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  1. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    She has a few castle dialogue talking about taguel, but none of it stands out: https://feheroes.gamepedia.com/Panne:_Proud_Taguel/Quotes. It's her poke quotes that don't talk about taguel other than basic stuff like taguel transform into rabbits and they have good hearing. That said, her poke quotes makes me think that Panne is post-Awakening Panne who's grown to be more friendlier with people in general and not as much of a grumpy rabbit or guarded person as she was before and during Awakening. Her summoning and some of her other quotes do hint at her still being cautious around humans. As for carrots, I want a future dagger or lance Panne. Something else that I don't know if it was mentioned is that just like in Awakening, Panne doesn't have Galeforce in Heroes. In Awakening, it was because she couldn't reclass into a pegasus knight while in Heroes, they simply chose not to give her Galeforce for her default skills. The reason why I mention this is that people have been thinking that Panne could run a Galeforce build very well because of how her weapon works. The Atk/Spd/Def/Res+3 boost is like a Spectrum Bond that works only with beasts and dragons or a Spectrum Solo. While Atk/Spd Solo and all the other Solo skills are locked to 5* units and only Atk/Res Solo is in the regular summoning pool, she can get a significant boost to her stats, especially attack for Heavy Blade to work, when not adjacent to any ally which would be fairly easy since she has cavalry movement. Cavalry movement beasts also inflict Atk/Def-4 when transformed and they initiate combat giving her more leeway with Heavy Blade. The problem of course is Panne's 29 base attack. By default, she can reach 48 attack with all the effects active which isn't that great. With the Atk/Def-4 debuff when initiating, her attack would be treated as if it were 52 attack which is comparable to =Atk Eliwood and =Atk brave Roy with just Blazing Durandal; Eliwood would have 50 attack and Roy would have 51 attack. She'd be very dependent on attack boosts of any kind to run a Heavy Blade, Galeforce build, but she could work it. Edit: For those who actually want to try out a Galeforce Panne, you I suggest waiting until the March update which increases the amount of skills you can inherit from 3 to 4. From a 5* Cordelia as Galeforce is a 5*-only skill currently, you'd be able to get Galeforce and T-Adept 3 or Pass 3 as Panne already has Astra. It's up to you if you want those skills, but keep in mind that Panne is a cavalry unit and Pass can be used very well by them and other units who can have 3 movement like the bird laguz. From the other default Galeforce units, Death Blow 4 only if you inherit Death Blow 1 from someone like a 3* Hawkeye or Atk Tactic 3 from brave Celica, Defiant Spd 3 or Spur Spd 3 from Lyn, and Steady Blow 2 or Desperation 3 from brave Roy
  2. I forgot that Selkie is constantly on a sugar rush. Her new voice makes it even more sugar rushy. Panne's poke lines...
  3. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    So, with their stats... As for Panne's skills...
  4. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    So, we've known since the introduction of the meet the heroes that their chibis are in their map ready pose. In addition to their idle artwork by Okuma Yugo and kawasumi, respectively, Keaton's and Velouria's map ready poses are roughly the same as their portraits in Fates. One of Keaton's 4koma artwork has him in the same pose as well. Velouria's would have looked the same if she didn't have her hand to her face. Kaden, Panne, and Selkie don't have this quality as Kaden's chibi makes him look ready to beat someone up, Panne looks pensive, and Selkie looks like the most mischievous creature in the game along with kind of looking like spooky Myrrh when she starts to transform. Velouria's chibi looks sadder than her in her idle art. Keaton's portrait in Fates and 4koma art. Velouria's portrait in Fates and also her 4koma art.
  5. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    To me, it looks like she's in the middle of doing a backflip for her attack artworks. If that was how the taguel transformed in Awakening, then it could be argued as Panne transforming to attack in her regular and special attack artworks, except that's not how they transform. They transformed by getting on their fours and some weird earth magic happens covering them before they pop back out spinning: https://youtu.be/ODgs0MqeeME?t=157. With her facing towards her side, the only thing I can think of is that she's backflipping to evade something, but she has her beaststone out and... yeah. Anyway, Panne is Sonic the Hedgehog according to Sharena. Her page says that she's supposed to be fast: https://guide.fire-emblem-heroes.com/en-US/panne_proud_taguel/. I swear if her stats are just Naesala's, but with flipped defenses.
