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  1. Voting Gauntlet: Fated Battles!

    Depression or madness. I wonder who will win the final round.
  2. Part of me hopes that CYL2 Hector will be our sixth Hector just to see the shitstorm that would likely occur. We still don't have Binding Blade, old Hector who can use axes and lances, unpromoted Hector in Blazing Blade could be an axe infantry with Wolf Beil, promoted Hector in Blazing Blade can use swords, and there's bearded Hector at the end of Blazing Blade. Also, Hector wearing Uther's armor.
  3. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Update #14. Update #13 link: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/70372-how-many-5-star-units-do-you-have/&page=53&tab=comments#comment-5224619. RYNO XI. Will do an edit later when I get Linus to 5*.
  4. yorotsruuu yorotsruuu completed the Lunatic Chain Challenge for Book II, Chapters 9-10 with 5* vanguard Ike (neutral) with a Quick Riposte 3 seal, 5* Gerome without Fortress Def equipped, 4* Olivia (neutral) with a Hone Speed 1 seal, and 4* Wrys (neutral) with Slow and Imbue equipped and a Threaten Attack 1 seal. さるGames regularly posts F2P Lunatic Chain Challenge clears as well. The one for Book II, Chapters 9-10 uses 4* Serra (neutral) with Absorb and Swift-Wind Balm equipped and a Drive Def 2 seal, 4* Olivia (neutral) with a Drive Attack 2 seal, 5* BH Lyn (neutral) with a Speed +3 seal, and 5* Fjorm (neutral) with a Quick Ripose 3 seal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0PtMIp5k9I.
  5. Lloyd got tired of being upstaged by his brother, being called a junkie, and being a sword user in a game oversaturated by it, so he chopped off his arm and became a demon hunter. :p E3 is going very well. I can't wait for Death Stranding, Super Smash Bros. Switch., and whatever else.
  6. Assuming the developers haven't been working on a mass scale stat re-balance for the older characters and are preparing it for a massive update in the future, I'm at point where I feel like they should roll them out in batches like with the weapon refinery updates. For one, it could create profit by introducing revitalized units. At least it would be an excuse for them to put up more random, bait banners. If they do that, then I feel like they should start with if not the Askr trio, then Gunter, Jagen, Marth, and maybe Raven and adult Tiki. Also, for kicks, Virion. Gunter and Jagen are the only characters with veteran BST. In a game where level ups aren't RNG-based and where everyone has set stats when they reach level 40, veteran BST doesn't make sense. In the beginning, having higher base stats at level 1 is helpful, but it's probably not that big of an advantage compared to in other games where having good base stats in whatever section of the game can make a huge difference despite them having lower growths. They are literally relics of the past and weighed down by a reference to the main games that doesn't really translate well or at least wasn't handled well enough for a spin-off game. Gunter has to deal Frederick who is a better physical tank and offensive unit than him. His 43 HP, 33 Atk, 24 Spd, 33 Def, and 18 Res (150 BST) to Frederick's 43 HP, 35 Atk, 25 Spd, 36 Def, and 14 Res (153 BST). Frederick already has an established niche and as there are only 3 axe cavaliers in the regular summoning pool, 1 in the seasonal pool, and 1 TT unit, there are some niches unfulfilled. Long story short, I feel like they should just dump 6-7 points into his resistance and make him the Berkut of the axe cavaliers. He won't have access to Berkut's Lance, but perhaps in the future they could introduce that. I don't think he'd get a superboon from it, but regardless, a +Res, -Spd Gunter would have 43 HP, 33 Atk, 21 Spd, 33 Def, and 27-28 Res (156-7 BST). That's pretty good mixed bulk and with an axe version of Berkut's Lance, he'd have +7 resistance when have on top of that giving him 34-35 resistance when attacked and that's before a refine. The only issue is going off of his stats in Fates, it wouldn't make sense since Gunter's resistance doesn't look too good, base and growth, but that didn't stop the developers from giving units with stat spreads different from in their main games. Jagen I guess could have a similar thing happen to him, but have the points pumped into defense and maybe a bit into attack or health. 