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  1. Is the Black Knight's armour blushing? XD For me, it's the maps themselves. Xander took Hector down easily enough, and Reinhardt has no trouble with BK, but actually getting to them gets more and more tedious with every TT. These maps feel like the worst yet - no one moves, most of the points overlap with each other, and the units often seem designed to take down my precious. Ike has become my main bait... Really should give him Renewal or something xD With the five maps, whilst those problems still exist, they go a lot quicker. Plus it's fun to use different units every now and then, especially since Xander, Rein and all three of my dancers are fully maxed HM.
  2. Decided to stick to my last tactic of getting 8k points and then stopping so as not to wear myself out. This time, I run a perfect run on Lunatic 7 with Reinhardt, Ike, Xander, Azura two times for the maximum points. After that, I switch to CYL!Lyn, Frederick, Oscar, CYL!Roy and run Lunatic 5. I have to do it more times, but it feels like so much less of a drag than the 7 maps.
  3. My Oscar has the same bane and he doesn't seem to be doing too badly with it :) Granted, he has a support with Roy and he's running on a horse team in the Lunatic 5 map series, but he hasn't died at all yet, and he finishes off the Black Knight :D I haven't tried him in the 7 because I'm only touching the 7 with my best team twice a day for extra points ^.^ On topic, only pulled the freebies on the banners recently. Nothing of note: Bartre 4* - Really wanted him to be Barst. Desperately in need of Reposition fodder. Not sure if he's good for much, since I have plenty of Hinata around, but oh well. Not sure of boons/banes yet. Gordin 3* - Atk +3 fodder. I already have the best Gordin available trained up (not 5* yet), so he'll be fodderised at some point. Gunter 3* - I wish he was 4* :( Otherwise, yay cavalry fodder :D
  4. I will be very disappointed if Sigurd isn't on the FE4 banner, although I see no reason for him not to be. I don't really like Deidre very much, but I bet she'll be on there, too. The other two... Part of me says Quan and Ethlyn, but I could see Lewyn there. Maybe Ira, since she tends to be quite popular (I think?). Lex would be great, since we need more greens... or even Midir, but I might just be incredibly hopeful there. I don't want Lyn to be my only option for bow knight I'd very much love there to be a Gen 2, as well. Ares is my favourite FE4 character, so I really want him to be there. Shanan's pretty cool, too. Plus we could have Leen/Lynne for an additional dancer (though I really want them to add a male dancer soon... hopefully Elffin will come with an FE6 banner). Not sure on the fourth. Can go Oifey as others have said. I don't imagine a gen 2 would happen in October, though. I'd be very surprised if they pass up an opportunity for a Halloween banner.
  5. The first one was fine. The bonus units were Robin (available at 3-4*, occasionally on banners at 5*), Nowi (available at 4-5*), Tharja (available at 4-5*) and Lucina (the only exclusive) and, I think, two of the bonus units were free (Lissa and Masked Lucina.. can't remember who the other two were). Second one had Alm, Boey, Mae and Faye, so two 5* exclusives and two 4-5*. Funnily enough, I only had Alm, but even if I hadn't, it wouldn't have felt so bad, since there would be a good chance I could pull Boey or Mae if I tried. That felt fine. One 5* exclusive - heck, even two, feels fine to me, but the other two should be 4-5* and the majority shouldn't be from the latest banner >.< I know it's to encourage pulling, but it feels pretty mean spirited. I mean, I only pulled 'cos I liked Oscar, and I only got Ike because he wanted to come to me before Seth for some reason. On the one before this, I had had really cruddy look on the Echoes banner and only pulled Saber, who I was happy with, but wasn't on the list. The rest were 5* exclusives - all from the same banner, except Celica, and it just felt like it was rubbing my face in it -.-
  6. I really, really, really hate the fact that because my Lyn is -Spd, none of these CYL!Lyn strategies work for me -.- It also turns out that -res Stahl and Selena sucked for this, too. In the end, I had to wrangle it myself, which took a lot of stressing. not enjoyable to me. In the end, I used CYL!Ike, Xander, Camus and Priscilla. It took a lot of trial and error and I still can't fully understand why things happened the way they did. It was funny at the end, though, since I had reduced it down to just Ninian and she was chasing my Xander around the field while I healed up the rest XD I was just picturing him scarpering from her the entire time xD I would tell people my strat, but honestly, I couldn't replicate it if I wanted to. Camus started off the choke point - he had Grani's Shield and hone support from Xander. Xander took out the green mage - with QR and a slight res boost from Priscilla, and Ike took out the lancer and Hawkeye before making way for Camus to take out the swordie. Priscilla desperately healed throughout. All done now. BHBs just don't feel as satisfying as GHBs to me, though -.- I wish they did make them where it was different units from different games. I want to see more cross game interaction in this, otherwise what's the point? I think it's why I quite liked the Easter Festival story. Lucina and Xander nattering with each other about eggs was quite cute :)
  7. B-B-But Forde x Vanessa, Kyle x Syrene. It works!!! v.v (Eirika x Seth for life... with a bit of Clive on the side, apparently xD )
  8. I really enjoyed the latest maps, which is unusual for me and any map with reinforcements. It actually felt doable for once, though, which I enjoyed. I only died fully once on Takumi's map Lunatic mode. Also, my Lyn is definitely missing Kent... to the point that she has now S-Supported with Frederick. I did point out Seth was probably more like Kent, but apparently Seth and Clive were too busy S-Supporting xD
  9. Est can bog off. I don't like her anyway, but she's got little to offer in the way of SI and she keeps appearing for me. She knooooows. Pretty much any healer except Rhys can also do the same. I get a lot and have little need for them. Lissa adores me, although I do SI her off to other healers... but I've pretty much rehabilitated all of my healers now -.-
  10. I'm really annoyed that they've continued the trend of putting 5* only characters as the top bonus units. I know there's potential for that to change, but that would be partway through and people would still need to pull and train the unit at 4*. I'm saying this as someone who has two of the top bonus units (Ike and Oscar), but I don't like the continuing trend for future TT's. It annoyed me last time >.< For this time, I'm debating between Ike and Oscar. I'll decide eventually ^.^
  11. I see no reason for them not to be added, eventually. Like some others have said, I suspect they're just letting the other games catch up a bit. Once they do come in, they'll just use the default colours. I don't know why it always has to be seen as making things canon - no one seems to mind about the official art. Heck, they can handwave it like they did for Fates, by saying they're changed their appearance because of XYZ... As for the FE4 kids... Well, there's no problems anyway, there ^.^ They've already added Seliph and Julia. I keep hoping for Ares so we can reunite him with his dad ^.^ ...Yup, the game totally needs more beautiful blonde paladins... xD
  12. My first was Roy, who stayed on my team for a while. When I learned about IVs, I searched him up to find out he was also +Atk. He doesn't see as much use these days, but he's still vital in Arena Assault. He only has to look at a melee green unit and they keel over :)
  13. Oh, sorry, I thought the question was about an actual warriors oc banner. If it's just an ordinary banner, then yup, that would happen when the maps go live.
  14. I mentioned this on the CYL thread at the time, with Tibarn being the example I used xD Common consensus seemed to be that they likely would have gone with another theme.
  15. If there is a banner, I would pull on it if they put Darius on it. Otherwise, I have little interest regardless of skills. I prefer the way Alfonse and Sharena look to the Warriors main characters, personally. Darius looks pretty cool, though :) When would people expect this to happen? Apparently Jugdral is the next banner, and then I can't imagine them passing up a Halloween banner, unless they did one afterwards. If they did do a Warriors banner, maybe they'll do it in November?