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  1. Y'know, I'm just going to explore this part as well. The above was done without Fury 3 on everyone. With it, as will be shown below, Gaius loses almost half of his wins. Silver Dagger time; everyone with Silver Dagger+ and Life & Death 3 against everyone with Fury 3. Excluded from this is Jaffar since he comes with his own personal dagger that is essentially a stronger Silver Dagger+ i.e. there is absolutely no reason to give him a Silver Dagger+. Saizo will have Smoke Dagger+ as well to compare. Also, no seals just 'cause. Details in spoiler. First off, never give Kagero a Silver Dagger. The moment you do, she drops by 14 wins and gains 3 losses. Like in the previous check with Poison Dagger on everyone else, she retains her commanding lead. +Atk, -Def Kagero has 10 wins over the second-best, Gaius, but that comes at the cost of being very volatile since she's dependent on Swordbreaker to have that many wins. Without Swordbreaker, she can drop by upwards of 15 wins and compared to a +Atk, -Def Gaius without -breaker skills, Gaius actually comes out as being slightly better. +Spd, -Def Kagero is more stable and without a -breaker, Kagero beats +Spd, -Def Gaius without -breaker skills and even comes close to matching him when he has Swordbreaker 3 when she doesn't. Felicia performs the worst, as to be expected. It might actually be overkill for her when you consider that most mages don't have high defenses and you're giving her a glass cannon build. Felicia's probably better off doing a similar build to Niles with Fury, Quick Riposte, and Iceberg, but she'll underperform when there is no such thing as a Killer Dagger to let her activate Iceberg per round. Gaius is once again, the second-best candidate for a Silver Dagger as he has a 13 win lead over Saizo, the third-best. He is also uniquely the only one that actually wants Reprisal rather than Moonbow. Then again, he has the highest HP out of the current thieves and is the fastest by default. And once again, I did not expect Jakob to perform this bad. He's around Felicia and Matthew's level. Bowbreaker is good, but probably more situational than Lancebreaker and Swordbreaker which does not change his results like Matthew. Maybe Jakob is a bit too balanced... As for Matthew, I realized when I did the Poison Dagger check that Matthew's stats are pretty similar to Jaffar's, but he lacks the natural edge Jaffar has of having a personal weapon, Life & Death, and a special. Lastly, Saizo. Silver Dagger is probably not worth it for 1 overall extra win. He's better off being given Poison Dagger in the future rather than a Silver Dagger. Eh, just to compare a bit since big numbers are just that: big numbers. So, +Atk, -Def Gaius vs. +Spd, -Def Kagero -- higher overall wins without any -breaker skill.
  2. For who? Roy?
  3. Well, budget in a sense that sacrificing Kagero for Poison Dagger when she's the only one that has it and Daggerbreaker is pretty steep compared to a 5* Jakob who has skills other units can give e.g. Fae gives a full set of Renewal, M!Corrin and Stahl give a full set of Defense +, Cecilia can give Rally Resistance, and of course, if you have a spare 5* Felicia, she can give Silver Dagger+ too or if she's a 3* or 4*, she can start the branch of getting a Silver Dagger+. That and this is the, "ideal" 5* build. You could get by with Silver Dagger and L&D 2 for a 4* Gaius and that would be fine. He won't be as powerful, but he'd still be pretty good. Oh, and Silver Dagger's MT being 7 makes it a Rogue Dagger+ without its self-buff and needing to promote him into a 5*. I'd put Gaius in the same boat as Caeda, M!Corrin, Draug, Est, Florina, Hana, and Matthew. Their stats are fine, but their weapons and skills leave much to be desired like M!Corrin's stats are good and Yato has a built-in Darting Blow 2, but his skills outside of Dragon Fang are kind of meh, or they just don't work with their stats like who thought it was a good idea for the low defense, high resistance Pegasus Knights to have Armorslayer and Heavy Lance? Above them would be units who given a different weapon or just one more skill would be amazing: Bartre, Cherche, Frederick, Oboro, and Setsuna come to mind. The hilarity is that almost all of them want Brave weapons. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there's more work for units like Gaius since you'd have to basically overhaul them while adding to their empty slots like out of the skills I would keep on Gaius, it would be Rally Speed and that's it. Defiant Attack would be better on a tanky unit who can drop to critical HP and survive and Pass might be better on someone else rather than fragile, speedy Gaius. With someone like Cherche, all you really need to make her better is Brave Axe. Yes, getting stuff like Death Blow, a B-slot, and a special would be amazing for her, but Attack +3 still boosts her already fearsome attack, Pivot is great, and Fortify Def is a buff skill and what's bad about them? Setsuna has situational skills, but they're good situational skills that can work with her. Could be better on someone else, but at least it works with her without issues like I need glass cannon Hana to smack a knight and hopefully not die or take too much damage or somehow get Draug to initiate combat when he's a knight. So yeah, I was curious, Gaius is one of my favorite characters, and I was wondering exactly how'd he do with a Poison Dagger and also, a Silver Dagger since I really need to get rid of units and there's this clumsy, extra Felicia with a Silver Dagger waiting for someone.
