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  1. I've found a map that I like with cavalry units in GC and I'm running it into the ground. My team must hate me for gathering so many points so quickly and too early, but I wanna get this done so I can forget about it xD Up to Tier 23 with 200k points in the round alone. The 2nd rank person is less than half where I am... I know this will change, but it's cool to be #1 for a little while.
  2. No wonder some of the team setups in the manga happen as they do if this is how Kiran is xD
  3. Updated CYL Chart (as of Farfetched Heroes 2)

    Hmmm... interesting. Guess I'll have to see how she sounds as Selkie and see if it improves how much I like her as a character :D
  4. Updated CYL Chart (as of Farfetched Heroes 2)

    Ah true. I shouldn't presume to speak for everyone. Many of us are dying for beasts. I really adore Nailah, Volug, Naesala, the herons... heck, even Kaden, Keaton, Velouria, Panne and Yarne (Selkie's voice always annoyed me... so I wouldn't really go for her unless they changed voice actor). I'm really hopeful that they will come sooner rather than later. Urgh, I can see it. Closing it before the beasts even come in... It's making a lot of money still, but I know a lot are becoming tired of it... Hopefully they bring in something new and different to keep it fresh.
  5. Updated CYL Chart (as of Farfetched Heroes 2)

    I think the fact that Cormag is so high up for his game is why I'm still so sore about the last SS banner. I had been so hopeful he would get in - he's one of my overall favourites. I shouldn't take it out on that banner but I probably will continue to. My full overall favourite is nowhere to be see, but I'm not surprised. I still love ya, Kent <3 We're all dying for beast units now. I bet there'll be more at the top if they're still not in by the time CYL3 comes around (if there even is a CYL3).
  6. The difference is, this banner doesn't annoy me like others have. It's a nice surprise to see it being turned around. However, this is just a one off (I suppose two off with the Jugdral banner, but we've then had the Halloween banner true to form... Dorcas being a nice addition, at least) and with characters I'm really interested in, to boot. If they continue to make it like this, then hopefully you'll see positive me posts. I just don't trust them at all still.
  7. I've struggled with this one a lot compared to the others. I'm still yet to find a map I'm happy to stick with ><
  8. I was hoping Loki wouldn't be in the summoning pool so I never had a chance of getting pitybroken by her. Surprised they gave her out this soon. At least her fans will be happy. Kliff and Owain have fantastic art, but neither particularly interest me, since I have countless infantry. No interest in Aversa, but surprised she is free. I mean, she hits all the points you'd expect to see the cash signs light up. I don't like her and never planned to get her, but maybe this will change my mind. Not really the banner I wanted, and I'm not really interested in any of their stories for forging bonds, but oh well. Hopefully they give good accessories. Hopefully this means Hrid and Bruno will be playable soon. I want them, mostly for shallow reasons, although a male mage who isn't infantry would be amazing, no matter who it was, at this point...
  9. Summoner wishlist, who you want to summon

    Off the top of my head, my list is now just Laegjarn, L!Marth, F!Grima, Hardin and Halloween Myrrh. I wouldn't mind a Neko Sakura either. I probably won't pull for any of them specifically but will hope for them as pity breakers one day (I did try pulling for Myrrh and Hardin specifically at one point but it got too annoying so now it's a lazy attempt). Out of the four stars, only Libra and Legault elude me. I want them both, with good ivs, and a good iv Silas to add to that ^•^
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Congrats :D Looks like we both got the ones we were looking for :D My Niles is clearly cuter than both, though :p @daisy jane Thanks :) Some banners love us, some hate us. You can always wait for a bit and see what's on the next banners along, although these ones are seasonal... Good luck with whatever you decide to do :D
  11. Official Pull Topic

    After countless orbs thrown futilely at my screen, the Niles of my dreams finally came home! Even better, he's +Atk -Hp, so pretty darn good :D I did consider trying for Myrrh but this banner has exhausted me -.-
  12. Tana - 'Fighting in style' - I like the way she says it, even if I don't particularly like her outfit (not the fact it's a swimsuit, just don't particularly like the style or colour). Innes - 'You cannot help but look' - Another odd swimsuit... but yeah, he's right xD Linde - 'Divine sea, heed me' - She says it in an oddly airy way that I sort of like and sort of don't, but it's definitely her most memorable quote.
  13. I always think if we can get mounted mage Eirika, anyone is fair game, now. I honestly can't recall what classes are from what games any more, but seasonals, etc, could still give us some mounted male mages...
  14. A male mage that isn't infantry?! That doesn't happen! Seriously, they've only added Reinhardt and Henry as non infantry male mages since the start of the game, and we only had Leo before that >.<
  15. Are there any Hero artworks you don't like?

    Lachesis. It just doesn't suit her at all. It's gone overly moe and looks awful. Lloyd is an obvious one. They ruined him >.< I also really don't like Mist's art. It's not as bad as Lachesis, but it's still way too moe. Almost forgot Noire... that attacking art is just painful to me >.< Elincia, Gwendolyn and Clarisse also look pretty off in their art to me, but I don't mind them quite as much.