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  1. Frederick is so fun when you have a Frederick with a Gunter and Cecilia in Support. 10th statum didnt stand a chance. I am starting to hate Eldigan. Whenever he shows up... I am in my 2 Lance Flier team ... and I need both of them to take him down... leaving one of them in heavy dmg ... making opponent and easy kill.
  2. Well that's good. Save time training... then again... I havent planned out my inheritance. Time to open excel and compute.
  3. If I have to give Fury 3 to some character. Does Bartre needs to LEARN Fury 3 first? Or 4* Level 1 is enough.
  4. I kinda wish... there's a REPORT button. So he's out the next day.
  5. Why do you have to single out Hinata. This is is Ephraim (swap the atk and def)... So throw a Brave at him or something..
  6. Lon'qu => 404 Not Found Fir => 404 Not Found Laslow => Found 1 (0 Selena) Meanwhile Bartre : Found 5
  7. This... So. The chance of Saizo is 4.39+1.67 => 6.06% ---- Great... Using PMF (Prob Dist) ... I need another 30 rolls to have a good shot (usually, its way less).
  8. I agree. I really hope it stays that way. Nintendo seems to be happy with their profit. At least they are not Nian-greedy-tic (who remodel their Ingress/Pkmn Go to Harry Potter Go now)
  9. One day.. They are going to make 6* Unit and all whale will quit (This usually happens in Gacha) This week ranking seems easier.. probably because hackers are banned or people already quit (At least.. I am not dropping super fast) I really want to know whether my team is being up against in defence or not. Unless I was paired in the "easy" setting.. then whelp.
  10. @Ice Dragon I meant. Individually.; Sorry I wasnt clear. Figured theres more colorless and blue == green?
  11. Now you put it in a geometric distribution calculator. (PMF) In 20 summons => 67.8% Success In 30 summons => 81.3% Success In 40 summons => 89% Success 40 summons * 5 = 200 orbs. Assuming you didnt luck out with NO RED orbs in summon. @Ice Dragon ... Do you have the probability for 3-4* ONLY Green/Colorless/Blue unit?
  12. If you only focus on red. its done by now.
  13. 3 Turns > 2 Turns > 4 > 5
  14. True... well. his favourite FE game is PoR ... so using the time release scale... I am assuming he's College by now. But I tbf ... I never understood why parent dont trust their kid with a phone.. when kid 12 years old now have them
  15. Why don't u have a mobile? What age in The world is this. Use nox/BlueStacks to play it then. And if I can't say it here... Well sry.