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  1. isn't ghast a part of the staff, even?
  2. hmm, judging by the submitter's name, I'm guessing the idea is it's about game reviews on games that I already know? I... never look them up, honestly. I may get disappointed if a game I love gets a low rating, but I tend to just blame it on myself because I have incredibly low standards so clearly I just have trash taste \o/ and I don't require perfect scores on any of my games either~ Particularly when the score is out of 100. That just sounds like too much to expect of too many games but when it comes to reviews before I buy a game...... well I'll be honest I don't actually ever look for reviews. I may come across some every now and then if I want to look into what the game is about, but since I have wildly different standards than most I try to get a judge on the games myself (but also try to not spoil too much to myself~) oh actually before I post I just realized I lied I very frequently look at reviews for phone games/apps since they're conveniently right on the same page I'd install them from~! And I just get a look at some of the good reviews and some of the bad reviews and decide if the bad stuff is stuff I care enough about or not (or if it's from people who look too eager to complain~!)
  3. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    HE DID a vlive I was awake the whole time for for once! except I couldn't even catch the whole thing anyway because I have a sort of busy morning/day~ but I'm still satisfied and it'll be reuploaded and then I can even watch it translated someday my korean knowledge will be huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge and I won't need to wait on translations
  4. but I loved you.....

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that list is probably really big, for me although, a lot of the more recent members who haven't been active on sf anymore are a part of my main discord group, so I guess it could be larger also, I am sorry for your loss mumu
  5. from what I've seen over the years, sf's basically always looked like "other forums" because it is given the same appearance and format as any other ip board forum I've definitely seen other forums that look like the index in the page you linked oh, and not to mention the forum right now doesn't look much different from that appearance back then either!
  6. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    it's this stupid dork's birthday now지민생일ㅊㅋ-영원히비하인드-우리-지민이랑 or at least, in korea it is~ happy birthday chim chim!! enjoy your friday the 13th I think I haven't mentioned it in here yet, but did u know jimin was born on friday the 13th of the spookiest month of the year #quaggandeepthoughts
  7. I think literally every time I see you I am going to call you out and say HELLO USER ID NEIGHBOR because I always remember that I'm neighbors with a chao (and I see you infrequently enough that it's a special occasion every time~)
  8. weeeeeeell after looking into what kind of lingo "shmup" was... ....... I've never played any, so I can't answer either~
  9. I feel like if this was something that happened from birth I would be used to it just fine but if I were thrown together with someone I'd be pretty uncomfortable and really self-conscious and also probably really distracted my entire life, which I already am
  10. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    wow that's perfect there's so much going on in just that one gif oh lol I see how my wording was misleading ^o^ and YES that made me so happy it's so dumb and wonderful
  11. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    I love u too rice ur wonderful oh well actually from where you are right now it should have already happened... twice, sort of~! first time was jimin being shy because "OH NO I DON'T HAVE MAKE UP ON" and he made to walk away and rapmon grabbed his arm and tugged him back and was like "it's ok I don't either" and the second time he showed up rapmon had told him "hey come here and make a promise" and jimin got suspicious and was like "OH NO PROMISE WHAT" and tried to run and flee but rapmon blocked him and pulled him back to make his promise and it had occurred to me that's just what the other members do because he can get flighty and they always stop him although one of the instances I'm thinking of wasn't him being shy it was because jin and jungkook were pissing him off during "jimin's" eatjin and he was trying to make a break for it :D I enjoy it more than I should good that stuff really makes me sad too :c why can't people just appreciate everyone together GO FOR IT
  12. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    oh and also on that vlive: the way the other members continue to manhandle a flighty/shy jimin he's so cute and namjoon knows army wants to see more of his cute
  13. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    for me, this vlive was going on when I woke up and when I started to watch it was shortly before jhope showed up so I was mildly surprised and pleased but then jimin showed up afterward which I was expecting even less because I thought I would only be blessed once (and then when I got to watch the rest I missed I got to discover jimin was showing up a lot more frequently than I thought~) On the sunshine stuff: I do see where you're coming from, I worry about that putting pressure on him too. At the same time, though, it sounds like it would be discouraging for him to try to put the effort into lifting the spirits of the others and not receiving any recognition/appreciation for it. Although there are also ways to do that without giving him a label that makes it seem like he's the only one expected to putting in an effort for that positivity. But I do think the other members at least try their part to help out, so hopefully it helps make up for it. It's possible that hobi's just the best person for the job, though, and I hope he fulfills that role enough for both the other members and for himself.