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  1. First ever Peri ends up being +Spd, -Res and a 5*. Also, the first freebie 5* on a banner I don't intend to invest in.
  2. She's usable, but of course, getting another Elincia who isn't -Atk or -Spd would be better. How does she not have high attack? Amiti being an 11 MT Brave Sword that has a -2 speed penalty instead of -5 means that if Elincia had 32 attack and 32 speed instead of 34 attack and 36 speed, she would be a red Cordelia since Amiti even things out. Cordelia has 35 attack and speed and her default Brave Lance+ puts her at 43 attack and 30 speed. Granted, Cordelia is in a better color pool, but Cordelia is still one of the best units in the game even if she's neutral in attack or speed. +Atk would be better and so would +Spd Cordelia who would also be a good Firesweep Lance+ user. Anyway, -Spd Elincia would have 34 attack and 33 speed. With Amiti, she would have 45 attack and 31 speed. Her default Death Blow 3 brings her to 51 attack on initiation as well. L&D3 would put her at 50 attack and 36 speed. It would be better if she was +Atk or +Spd, but 51 attack and 31 speed by default or 50 attack and 36 speed with L&D3 inherited is still pretty good when you consider that none of the default melee Brave units come with Death Blow; the closest is Luke with Fire Boost and he's kind of this slow, high attack Brave unit. 1-range units using Brave weapons with 35/35 offenses by default cap at 43 attack and 30 speed. Death Blow 3 brings them to 49 attack and 30 speed and L&D3 brings them to 48 attack and 35 speed. Both are lower than what -Spd Elincia can have. They will exceed her if +Atk or +Spd, but that's because she's -Spd.
  3. @Anacybele, oh hey, that Lilina looks nice. You could probably give her Death Blow 3 as well to give her even more attack. With Rauthblade+ and Death Blow 3, she'd have 59 total attack when she initiates. The only issue is that she'd only have 53 attack when she's being attacked, but that's still pretty good. Anyway, I got another Elincia today after I just got one yesterday. I wanted Nephenee or any other 5* unit I don't have. She's +HP, -Def, the opposite of the first one who'd be like +Atk/+Spd, -HP summer F!Robin or +Def/+Res, -HP Tana. +HP, -Def makes her basically red Cordelia with 2 more resistance for 1 less defense and HP. I think I'm going to use the +HP one. -HP screwed over summer Xander's Infantry Pulse and got Takumi killed a couple of times while trying to get him to level 40 yesterday. 39 HP, 21 Def, and 27 Res means 60 physical and 66 magical to one shot or 41x2 physical or 47x2 magical. 32 HP, 28 Def, and 27 Res means 60 physical and 59 magical to one-shot and 44x2 physical or 43x2 magical. Man, her magic bulk drops with -HP and physical bulk is only improves slightly if she should get doubled. Yeah, +HP, -Def it is then. Regardless, Elincia shouldn't be taking hits.
  4. Update #5; probably will do a quick edit after tomorrow when I get enough orbs and assuming I get any other 5* unit. Update #4 link: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/70372-how-many-5-star-units-do-you-have/&do=findComment&comment=4962020. RYNO II. Edit: Well, I got what I asked for yesterday: a 5* unit, but I didn't specify who, so I got another Elincia. :p Edit 2: Another quick update; Peri the TT banner.
  5. @Ice Dragon and @tobuShogi, thanks for that. Y'know, I keep forgetting that the Japanese voices have an attack quote and a critical health quote while English only has grunts. Oh well.
  6. Question for those of you who play the Japanese version of Heroes, what are BH Lyn's map select quotes? Other than "Eh" or however that's spelt, her other two lines makes me curious about what she's saying since I wonder how close they are to her English map quotes of "Yes", "The enemy!", and "Stay close." Speaking of which, "The enemy!" is absolutely hilarious to me. It's like she just woke up or something and she sounds so urgent in declaring that. One of them is something like "Teki wa doko" and the other is something like "Soba ni..." something. I can't make out what she's saying after that, but I know that one of Sakura's lines is "Soba ni imasu" which means something like "I'm with you." Uh... here's a video where BH Lyn gets used a lot and you can her map select quotes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq_V1vIluu0.
  7. 35 HP, 34 Atk, 36 Spd, 24 Def, and 27 Res are her neutral stats; you have a neutral Elincia. Gamepedia had her stats up like a couple minutes after the banner was up: https://feheroes.gamepedia.com/Elincia. Granted, her and the other new character stats were datamined when the update hit.