  6. I'm guessing they were using it for scoring since Life & Death 4 isn't a thing yet. Or that they don't know AoE specials don't factor in skills like Death Blow because they're in combat boosts while AoE specials are calculated out of combat. Now that I think about it, what would a personal AoE special even be like?
  7. I encountered a group of chosen ones. Fourteen of them in fact. No, I did not send them a friend request and I did not win. I didn't even fight them since I was trying to burn some dueling crests. I hope one day I can be as chosen as this chosen one. (Ten or more copies of Ophelia when, game?)
  8. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Hey, I'd like to keep my current salary and position in the company, thank you very much. :p For those wondering, my usernamesake isn't Kaden from Fates. Coincidentally, I just chose Kaden to be my username. If it was just any blue unit with Res Tactic and if Kaden wasn't a cavalry unit movement-wise, the beautiful princess of peerless beauty would be a great option. Considering Eirika, Kaden, and Seth would all be doing physical damage, a dragon or mage would be a good idea. Or go with a non-cavalry healer.
  9. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Hey, I'm finally in the game! :p Well, that leaves Yarne as the remaining 3DS beast unit. There aren't any more of them, right? It's just Panne and Yarne in Awakening where Panne showed up at the end of the trailer and is weirdly a GHB unit and Kaden, Keaton, Selkie, and Velouria in Fates. I really have no idea why Panne is a GHB. We never fight her in Awakening unlike Yarne who you can accidentally kill if you align with the Riders of Dawn. Well, whatever. Selkie is definitely not being demoted considering she has full passives, introduced the first Sabotage skill, and her Foxkit Fang is kind of like a resistance version of Giga Excalibur, Raven King Claw, and Vassal's Blade, but if it granted boosts to the user's stats up to +8 instead of letting them do at most 7 damage. Keaton is also probably not going to be demoted considering he has Special Spiral, introduced Beast Valor, and has a Meisterfang for his personal beast weapon while Velouria's Wolfpup Fang having Quickened Pulse 2 that also works on her support partner is probably something too good to give away. That leaves Kaden who might be the demote which if it happens means that we've had two green beast demotes and two blue beast GHBs. Part of me feels like there might not even be a demote, but that's just me being a pessimist. Anyway, Kaden would be a great support buddy and regular Eirika, regular Ephraim, Helbindi, Nino with her unique refined tome, the Robins with their unique refined tomes, Seth with his unique refined Silverbrand, and Titania with her unique refined Draconic Axe come to mind as non-beast units he'd be able to work very well with as he would be able to get a bunch of field buffs from them and spread them further than normal. Velouria would work very well with M!Corrin as his unique refined Yato would grant her Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 in combat if she's 2 spaces within him on top of whatever support bonuses they reached with each other and Wolfpup Fang would charge their specials on turn one by being support buddies. Otherwise, anyone using Special Spiral like Ares who has Special Spiral on his Dark Mystletainn, vanguard Ike, Lewyn, Lilina, Ophelia who can get her special charged through other means, and her dad. Additionally, Miracle Saber and Seliph. Keaton did 31 damage to the red manakete, so +15 damage to what he would have normally done against her, 16 damage. Draconic Aura adds 30%, rounded down, of the unit's attack to their damage. For him to have Draconic Aura add 15 damage, he'd need at least 50 total attack and at most 53 total attack as 54 total attack would mean 16 damage from DA. That also lets us guess how much defense the red manakete had as he's doing neutral damage against her. She has around 34 to 37 defense in this case. The case is if he wasn't transformed because Wolfskin Fang has a Wo Dao effect, deal 10 damage when special triggers, when he's transformed and would be treated as if it had 11 Mt instead of 9 Mt. This also assumes no attack buffs of any kind were on Keaton. For him to have gotten 15 damage from DA and while not transformed with a 9 Mt weapon, his base attack would need to be really high. Keaton would need 41 to 44 base attack. The latter is crazy since the highest base neutral attack is 41 which Halloween Dorcas, winter Ephraim, and GD Greil have. If he was transformed, then 10 of the damage he dealt from activating DA came from the Wo Dao effect meaning he only got 5 damage from DA. You'd need 17 total attack to get 5 damage from DA. I doubt the manakete had 1 defense.
