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  1. it's been a while since I've had such a thing the best I've got for that is lately I took art requests from people so I could time myself. They varied in difficulty a lot so they took anywhere from about 4-12 hours (I'm really slow at art....) over the course of 2-4ish days? so that is my homework
  2. I.... guess not, actually I ended up incredibly lucky on that count and I'd certainly hope I'm in a marriage that would last the rest of my life, it looks very well like it would be that way but I guess I shouldn't speak too soon and yes that is quite the v-day question ^o^
  3. when ip boards decided it was a great idea to enforce the rich text format editor which makes trying to use codes and formatting/editing posts a pain when I set up my art thread, I had a lot of stuff to post and a lot of spoilers to use, but the spoiler tags mixed up and ended up deleting a lot of my content and I had to redo almost the entire post (which of course I ended up becoming lazier about the second time around)
  4. I don't think I have many, but here are these duds
  5. Freohr kind of consistently makes art now here we go!!

    okay so I apologize because I am going to abuse the doublepost exception rule because I don't really plan on keeping a WIP section in the op? (sf's rtf editor scares me but I'm going to try to at least leave the finished works up to date in it) And I do have a WIP going on right now and wanted to share! So, FE Heroes had a halloween banner, and Specta as a halloween lover was really disappointed by the designs so she started making her own halloween designs and encouraged others to do the same! I wanted to create a spooky ghost version of my girl Ninian but only got a sketch done before I had to go babysit (sort of) my younger brothers for my dad up until halloween, so I kind of ran out of time and then lost my motivation But recently I got motivated for it again, and wow you know how art basically always never comes out how you pictured it in your head? Well, she's coming out very much how I pictured it, so I'm amazed tbh. This is the sketch version. I loved the sketch version so much that I'm afraid I'll ruin it in the finished product (I don't have a very ghostly artstyle) and decided to save that version just in case~ Since then, I have gotten some lineart done I am recording the art process of this as well so hopefully I can get a successful speedpaint video up to share once it's finished~! anyway thanks for looking guys ok bye
  6. ok I know I've made an art thread before years and years ago for the past couple months I've actually been consistently drawing though so I figured I will make a thread again not very important rambles: Okay! Let's start posting pictures! ~FIRE EMBLEM FANART~ Yune: Cynthia: Lukas: ~NON-FE FANART~ Brighid - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Lola - Gunvolt 2 ~OCs/Other~ *haru!fe is what we call a project that was made by Harudoku! Leticia Analisa Lopcarota - Sakusa's Haru!FE character a boar furry! Harudoku - Harudoku's character for Haru!FE (enough Haru's here for you?) FIGHT - Integrity's Haru!FE character ~LINKS cuz I post my art in other places too~ Tumblr: Youtube (for speedpaint videos): ok sf please accept my post formatting this time
  8. not regularly, but I do think back sometimes
  9. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    I have heard about jae's twitter it makes me so happy
  10. yet again varies based on how invested I'm feeling at the time but I lose concentration for learning much more easily~ I've been trying to self-learn korean and that can vary from like 15 minutes to ~2 hours so I guess the answer is up to 2 hours or so!
  11. Do you believe in gravity?

    that's cuz fire rises up and if gravity existed fire would sink
  12. Pet Thread

    GOOD VERY GOOD god I love crows I wish I could raise a crow (or a couple) even just making some crow friends that just hang out around the area would be good enough for me
  13. it's never consistent I can put hours into something if I become focused/motivated enough but the time always varies
  14. Pet Thread

    I don't have any animal phobias, so as long as I knew I could safely and reasonably raise it, I would be fine with any kind of pet~! I want to become friends with every animal I am especially fond of dogs though~ Particularly the playful ones (but if somehow it becomes reasonable to be able to raise red foxes I will get one INSTANTLY) we currently have many pets! Aside from the 20+ chickens and 5 goats, our indoor pets are currently a cat, snake, and two leopard geckos. We are getting a puppy in March I believe. And we also are bringing in some new baby chicks soon afterward.
  15. KPOP THREAD II: The New Covenant

    omg I can't stand whispering either but man jimin was fucking bored yesterday lmao it was pretty cute