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  1. My asshole opinion is that all launch 5*-only units and up to around Brave Heroes or even further to Children of Fate do not belong in the 5* summoning pool or even the 4* to 5* summoning pool. Sure, some of them got new weapons, unique refinements, or have good stats, but many of them have underwhelming default skill sets because prior to the make everything busted as hell line of thought the developers have been having because who doesn't want powerful characters, especially their favorites, they decided to do weird things with characters where some of them make sense on paper like Odin's Defiant Atk would work with Blarblade if not for his low attack where knowing that they probably intended for to add in skill inheritance is even more baffling because for an offensive mage, anyone, but Odin would be a better user of his Blarblade. Or the fact Odin needs to be half dead for it to work which Odin can manage with his high bulk, but then Panic Ploy gets introduced and <= 50% HP thresholds are pretty harsh. Does not help that the more practical, but in-combat only Brazens were added that increase two stats by +7 and work at <= 80% HP. Anyway, and then you have stuff like Ephraim with Seal Def and Threaten Def which overlap or Oboro with Seal Def and Threaten Res where it works if she has a magic damage buddy, but isn't all that useful compared to having Spur Atk or something. Gray, Luke, and Saber should drop. They don't really offer much as sword units when you have monsters like Ayra, witch and CYL Celica, Karla, Meisterhardt, Sigurd, Zelgius, etc. At least Karel has a stupid sword, Eldigan has access to two stupid swords even though Ares is 4* to 5* summonable, Ike and Ryoma have Distant Counter swords, and Alm and Lucina are Falchion users where Alm has Double Lion as his unique refine, but then again, Chrom and Marth are 3* to 4* summonable and masked Marth is a free, skill-less Lucina. Eldigan, Karel, and Lyn should probably drop to at least 4* to 5* summonable, though, if they were to be demoted. Ephraim and Hinoka dropping would be nice. Ephraim's not that great for skill inheritance when you can get Moonbow from Athena, Odin, and Palla, but his access to unique refined Siegmund and Flame Siegmund makes him a very flexible unit. Hinoka's in a spot where you can get a lot of other lance fliers with similar stats to her leaving only her personal lance as her standout thing. Tana's in a similar boat, but she just gained the ability to refine her weapon. Can't see anyone else being demoted, especially Nephenee when she has Wrath. Minerva should be demoted as a quality of life thing. If they're not going to introduce a new, regular summoning pool axe flier, then the least they could do is make it easier to get her. Gerome should have been summonable and we should have had a bunch of other axe fliers by now like Haar, Jill, or Percy. Can't see anyone else being demoted when Amelia has trainee BST and Hector is Hector with his Hector-patented Distant Counter. Jaffar should drop if Sothe's 4* and 5* summonable, gives L&D3 as a 4* just like Jaffar if he were 4* summonable, and offensively, Sothe's 36/33 is much more appealing than Jaffar's 26/33. Jaffar is great for PvE, but he's the only 5*-locked colorless dagger unit in the regular summoning pool. You can summon everyone else at 4* or 3* depending on the character, but Jaffar is still 5*-locked.
  2. I'm at a point where I'm wondering if instead of demoting a new unit from a banner they should demote an older unit who is still 5* only. It would definitely piss off people and give the developers incentive to not do mass demotions every now and again and to have all new units be ridiculously strong since none of them will be demoted anytime soon. We have so many 5* only units that because of powercreep and different design approaches, many of them aren't that great to summon.
  3. And so, poor life decisions led to a +10 Odin.
  4. A +10 Odin (+Spd, -Res) because reasons... Why did I do this? For those wondering, he's S supported with Eirika because of her unique refined Sieglinde's synergy with his unique refined Grimoire's Atk/Spd Link 3. If I had Laevatein, then I'd like to have them be -blade buddies.
  5. Alts of Berkut and Delthea, Python and Kliff as new units where Python is powercrept Jamke/Leon and Kliff is a mage with trainee and gen 2 ranged BST, Fernand as the GHB unit with a stat spread of 42/33/26/30/26, Fernand's Lance+, inheritable, which has built-in Windsweep 3, Shove as his assist, Wind Boost at 5*, and Lunge at 4*. Also, legendary red archer Celica because screw you, that's why.
  6. Yes, join the L&D3, Pavise, Shield Pulse, and Flashing/Heavy Blade appreciation club. It has a lot of tasty cheese. I'd love to do this build, but I only have one Shield Pulse source. If only Saber were 4* summonable.
  7. It would be simple for Valter to just end up with a copy of Eldigan's unique refined Mystletainn where he'd have a full Fury 3 effect instead of the partial Fury effect, but only for attack and speed. Alternatively, I could see them go off of Celica's unique refined Ragnarok where Cursed Lance's attack and speed buffs go from Atk/Spd+2 and 4 recoil damage to Atk/Spd+5 and 5 recoil damage. Cursed Lance is in a weird spot where it has two effects, so whatever effect it gains that isn't Fury 3 or whatever increase to its stat boosts and recoil damage will end up being a third effect. I meant more in that lance infantry and dragonstones don't seem to have candidates for a Basilikos/Solitary Blade weapon. So, someone with high offenses like Linus and Raven or who has very high speed, but around average attack like Lon'qu and all with average to high health. That said, there's still a possibility where if and when Brendan is introduced, he could have Basilikos and it not be an alternate version. If Brendan were to end up being a slow, bulky axe infantry, then the speed he gains from unique refined Basilikos wouldn't be that great. It could help like it could help Donnel, but if he has Oboro's speed or worse, Lukas's speed, then it would be wasted on him and he'd just have a glorified Slaying Axe+ where you need dew just to get a stat refine on it.
