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  1. We might get something with Tap Battle, maybe? They sometimes have accessories that link into the seasonal. I hope it's not an object on the head accessory, though. I don't really like those -.-
  2. Which seasonal themes are your favourites?

    Honestly, if we're going to have seasonals, I'd love some variety. I voted for Performing Arts, as that has been a bit more varied if you count the festival one. I don't want Christmas to always mean people in Santa Suits, or Easter to bring out the bunny ears. It's getting boring as heck -.-
  3. UK new Censorship law

    Sex is a bigger deal than violence for some reason, and that always confuses me - not that I want violence to be overly censored either. That being said, it's been pushed back several times now, as it was meant to go ahead at the beginning of this month and has failed once more. I hope it just dies out. I don't like or agree with it at all. I think it's a ridiculous dictatorship, and if any teens really want to access those sites, they will probably find a way around it easier than many adults. It also feels like you're being shamed for watching something like that, and I really don't like that.
  4. I definitely prefer this banner to the hot springs one but would have much rather had new heroes and more story instead of alts. On the plus side: everyone except Leo hasn't already had an alt, plus we finally get a male green cav which is something I've desperately wanted (male flying mage and male flying and armour healers next please!). The art is lovely, too, which is why I'll try for Lukas despite really not needing him. Plus a 2:3 ratio, which I wouldn't mind so much with seasonals if they did it this way, especially over stupid 1:4. Negatives: Oh yay. More armours - including lance and axe -.- Plus Felicia does the knock knee stance thing and Genny sits side saddle, both of which really bug me. I'll go for Lukas. Won't mind getting Flora (so long as I get Lukas). Really don't want the other two.
  5. I have to say I'm loving the armoury but I do wish we could select the weapon. I'm trying to see all the random ace wielders with Sinmara because it makes me laugh, but it's hiding from me a lot. And agreed with being able to visit friends and get more slots, plus being able to pick Kiran. She needs to be able to chill with her harem! xD
  6. Large Addition of 4* rarity characters