  10. Can't blame you since there aren't a lot of infantry axe units to choose from or that can be easily summoned. Libra is the only 4* demote as all the other summonable axes are 5* only and/or seasonal, and at launch, only Anna had a personal axe. Everyone else just had regular weapons. If you don't mind not the unit having a personal/legendary axe, Legion would also be a good option. He already had a nutty stat spread with his 46/36/35/22/18 and he comes with Fury by default. At +10, he has 51/41/40/26/22 meaning in pure stats, Legion has a better offensive spread than Linus and Raven, but he doesn't have a personal/legendary axe and he doesn't have their raw defenses. That said, he's still pretty good and if it happens again like it did with Eldigan, Bartre, and Hinata, he could end up with a Fury refine for his axe. Legion with Fury 6 through a personal axe and his default Fury 3 would have 54/63/46/32/28. He'd bleed out like the other Fury 6 guys, but hey, more stats. Watch him get Immortal Axe as his personal axe and it having Renewal 3 or even Recover Ring as its base effect and Fury 3 as its unique refinement. Another unit who does get a lot from the merge update is Jamke, but I didn't want to talk about him yesterday since I kind of screwed up with comparing him to Leon and forgetting that Leon comes with Speed +3 by default. Unmerged and as a 5*, Jamke has 38/36/32/29/17 which at the time kind of made him like Leon who has a stat spread of 39/34/30/30/15 if he gave up easy access to merges and boons and banes. That's still true today and probably forever, but if you decide to get Jamke to +10, he ends up being pretty damn good and not just a +Spd Leon who hit a bit harder. At +10, Jamke has 43/41/37/33/21 to neutral Leon's 44/39/34/35/19. Previously, Jamke would have had 42/40/36/33/21 and Leon would have had 43/38/34/34/15. +Atk Leon would have 43/41/34/34/19 and +Spd Leon would have 43/38/37/34/19. Leon will end up being either slower or weaker than Jamke if he goes +Atk or +Spd, but Leon can have more physical and magical bulk if he goes for +Def or +Res. There's also Takumi. Yep, the original best archer in Heroes. At +10 now, neutral Takumi has 45/37/38/29/22, +Atk Takumi has 44/39/37/29/22, and +Spd Takumi has 44/36/40/29/22. Takumi of course comes with Close Counter and a 14 Mt, legendary bow, but he only really wins by being +Spd as +Atk Takumi matches Jamke in attack with his default Slaying Bow+. Even before the merge update, Jamke was probably good. It's just now he gets a bit more to make him better. Jamke getting a personal bow can't happen soon enough for Jamke fans. They should totally give him a personal Slaying Bow with Hawk King Claw's effect of "If foe's HP = 100% and if unit initiates combat, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack." Slap Luna or Bonfire on him, hope that Death Blow 3 is a seal by then if you don't want to give him Death Blow 3/4, Sturdy Impact, or whatever and run Heavy Blade 3 as his seal, and there you go.
  11. It's probably been talked about already, but I've been messing around to see what the +10 merged stats for the GHB and TT units look like now with February's merge update. Aside from armors winning big because they get even more stats, Linus got a lot out of the merge update. At 5* and without merges, Linus has 42/37/33/32/19 to neutral Raven's 41/34/35/25/22. Essentially, Linus is a +Atk, -Spd Raven where while Linus can get enough speed from unique refined Basilikos and whatever else, he will always be at least 2 speed slower than neutral Raven. So, while Linus can hit harder, Raven's offensive capabilities is arguably better because Raven can secure follow-ups that Linus misses out on. At +10, Linus has 47/42/38/36/23 to neutral Raven's 46/39/40/29/26. So, +1 more to their HP, Atk, and Spd, their highest stats. Neutral Raven still has 2 more speed, but for most people, neutral Raven isn't something they're going to want to run, instead, they want +Atk or +Spd Raven. If +Atk Raven, then +10 Raven's stats end up being 45/41/39/29/26. Offensively, Linus trades 1 speed for 1 attack and vice versa. That 1 speed point matters, but the gap is so much closer now between Linus and a +Atk Raven instead of +Atk Raven pretty much being better by having the same attack as Linus, but also having 2 more speed. If you go for +Spd Raven to differentiate them more, Raven would have 45/38/42/29/26 at +10. In this case, they basically traded offensive spreads. Of course, GHB and TT units will have a harder time getting merges, but for people who are having trouble getting a particular summonable unit and with some of the GHB and TT units, they're just as good of an another option if they weren't before that going for a +10 merge wouldn't be a bad idea.
  12. Can I give you some? I have so many of him that I'm starting to fear for my own safety. :p On another note, I can now reunite Fir with her entire family. Also, chibi Titania's smile is the most precious thing I have ever seen.
