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  1. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Update #13. Update #12 link: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/70372-how-many-5-star-units-do-you-have/&do=findComment&comment=5158156. RYNO X.
  2. I could always slap Fury on him. Dragons, some armors, and high resistance mages or units in general are probably going to start out with higher base resistance than =Res and sometimes +Res Eliwood. They're likely to take -HP, -Spd, or -Def instead of -Res, so trying to have him ploy them is probably impractical, merged or not. I think I need to ask myself what I want Eliwood to do. I have never summoned a Hector, so enemy phase, Eliwood fights mages is probably never going to happen. DC is more useful on other units than Eliwood for me. Dragons are kind of stupid enough that it's usually safer to use someone with an anti-dragon weapon. That pretty much boils down to greens, reds, or whatever he can ORKO. I have a friend who runs Dull Ranged on her with Distant Def as her seal if that's anything interesting for you.
  3. I only have 5 extra Eliwoods including the 5* one in use, so no. My question right now is would 33 resistance be enough at +10 or would 36 be better considering everyone would gain +4 resistance at that point.
  4. I was thinking of running Galeforce on him since why not. Eliwood, BH Roy, and Siegbert can easily run Galeforce with their weapons quickening their special charges or giving them attack and speed boosts though Siegbert already has high neutral offenses. Also, Eldigan sort of through Fury 6 or Fury and L&D with unique refined Mystletainn and Raven, but Raven is foot-locked, so it's not as easy for him to move around unlike Cordelia nor do axe units still don't have Firesweep Axe. And for Eliwood specifically, Blazing Durandal would still be good for enemy phase against dragons and mages if he's running Distant Counter since he'd have +3 attack at all times unlike Durandal which requires him to initiate. Eliwood doubling should probably lead to a special proc on his second hit and that's a safer bet than +1 attack in my opinion. Now to figure out his bane. Probably not going to go with -Def. -HP is a superbane, but I don't really care much about arena scoring and if Blazing Durandal or regular Durandal could be refined, I'd probably jump on it since he can get +3 to +5 HP from refining them. At +10, he should have 36 resistance as =Res and 33 as -Res. >= 32 resistance is, from what I remember, the sweet spot for ploys, but at +10 merge, everyone's resistance is going up by 4, so I don't really know.
  5. Rate the Unit, Day 26: Donnel & Nowi

    Don't you mean the opposite? -Atk Fir and Caeda and Selena dropping down to 21 attack from 25 would have been awful.
  6. In the long run, as in +10 merged, Eliwood would want to be +Spd over +Atk, right? Also, -HP as his bane even though it's a superbane since tanking his defense probably isn't a good idea and being -Res hurts his ability to run ploys as well as he could. Blazing Durandal is a 19 Mt sword which in a way gives him 34 neutral attack. +Spd Eliwood having 34/33 offenses that way might be better than +Atk Eliwood having 37/30 offenses. Ares, paladin Chrom, Eldigan, Luke Meisterhardt, Siegbert, and Sigurd by default have higher base attack and can hit as hard if not harder than him while also having high enough physical bulk to deal with being doubled unlike Eliwood. That said, the one thing I could see +Atk having an edge over +Spd is if Eliwood is running Desperation and Brash Assault since his speed wouldn't be that important.
  7. Merges, yes, but stats no. What are you expecting with any of the units being introduced or are already in the game? 50/40/40/40/40 stat spreads? Is Michalis shit because he's a slow, hard-hitting, 1-range physical tank like Alfonse (regular), Arden, Bartre, Cherche, Chrom (regular, paladin, and winter), Dorcas, Eldigan, Ephraim (regular and promoted), Frederick (regular), Gerome, M!Grima, Gunter, Hector (regular and Valentine's), BH Ike, Lukas, Oboro, Seliph, adult Tiki, Xander, and Zephiel? No, because that's a type of stat spread. Some of them can tank magic well too like Dorcas, M!Grima, Oboro, Seliph, and Zephiel or ignore their low speed to double on the offensive like any of the armors and both Ephraims. Granted, most of them are armors who already have the highest BST even before the boosted BST nonsense and have access to Bold Fighter while other have access to skills that make it easier for them to do other things like Berkut's Lance, Divine Tyfing, unique refined and Flame Siegmund, and unique refined Eckesachs. Or is