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  1. I'd take out Donnel, Ogma, Raven, and Stahl. These ones are up to debate: Jakob, Lissa, and Virion. Also, M!Corrin, Felicia, Fir, and Sophia. I'd also add in Clair and Lukas to the list. Just my opinions on things. Take them as you will.
  2. Dumb idea: Olwen with 3 stacks of Goad Cavalry. +Atk Olwen with Dire Thunder and L&D3 gets 125 wins, 1 loss, and 4 draws with +12 to attack and speed through Goad Cavalry. Add in Draconic Aura and she moves up to 127 wins, 1 loss, and 2 draws. Desperation puts her into 128 wins, 0 losses, and 2 draws. It's late at night and my phone needs to be charged -- too lazy to post with my computer. Anyway, just curious since Spur skills weren't mentioned as far as I know.
  3. I'd rather keep the speed since Felicia's defense is already low and she's meant to deal with magic units rather than physical. Yes, it can help for those off chances she has to take a hit, but the main draw of Felicia is her high resistance and speed; 5* Felica has the second-highest resistance at 35 tied with Jagen and Lucius -- only Wrys is higher at 36 resistance -- and she has the third-highest speed at 37 tied with Caeda, Lyn, Navarre, and Setsuna. -Spd drops her down to being the sixth-fastest at 34 speed tied with a bunch of characters while +Def only moves her up from having the eighth-lowest defense to the eleventh-lowest. There's also the issue of how different boon/bane can influence how the AI reacts which if you're using Felicia on a 3* or 4* team because you've ran out of options, using +Def, -Spd Felicia might cause an issue when using strategies from Itchybackside, Mkv, nstyler, etc. who are using neutral Felicia. Regarding the silhouettes, here's hoping that it's bride Eirika on the right even though Awakening Eirika's art doesn't have a bow on the side of her head and it's probably Lucina. They could do a 6 character banner where have 4 are the Choose Your Legends winners Ike, Lucina, Lyn, and Roy and 2 are extras like Eirika who introduced the bride class and er... someone else like... erm... Deidre? We haven't had a 6 character banner since the Blazing Shadows one.
  4. Huh, I think I could have 3* Brave Lance Est with a +4 speed boost kill the archer to start things off. Normally, she'd be fast enough to double the archer with her default lance, but she is off by 2 points from closing out the archer's 41 HP even with +4 to her attack and off by 1 point with an Attack +1 seal. With +4 speed, she'd be up to 25 speed with a Brave Lance letting her do 12x4 to the archer or 16x4 with +4 attack. Drag Back puts her back in range for someone to move her out. I wonder if I can move her back one tile and have her bait Narcian for Alfonse to counter and then finish him off on the next player phase. Problem is my team would be locked to Alfonse, Est, Gaius, Matthew if he was a 4* and/or level 40, or Setsuna -- I gave her Hone Speed 3 --, and Olivia. Might not be a problem though... Alfonse covers both Narcian and the green mage and Est covers the archer, blue mage, the sword infantry, and she can actually kill the green mage if she has an Attack Seal or Hone Attack from Olivia. 4* Gaius with Silver Dagger can kill either mage, but he really needs to be careful, especially since mine has -Res; 26 damage from the blue and 28 from the green mage only lets him survive to take out one of the mages. Anyway, both Gaius and Olivia can help mop up. I swear if I end up being the Est guy... Edit: Map's live. I shouldn't be awake at this hour -- it's 2 in the morning where I live. Okay, so, 3* Est with a Brave Lance and attack and speed buffs as necessary can actually kill everyone, but Narcian for obvious reasons -- hey, that's why Alfonse is here. Yeah, this map would be much harder without skill inheritance or the larger pool of units players would have if they played for a while...