  4. Got bored, wanted to see how others would use Poison Dagger. Long story short: Kagero is the queen. She's essentially Takumi in regard to daggers. Unsurprising considering her base neutral attack is 35 which is 6 above the second-highest of Gaius, Jakob, and Saizo. Much rougher competition compared to the archers. So, I tried to get the best overall numbers for Gaius, Jakob, Kagero, Saizo, and also Felicia, Jaffar, and Matthew since I was curious and why not, let's do them all. All of them have Poison Dagger+ and Life & Death 3 and are pitted against everyone with Fury 3. Couldn't get Desperation to work; I got lower numbers with it instead. Details in spoiler. Basically, I did this to confirm my suspicion that Gaius wants Life & Death to succeed well. He's fragile and has fairly average attack, but is very fast and has high HP; Gaius is basically Lon'qu, a similar situation he had in Awakening. The problem is that he starts out with arguably the worst dagger in the game that he's dependent on for survival meaning if you want to use him well, you're going to have to spend SP for a Poison Dagger which is rare and used much better by Kagero or more easier to come by, but not as strong, a Silver Dagger which Jakob by default uses effectively. And then you have to replace his other skills which is probably more work than Kagero who starts out with Poison Dagger and Reprisal and only really needs Life & Death and a B-skill. That said, if you really like Gaius, got screwed by a terrible Kagero which even then, she's still powerful with stuff like -Atk or -Spd, or you want another Poison Dagger thief, Gaius might be the best candidate. Also, he's kind of the Hinoka to Kagero's Cordelia and Hinoka performs well, but not as well as Cordelia offensively. That would make Saizo Est, then... The other reason was to check on Saizo. Poison Dagger works, but because Life & Death is needed to maximize damage output, it hurts one of Saizo's greatest strengths: his defense. The problem is that the meta revolves around who can instantly vaporize units which if you can't, then it's a problem. If it weren't, I'd figure a defensive, supportive Saizo would be a useful ally to have and not just dead weight who can't kill or do enough damage. Part of this came from experimenting with eclipse's idea of Seal Speed on a Silver Dagger user. Let's just say it's really fun. Saizo's Smoke Dagger reminds me of Corrin's Dark Breath. I wonder if a default Corrin-like build would be good on him. Well, it would help, but it's probably not going to be favored by the meta. Edit: Huh... Budget build for Gaius: +Atk, -Def, Silver Dagger+, Life & Death 3, Swordbreaker 3, any C-slot, default or any Assist, and Moonbow. 62 wins, 3 losses, 55 draws against everyone without Fury 3. If he's +Spd, -Def, then 45 wins, 3 losses, 72 draws and if neutral, then 41 wins, 3 losses, 76 draws.
  5. *insert Raven's sigh here* Welp, that's 4 units down dropping me down to 145 units. Still have 40-ish to go. Screwed up a bit with using Draug to give Hana Brave Sword and Buckler first instead of using Cain to give her Brave Sword and Escutcheon since I was considering Threaten Attack, but I think it might work out better at the cost of 2k feathers if I promote a spare Gwendolyn to get Escutcheon and Hone Attack 2 -- might want to replace Hana's Rally Attack in the future since while great, maybe she would want something else if she can indirectly buff everyone's attack. So, spare Donnel, Draug, Matthew, and Palla are gone. Est can access Brave Lance and Drag Back, Hana has Brave Sword and Buckler, Olivia has Moonbow and access to Ruby Sword, and Setsuna has Hone Speed 1 and access to Hone Speed 3 -- felt fitting for the fastest archer to boost speed. I want to give Setsuna Luna, but I wanted to do this weird thing for Rebecca, Setsuna, or someone else where a 3* Frederick gives New Moon and Fortify Def 2 and a 4* Frederick gives Luna and Fortify Def 3. That being said, it might be better if someone else was buffing defense instead since Rebecca's defense isn't that great. And then the 1* units from the special maps... Yeah... I'm going to do something stupid for one of them: merge summoned 3* Felicia to a 1* Felicia, get the remaining SP for Seal Speed 3, and there you go, one less 1* unit. I wonder what assist would she want? Rally Res works, but Jakob does that by default. Maybe Ardent Sacrifice or Reciprocal Aid? Kind of worries me since if she gets hit by anything physical, she'll probably die. Otherwise, Draw Back, but I don't have anyone with Draw Back other than my only Sully.
