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  1. There's also Chrom, regular or paladin, with Sealed Falchion where its Brazen Spectrum 2 will activate when he takes 1 damage, but he can't refine it so he can't get a defense or resistance boost like Alfonse can and for regular Chrom, regular Falchion with its unique refinement is probably more reliable if you can consistently position him near allies and it gives him good sustain with Renewal as his B passive.
  2. @Ice Dragon, it would be underwhelming for some, but what do you think about Armads's unique refinement being Wary Fighter 3, but without preventing Hector from making follow-up attacks? So, basically a health check version of Great Flame. And of course, this is in addition to its Quick Riposte 2 being upgraded to Quick Riposte 5 regardless of whatever upgrade path you take for regular Armads.
  3. I love how Hrid is basically Xander with resistance or a cavalry Zephiel. Gjoll is a good weapon, but with Barrier Blade being in the 4* pool, you could make Hrid obscenely tanky and he comes with Distant Counter, so you wouldn't need to inherit it like you would for Berkut or +Res Silas, so the slow, bulky dudes of the lance cavalier variety. +Def or +Res would work well and it would be up to if you want more defense or resistance on him. Forgoing Distant Counter for Steady Stance 4 would let him slow special charges and he'd hit 44 defense and 33 resistance when attacked. If he's not -HP, then he'd have 85 total or 65x2 physical bulk and 74 total or 54x2 magical bulk when attacked with an unrefined Barrier Blade and Steady Stance 4. +Res and a resistance refine would bump his resistance up to 33 before buffs and 40 resistance when attacked and increase his health by 5 to 46 HP if he's not -HP. That puts him at 90 total or 67x2 physical bulk and 86 total or 63x2 magical bulk. He'd also probably be able to use ploys fairly well. Whenever Warding Stance 4 comes along, then +Res Hrid with a resistance refined Barrier Blade would have 48 resistance when attacked. Mages hit hard in general, but you could go for a defense refine letting +Res Hrid have 40 defense at all times if he's not -Def and 44 resistance when attacked.
  4. That one new unit's art is goddamn amazing. Dude also kind of looks like Wesker which only makes his English voice even better. If only we could give him an egg. Red egg mage when? :p Surtr having superboons in attack and defense is hilarious. His stats really make me wish that the older units could get a BST increase because Surtr's essentially axe Zephiel. Imagine Zephiel with ~33 base resistance. Part of me really wants to summon for Ylgr for her voice lines, but Azura showed up, so... yeah.
  5. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    English Ylgr sounds loopy sort of like Setsuna if Setsuna was less derpy. It was probably mentioned already maybe here or somewhere else, but apparently her voice files were in the game back in May when the Bridal Bloom updated was up. By version 2.6.0, so month after, they were removed. Maybe she was supposed to have been made summonable around then or they somehow screwed up that badly. The video wasn't uploaded until September, though. Warning: Obvious spoilers that you can just wait a couple hours when this banner goes live to hear her voice clips from some other source or if you somehow manage to summon her, so you can listen to them in-game.
  6. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    Part of hopes they do a one character, regular banner in the future. Surtr's Menace makes me wonder if they're trying to test how to make the Threaten skills more useful. Dude's default kit is literally Threaten everything including your health.
  7. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    She and Shanna would be great friends. I wonder what the restrictions on Sorcery Blade are. There are three characters I can think of who'd use it well purely because of what their refined weapons require: Linde, Lloyd, and Merric. All three require at least a mage ally of some sort for their unique refinement's effect to work. Linde would be able to hit even harder, Lloyd could end up being a better dragonslayer, at least against ones without mixed defenses, given his good resistance, and Merric would have another way to circumvent his low neutral attack. If anything, he'd could probably destroy fliers when if he's near a mage ally, he'd target their lower defensive stat and gain Atk/Spd+5 from unique refined Excalibur which also has a Killer effect. There's also Ophelia, but she already hits stupidly hard, so she might find Death Blow, L&D, or Fury more practical than Sorcery Blade. If cavalry units can inherit it, specifically ranged cavalry, then Olwen and Reinhardt could become even stupider, but only if they meet the requirements of Sorcery Blade. Otherwise, they'd find other skills more practical.