  8. Her allies should probably give her Goad and Hone Flier buffs, so if you do have a spare Caeda or Minerva, her C-slot could be either Fortify or Ward Fliers. Depends since if you're intending to run her with a -blade tome flying mage regardless if it's now or later since we're bound to get Aversa or whatever new seasonal flying mage later on. A-slot can stay as default Death Blow 3 since Amiti's speed penalty being -2 isn't that bad and she would have 54 attack and 34 speed when initiating which she should probably always do. Otherwise, Swift Sparrow 2 could give her more doubles for 2 less attack; 52 attack and 38 speed, Fury 3 would be 1 less attack and speed, but is always constant along with giving her 24 defense and 30 resistance which could make it easier for her tank a hit if needed and two rounds of combat would put her in Desperation 3 range; and L&D3 would give her 53 attack and 43 speed, but drops her defense to 16 and resistance to 22. Anyone with less that 38 speed gets doubled by her, but she might not live against some physical units in between hits assuming they can survive against her without Escutcheon. I think Death Blow would be fine since being on a flier team means she'll have +6 attack and speed with a Hone Fliers buff along with Goad Fliers giving her even more attack and speed buffs. With just Hone Fliers, she'd have 60 attack. The average defense is 25, so she'd do 35x2 against them. Playable units generally don't have +70 HP. Flier Formation 3 is fine, but if you really want to, you can give her Desperation, Escape Route, Drag Back or Hit and Run, Wings of Mercy, etc. Ardent Sacrifice plays well with Desperation 3, but if you're not into running a Desperation build, Reposition is apparently really good with fliers. As for her special, probably either Luna or Draconic Aura or Dragon Fang for pure offense. Escutcheon works with well with Brave weapons, but with +Atk Elincia being able to have ~54 attack with her default Death Blow 3 and access to flier buffs, I doubt a lot of units will survive and be able to kill her on counter.
  9. Y'know, that reminds me that I have 100k feathers and if the Black Knight is a TT reward... I should make a fluffy pillow.
  10. Yeah, I checked her page on the Fire Emblem wiki and if you go with her RD base stats which Heroes might not being going with, she'd have more evened defenses, right? In PoR she supposedly has 9 base defense and 35% growth and 3 base resistance and 25%. Not sure how that would end up, but 34 defense in Heroes seems really high. Or maybe it's not. I don't know. I still really want her, though, and Elincia too since their I love their artwork. Good stats are a bonus. :p
  11. Well, that's one edge Peri has over Camus. :p Anyway, it's really sinking in that we have a lot of lance units, especially lance cavaliers, now. Meanwhile, greens, the natural and endangered enemy of blues who also roflstomp them. Well, Reinhardt does, but he roflstomps 99% of the cast.
  12. Yeah, I kind of left him out since Camus can actually do something else other than use Brave Lance and Firesweep Lance because of Gradivus. I said that Camus was probably the most flexible as his player and enemy phase is good compared to Oscar, Peri, Abel, and Roderick mainly being good for player phase.
  13. In terms of using a Brave Lance or Firesweep Lance to kill units without taking damage, Oscar is arguably the best, but that costs him speed or the ability to counter which means he wouldn't be good on enemy phase which is to be expected. You would also, like Peri, need to inherit either of those lances while Camus has Gradivus by default. Camus has good player and enemy phase, especially with Gradivus, but he's still a GHB unit who can't have +Atk or +Spd like Oscar can. If his stats are really true, then if you want pure offense, it's Oscar, Peri, and then Abel and Roderick. If you want a flexible, powerful lance cavalier, it's probably Camus hands with Oscar, Roderick, and Abel following since Peri's pretty specialized to mage tanking. Mage tanks would probably be Mathilda, Peri, Jagen -- stupid old man BST screwing him over --, and Berkut; and physical tanks would be Camus and whatever order, Berkut, Clive, and spring Xander. That's just what I think and am guessing on.
  14. It's funny how people wrote off Oscar as the crappy unit, but if those stats are true, he's arguably the best offensive lance cavalier now. Yeah, I edited my post to include their base stats without weapons. I expected Elincia to be at best, matching Cordelia. Assuming her stats are true, she exceeded that by having Cordelia/Tana's offensive spread, but with a legendary Brave Sword. Caeda is basically in a very niche role now since high speed Brave Sword was done by her and Palla should probably just stick with being the Ruby Sword or Wo Dao sword flier since Elincia trumps her as a Brave Sword unit and any future sword flier with ~35 attack would trump her as a well, especially if they're a very physically tanky flier as well.