37 HP, 27 Atk, 24 Spd, 25 Def, and 35 Res gives him 148 BST, so he'd need +8 stat points at a minimum. Dumping 8 points into defense would give him 33/35 defenses which is kind of dumb, but whatever. He'd have 33/42 defenses when attacked with a refined Berkut's Lance+. Give +4 depending on the refine you'd want on him. Worst case scenario with Gunter and Jagen is that they would be on a banner and people would be able to get more Fury, Fortify Cavalry, and Hone Cavalry. As for Marth, while it might be a bit counterintuitive for people who feel Marth is getting a surprise CYL2 alt and buffing the old version might not seem that great when a stronger version is coming up, the first lord being a part of the first batch of stat increases just makes sense to me along with the Askr trio since they are the main characters of Heroes, their game and their story. That said, he might make more sense as part of a Falchion stat increase batch with Alm, Chrom, Lucina, and masked Marth. In that case, well, I guess they could start with Ike, Roy, or someone else. Raven and adult Tiki are more of a they have someone else, Linus and kid Tiki, who shares the same weapon as them, but they have less BST than them. Granted, both of them are pretty min-maxed, so it's probably not that needed at the moment. It also might piss off some people if they literally get dump stats which I feel like would happen. Raven's definitely not getting any points into attack and speed when unique refined Basilikos gives him L&D3 and he has enough bulk to run L&D3 as his passive and Tiki hitting harder and having higher defense probably would annoy the hell out of people. Raven would likely get points distributed to his defense and resistance. Something like +3 Def and +2 Res for 41 HP, 34 Atk, 35 Spd, 28 Def, and 24 Res (162 BST). Not sure about HP since it would make more sense for Linus to have higher HP even if it's slight, well, 1 point. Best case scenario for Tiki is if she gets +3-4 points into her resistance like 40 HP, 35 Atk, 25 Spd, 35 Def, and 27 Res (162 BST). Yeah, a pointless +2 speed increase, but +3 resistance would definitely help her in the long run if she continues to use Lightning Breath or Distant Counter with Breath of Fog. They should totally dump 4 points into HP (147 BST to 151 BST) for Virion because we totally need an archer with 50 HP. :p
  7. Grand Hero Battle of Destiny: Linus, the Mad Dog

    Raven is more closer to Ryoma. Raven has 41 HP, 34 Atk, 35 Spd, 25 Def, and 22 Res (157 BST) to Ryoma's 41 HP, 34 Atk, 35 Spd, 27 Def, and 21 Res (158 BST). So, -2 Def and +1 Res and a difference in their weapons. Legion is more comparable since he's another axe unit. Linus I'd say is closer to +Atk, -HP Barst. Linus has 42 HP, 37 Atk, 33 Spd, 32 Def, and 19 Res (163 BST) to +Atk, -HP Barst's 43 HP, 36 Atk, 32 Spd, 30 Def, and 17 Res (158 BST). -1 HP, +1 Atk, +1 Spd, +2 Def, and +2 Res. +Atk, -Res Gray: 43 HP, 38 Atk, 32 Spd, 30 Def, and 19 Res (162 BST), and +Spd, -Def BH Ike: 43 HP, 36 Atk, 31 Spd, 32 Def, and 20 Res (162 BST) are comparable too. Anyway, I know Wrath isn't exactly easy to get, but Linus would like that. Linus and +Atk Raven have the same 37 base attack, but Linus's physical bulk is greater than Raven's. Merged, Raven wins out, but that's an issue with all GHB and TT units, unfortunately. With unique refined Basilikos, Linus has 45 HP, 58 Atk, 38 Spd, 27 Def, and 14 Res. 72 total or 50x2 physical bulk and 59 total or 37x2 magical bulk. He just needs to take 12 damage to drop to Wrath's range and that's not that difficult with 27 defense. When that happens, then he gets +7 Atk/Spd with his default Brazen Atk/Spd, 