  8. The introduction of Sagittae and its effect made me think of a possibly really dumb idea. So, Sagittae's effect takes the condition of the foe having 5 or more attack than Kliff to give him Atk/Spd/Def/Res+5 in combat. I thought what if there was a weapon that takes into the condition of the foe having more speed to activate its effect? The first character that came to mind was Lukas, but it really could go to anyone who is already in the game with low speed and no personal weapon or a future unit. The base would be this: At start of combat, if foe's Spd ≥ unit's Spd+5, . . ." If you want to be more evil, then just "foe's Spd > unit's Spd". With them being slow, a simple boost would be to give them at least Def/Res+6 or perhaps even more like Def/Res+10. The latter could break some characters like Lukas would end up with 48 defense just for being slower than his opponent. He'd also have 27 resistance if that matters. Or they could get an attack boost and whatever defensive boost that would make sense for them. Another thing would be to give them a speed check version of Guard considering they would be doubled and preventing their opponent from activating there special would help them survive or deal more damage if the foe is using a damage reduction special. We can go beyond that and give it Special Fighter instead, but that would probably push things, especially considering if their personal weapon somehow has a Killer effect as its base effect. For example, Beruka, Hawkeye, and Lukas retaining the Killer effect for their new weapon where Hawkeye is essentially an infantry unit with an armor stat spread and no access to armor exclusive skills. Beruka, Hawkeye, and Lukas in particular have Killer weapons as their default weapon. Regular Henry has both low attack and speed, so he could have either check, but a copy of Sagittae probably wouldn't be as ideal since regular Henry doesn't really want speed as far as I know. Lyon I could see working this as a unique refinement for Naglfar. Effie, Oliver, and Sophia having Silver weapons means their new weapon could end up with anything for its base effect. The list goes on.
  9. Bushido Aegis would have the distinction of reducing damage rather than healing back 30% of the damage caused by the user. They could introduce the skill as a B passive and while I might not have been clear about it, I was implying that this idea would be an effect for a personal weapon. It would lock the unit to using specific skills and builds, but it could be something interesting if niche. With it being an effect for a personal weapon, you could stack it with Shield Pulse, Vantage, Wrath, or whatever you'd want or is available to the unit. The amount of damage it deals is an issue where depending on the unit, they would be able to reduce up to 50% of damage per hit that isn't from a Brave weapon and deal 10 (or more) damage with their next attack. As you noted, it could end up being a better Divine Tyrfing when paired with Distant Counter and Aegis which reduces 50% of all ranged damage sources while Divine Tyrfing only works on the first hit of tomes. To reduce damage from the next attack, Seliph would need to run Deflect Magic or Sigurd would need to run Crusader's Ward, but at that point, they would be running a different build and might not want Distant Counter. A similar case occurs with this skill idea where if it's on a weapon, then it would need a Killer effect and Shield Pulse or else Aegis would not be charged for the first hit at least. They would likely not be able to charge it for the next hit and if they're a cavalry or flier then Shield Pulse would not be available to them. The unit would have to run Sacred Cowl instead and that would have lower damage reduction or they would need to find several ways, Quickened Pulse, Infantry Pulse if that's applicable, or Ostian Pulse, to lower their cooldown. If it's a B passive, then they wouldn't be able to run Shield Pulse unless it becomes a seal in the near future, but at least that opens up their weapon slot for a Killer weapon. Regardless and like I said, it's a niche idea that I figured could be a cool thing even though it's very limiting and inflexible with what it needs to actually work.
  10. So, Saber and unique refined Golden Dagger led to me thinking about two ideas. One of them is how would people feel about a weapon with the effect: "If foe's attack triggers Special, unit's next attack deals 10 damage"? So, it's kind of an offensive version of Shield Pulse or a defensive version of Wo Dao and Wrath. I figured it could make a unit very unique in them wanting to run the Buckler or Holy Vestments line of skills or Miracle. Damage-wise, I originally had it at 20 damage, but even though it would be very selective on who it works on, that still might be too much and there's the whole you could have an infantry or armor, assuming they have this weapon, run Escutcheon/Sacred Cowl and a Breath skill and possibly guarantee 20 true damage after every hit from the enemy. Maybe 15 damage could work. The other thing is that people have been wanting a future Robin, as a CYL winner, to get Levin Sword. Levin Sword or a personal version of it for Robin would likely have built-in Distant Counter. It'd be expected and possibly a bit boring for a CYL unit who could have brought something crazy. Well, with Golden Dagger's conditional Distant Counter, I thought about Robin having Levin Sword where its Distant Counter worked like a bond. So, if Robin is adjacent to an ally, Robin would gain Distant Counter and Atk/Spd/Def/Res+3 along with whatever else as an effect. Definitely not as flexible as Saber needing to have his special ready at the start of combat, but it would be interesting as an idea.
