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  1. Sup everyone, here I come with some more content for your entretainment. Some of you must be asking why SC is on hard mode and the answer would be: "the developers REALLY want you to play that mode on NG+" so instead of made this a luck base mission, I'm gonna try and beat it while keeping my sanity. Without further adds, here's te playlist:
  2. FE8 : Master Version

    this hack reminds me of FFT 1.3: Lots of good ideas and well implemented, but the hack drops the ball REALLY HARD when endgame occurs since you need to actively grind/stat boost your team since averages doesn't cut it when most of the enemies are equal or more powerful than you without the effort and RNG bless/screw that comes to the player
  3. I suggest this: make him a lvl 5 unit and give him the average stats he would have at that level: Bors lvl 5: hp 23 str 9 skl 5 spd 6 lck 6 def 13 res 0 If you do this he won't be hurting for much exp in the early chapters, which is great since he sucks against axes and in case he wants to deal with them, he has more chances to survive longer against them (I would change 1 point of speed for skill since he wasn't meant to double people and he's supposed to be the most accurate armor/general) Sorry, I double checked and yeah, you did that so I'm guessing most of my party got skill screwed (must check that) Lot's growths are WAY too similar to Wade to actually make a difference between them. I suggest these changes: Lot: hp 85% str 40% skl 45% spd 30% lck 20% def 40% res 40% Lot's luck isn't hot (2 at base), so why bother giving him a decent growth there? boost that res instead so he can become a mage-killer sooner and more reliable (You can also take one point of str and give it to def since axe users don't have any problem dealing damage anyways) For Wolt I would prefer this: Wolt: hp 80% str 35% skl 40% spd 60% lck 40% def 25% res 10% with these he can double more people and get weapon exp quicker to offset his newfound lack of str, which is fine since you can use Dorothy's Steel Bow if you won't invest in her. This also make the necessary action of giving you a choice: An early archer who can double a good chunk of enemies but need supports/silver bow to bring the pain or a archer who can pack quite a punch with a single shot but need supports to avoid getting mauled if your frontlines are breached? I like that kind of decisions (you can even reduce Wolt's str by 1 and give that point to spd so he can double sooner) Of course: I wouldn't call myself a FE fan without playing on Hard Mode
  4. Done with the early game (Up to CH8x) and I must say.....You didn't do a lot to be quite honest, and here's why: - You need to differentiate all the units from the same class: Wade is way better than Lot since the later is supposed to "focus" on def and res and his bases doesn't help him tank anything at all, Wolt has growths all over the place and he can either be blessed or screwed, not competent which is what everyone wants on an archer (BTW, my Wolt got a whopping +1 on skill on his averages at lvl 12 while sucking hard with -2 strength and -1 speed) and even worse, Dorothy has both good bases and better growths (I take 85% HP and 60% str all day since at least I'm almost sure she will do one trick right) -Hit issues: Bors was still getting 65-69% hit chances in early chapters where he need exp to stay relevant, Wade and Lot still get anything between 50-60% with hammer/halberd -Bug fixes: Nomads and troubadours still ignore weakness against horseslayer/halberd and that means sacae is still a worse option compare to Illia -Bosses are unfair: Not because they are OP, but because the throne bonuses are just busted and you should take that into account the next time And now on the good things: -Shanna is nos a valid option for a flying unit - Chad is a pretty good dodge target With his new growths -Elen is awesome and worth investing
  5. *Wish upon a star so this hack doesn't disappear from existence*
  6. Sword of Seals (FE6) ReDux

    @Dunal, I wish to try out this mod but all the images with info are gone. Can you post them again?
  7. Gonna give it a test drive this weekend: got some time, I already played Redux and heck I need some FE in my system
  8. IT'S FINALLY DONE: Overall, I really enjoyed this little adventure . Let's hope I can keep up with the heat, because Second Chapter is next
  9. Part 2 Done. I read some of the posts here and I can agreed with the fact units are getting tons of exp, but on the other side since this is my first time I just lvl up everyone since I need a good grasp of what everyone can do and doing a 2nd playthrough to find out if Danved can replace Nephenee is quite tiring, so I can appreciate this. Look at this pic for reference: I cleaned every single enemy on all maps until I defeat Ludveck and the game didnt become any easier. In fact, I had to battle save several times since the enemy can easily overwhelm you in Part 2 and even the mighty pillar of Mordecai will get banish if enough mages are on the scene. Leaving that aside, here is the review of each unit:
  10. I think I will kill everything in there: if I save that BEXP it means someone else will need it and most of the time Ike's team is pretty much decked out so I will ignore my hoarder tendencies
  11. Normal mode: most of the time I ignored all bonus experience for quick finish and instead killed everything on the screen including reinforcements since you get more exp completing all other side missions (Saving most of Marado's knights) and destroying everything on screen. I just used BEXP when someone was above 50 exp and in the end I saved 10001 BEXP for part 3. Playing smart really gets you a long way in most FE and since Radiant Dawn is divided into parts you have to make sure you get as much exp since you don't know when you'll see someone again. In fact, I'm kind of crossed right now: Part 2 offers 10000 BEXP for not killing ANYONE on map 2-3 (200 BEXP per enemy and there are 50) and that sounds way too tempting, but that leave Geoffrey's team without food.
  12. Done with Part 1, so here is a somewhat detailed review of all the units I used there: Everyone else was used occasionally so I don't have a lot of opinions of them outside of Tormod being a killing machine on his own right. I hope Part 2 makes Callil great again since she's a favorite since PoR and Nephenee's support there.
  13. We're doing THAT ONE BOSS, so sit there and watch as I almost ragequit:
  14. If my memory serves right, Dunal said that we could use all of the Dawn Brigade and have them promote by 1-E to make them decent at Part 3, so I was thinking about leaving everyone around lvl 14-15 and promote them (something I really dislike but I understand the fact that in Radiant Dawn you need to sacrifice potential growth in place of intermediate stats to be relevant so I can cope with that) Also, thanks for the info about the patches