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  1. And Ryoma who found out Felicia can actually cook something.
  2. Meanwhile, in the world of FeliciaxLukas. :p
  3. They don't as far as I know. Today, I found out that Leanne had two different affinities. That being said, you could argue for characters like Hardin, possibly Idunn, Julius, Lyon, and Takumi that they had different "affinities" when they were possessed or changed from their usual selves. Lyon is the only one of the four to have an actual affinity, ice, though, as Hardin, Julius, and Takumi were in games without affinities. Although, Takumi has a birthday and its month lines up the month for a fire affinity in the international version of Blazing Blade's birth month and affinity system. The Japanese version includes blood type along with birth month to determine the tactician's affinity. Idunn is in a game with affinities, but not all bosses have affinities like Lloyd and Linus have affinities and interestingly enough, the exact same ones as Eliwood and Hector, respectively. Eliwood and Lloyd share an anima affinity and Hector and Linus share a thunder affinity. Welp, I guess I should give her a water blessing then.
  4. Six out of my twelve water blessed heroes are red... I only have one green and one colorless which isn't that big of a deal, but greens and green mages at that! Of the ice and water affinity characters, Pent's the only really ice affinity mage who could show up as green and Greil's Devoted Mist didn't show up -- none of the summonable Greil's Devoted units showed up for me. Axes at least are a bit easier, Raven and with their birthdays going off Blazing Blade's associated affinity chart, Beruka, Camilla, and summer Tiki. There's also spring Camilla and ToD! Henry. Now, if only they could add Miriel, Nyx, and Rinkah for more possible or definite in Rinkah's case, water-related greens. Deirdre and Julia seem more like light to me, but then again, I threw a water blessing to the Eirika, Lilina, and Titania who have a light affinity and probably would have continued to do so for light affinity characters until light blessings showed up making me question if I want to give them a light blessing or a water blessing. Speaking of affinities, apparently Leanne had a wind affinity in Path of Radiance, but had a water one in Radiant Dawn?
  5. I don't need Felicia, I don't need Felicia, I don't need Felicia... I need Felicia.
  6. A +Res picnic Lukas with a resistance refined Berkut's Lance and Warding Stance 4 would have been hilarious.
  7. One day I wish the developers would patch in a shield sprite for Alfonse and maybe paladin Chrom. He and paladin Chrom have a shield in their art, but not on their sprites and the only sword infantry with a shield in their art and on their sprite is Hero-King Marth. Chrom would require new assets, but Alfonse could just use a resized version of Sharena's shield. Edit: I forgot that I had 598/600 units. Why.
  8. Armors with backpacks. Where's the strongest of them all: merchant Anna?
  9. If picnic Lukas is anything like his regular self, then Berkut's Lance would work well with him since his defense is likely overkill, but this time, he gets to abuse Ward Armor stacking and access to Fighter skills.
  10. Pass seal, though. :p
  11. And so, I was cursed blessed with a -blade blade.
  12. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Update #20. Update #19: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/70372-how-many-5-star-units-do-you-have/&do=findComment&comment=5413831. RYNO XVII.
  13. Hmm... I need a Cordelia or Galeforce banner. Apparently Tibarn runs it well which I experienced firsthand, Siegbert can more or less copy what brave Roy and Eliwood do with Blazing Durandal by running Heavy Blade as a seal, Panne's good with it, Lethe is basically red Panne with better offensives in return for lower defenses and no effective damage, and there are probably other shenanigans I don't know or can't think of off the top of my head. Oh, my precious Cordelias...
  14. Pavise, L&D3 (default), Shield Pulse, and Heavy Blade Hana with her unique refined katana could work. Still a bit sketchy as she doesn't have a 2 cooldown Pavise like Karla, Linus, Lon'qu, and Raven because of their weapon's Killer effect. Escutcheon works, but she won't be able to reduce as much damage as she could have with Pavise. So, now we wait for Shield Pulse 4. :p