  5. I saw a video with Camilla cheesing the map. Yep, still wish I had a flying onee-sama with high resistance. Yeah, Narcian and F!Robin are the only normal (lv. 25) and hard (lv. 35) difficulty GHBs while Ursula onward are hard and lunatic (lv. 40). I checked and Michalis could move above a forest onto a mountain which could let a Dancer help him move up to kill the blue mage. A 4* Michalis one-shots the blue mage who happens to have T-Adept 2. Even if the blue mage didn't, he'd still one-shot the blue mage since Michalis would do 51 damage which is more than enough to go through the blue mage's 14 defense and 31 HP. 3* Michalis can kill the blue mage too, but not having Iote's Shield means he dies to the Brave Bow archer who does 23x2 to 3* Michalis whereas 4* Michalis with Iote's Shield only takes 3x2. Anyway, Michalis would have to take 6 damage from the Brave Bow archer, 4 damage from Narcian -- he's barely fast enough to avoid getting doubled -- who takes 15 damage in return, and 25 from the green mage. He'll live by 5 HP and have Blazing Thunder fully charged. At this point, you'd have to pull back Michalis since the sword infantry would have moved closer to Michalis and he has Axebreaker -- he'll do 12x2 to Michalis -- and Michalis will not survive another onslaught unless you can somehow get him back up to full HP and kill the green mage. Y'know, a flying healer would be really useful right about now. :p I think Minerva without Life & Death equipped might be able to do a better job.
  6. Eh... Probably not. Guess I'm just gonna have to wait to see if 4 Sakura can beat this map. Just watched the Lloyd one.
  7. Yay, I got my first hero merit reward and it's from Setsuna! Kind of wished there were hero merit dialogue, but whatever. Part of me wonders if it's possible to solo Narcian's map with Michalis.
  8. -Atk 3* Subaki is even more disgusting. And then there's -Atk Jaffar, Rebecca, and Setsuna... At least I got a different Setsuna... who's -Spd. Game, why... Still gonna level them up, so I can dump them into different versions. -Atk, +Res 5* Titania can at least be a blue wall who stops people from charging their special while she charges Glacies. Having access to Emerald Axe+ helps too.
  9. Stop reminding me my only Clair is -Atk. ;_;
  10. That art of Lute? I remember seeing it on Safebooru and it's listed as having been there for 3 months already and its source links to the artist's Twitter post: https://mobile.twitter.com/25mnts/status/828169280197840896. So, it's probably just fan art. That said, it's possible the developers would allow artists to subtly hint they are working on something. So, who knows, maybe someone made amazing fan art of Wallace and that ends up being revealed as his official art for Heroes.
  11. Okay, never mind then. Dude got all the skills for Lucina. That's a lot of SP grinding... I'm ~400 SP from getting Aether which for me is a lot when all that stamina could be used for the other untrained units. Anyway, I view Klein as the biggest threat followed by either Julia, Sanaki, and then Hector. That's just me since Trial 1 reminded me that I still don't have a reliable Takumi or archer counter. You could try having someone with a Brave weapon to damage him for someone else to finish off which is how Mkv got rid of Klein. Having Drag Back can help move him and your units if needed. Just make sure Klein can move with your unit. Itchybackside and yorotsruuu yorotsruuu baited Julia with Felicia allowing Palla to use Wings of Mercy to take out Julia and had Lloyd 2HKO Klein with Olivia's help. Itchybackside's video: https://youtu.be/S-mij1mi7QA?t=524. yorotsruuu yorotsruuu's: https://youtu.be/r-zvwJ_-Miw?t=407. Just saw nstyler's video. She had 4* Hana kill everything: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjMpIG4Kf_0, with 2 Olivias', one 3* and one 4*, help and 3* Matthew's Hone Speed 2. Neutral 4* Hana with L&D2 has 38 speed which is more than enough to double Julia (30), Klein (32), and Hector (28). She can't double Sanaki without having at least 40 speed which Hone Speed 2 puts her over at 41 speed.
  12. Y'know, I can never remember the AOE special names... Thanks for telling me that. Okay, so, Leo too. Hmm, yeah, maybe Kozaki never got those skills. Kind of hilarious to me that he got all of Lucina's skills or perhaps he skipped Luna and got Aether. Hector, though... Why?
