's nothing about them leaving). That being said, they don't seem in a hurry to include any more Archanea any time soon. Heck, they added its primary bad guy without a banner -.-
  2. Not sure if he still does voice acting, but Kirby Morrow was always one of my favourites - playing both Cyclops in Xmen Evolution and Miroku from InuYasha. His voice could work for either Kent or Sain, but there's probably many more he could voice.
  3. I'd say Wolf and Sedgar are more noticeable than many of those options. They're two of the more interesting characters in SD / NMotE, especially Wolf. I think he's not overly unpopular, as well. Not to mention their growths made them really good units when class changed. I'd say they have a chance to get in... only a tiny chance because they're male, though. Plus they seem to hate adding in any kind of canon bow cav...
  4. Official Pull Topic

    @Landmaster Thanks :D I shall have to consider her for fodder then :) And, for the final stroke of luck, my second summoning ticket from Forging Bonds got me a Nailah. The other two got me a Klein and a Kaze as I decided to switch to trying for Legault/Leanne. My luck for the year is gone. If the seasonals are good, I'm screwed. Legendary Hrid will never be mine. Happy with this haul for sure, though :D
  5. Yeah, it's the two back to back that grates on me. Hopefully they have an interesting theme, at least... and maybe ease up on the seasonal guy hate, but I don't have much hope there...
  6. Official Pull Topic

    @Usana Thanks :D Definitely can't complain. Hope your luck vastly improves! I think the game makes up for my normally abysmal legendary and seasonal banner luck on the other banners (although the NY banner wasn't bad for me either, if we ignore the awful ivs). Got a summon ticket and decided to make a rule on this banner to pull on any blues with the summon ticket... Pulled on them and got a Sumia. What is with the weirdly high off-focus banner pulls this time round? xD I'd've preferred Nailah and already have Sumia, but at least her lance should be useful for someone :)
  7. Who were some of your first benched units?

    Probably Florina, since FE7 was my first. She was made of tissue and I didn't like that. I never really missed her, either, but I also never really played on hard mode. I did replay and use her other times, but only for support. I prefer her sisters, honestly. I used Wil until the end, though. I just adore his character. Lyndis' Legion remains my favourite group :D
  8. Really unhappy when I saw the Event Calendar. Does this mean again we're waiting over a month for more story? Also, seasonals will mean most likely a minimal amount of guys being added. Probably no new characters at all. They raised my hopes with the RD banner but I see they're already continuing with the alt fest of last year. *Sigh*
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Had such a weird summoning session. 200 orbs was my stash and I wanted Tibarn and Reyson. Free pull - 4* Hawkeye. Next pull... Original Lyn! Pull after... Sonya! Two characters I already have and I'm pretty sure don't make for amazing fodder (could be wrong about Sonya). Bleh. I know I shouldn't complain about 5*s but... I really have no need for these two. However, not long after, dear Tibsy showed up! And then I got no greens for a bit so pulled blue. A green finally showed and out popped a Reyson! All in all, 170 orbs for 4 5*'s, two of whom I actually really wanted. I am very pleased :D
  10. It would be amusing. I know there are some in the Japanese version but I still see no need for it. So many names to choose from - even the slightest difference can help. Of course, I say this from the pov of a fanart hunter who hates having to wade through the wrong fanart when looking for characters xD
  11. Ah yes. I went back and reread it when I was a bit more awake and realised I'd missed that bit >.< Thanks ^.^ In that case... I'd still expect beast, but I'm not as certain.
  12. I think Machyua was the name my translation had, but it was a very odd one. Cain's name annoyed me since they chose to call him Cain again when they could easily have called him Kain to avoid the confusion, or just had a new name. We don't need shared names - the Selena thing is bad enough! Ah right. That's the one that confused me. At least he can keep being Fred :)
  13. Naesala's art is amazing. Definitely using the heck out of him :D I need a new blue male flier, to be fair. Shigure and Subaki have nearly maxed and I don't particularly like Valter, so he will fill in a slot even on my normal flier team :D On the topic of Thracia - I still wish they brought Fred (not using w/e his updated name is right now because I can't recall it) in during the last Thracia banner. He could easily be a TT unit. I know he's not popular, but I adore him and Olwen together >.< Those are the sort of units I want them to use TT for - not amazingly popular but maybe with some connection to a banner unit or existing unit v.v
  14. I read this pretty early today, so might be misremembering, but doesn't it say that manaketes will be treated as beorc for the purposes of the transformation mechanics in the blurb thing? That makes me think dragon laguz and probably the other beast units will be treated separately to manaketes.
  15. Changes you would make to existing gamemodes?

    VG - I don't know how to improve it. The Same Hell we had recently was dull as heck, and it's always boring when the same people win. I'd probably change the name and just keep it as is. FB - Remove the summoner from the equation and have the conversations be interactions between the characters. That would be so much more interesting. The latest ones have just been painful. I hate summoner worship >.< TB - Eh, I'd leave as is. It does no real harm and can be fun. I'd change the associated quests, though. They'd start when it starts and wouldn't involve beating the same two bosses again. I'd also make it so you can beat the ones that ask for normal on hard, since normal bores me to tears even on the highest speed setting. GC - I hate this mode. Not sure how to change it. It's just not fun. RD - More fun than GC but not by much. Also not sure how to change this. AR - Again, just not sure. This mode isn't fun, and the fact that it has time limited quests that need you to win make it even worse. I'm still sad this wasn't a fun town/castle building thing, instead. TT - No complaints Arena - No complaints AA - I agree with swapping items. I can only use three items, so I've picked my three favourites and have maxed out on all the others. I want to be able to swap. I'd also like to be able to replay it and get SP and HM the second time round. I hate only playing it one time a day but it also annoys me not to feel like I'm getting anything out of it except the potential of maybe getting the three items I use. SA - I just want more of these. I really enjoy Squad Assault but we don't get them frequently enough. I'd love to see more variety in the prizes, too. The seal is just kinda boring now.