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  1. That kind of requirement sucks because fire emblem tends to be realistic when it comes to death units (they don't come back) and killing off units in hopes to getting a shining new one (and an awful one on that) is kind of retarded Besides, Story-wise Marth it's against that kind of thinking
  2. Finally done with this project gameplay wise. I would like some people to test it in search of missteps or advices to further enhance the experience of gaiden My final team:
  3. *New version up to Ch4 Changed some pallets here and there to ensure the game looks more nice to the viewer:
  4. *New version up to Ch3 Current teams:
  5. Weapons & Spells spreadsheet added. New version will be posted tonight including CH3
  6. I got out version 1.0 (several stats and growths were modified as I played though both Ch1 and Ch2, including M.def). I also took pics of Alm and Celica's teams at the start of Ch3 so you can have a look and compare them with their vanilla counterpart (just to give everyone and advance: boey can now properly do his job of tank stuff like the man he is) Those growths might work on thracia ( a game I would like to touch after this one it's done), but my vision is to keep the original game design while improving all the characters in the process (because lord knows Boey and Python receive the short end of the stick while May and Leo had all the fun) Speaking of the Angel ring: Yeah, I moved that thing further in Celica's route since now most characters have chances to level up at least one stat that will help them in the long run (str/spd/def/hp while skl and luck are better overall) Enemies and Bosses are still a threat and should be seen as such: You would be surprised with the amount of enemies than suddenly become deadly with something as simple as +1 movement. Besides, this is the tutorial and I don't want to screw anyone in case some of their units came out as crap (not as bad as vanilla but still) Midgame and Lategame however.........
  7. Hello guys, it has been a while doesn't it? Today I bring you my first go on nightmare modules: A rebalance project on FE:Gaiden You see, some days ago I tried to play this old gem since echoes it's so far away from my hands and I just drop it at the beggining of CH3. Some could say it was the difficulty, but what really brush me in the wrong way was the fact that you need to grind in order to avoid frustration in the near future, and I really hate games with that kind of mindset, so I decided to give it whirl and make it better. The changes in general are: - Growths and base stats/class outside of Alm and Celica have been reworker: Now several characters have an actual chance to get better without the game being a dick with blank lvls in general. The total growths I choose were: *Protagonists: 210% *Unmounted units: 180% *Mounted units: 170% * Mages: 165% *All villagers, Kamui , Saber, Jesse, Sonia and Deen: 160% *Teeta/Zeke: 150% *Mycen/Nomah: 100% All growths try to ensure that every member in your team can contribute when they join while at the same time characters of the same class won't have the same performance - Several weapons were balanced to justify their use long-term: - Some spells got nerfed in the hp cost, might and weight since now most mages have lower hp: - All classes bases were revisited and changed in order to avoid horrible harassment in the later chapter (for example, now bow knight cannot outright destroy anyone in a 13 radium). This also mean other enemies got buff (in the skl department to be precise) to make up for it - I added and new object somewhere and changed places existing ones in the party: - New palettes for both player and enemy units: With this out of the way, here's the file: Gaiden - Mila's Retribution.ips?dl=0 (It should work with artemis english translation) *Gameplay done. There are a few things I would like to do however: - Tweak all potraits ingame so they look as good as Camus Zeke - Maybe learn how edit music so after CH4 and onwards the 2nd player battle theme plays out - Some changes were made midway into the game, so maybe later I will give it a roll again to check things thoroughly If anyone can give me some feedback and suggestions, I would be glad (Edit): Have a look here and marvel to our brand new saviors of Valencia:
  8. 0/10, pls nerf meg's skill
  9. Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon Class Change Randomizer

    Can be paired with other patches like all gaiden chapters unlock?
  10. Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon Sum Patch

    Dude the file has gone down, can you fix it?
  11. fe7if personal issues

    If you want some kind of guide for super thracia 776 I do have a lp in the forums (Maybe someday I will get the willpower to finish that last chapter)
  12. Fire Emblem Binary: translation patch

    This one can be use along the potrait restoration patch?
  13. Let's Play Persona 5

    Futaba it's the only option
  14. Sorry guys, I had to take a very long break from this hack before I went nuts with the crap he keep throwing at me. Maybe I get the last two updates between this and the next weeks EDIT: I'm about to post 24x