Ogma shit because he's so goddamned min-maxed by having high HP, attack, and speed and almost high defense at the cost of having the lowest base neutral resistance? If the only thing you need him to do is fight physical units that aren't Felicias using Felicia's Plate, then I see no problem in his nonexistent resistance. That's why you have 3 other units or the rest of your brigade to deal with units that Ogma, a physically-inclined sword infantry has trouble with. It's a type of stat spread and one that's still found today on units like Ares and Siegbert. Even Sigurd who if he didn't have Divine Tyrfing and Crusader's Ward, would probably keel over to any kind of magic when his base resistance is 17. Every character has to have some kind of weakness of some kind because when you concentrate as many stats into a couple areas, something is going to be lacking. Granted, armors, melee and ranged, have stupid amounts of BST to work with, especially after boosted BST became the norm for everyone, but ranged cavalry, and speed doesn't really matter to them anymore when Bold Fighter and Vengeful Fighter exist, but the point still stands where the ones who are slow would need those skills to follow-up or Wary Fighter to prevent follow-ups from anyone who isn't using an applicable -breaker on them. Anyway, this applies to all units, story, GHB, TT, summonable, regular, seasonal, whatever. I have no idea where you're going with that just because Julius or any of the GHB units being GHB units mean they will have a massive deficit in a stat when that's applicable to all the units. M!Grima and Hardin arguably have the best weapons and stat spreads, but even then, they could have had more. M!Grima's base speed could have tanked for higher defense or resistance and the same for Hardin or his HP could have tanked so he could have had more raw defense or even speed. They are formidable foes, but even then they are not immortal gods unless that's what you want as summonable units like Surtrs with Muspellflame which at that point would spell the death of the game. Why use anyone else when you can have a team of literally invincible armors? And Zelgius's resistance isn't? The difference between their resistance is 3; Zelgius has 21 resistance to the Black Knight's 18. Or Amelia for that matter since at the time of the Black Knight's release, she was basically the Black Knight with -1 HP and +4 Res and no Alondite or Distant Counter axe. At best, Amelia's base resistance is below average while the Black Knight and Zelgius's are low. Yes, and have even less content in Heroes and making it harder for new players who could easily access some neat units like Arden, Arvis, Berkut, Legion, groom Marth, Saias, Valter, and Zephiel in addition to the freebie map units and occasional free quest units. Those units might suck ass in arena except for Berkut because of his coveted lance, but for PvE, they are useful. You know what would be better? Adding the goddamned GHB and TT units and Kaze, a Grand Conquest unit of all things, into the regular summoning pool and maybe seasonal pool -- not sure how they would do this -- for NY! M!Corrin, Valentine's Eliwood, and groom Marth. They could be locked to neutral stats only and that would still be okay when you can access shit like Berkut's Lance, Barb Shuriken, and Atk, Def, Panic, and Spd Ploy every now and again more easily instead of only having limited uses or needing to rely on summoning some 5* unit or Goad Cavalry from 4* Camus and Finn instead of needing to promote Reinhardt. Oh, and we'd finally have B Tomebreaker in the summoning pool. Stat-wise, some of them are fine like Legion is offensively a +Atk Raven because the developers decided to screw him over by 1 attack point instead of letting him have 35/35 offenses like how Ogma got screwed by 1 speed point. If they weren't locked to neutral stats, then having GHBs around doesn't hurt them. If anything, it would make them stronger like you would be guaranteed at least three copies of a GHB unit. For some units like Navarre, you'd be up to seven copies if you played since launch. Navarre's not that great, but a free +7 Navarre would still be pretty good. Masked Marth is a problem since they decided it was a great idea for a unit to have no freaking passives, but with how "important" masked Marth is to the Tempest Trials, they might as well make it so you can gain a merge by using masked Marth to complete 5 rounds or something once every Tempest Trials. Lucina and masked Marth got powercrept stat-wise, but an easy +10 neutral Lucina who has access to unique refined Awakening Falchion and Seal Falchion is still pretty good all things considered.
