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  1. It's true, though. English is a messed up soup of Latin, the Germanic languages around there at the time, and loan words from practically every language. If you want, it's word vomit as a language. Or diarrhea. Oh look, corn! Children, do not touch or eat the English corn. It did not come from anywhere remotely sanitary. Would you like an alphabet like Vietnamese's? All those accents to tell you exactly how stuff is supposed to sound. If only I was literate in Vietnamese. I should learn to be... Some accents would have benefited English. I think. I hope. Maybe not. Also, I kind of of wished romaji had more accents than the horizontal line thingie, but that's probably my I learned stuff from French and it makes sense and seems convenient to me. Mostly the acute accent for the "e" at the end of words. In French, if a word ends with "é", then there's an "ay" sound at the end like "parlé" is "par-lay" and not "par-el" which would be "parle". I guess for a Japanese word, something like hime is not "heem" or "hee-mee", but "hee-may", so with an acute accent at the end, it'd be "himé".
  2. Oh yeah, Japanese is kind of written phonetically. Meanwhile, English. Buoy.
  3. Possibly "la-rah-shell". L'Arachel looks like a really weird or a poor way to make a name look French or possibly Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish -- not sure on those other languages. In other words, foreign. The funny thing is that Rezzy would kind be right that it's "The Rachel" or rather, it'd be "The Arachel" because of how the singular the in French, le and la, works with words beginning with vowels. If it's not an actual name, Arachel could pass as a name. Basically Rachel, but with an A in front making it "ah-rah-shell" instead of "rah-shell". In English, it'd be a bit funky since Rachel is pronounced more like "ray-chel" so Arachel would basically be "a Rachel". Or something like "ara-chel". The stupid thing is her Japanese name would look more and maybe sound more "normal". Larchel could just be "lar-shell" or "lar-chel". Well, I'm curious about how Neimi is pronounced. Is it "nay-me" or "nee-emi" or something else?
  4. Meanwhile, India to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and parts of Japan like Okinawa, I think. Rinkah's and I guess the Flame Tribe are based on oni from Japanese mythology as said before, but there are naturally occurring Asians with darker skin than just gyaru. @Thor Odinson, your username reminds me of who the current Thor is in the Marvel comics now.
  5. I know. Also, at least Binding Blade's effect is useful unlike Fujin Yumi staying true to its home game effect. Now, if Takumi was a mounted archer, built-in Pass might actually be useful with 3 movement until you realize that mounted archer Takumi would be way better with a Brave or Firesweep Bow.
  6. Meanwhile, Naga. Effective against dragons and has +2 Def/Res when attacked. That or Renewal 2 would have been fine for Binding Blade. DC and +2 Def/Res might be a bit much since Roy would basically be the enemy phase unit that isn't an armor. All you would need to do is give him Fury 3 and Quick Riposte and he'd be set to be a counter machine. Neutral Roy with Fury 3 has 44 HP, 49 Atk, 34 Spd, 28 Def, and 31 Res with Binding Blade equipped. With Binding Blade's effect, he'd have 30 defense and 33 resistance when attacked and he'd always be able to counter back if it had DC too. Alternatively, you could give him Distant Def 3 which if it stacks, then he gets +8 Def/Res when attacked at range. So, he'd have 44 HP, 46 Atk, 31 Spd, 33 Def, and 36 Res at range on counter. +Spd, -HP would be ideal to stop units from doubling him; he'd sit with 37 speed with Fury 3 and be able to counter at any range while being pretty bulky. Also, if you could summon some Mists or Roderick, allies with Spur Def/Res and/or Drive Def would help him become even more bulky.
  7. Mani Katti Lyn. Sol Katti is her legendary weapon, but it's not as iconic as Mani Katti. Also, I just realized that Berkut's Lance's effect and Berkut's default skills and stat spread is what Sigurd's should have, but won't because Tyrfing has a "Defiant Spur Defense" and they will probably not give Sigurd and Seliph different Tyrfings. The irony when you consider who gets roasted and who doesn't in Berkut and Sigurd's lives. The best Sigurd will get is like Water Boost or Distant Defense. Cue Sigurd getting Fire Boost instead. Edit: Cause of wording issues. Basically trying to say that Berkut seems like a lance Sigurd, but Sigurd won't be like that because of Tyrfing's effect in Heroes.
  8. Oh, so it's kind of like a legendary weapon that is associated with a character, but anyone with the rank to use can wild it. And the whole, apparently because lance-wielding wyvern riders do not exist. Well, in this case and like Sol Katti, Tyrfing, and kind of Eckesachs, I can't think of a reason why it doesn't have its original effect. At least weapons like Binding Blade or Durandal have an effect or a similar effect from their home games. Unless they thought Renewal 2 wouldn't work with Michalis and Minerva's stats and skills, but even then, you have Alm, Chrom, Lucina, and Marth and their stats vary from tanky to glass cannon. They also kind of have it better off when Falchion has two effects compared to most legendary weapons only have one excluding Deathly Dagger and legendary bows. Kind of weird. Well, who knows, maybe they'll introduce a version of Minerva who has a weapon or even Hauteclere with a built-in Renewal 2. Be pretty weird, but they could call it something like Parallel Hauteclere like how Delthea and Sonya have their own versions of Aura and Excalibur.
  9. Huh, because I never played Shadow Dragon, but Michalis never actually wielded Hauteclere, right? Hmm, I wonder why he has it Heroes, then. Also, Hauteclere's effect should have been a built-in Renewal 2 instead of being a legendary Killer/Slaying Axe if they went with its home game effect, right? I guess they could have given Michalis a personal weapon like "Axe of Michalis" and have it function like what Hauteclere does in Heroes since Silver Lance or Axe would be kind of lame while Hauteclere kept its original effect. Oh well. Just wondering since I looked into Hauteclere to see if it mentioned when Minerva obtained it since an alternate, Pegasus Knight Minerva as a Tempest Trial reward would be cool and it would be even cooler if she kept Hauteclere as a Pegasus Knight. Also, a free flyer with Ward Fliers would be really nice and so would a free L&D3 source. Cue developers making it so Pegasus Knight Minerva doesn't have L&D, but a different skill and her Hauteclere has Renewal 2 instead of being a legendary Killer Axe.
  10. Minerva in a yukata, though. Whitewings + Maria Yukata banner would be pretty cool. Also, Michalis in a yukata to make it all better. Be hilarious if he's obtained as a seasonal GHB unit. (Basically, you need to buy your waifus, but here, have an angry husbando.)
  11. So... who's ready for the upcoming new units banner? I hope it reveals a red mage GHB. Game, please. I need this.
  12. Hmm? Is the image not displaying or...
  13. I never had a Leo... Or any red mage that wasn't Raigh, Sophia, and that one and only -Atk Henry for that matter. Anyway, my terrible luck with archers in the beginning had me consider using a Shanna for Iceberg. Didn't happen, so I still have my only two Shannas and now have a bunch of Niles. Also, Lloyd's GHB rerun with infernal difficulty and a quest Lloyd would put me back up to 270/280 units. Again.
  14. I'D USE LEO FOR SAVAGE BLOW! SOMETIMES DESPERATION LEADS TO THIS! :p You can still use her for Iceberg like using Karel for Reprisal or Athena for Sword Experience. It's not like Iceberg is common and it's not like anyone wants Wo Dao. :p