  13. Okay, I just went through the wiki entries for the maps and Hector, Hinoka, and Lyn are the only units who don't have their full default skill loadout. Hector in particular, doesn't even have his default C-skill; he has Ward Armor instead of Goad Armor. Hinoka has Hone Spd 2 instead of Hone Flyers and Lyn has Spur Spd 2 instead of 3. Hector having Ward Armor is just weird, so, it's probably a mistake, but it wouldn't have made a difference since nobody else is a knight on Trial 5. Spur Atk or Def 2, however, would. The only reason I can think of for Lyn is that Kozaki never got Spur Speed 3 when the data was collected. Sure, everyone else on team could get 1 more speed from her, but I don't think it would have been a major problem if they did. Same dealio with Hinoka, but if she did have Hone Flyers, then Trial 3 would have been more difficult as she and Caeda could provide both Hone and Fortify Flyers to Camilla, Caeda could provide Fortify for Hinoka, and Hinoka could provide Hone for Caeda. Poor M!Robin, but 3/4's of a flying team on a map where flyers can take advantage of non-flyers, yeah, maybe that's not a good idea, especially since their stats get boosted on Hard.
  14. Okay, that somehow worked. I used Mkv's Kozaki-5 strategy, with some slight tweaks since I don't have a level 40 Felicia ready and I got curious if Est would work at all if she has Brave Lance and Drag Back since I figured that if she would drag stuff everywhere since she can be on any tile, then things would go awry. So, team of 3* Est (neutral), 4* Gaius (+HP, -Res), 4* Olivia (neutral), and 4* Selena (+Def, -HP). Selena is the only one with default skills, but she does have an Attack +1 Seal since I wanted to make sure Selena could ORKO Hector without needing buffs. Without it, she'd leave Hector alive with 1 HP which isn't much after another round of combat. Considering what I did, though, didn't need it. Anyway, Est has, as I said, Brave Lance and Drag Back, Gaius has a Silver Dagger and Hone Speed 3 which didn't really do anything, and Olivia has a Ruby Sword -- figured I wanted her to take less damage from Julia or Hector if needed and it unexpectedly worked out in my favor -- and Moonbow too which didn't do anything. If anyone's wondering, Gaius was just there for kicks -- just wanted to use him is all. Just noticed something while going through the strategy again. Hector has the wrong C-skill. By default, Hector's C-skill is Spur Atk 2 and Goad Armor. In this map, he has Ward Armor which he can only use if you give it to him from a 4* Draug. It wouldn't have helped him if he had his default Goad Armor since it looks like everyone has their default skills equipped or should, but it could have meant that had he had Spur Atk 2, so, he could have been much more dangerous giving Julia, Klein, and Sanaki attack buffs. Spur Def 2 could have helped too considering the others' low defense. If anyone is wondering exactly why Est? I don't have Cordelia or Hinoka. Never summoned them outside of maybe a re-roll where Cordelia may have shown up. Est's offensive stats are basically the same as Donnel's; she only has 1 more speed than him. So, why not. Gaius was there to fulfill the bring a colorless unit quest and I just wanted to use him. So, any of the other colorless units could have worked. 3* neutral Felicia does the bare minimum to kill Klein as 3* =Atk Donnel/Est with +4 to their attack leaves him at 6 HP. So, to do 6 damage, you only need 27 attack which 3* Felicia meets with her 20 neutral attack and 7 MT Silver Dagger. 3* and 4* Gaius exceeds that his default Rogue Dagger. Niles works too and probably would have worked better considering if 3* Donnel was used and Gaius or whoever with low resistance had to finish off Klein, then Julia would probably have killed them unlike Felicia, Niles, and maybe Faye. Est or whatever flyer being able to drag back like that pretty much meant Gaius would be out of range. Dumb ideas and unforeseen good consequences saved my butt. Anyway, Gaius is a low defense unit, so I figure Klein would have prioritized him unlike Jakob, Gordin, Saizo, Virion, etc. despite being able to kill practically any unit unless they have Bowbreaker, Wary Fighter, really high defense and/or defense buffs, or a -raven tome and T-Adept. Kagero still dies to him, but I was worried that Poison Dagger might have made him move elsewhere let alone Julia and Sanaki trying to steer clear of taking massive damage from her too.
  15. Aww, if only there was a Raigh member badge to complement your temporary Raigh time. On another note, wondering if I should make a spreadsheet of units I have that are 40... Kind of don't want too since I have 56-ish level 40 units -- might have miscounted and some are level 38 to 39, so, close enough.