  8. He loses more than that. Refined Binding Blade also has Bracing Stance, +4 Def/Res when attacked, and a >= 50% HP threshold Quick Riposte. There's also scoring, I guess. Armors are kind of stupid in general nowadays with Berserk Armads, Black Luna, Bold Fighter, and Vengeful Fighter existing. All of them lead to massive damage one way or another and armors with built-in Distant Counter can run Steady/Warding Breath to mess with you even more. There's also how many of them, especially the recent ones, are very min-maxed and how ranged armors didn't suffer the same BST drop compared to ranged cavalry, infantry, and fliers and the melee counterparts. I'd also make an argument for sword units too where it's kind of becoming like the main series with swords generally being not just more abundant, but stronger too. Or it's mainly Ayra and the Black Knight/Zelgius with their unique specials that have low cooldown. You could still just run Swordbreaker on him if you want Roy to have an easier time against them. Eh, I think it's a good refined weapon even though something like Bracing Breath, +4 Def/Res and +1 special charge when attacked, would have been a better unique refinement effect and what people figured would have made him really good since he could freely use Distant Counter and combine it with a Breath skill through his Binding Blade. At the moment, Bracing Stance and a >= 50% HP Quick Riposte are still pretty good. Anti-dragons is an added bonus. The >= 50% Quick Riposte effect is probably the strongest part about it since the only units who can have an effect like that with such a health range are armors who have Vengeful Fighter. The only problem, though, is that Roy's defenses aren't that great. Without Binding Blade, they're average at best. He also has a bit too much HP that could have went into anything else like having higher, raw defenses or more attack or speed. You could do that by getting a +Def, -HP Roy so he, at +10, can have 33/32 base defenses which become 37/36 when attacked with refined Binding Blade, but then you'd have to figure if you wanted more attack or speed from him that a +Atk or +Spd Roy would have had. I've seen people talk about running Distant Counter, Moonbow, Wrath on Roy with unique refined Binding Blade to make the most out of him as an enemy phase unit, but that assumes you have an extra Hector and Nephenee for Distant Counter and Wrath. For me and seeing as you have Close Def 3 on him, I'm wondering if you have considered running Guard on Roy. The main issue is that its low threshold at >= 80% HP, 41/51 HP for your Roy, but with unique refined Binding Blade and Close Def 3 as his A passive and seal, your Roy would sit at 45/45 defenses when attacked by melee units. A unit with no WTA would need 56 total attack to drop him out of Guard 3's range with one hit or 48 to double him out of it, with WTD, they would need 69 total attack for one hit or 63x2 and with WTA, 47 total attack or 42x2. It's just an idea to make use of unique refined Binding Blade's Bracing Stance and >= 50% Quick Riposte and trying to slow down or prevent specials from breaking through Roy.
  9. The Fire Emblem Heroes supports topic

    This one is weird, but Michalis and Sakura. I have no idea how it would start, but I'm thinking of something about Michalis subconsciously projecting Maria onto her which leads him to be nice(r) to her than other people. Maybe there it could lead to some insight on Michalis's guilt and how he feels like he doesn't deserve to speak to Maria ever again, but through Sakura, he says what he wished he wanted to say to Maria. Bonus points if Sakura makes him cry -- not in a bad way -- at the end of their support chain. For more sadness, Tailtiu and Nino? Tailtiu seeing Tine in Nino and learning about what happened to Nino's family, particularly her mother and Sonia replacing her as an abusive "mother", and assuming Tailtiu tells Nino about it, Nino might compare Hilda to Sonia and perhaps Tailtiu to her mother who she barely knew. If and when Atlas makes it in, him and Barst. They can bond over being lumberjacks and loving the feel of their axes. Also, their service under royalty. Any of the old veterans sharing war stories with each other would be neat too. At the moment, that's probably only going to be Gunter, Jagen, and kind of Bartre since apparently he did that a lot when he was a bar owner.
  10. Whatever the case, I wonder what's causing her to fly out of the screen. Rallies don't move anyone and you can't rally units if their buffed stats can't go any higher.
  11. I checked to see if it was brought up, but has anyone encountered the bride Tharja glitch? Apparently she can disappear from the map if you have her rally someone. There's also another video of it using autobattle: https://www.reddit.com/r/FireEmblemHeroes/comments/8lddmn/vanishing_tharja_kamikaze_autobattle_version/. The Bridal Bloom might as well be the most fucked up banner at this point. Bride Ninian's twisted leg in her injured art being weird to some, the child bride Sanaki issue, bride Tharja being what Mia was to Athena, and now bride Tharja is a bit glitchy. Also, there was a post on the FEH subreddit about how groom Marth is an awful unit, has terrible, effeminate art, and that he was shafted by the developers. Y'know, glitchy bride Tharja is a bit funny when you consider her being the creepy, dark bride. P.T. Silent Hills featuring bride Tharja from the Fire Emblem series?
  12. I do have Arvis, New Year's Camilla, Gerome, Julius, winter Lissa, Lukas, Lyon, Michalis, Saias, Titania, regular and summer Xander, and Zephiel among others all being walls of some sort... But I like impenetrable walls! They make me feel safe. :p
  13. And now I have an Obstruct 3 seal and a Fury 6 Eldigan. What am I doing with my life?
  14. Part of me wants to run L&D3 on my +Spd, -HP Eldigan because stupid reasons. I'd also want to refine his Mystletainn, but I feel like I have too many reds with refined weapons. Come on, refinement update announcement that has Valter's Cursed Lance or something not red. There's also the issue if I want to switch my Eliwood from +Atk to +Spd if and when I give him Galeforce and maybe Desperation 3.