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  1. Hmmm, might have to pair Cordelia and Stahl next time. I struggle to actively pair anyone with Tharja, 'cos you're right there. Pairing her with Robin is creepy and no one else gets a look in. Plus she curses and abuses both them and her kid in her supports with them. I just... don't like her. I hate that she's a popular character. I don't see too much difference between Seth and Kent, honestly. They're both duty first, honour bound and determined to protect their liege. If anything, it's that Geoffrey seems a bit different, since he seems a tad younger and can get quite excitable and even emotional at times. Seth does have amazing armour, though :D Silas is great. I'm never going to argue about another handsome knight type xD And I really like Oscar and Kyle, too :) Wouldn't say Kieran fits the mould quite as much... although loyal is definitely a thing there, what with his love affair with the axe gifted to him by Geoffrey xD Franz is a bit too much the young shota type for me. I like him enough, but he'll never grab me as much as the others. His and Amelia's supports are cute, though, and his support with his brother (I adore sibling supports. I wish there were more of them. Why the heck do Clair and Clive not support in SoV?! Or Geoffrey and Lucia in PoR... or even a base scene in RD?) Sorry, having fun discussing all the characters xD There are so many in FE whom I adore :) Even the ones I don't, I like to natter about ^.^
  2. Eh, I always liked it, personally. Like with any of these pairings, I just mentally decide nothing happens until she turns at least 16 (my country's legal age). Age gaps do not bother me in the slightest. Age does, but FE likes to have such young characters that I have to justify it to be able to get the children characters >.< Once she's aged, though, I do rather like the pairing, myself. I tend to pair Lissa and Lon'qu more, though. I read a manga with them in that was just so adorable :D Frederick... Eh, I pair him with Sumia a lot. Sully's a good one, too. And I quite like his and Cordelia's, though it feels too much like she sees him too much as second to Chrom so it's not my absolute favourite. And yup, I love the knight types the most :D Seth, Kent, Geoffrey, Frederick... I know there are more, but these come to mind first lol Incidentally, Est is 16 in SoV, which means she most likely marries Abel at the grand old age of 15 -.- There are a fair few young pairings in the FE series. Olwen is 18 and she marries Fred, who is said to be much older (doesn't really look it to me but that's by the by), so there are plenty of age gap pairings even before the DS games... Just the DS games make it more obvious. I wouldn't doubt there are more in FE4 (I mean... have you seen Dew?)
  3. I think the 90 - 95 percent is a bit exaggerated there lol. My first husband was Lon'qu. And then I went for Chrom (I was aiming for Gerome... Chrom just happened to be acting adorably and easy to support so I went for him there). And then Gaius, who I would actually pick as my number one 'husbando' as the term seems to go. I interspersed with some male Robin playthroughs (Olivia was the only one worth my time xD ). Most people I know tend to go for the others, and I have a lot of fanart of female Robins with other characters. I am sad to say Frederick is one of the less popular ones, though, it seems. He does seem to get paired with Lissa a fair bit, though :) I like him, though. Polite knight type is always good :) Just happened to prefer Gaius in this case. I think orange hair just grabs my attention xD
  4. I really hope if they do add it, they don't lock it to certain characters. That'd be a huge blow. That being said, FEH has been good at keeping things mostly open (aside from a few weapons and some skills not being able to be learned by classes), so I really hope that continues. And yeah, fully dislike the idea of 200,000 feathers for sure!
  5. 4.30am for me -.- I might still be up at that time. I'm meant to be travelling later that day, though, and travelling tired makes me carsick xD
  6. I had a dream last night that they announced we were getting a load of new 3*'s. I got really excited, only to find that all the characters they added were original ones and didn't have any connection to FE at all -.- I really want the 3* bit to come true, though. They could add in characters people wouldn't pay for if they were a focus summon on their own :( Doubt that'll come to pass, though. Too much effort on new Heroes for people not to pull more... But still, that's what I would like ^.^
  7. Reinhardt + Xander + Azura + Cecilia/Julia tends to mean instant death to all who oppose... Well, sometimes xD
  8. Oh, whoops. Then no one can be assumed xD I was only thinking of the 40 percent ones that needed to be pullable. I forgot 20 percent ones were there ><
  9. I love the Christmas Duo! I would definitely like them to stay. I prefer them being cavaliers, but I know they occasionally show up differently, but they usually become favourites of mine ^.^'' As others have said, Jagen has a necessity in gameplay, and I suppose the Est types are there for those who want the extra challenge (and I think to help gain stars in exp for perfect runs?) so I can't be too against them. I like the little homages to the rest, but I'm not convinced they count as archetypes anymore. Though I agree, we need more manaketes that aren't little girls, so if this counts, I'd like to get rid of that archetype. I'd like more male ones, even the elderly, wizened ones like Bantu, for a change :) But Adult Tiki and Nagi were good, too ^.^
  10. Not sure how common or popular this is, but I choose my units fully by looks. I only use females or ones I don't find attractive to get supports/child units or if they're necessary on a map. Sometimes I use them if they're my only healer/refresher, too ^.^ Only problem is when there becomes more pretty male units than there are spaces on the map xD
  11. Ah brilliant. Thanks :D I'm useless with this sort of thing, so never thought to look for it xD
  12. Oh wow. I got the translation pack off this site, but didn't know about savefiles. Do I just download it and it then runs from there?
  13. I've played it and do really enjoy it. I just wish I could play it properly -.- Especially since I don't think anywhere lets me play the DLC :(
  14. Sorry ^.^ I'll have another look when I get home. Have you looked through IB's vids? They might have done one, since they often do all of them :)
  15. Oh, sorry, I meant not as important for the money terms, not in terms of the characters themselves. It makes sense they were GHB since they were only really on the enemy side :)