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  1. "Bath bombs will get less effective as time goes on. The fresher they are, the faster they'll fizz, says Jack Constantine, head of product development at Lush." uh oh
  2. nope, but I was given bath bombs as a wedding gift and I am saving them for days that I could really use one

    yes I say as I keep forgetting the gauntlet exists and haven't been supporting it as often as I should be to support such a cause
  4. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    welp I guess at least that helps with shipping from online orders in the west! Assuming they'll have an online shop... I hope someday I can have my own Mang pillow
  5. 3x3 of the week! #7 Favorite game osts

    ooh okay this one was easy for me somehow as for my favorites of each Undertale: I regret this already why am I making myself choose just one, it is definitively Waterfall but I love so much of that game's OST FE Awakening: ...... (although not choosing chaos - ablaze was tough) Twilight Princess: so many but I will just choose Palace of Twilight - Inside (I can only find an extended version of this :c) TWEWY: Shibuya SMB: World 5 - Rapture (Dark World) MH Tri: The Time Has Come Wind Waker: Dragon Roost Island Pokemon X/Y: Anistar City Banjo-Kazooie: Final Battle
  6. Is it which I prefer? which I tend to use? which I think should be used the most? Well, I think that all three of them have their strengths in different contexts so I think there's a place for all of them, but while I tend to be more an emotional type of person, I think I prefer logos the most
  7. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    oh my god it really does that's so funny and sad at the same time
  8. I mean, my name comes from Eragon~ except I also like the Twilight books, I may even prefer them? So that may be my answer

    wow story of my life omg I rarely find people that relate to me on this ok good glad he's been a help, I'm sure he'll take great care of you!! c: I hope the idea of that at least has been helping you with coming to terms with more independence Ahhhhhhhhhhh I managed to forget how clingy they would be trying to move there along with you. Hopefully they still manage to be less trouble as long as they're not living in the same house, idk how far they will try to bring their reach. Yeah ike feels weird every time he comes with me to see my family on like christmas and whatnot, because it's so foreign to him this big family is coming together and they get along??? But his family doesn't seem to mind to much that they're detached from the others! If anything they just use their own family as fun gossip stories. They think I've been helping get rid of his mother's parents though!! It's mostly the grandmother that poses many issues (though she's toxic enough that she's kind of ruined their grandfather a bit as well and I feel sorry for him), but they seem to prefer that they just don't visit at all. But once I moved in, they started visiting less often and I think since we got married they just became avoidant? And the point of me saying all that is maybe Pride moving into your life will start scaring them off some more!! Although that's mostly wishful thinking, I think ike's grandmother was mostly toxic but maybe not so much clingy? But I can certainly still wishful-think for you ^o^
  10. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    I'm surprised it took off too because it started out so quiet and slow then it grew into a big boi and mei started it
  11. FE4 THREAD

    the thread is lacking its new girl for the sixth or seventh or whatever generation it's supposed to be on and without the sacrificial offerings to this thread it DIED that and probably also just moved locations~ but like every single new page contains posts about how the thread is dead or a zombie now and I think that implies enough on its own that this thread rightfully should not still be going but that's okay zombies can be friends too probably
  12. FE4 THREAD

    I can't answer for everyone but I certainly don't mind getting any of the updates no matter how minor. I feel like most others would feel the same but if they don't they can just EAT IT Well, I feel like talking to people about it can be a healthy thing, but I guess I can also see what you mean calling it unhealthy as well if it gives you too much time to dwell on the situation. But you could probably balance talking about it and doing other healthy things as well! Though that could be easier said than done. BUT HEY I'm proud of you for making some progress today!! And I hope it helps you (at least even in the slightest bit) to hear that I don't think people would blame you for not improving in motivation after you try talking to them. I wish I could help better in the feelings of guilt you get, but that's a thing I struggle with so often as well and if I have had any ways to improve myself in that aspect, I can't think of any right now and even if I did idk if I could put it into words... christ. yeah it sounds like your mother did the opposite of what parents are supposed to NOT ONLY in that she's being stupid and abusive all the time but also because she made you so dependent, when parents are supposed to be preparing their children for being able to take care of themselves. Hey though, endgame is living with Pride though, is it? I'm sure he will work you into being independent better. I hope the people you're planning on moving in with can do the same for you in the meantime. Yeah I hope the aftermath of you moving out doesn't turn out too terrible for you... Integrity's parents are both quite distant from majority of both their families and extended families (his mother in particular also had a very abusive mother) so they are rarely in touch with them, but they are happy enough with their own family that they have now. I hope you can get that solace for yourself as well!! and NO PROBLEM, really it is not!
  13. 3x3 of the week! #7 Favorite game osts

    I'm not sure I've even played 9 different video game series... I might have to choose multiple favorites for some
  14. I think for me it'd vary based on the house size? I don't mind company, but I don't want a home to feel too crowded or too empty aside from those factors, in my past experience the numbers don't seem to make a difference to me
  15. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    I want him to sing all the time and I want to always see his face while he's doing it like he's always been king of facial expressions hobi's charisma is so HUGE