  11. Golden Dagger being small because, well, it's a dagger, is pretty hilarious with how strong of a weapon it is in Heroes. Still looks weird with how chunky it looks compared to in SoV where it was thinner. I really want to summon more from the new powers banner in hopes of getting more Sabers, but I can't justify it with how many orbs I have and that it's all up to chance if I can even get another Saber. Also, Julia mysteriously showed up giving me my second copy of her.
  12. Like I said, maybe for some future dragon armor without a personal breath if you want raw defense or for solo map strategies. Some strategies require the unit to not run Distant Counter and rely more on things that increase their bulk or something else which Water Breath provides with Bracing Stance 2 and whatever stat refine they need. Also, a current cap of twenty copies of M!Kana or whoever and of which you need Heroic Grails to get them which were just introduced to. That assumes you can even get Fierce Breath with it and Warding Breath being locked to legendary heroes who aren't in the regular summoning pool unlike Steady Breath which even then, doesn't guarantee you will even summon a BH Ike. If you had the resources and you really wanted to score high in arena, then Fierce Breath would not exist as skill inheritance when getting poncho Tiki to +10 would be more useful. Fierce Stance is an alternative and leads up to Fierce Breath, so it would work for the time being. Also, cavalry, fliers, and ranged units can't use Breath passives, so Fierce Stance has no competition there assuming someone wants it. And once again, for solo strategies, they might want the extra +2 attack and to not charge their special too quickly for timing purposes. Niche doesn't mean it can't be useful on certain units like nobody really wants Smite outside of weird strategies for PvE maps except for Odin because of unique refined Odin's Grimoire or Shield Pulse being only useful on or wanted by Fjorm, Karla, Linus, Lon'qu, Raven, and Saber. Someone is going to want it for one reason or another. Brazen Atk/Whatever requires Jeorge or whoever to be at <= 80% HP. Fierce Stance and Fury and L&D3 for that matter are always active, so Jeorge's first battle performance will be better than with Brazen and would only be slightly worse after it compared to Brazen. For an enemy phase build, the +7 Spd, Def, and Res probably won't be that useful when Jeorge's defenses aren't that high and even with the 30% damage reduction against tomes, he's probably still going to lose a large chunk of health. On a player phase or mixed phase build, however, then Brazen would be more useful, but once again, Death Blow, Fury, and L&D3 would have better first battle performance.
  13. She's the only summonable source for Water Breath and Goad Dragons. Water Breath probably isn't on many people's priority list, but I could see it being useful for a future dragon armor who doesn't have a personal breath for some reason or it being like a dragon alternative to using Safeguard or Berkut's Lance/Barrier Blade for solo strategies. Goad Dragons on the other hand, I could see someone doing an offensive dragon team by stacking Goad Dragons. The best part is that alts of her father and and F!Corrin were just released with high offenses and their Draconic Rage would benefit from having allies close to them to meet its more nearby allies than enemies requirement. Regular F!Corrin, F!Grima, and all versions of kid Tiki would also benefit a lot from Goad Dragon stacking. F!Kana also has Fierce Stance which I know Jeorge can make good use of it with unique refined Parthia and Vantage if you want him to be an enemy phase, anti-mage, anti-mage archer. Otherwise, Brazen Atk/Whatever, Death Blow, and L&D would work on him too. I guess Florina with her unique refined lance could use Fierce Stance well too if you don't want or don't have anything to boost her defenses further. Saber could use Fierce Stance or better, Fierce Breath if you want him to have higher damage output over higher defenses with Steady or Warding Stance/Breath. There's Lukas with Reprisal Lance because why not when your defense is so damn high which promoted Eirika doesn't care about because Lunar Brace shenanigans. So, F!Kana would probably be summoned as fodder by some people and better fodder than her regular dad if he's on the banner.
  14. A chance for Saber will come soon. And cue Meisterhardt showing up on that banner, the Vantage banner, and wherever else because why not. On the bright side, I'd have a +10 Meisterhardt. On the downside, I'd have a +10 Meisterhardt that people will have to deal with whenever he's on one of my defense teams for whatever mode. Yay, degeneracy! :p The stupidest thing is that I'd also be halfway from having a pair of +10 Reinhardts. So... when are we getting a colorless and a green Reinhardt?
  15. Edit: Never mind. Some of the emulators are pretty shady.