  8. I wonder who will get not be introduced with, but get a L&D3 lance or even dragonstone, bow, dagger, or tome. Bow, dagger, dragonstones, and tome are a bit easier since they have units with stats similar to Linus, Lon'qu, and Raven. For instance, Gaius is basically a ranged Lon'qu, Gaius's 42/29/36/22/19 to Lon'qu's 45/29/39/22/22, and Tharja is like a ranged Raven, her 39/32/34/23/20 to his 41/34/35/25/22. Dragonstones seem unlikely. Dragonstones only have F!Corrin, Fae, Ninian, and Nowi remaining as old units without personal dragonstones where they're probably going to get something else. I figure F!Corrin might get something that references something Corrin has in Fates more than a random L&D3 breath. The only new dragons without personal dragonstones are Kana and once again, Kana might get something that references what they have in Fates. Lances could be anyone, but with infantry, they don't have anyone remaining with similar stats to Linus, Lon'qu, and Raven. The only regular lance infantry without a personal lance are Azura (31/33), Donnel (35/29), Lukas (35/22), and Oboro (32/26). Azura's the fastest out of the bunch, but I see her getting a lance version of Skuld and Urdr or a personal Blessed Lance more likely than a L&D lance which while she could use it, she's a refresh unit, so she probably isn't the best user of a weapon like that. Donnel is the closest to Linus where he'd win out in merges, but Linus wins out in raw offenses compared to Donnel with his 37/33 offenses. If you consider seasonals, then there's bride Charlotte (36/32) and summer F!Robin (31/34). Charlotte's high 46 health would work well with a L&D3 lance while F!Robin's low health might get her one-shotted too when you drop her defenses that low leaving her to rely on her 35 neutral health.
  9. I need three more Clairs and I'll have her at +10. Also, I somehow summoned two princesses from the Land's Bounty and TT banner. One was a lost princess where I'm not starting to suspect there's some sort of conspiracy going on with me and Kippu-drawn heroes as Elincia and Ninian are my most frequently summoned 5* heroes outside of legendary banners where Lene and Meisterhardt were a thing and the other was the other unit with Fierce Stance where I wished Fierce Stance was available from a 4* unit and I had a +Atk, -Def Jeorge and around 10 more copies of him. Time will tell if regular Linde shows up again. I'm guessing Kana, both of them, can run the same Dark Breath sweep builds as F!Corrin, right? Only problem is that F!Kana is 5*-only while M!Kana is limited as a GHB unit. Speaking of M!Kana and it was probably mentioned already, but with one of the seals being Brazen Atk/Res, Alfonse can have +14 Atk/Def/Res when at <= 80% , giving him 65 Atk, 46 Def, and 36 Res, with refined Folkvangr's Brazen Atk/Def, Brazen Def/Res as his A passive, and Brazen Atk/Res as his seal. A resistance refined Folkvangr would bring him up to 26 Res before buffs and 40 Res with Brazen Def/Res and Atk/Res active. Getting him into the range is a problem, but that's the case for all Brazen builds. I can't wait for Brazen Atk/Def to become a seal allowing Alfonse to have +21 Atk/Res when in its range giving him 72 Atk and 53 Def. And then there's Ares and Eldigan if you choose to get Dark Mystletainnn for him who'd be able to stack it or have it and Distant Counter for stronger Dark Mystletainn shenanigans.
  10. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Draug I will give you, but for regular stuff like armored quests and PvE, Arden's fine. My point was that you should have other red armors for regular PvE. For PvP, as I said, it's a problem when there's only two regularly summonable sword armors and three GHB/TT ones. We don't even have a seasonal sword armor, but we do have several seasonal red, melee or ranged, armors. At this point, and as much as people would hate it, a Risen Chrom alt who is a sword armor for another Fallen Heroes banner would work and even a red armor Zelgius with I don't know, a Heavy Blade version of Wing Sword. I don't expect them to actually introduce Fado, Meg, or whoever primarily or is shown in official art usually using swords and is an armor anytime soon. We don't even have Hannibal or Xavier as regular bow armors and they would probably sell like hotcakes. Makes sense when they can destroy people's wallets with limited, seasonal armors and units in general. As for inheriting things onto the Black Knight, you could just give the usual Swap and Ward Armors to the Black Knight for regular stuff. That's not really heavy investment with how common those skills are. Going beyond that, however, is up to you. I also gave him Pivot, Vantage, and Hone and Fortify Armor because of space reasons prior to combat manuals being a thing and because only sword armors are the free ones, so other than Draug who is a heavy investment, it's not a waste for me.
  11. Poor decisions may lead to me having a +10 Odin in the near future as a result of who showed up and how many times while summoning on the new banner. Would have preferred Jeorge, Legault, Rebecca, Sothe,or whoever since I don't have any colorless merge projects going on.
  12. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Indeed she is. A team of big brother Ephraim protecting Myrrh would be pretty good now with there being a non-blue and non-green option with spooky Myrrh. Then again, with how strong she is, is it really Ephraim protecting Myrrh or Myrrh protecting Ephraim? Now, if only we could reunite her with her adopted dad.
  13. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Xanek uploaded the new banner's heroes' voice lines last night.
  14. Can't wait for Death Blow 4 to show up on someone's new weapon and preferably a tome because why not. That said, Nidhogg's unique refinement makes me hopeful that Deirdre and Julia could get a similar effect.
  15. Lon'qu also has a high health pool, so Reprisal and Vengeance could work too, but they're not reliable compared to the other specials.