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  1. I thought it might be that. WoM on unexpected units when I forget to check unit skills (happens more often than I would like >.<) has murdered me several times. Other unexpected skills (Vantage on Lucina... whhhhhy?!) have surprised me other times >.< I can never think of unexpected skill builds, so tend to go with the boring usuals lol
  2. Awww, the panel with Sharena patting Feh is just adorable :D
  3. Ah, I see :) I was just wondering since I wouldn't mind changing mine around a bit. I might keep that set up in mind, particularly the WoM (Cain loves me at the moment :D )
  4. I have two other mobile games I'm really into at the moment - Valkyrie Connect and King's Raid. Once I'm done on them, I've mostly been reading through the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Highly enjoy them - long running series with strong male and female characters, which I find rare for paranormal romance (normally I find the guys written creepy and possessive, and the women are 'strong' where they just rely on the men and are praised for their 'strength', which isn't shown). I also write if I'm not reading, or surf YT. I should do housework, but I'm currently hoping the cats will take the hint and do it themselves for once...
  5. I'm curious. Do you mind if I ask how your Alfonse is set up?
  6. It's the little things :D I still feel sad I can't use Oscar and Kieran together - or Saizo and Kaze if you count them (I kinda don't since in my head, the xmas knights are cavaliers but I know others do and I still want to use the brothers together). I'm waiting for a good Abel or to pull him at 5* so I can use Cain and Abel together, too :D Rody and Luke get used together at times, but I need to use them more ^.^ Oscar, Stahl and Abel are all so refreshingly nice when you listen to their quotes. You just want to wrap them all in cotton wool :D Rody isn't bad, either, just a bit more concerned with being a knight, whereas those three seem a bit more concerned about others. My only other concern now is that they introduce the other knights without their companion. They've done it once (or twice, again if you count Saizo... or thrice if you count Lukas / Forsyth, which again, I don't since Forsyth and Python seem more the boon companions out of them). Now waiting for the weekend to train them up. I have Tailtiu as one other member so just deciding on a green to train up. Running out of those, though.
  7. Just promoted Sully and Stahl together :D I hope they introduce more Christmas Knights soon. Still my favourite archetype and I want them all :D
  8. Tempest Trials: Less than Heroic!

    And the 8k method is back once more :) I have Joshua and I absolutely love his voice and his lines :D Can't wait to reach his 5* version ^.^
  9. I love all of Ephraim's lines. It was a toss up between 'Wonderful' and 'All right, let's fight', but the latter won it. His voice is just so perfect in both. Absolutely adore it :D You know he will own the battlefield with lines like that :D Eirika - 'If this is was, so be it'. Somewhat resigned but very determined. Shows her character through and through. She doesn't have the love of battle like her brother, but she will fight for what she believes in. Seth - Again, I love all of his lines. I love his voice actor - for both him and Reinhardt. I went with 'I answer destiny's call' because oh my gosh, that drawl <3 Love it :D I love his others, too. Just shows him through and through - he's a knight first and foremost and he expects the best from those who fight with him and against him ^.^
  10. But I'm so comfortable here ^.^ My team for this go round is Alfonse, Camus, Reinhardt, Inigo. Haven't calculated BST 'cos my brain is not working right now, but I'll be interested to. Especially since I've been considering changing to Subaki, Xander, Reinhardt, Inigo and have been wondering if it'll make much of a difference.
  11. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    Yup, before it moved up to 99. And they started out giving us a GHB of a new unit every fortnight and have slowly reduced it ever since. The Tempest Trials have reliably given us the opportunity for one new free 5* unit a month since they began, though. Banners were nearly always of four units (occasionally six either whole or split into two) until the second PoR banner... the one that really could have happily had a Kieran or a Geoffrey to fill the void -.- Nephenee could have been a TT reward and the BK a GHB.
  12. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    But less units on a banner means they're even less likely to drop them to 4*, so it doesn't really save anything. They've drastically reduced the amount of free units - they've cut back on the GHBs that used to happen every fortnight. Only the TT seems to give one guaranteed hero currently once a month - we can't even be sure we'll get a new GHB once a month any more.
  13. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    But you got the fourth (or fifth/sixth/seventh as it used to be) one for free anyway, back in the days when we had regular GHBs and TT. It just feels like an excuse to add less people. I understand three person banners are better for pulling, but they feel less exciting imo. I'd rather have the characters introduced, personally. I've a lot of characters I really like that currently feel like they have no chance of being added any time soon. Even the semi-important ones like Geoffrey and Kent, seeing as I had always figured Geoffrey would be added with Elincia (still sore over that banner - Oscar without Kieran, Elincia without Geoffrey and Lucia... whhhhhy?!)
  14. Hmmm... how odd. My only other thought was because I used * and ' at various places in my response that maybe I unwittingly put in something I shouldn't have, but I know nothing about that sort of thing ^.^'' I did have a my normal quick reasoning about why I chose each of the poll options I did, but it felt too much effort to type it back out again, and I wasn't sure it would happen again so this poll, my reasons will be more mysterious. Oooooooooooh :D