  6. Yeah, that's why I feel like Hector would like having WoM, but I don't have him. A knight suddenly dropping in to wreck stuff is quite hilarious. Welp, guess I'll save it for Hector, Serra, or whatever. Maybe the eventual Black Knight who if he has Escape Route instead of having Wings of Mercy by default. Oh dear. If he's a GHB unit in the future, that would be horrible. Accidentally left someone alive and didn't take out the Black Knight? RIP. And then there's Alondite probably going to have a built-in Distant Counter on it. Yay... Anyway, I digress. Thanks, eclipse.
  7. Great, I should have just gotten Brave Sword and Escutcheon from Cain then... Oh well, I was trying to get rid of units, so that's fine. Having a rough time figuring out who wants Wings of Mercy outside of someone like Hector, Olivia, and Ninian, but at the same time, hanging onto units is becoming detrimental since I'm being limited to 11 summons now. Edit: Eh, it's still a C-slot, she doesn't have one, and it could help out the other units.
  8. Dude, you could dump Life & Death on her and she'd have 54 attack and 44 speed which is stupid! But she'd have 9 defense and 18 resistance. XD With Draconic Aura, assuming she could activate it, she could do 70 damage before weapon triangle (dis)advantage and resistance are factored in. That assumes she survives that long and to activate it. Aww, ninja'd by eclipse.
  9. Would Threaten Attack be good on Hana? I feel like I'm going to answer my own question since if it can activate before she engages an enemy, it could really help her out to lower the damage she takes. Then again, it might be better if someone else had it. Maybe I should have grabbed Spur Def from Draug, then, but I don't know if she'll be that close to people at times if she's the one always on the offense. Plan was to use a -Atk, +Def 3* Draug to give Brave Sword and Buckler and a spare Cain to give Escutcheon and Threaten Attack 2.
  10. You already got a response, but the -Def one should probably go as Emerald Axe, Lancebreaker, and Swap fodder. Emerald Axe lowers the damage he takes from blues, but sometimes its not enough and if you're looking to specifically counter lance units, then taking no damage is better than taking bits of damage that could drop him below Lancebreaker's range, especially since he cannot get Lancebreaker 3 as a 4* which would give him more leeway by needing to be above 50% HP instead of 70% with Lancebreaker 2. Going off of what eclipse said, he really is dependent on Lancebreaker to double lance units. 29 speed as a 5* is about average, right? Arthur's a very specific unit, but that's not much of a problem if you intend to hard counter lance units which can make him very good for future GHBs since you could always ensure he'd be able to counter them. Personally, I'd recommend looking for a +Atk Arthur in the future. It's overkill for lancers, but hey, sometimes overkill is better than kill. It does put him up to 35 attack which means you could swap out his Emerald Axe for a Brave Axe, but other units do that build better or start out with it like Barst who is equally as tough, but is slightly stronger and faster at the cost of having worse resistance which shouldn't matter for him.
  11. Yeah, that was a concern I had, but it's still a 2 cooldown and they could just make it a 3 cooldown instead. Eh, okay. Unrelated: Serene's Forest is a bit weird on mobile when it comes to quotes and spoilers.
  12. @Ice Dragon, would removing the +1 to special cooldown on the stronger heal spells also work without making them stupid?
  13. Such a lust for strategy! WHOOOO!? :P Would it be possible to murder the red mage to start, somehow bait the blue mage to get murdered, and then wall the knights? Might need a healer to do this since there's no way to actually cover all 3 knights with 2 units unless one of the ranged units had Close Counter and high def and Wary Fighter prevents you from nuking them. The strategy I came up with could work without Reposition -- I just wanted to use Selena --, but if Dance counts as postioning which it probably does, then no. Edit: Also needs inherited skills, so, if that's not allowed, then another no.
  14. Maybe I should just wait for offensive versions of the healers which by that time, maybe light magic animations are made or alternatively since some of the healers can use different weapons, there could be stuff like Great Master Azama -- why do I feel like this could be a FE version of Great Teacher Onizuka -- and axe-wielding War Cleric Lissa while someone like Libra could have a healer version.
  15. Maybe I should just wait for offensive versions of the healers which by that time, maybe light magic animations are made or alternatively, since some of the healers can use different weapons, there could be stuff like Great Master Azama -- why do I feel like this could be a FE version of Great Teacher Onizuka? -- and axe-wielding War Cleric Lissa while someone like Libra could have a healer version.