65 Atk/45 Spd, and +10 damage whenever he triggers a special. Give him Glimmer or Moonbow and after one round of combat where he takes at least 12 damage, he'll have it charged every turn. Linus isn't as fast as Raven much less +Spd Raven who'd be able to pull off a L&D6 or L&D3 + Fury 3 or Brazen Atk/Spd build better, so the speed part of Brazen Atk/Spd might not matter as much for him compared to the attack part. Swapping in Brazen Atk/Def would maximize his attack while also giving him 34 defense as a back-up in case he still needs to take a hit. In some miracle where he takes exactly 12 damage, he'd have 33 HP and 34 defense after that. His remaining physical bulk would be 67 total or 51x2 instead of 60 total or 44x2. Desperation, Brash Assault is always an option. He hits hard, he has Brazen Atk/Spd as a default skill and it would synergize well with Desperation and Brash Assault, and Desperation and Brash Assault lets him double anyone that can counter back. I'd say they do and they're okay, but axes in general get screwed out of new units being introduced who aren't limited in some way like seasonals or TT units and who have a chance of being demoted like hell Dorcas was ever getting demoted. There's also the issue of them having less units with crazy stat spreads or weapons. I mean this entirely on quantity like how axe units at the moment can only get an anti-cavalry weapon and a Wo Dao weapon through Gerome and spring Alfonse where one was a one-time TT unit and the other a seasonal unit. They don't have a Firesweep Axe, there is still yet to be a regular axe flier to be introduced, Titania is still the last regular axe cavalier introduced, and Boey was the last green unit demoted. Of the units who have legendary/personal weapons than can be obtained at 4* or lower, it's only Anna (Noatun), Camilla (Camilla's Axe), Linus and Raven (Basilikos), and Michalis (Hauteclere). On "quality", however, axes and greens in general have good units and weapons. It's just in terms of regular summoning, greens, especially axes, are stagnant. Barst (46/33/32/30/19), spring Chrom (43/35/32/28/20), BH Ike (43/36/28/35/20) who might want to be +Spd in this case, Linus (42/37/33/32/19), summer adult Tiki (35/36/30/32/24), summer Xander (43/32/30/36/16) can function well as mixed phase units. Four of them are 5* units of which three of them are seasonal units and one's a GHB. For some, Barst is outclassed in general since other units do player phase, offense better like Anna (41/29/38/22/28), Bartre (49/36/25/33/13), Legion (46/36/35/22/18), Raven (42/34/35/25/22), and summer adult Tiki or enemy phase, defense better like Bartre, Dorcas (45/35/23/35/24), Hawkeye (45/33/22/28/30), BH Ike, and summer Xander. They either have higher offenses or defenses than him. Arthur (43/32/29/30/24) is slower than Barst and is essentially an infantry Narcian, but if you go +Res, -HP on him where +Res is a superboon on him, then you get a decent mixed tank with 40 HP, 30 Def, and 28 Res. Arthur and Hawkeye would definitely appreciate an axe version of Berkut's Lance or Safeguard. Anyway, there's also the issue of spring Chrom and Linus who are basically Barst, but with better offenses for less HP and 2 less defense in spring Chrom's case.
  8. Yeah, the resolution is an issue. Gespenst does have a vertical line down the middle of its cover and corner marks which Luna does not have. Tobi's art for Canas has him wielding a tome that has both a vertical and horizontal line and corner decorations, but yeah. Still, Gespenst or Luna would have been interesting tomes for him. Maybe she dismounts it when she gets close enough to her target? Or maybe it's a special kind of wyvern that can fly or glide relatively silently? Or she's a high-profile assassin like in Assassin's Creed. Broad daylight assassinations are still assassinations. They're just more noticeable. Y'know, at this point I kind of want a flying archer Beruka alt and have it be explained as her being able to snipe people on a wyvern.
