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  1. I've just found out the stats of my new units. Summer Tana is +Atk -HP Summer Cordelia is +Spd -HP Deirdre is +HP -Atk (well, there had to be one...). Why can't I get this luck with my male seasonal units?! >.< Oh well, fingers crossed Innes will come and will take after his sister or Cordelia rather than Deirdre xD
  2. Tempest Trials: Feud of the Fangs!

    He can? Interesting, might try that. Found the 7 maps a slog this time, though, so might just stick with the 5*. I'll see :) I'm currently summoner supporting Abel, so Canas hasn't got the best support, anyway. Running Jaffar, Canas, Linus and Abel ^.^ True. I tend to come across all four (both Reinhardts and both Olwens). Green Olwen isn't too bad for the most part, at least, since Canas laughs at her :) Jaffar sometimes tanks Olwen and I think he's tanked Reinhardt, but it then leaves him low on health >.<
  3. Tempest Trials: Feud of the Fangs!

    This one's been harder for me, but mostly because Olwen and Reinhardt seem to show up all the time and I don't really have any mage handlers. I decided to drop from Lunatic 7 to 5 because of it. I guess it just depends on what teams you're running. I know I could do Lunatic 7 if I was more serious about it and not just wanting to get HM for certain units...
  4. I've pulled Deirdre, Cordelia and Tana while sniping greens xD Colourless is (of course because I really, really don't want Noire) the main colour to show since it has shown in literally every circle. I've had about just under a half of my circles have no greens, a good amount have one green and about three that had two greens, but no more. Greens are just not liking me - and the one green 5* I got was an unwanted pity breaker (really, I only want Myrrh out of the greens I don't have. More Hectors won't be hated, either... and maybe an M!Grima for merge/fodder).
  5. Official Pull Topic

    We're in the same boat. I've pulled two of the summer girls and a Deirdre but no Innes :( Bear in mind I have only been sniping greens... and yet still managed to get Tana and Cordelia -.- Shame greens are so darn elusive!
  6. I like this idea. I'm glad they do it with seasonal banners at least, although I'm still not happy about having two seasonals with nothing in between -.- Good luck with getting Tana. I got her while trying for her brother because green orbs have vanished. So the rule is... pretend you really want Innes and she will come.
  7. Beautiful Hero Battle: Oliver

    Libra, Lucius, Rafiel and Midir (who looks nothing like the other three but is easily mistaken as female by many). I think those are the main trio of beautiful guys xD Or at least, those are the ones that confused me and my friends (I was confused my Lucius and Midir, my friend was certain Rafiel was just an oddly drawn Leanne... and Libra is more because of his game but he does look a bit like a manlier looking Lucius xD )
  8. Official Pull Topic

    I'm trying to do yolo summons when I get the orbs. Out of three attempts at yolo summons, I have had literally no circles with green orbs. Not getting Innes isn't the frustrating thing. It's not getting any attempts to try at not getting Innes. At the least, it could give me Barst, Fae or Nino - positioning fodder I need >.< On the plus side, one was a Subaki, another was a Hana and I can't remember the latest one. Still avoiding colourless so no chance at Legault :(
  9. Beautiful Hero Battle: Oliver

    @mcsilas Would Lucius not count? He probably would have been a heron had he been in the Tellius games xD
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Oh no, I really, really want him to be ranged and am really annoyed that he isn't... but because he isn't, I'm not going to go mental on him and I'm not as bitter over not getting him because I don't really need him, just want him. I'd've gone into my Ryoma levels of sour if he was ranged and I wasn't able to get him because then I'd both want and need him lol Fingers crossed. My last few pulls (orbs from the story mode) have resulted in exactly 0 greens -.-
  11. Official Pull Topic

    @mcsilas Congrats on those :D To be fair, I'd be more bitter if Innes had been a flying ranged unit, since I really want a male one to complete my male emblem teams (excluding dragons, but the only dragons I particularly like are M!Grima, Fae and Myrrh anyway so far... which doesn't help lol). It was nice pulling Tana so I got a red tome that wasn't Nowi, since I refused to go for her, at least. Congrats on yours, too :)
  12. Darn it all, the desire sensor continues to be real. I only wanted the one guy from the banner and ended up with two of the girls (thankfully not the one with the art I can't stand) and a green pitybreak. Julia pitybroke me for Spring Chrom a while back. Now her mother pitybreaks me for Summer Innes. Girls, enough, I only want the pretty boys xD
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Okay, so as expected, there's only one character I really want from the banner, one I don't mind getting, one I'm meh about and one I wouldn't want to touch with a ten foot barge pole. So I go all in for Innes. 235 orbs. 200 orbs later, zilch. The last 35 orbs get me pitybroken by freaking Deirdre! I mean, if I get a pitybreak, I would like Myrrh or Hector, at least >.< But oh well, new green. I got a good feeling about the red on that as well, so I pulled and also ended up with Tana for my third flying tome. Keep on pulling and a few pulls later I get Cordelia, too, because greens are few and far between while colourless is stupidly common (thankfully that one blue orb existed on a four colourless orb circle. I really wish they'd give us the option to reroll colours because greens are stupidly rare). So three new 5*'s, I guess, and I also got two Barsts. I haven't got Innes yet, but I will keep trying because why not? I won't go crazy for him like I did for Ryoma, though, since I don't need Innes for my flying team (I just really want him and his adorable wyvern) while I needed Ryoma.
  14. The problem with Laguz and Beast units...

    I feel like that would be really cute. I want this to happen now >.<
  15. The problem with Laguz and Beast units...

    Maybe one way to get around all of this would be just to have beast units stay transformed. That'd be odd, though. I'd prefer the manakete style transformations we have, so probably not a way to do it.