  13. Couldn't find anything on Setsuna, but I'm pretty sure people have probably thought of something for her. So, Setsuna's Yumi or Setsuna's Slow Yumi if they can fit that in would probably be like a Silver Dagger bow if it had its effect in Fates: "Enemy's Skl/Def/Res -4 on each successful hit; recover by 1 each turn." In Heroes, it would probably be this: Setsuna's Yumi: "14 Mt. Effective against flying foes. After combat, if unit attacked, inflicts Def/Res-7 on target and foes within 2 spaces of target through their next actions." Or maybe the Def/Res part would be -5, but that might be a Clarisse's Bow kind of got shafted thing. Anyway, it would basically be a personal Silver Dagger bow, the opposite of Clarisse's Bow, or a bow version of Dark Breath+. A simple and fitting unique refinement idea would be Dull Everything like what Divine Naga has: "Neutralizes foe's bonuses (from skills like Fortify, Rally, etc.) during combat." Setsuna is a special creature and having Dull Everything would be like if she were a Bidoof or Bibarel with the Unaware ability. It wouldn't matter for Setsuna much since her defenses only differ by 1 point, but it could be extended to have "and disables foe's skills that 'calculate damage using the lower of foe's Def or Res'" as well. Null C-Disrupt: "Neutralizes status effects and disables skills that prevent counterattacks during combat", might make more sense if they were to extend it because Setsuna reasons. Combined, this might not help Setsuna that much. She gets to ignore all field buffs and status effects, but other than that, all she would have is a personal Silver Dagger with effective damage against fliers. On the bright side, that means you can field her as a both a bow and dagger unit. A different base effect from Flashing Blade, Guard because she's so derpy to realize someone is trying to charge their special to try and kill her, Killer effect, Wo Dao effect, or the speed damage thing: "If unit's Spd > foe's Spd, deals damage = 70% of difference between stats. (Maximum bonus of +7 damage. Combos with Phantom Spd.)" would probably be more helpful.
  14. That reminds me, the Black Knight/Zelgius with Slaying Edge+, Distant Counter, Special Spiral, and a Quickened Pulse seal.
  15. In that case, vanguard Ike, Ishtar, Lilina, Merric, Navarre, Ophelia, Sonya, and Tailtiu come to mind. Lilina, Merric, Ophelia, Sonya, and Tailtiu are easy since they're ranged nukes. Ophelia is easy to setup considering she can start turn 1 with a charged special because of how her Missiletainn's effect works as it reduces her special charge with each mage on her team and Infantry Pulse and Ostia's Pulse also working if you meet those requirements for her. This is on top of her having a Killer tome where Ishtar and Merric are the only other mages with Killer tomes. Ishtar's in this weird spot where I think Desperation might be a cheaper and easier option for her to use than Special Spiral. Doesn't mean she can't use it. Merric just has a stat, defense, he can use for stronger special triggers. Bonfire is also part of the Blue Flame line, so it makes him more flexible if you want to use his unique refinement which requires him to be 2 space within a mage or staff ally. If he's next to them, then it's like him having an Ignis proc. Lilina can easily charge a special with Heavy Blade. She might not be able to get the special off on her first round of combat, but later on, it's going to be charged Glimmers and AoEs from her. Sonya and Tailtiu deal +10 damage when triggering a special where Tailtiu has Wrath for her tome, so she can further charge her special, -3 special cooldown count with Special Spiral and her tome's Wrath effect. The idea with Special Spiral vanguard Ike is so that he can basically have Radiant Aether on counter after a round of combat. Triggering it means -2 special cooldown count and him getting hit on enemy phase means Radiant Aether will activate for his first attack through his default Warding Breath. If his opponent survives and he manages to attack again, Radiant Aether will be fully charged since his second attack would drop Radiant Aether's cooldown to 2 and Special Spiral will activate after the round of combat. Navarre with Special Spiral is just abusing what his unique refined Scarlet Sword's Quickened Pulse 2 allowing him to have a charged 3 cooldown special like Blue Flame and Luna on turn 1 and after a round of combat, having it charged for the rest of the battle. 4 cooldown specials work too if you give him Quickened Pulse as a seal. Units with It's Curtains... and Ouch Pouch can do a similar thing, but those weapons only have Quickened Pulse 2 while Scarlet Sword has a Killer effect as its base effect. They're also limited weapons.