  9. On the subject of Canas, someone said that the tome in his artwork seems to be Gespenst or resembles it: https://www.reddit.com/r/FireEmblemHeroes/comments/8piehg/i_dont_know_if_this_has_been_pointed_out_but/. It's not that uncommon for characters to be drawn with "strange" weapons like Cherche's official artworks' having her wield Helswath or Saber's art in Heroes showing him wielding a sword that inexplicably resembles Audhulma despite it not appearing in Gaiden/SoV. Gespenst isn't anything special, right? It just has really high Mt and weight, but perhaps it would have been nice for the fourth playable dark mage, after Salem, Raigh, and Niime, in the main series to have had a legendary/personal tome. Also, I kind of want Gustav and Hrid to die off-screen and the end of Book 2 to end with Fjorm and Ylgr dying just to hammer it even more that Surtr is unstoppable, but in such a lame and stupid way. Come on, ruin the story, developers! Make everything utterly pointless! Anyway, Hrid being said to have tried to assassinate Surtr made me think of him being a dagger unit. Archer works too. The problem with that is he it would make him an infantry unit since I'm thinking of someone who sneaks around and being mounted or heavily armored for that matter probably would make him very conspicuous. That said, he could be mounted or even armored and it being explained that in regular combat, he fights like that, but on the occasion he does assassinations or stealth missions, he obviously switches to more covert gear and methods. This is just me, but if he were mounted, then I'd like him to be a griffin rider. It would just be cool.
  10. As I usually do, I checked the new characters' quotes. Nino mentions a fluffy someone as why she can ride a pegasus. She even calls Florina her big sister. And I think regular Nino mentions it too, but Giga Nino also mentions Rebecca and cooking. Nino is so precious. Moving on, I think Karla references Bartre in her 5* level 40 dialogue. Not entirely sure, though. It's just one sentence, though, the line I think is about Bartre and not her 5* level 40 dialogue. Linus sounds really different in English and Japanese. In English, he sounds young, rough, and reckless. Almost like a younger Ike if he was misguided. In Japanese, Linus sounds much older. I get the idea of him having a deep voice works to make him sound gruff, rough, and brash, but he sounds like he's in his mid to late thirties and early forties. It's really weird despite the voice acting being really good. Also, Canas and Lyon are Fox and Peppy, respectively. We're just two characters being voiced by missing Jacob Craner (Falco) and Shannon Torrence (Slippy) to have a team Star Fox in Heroes. Well, the ones from the Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins short since 64 (3D) and Zero have different voice actors.
  11. Gaius is SOL'd with Legault's and any new thief's existence. Jakob at least has decent mixed defenses even though he's significantly slower than Gaius, but at this point, all Gaius has over the other dagger units is HP and it's not stupid HP like Virion's, so it's not that significant. Additionally, assuming Legault is the demoted unit, then merges isn't something he really has over him or Sothe for that matter either. I know. I'm just saying that sometimes, people just put out sub-par work and that perhaps no matter how hard they tried, it just ended up like that. My beef is when some people just automatically blacklist Pikomaro just because of Lloyd's art despite Pikomaro's other work, Heroes or otherwise, being pretty damn good. The link is just there for people who are interested in seeing Pikomaro's other work.
  12. Everyone has a dud? I ranted about this in his GHB thread already, so I'm not going to do it again. Just check out Pikomaro's website: http://rinrin.saiin.net/~pic0/, or look Pikomaro up. For instance, this is the most recent image of a cover art for a manga drawn by Pikomaro. Edit: Regarding the datamined stats...
  13. It wouldn't make sense for Linus since he's a hero, a class with balanced stats, but a stat spread like Ogma's or Barst's would be evil. Pikomaro's work is good, but Lloyd is Pikomaro's weakest work out of the three in Heroes and in general.
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes is becoming YouTube in UI changes. :p