    What I don't understand is that other gachas do do this. I mean, Dragalia Lost introduces characters at 3* and 4* in each new banner, which is one thing I really like about it, although I get it introduces less new characters than FEH does. Uta no Prince Sama does the same - periodically updating its summoning pool. I don't understand why FE can't do the same. It doesn't even have to be a huge injection of characters - just one 3* and one 4* of a less popular character in each banner. Summoning is so stale right now - so few new skills, etc, in the common pool. I used to be happier pulling for characters that I didn't want so much when I knew there was a chance I could get a new character. People keep saying just lower expectations of getting all characters into the game - I don't have those expectations... I reckon they'll barely scrape half any more what with all the new seasonal banners. It is a nice thought, though. Kaze showed they can do it - and he is (or was) a popular character.
  7. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    I'm not using the majority. I'm telling you how people are feeling in this thread and just showing that I'm not alone in my thoughts, since people have turned things against me before by basically saying 'only you' (heck, someone once accused me of sexism for being worried about the brides banner being only female and what that meant for male characters in the game for the future). I don't know if we're the majority or not in the game as a whole. I told you the reasons for how I'm feeling about seasonals and I also told you why I don't wish to drop the game - namely the characters I've built and the banners like the last one that introduce new faces, plus the story is finally starting to intrigue me again. I don't see how you missed those and just focussed on that one thing... I understand how you feel on the other side, if you like them, or if you gave up entirely and dropped the game. It's just not how I'm feeling.
  8. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    Pretty much as Ice Dragon says. I don't dislike the game. The latest banner and the story, I'm quite enjoying. I'm just not liking how they're cramming it with things, like seasonals, that feel like they detract from the overall game for reasons I mentioned before (further lack of demotes, further limiting of skills, continuing the 4:1 ratio of women:men, lack of progression on story chapters, characters won't pop up as bonuses in arena and ar past the first time they show up, reducing the amount of new characters in the game, less chapters = less orbs). Not all of these points apply to everyone, but these make me dislike these banners and want to see less of them, personally, as do a fair few people on this site currently judging by these comments. It's not really easy to tell if they'll be detrimental in the long run because we can't see what goes on in the background but it does make me unhappy about the state of the game at times.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    I'm starting to think Tellius has an odd way of showing it loves me. I had about 180 orbs, plus the free summon and some summoning tickets. I only really cared about getting Ranulf so was sniping only green, but I didn't mind getting the other three if they showed up along the way. I got Mordecai before any greens showed up. Then I got Myrrh and Sue, who both decided they were more important than the cute kitty :( I mean, I did want Myrrh, so that's good, but I wanted my kitty. After this, Mikoto came along as again no greens made themselves known. I don't dislike her, so fine, but I'd much prefer a kitty. I pulled for a little while and ran out of orbs. Got a few more from the story. Told myself one more 5* and I was quitting on the banner. Caineghis came literally straight after that -.- So 5 5*s in 200 or so orbs, 4 tickets and one freebie pull. None of these were characters I had. Sad I didn't get my kitty but not complaining overall. I won't hold my breath for demotions, but I will go for Ranulf if he appears on a 3 charrie non colour shared banner in the future. @Venmi - I feel you in lack of Ranulfs! Hope you finally get him if you continue summoning :)
  10. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    That's your prerogative. I love Fire Emblem and I desperately want to love this game as much as I did back when it first started, plus I like the units I have invested in. However, things like this are disappointing to me and to a lot of others. How many others, I don't know, but being called brattish by someone for wanting the game to be the best it can (even if I can only say it from how I feel it would be better) is ridiculous. I could say the same to you. If you don't want to see people complaining about a game, don't come onto the public forum, especially during a time when less popular updates are being announced. It's a place for people to express their dismay as well as their joy with a game. Your view isn't superior to mine just because it's positive towards the game.
  11. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    The problem with seasonals is that a) we don't progress the actual story of the game, b) it is less orbs since we get less chapters in a paralogue, d) guaranteed no demotions and the skills introduced will be limited and c) there are still so many characters waiting to get into the game. Let's not forget that once again it'll likely be 4:1 females : males (I mean we've just had a banner the other way round so better have ten more with more females than males to make up for it, right?), and possible people who already have an alt or several already. I don't think they even add that much to the character or the culture, personally. We have some characters saying they either like being in a hot spring or are ashamed of wearing a towel. Lyn in a wedding dress saying she wishes she had a sword adds little to her character. We've got like six Camillas now, who already had plenty of characterisation from both Fates and Warriors. Don't get me wrong, they are fun at times, and some have actually added somewhat, but personally I'd rather see new characters actually given a life and character, and I'd rather receive more actual story to Book 3, especially at the cliffhanger they left it at. An update a month is awful when you're trying to get invested in something. So I'm not going to say thank you for this at all. I'm a playing customer who has paid a lot of time and money into the game in the past until these things started. If you like it, that's fine, but at the same time, it's neither brattish nor ungrateful to not like the direction a game that you care about is going in.
  12. Forging Bonds: A Trust Earned (April 10th)

    PoR and RD weren't my favourites of the series, but their Forging Bonds and Tempest Trial story sections seem to have given me the most warm fuzzies so far. I've not had all of this one (I've only had the first convos) but I really enjoyed them. Seeing Lethe and Ranulf banter was really fun. It's so much better now the characters properly interact even in single charrie conversations, and they don't just have someone standing there telling you how great you are.
  13. Given that they've mostly removed men from seasonal banners apart from the Valentine's, I'm not hopeful to see any grooms. But we did get one last year. I'd love to see grooms of: Kent, Reinhardt, Sigurd, Quan or Jeorge. With Sigurd and Quan, they have their brides with them, too :) Kent, Reinhardt and Jeorge don't get brides. They just get to look good :D ...I mean Farina is my preferred pairing for Kent but I really can't see her as a bride on the banner. I guess it'd be someone different, at least :) Fiora could look good in a bride dress.
  14. I figured they'd do what Excel does - AA, AB, AC xD It would be nice if they varied them, though -.-
  15. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    I'm meh on most of the characters in the banner since my favourite laguz remaining are Volug, Rafiel and Nasir, but I really like the fact we have a 4:1 ratio and the less popular Mordecai got in. Plus Conrad moves up the list for farfetched heroes :D Only really bothered about Ranulf and Haar on this one but I hope we get more like this in the future. I'll stop complaining about the ratio on seasonal banners if we do, since they'd actually be there to make up female numbers (since Fe has more male charries overall). FEH keeps playing with my emotions. Releases the rather disastrous channel and then puts out a banner like this...