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  1. Evil conspiracy theory: possessed Takumi will be the last GHB unit to be added. After Arvis's re-run, it will be announced that all non-weekly GHB units will be added to the summoning pool as 5*-only summons with the weekly GHBs being added next year. Also, regular Aversa and regular Reina will be legendary heroes. :p Edit: That's weird. I feel like I've seen Okuma Yugo's art before, but apparently I haven't because I've never heard of Young Black Jack and Yakuza Girl nor have I seen Okuma's artwork for some of Gaius's Cipher cards.
  2. Just the other day I was wondering if they would ever introduce alternate units that were based on what if events, alternate realities, and such through seasonal banners. Witch Celica and Sonya were two ideas I thought of alongside a what if "good" Michalis of all things, failed heroes, and something weird like a Sigurd somehow having survived being burned alive. Well, I didn't expect it to happen so soon and as a regular banner. Anyway, the only thing that doesn't sit right with me is Hardin. The moment I saw him, I wondered why he was even on the banner since he would have made more sense as a GHB. All of the upcoming units of this banner including possessed Takumi are bosses, but it's just weird with Hardin. That said, New Mystery Hardin himself is an issue since not only would he have been another armor unit that the developers would be giving out, but he'd be the second armor with built-in Distant Counter they would be giving out who also is the first lance armor with a DC weapon and who has pretty awesome skills, mainly Bold Fighter. Also, missed opportunity for a new hero drawn by Yamada Akihiro. Daisuke Izuka's Hardin looks great, but it would have been nice to see more of Yamada Akihiro's work in Heroes. Possessed Gunter would have been badass. No, this is not me complaining about how axe cavalry still only has three units and how possessed Gunter could have been a new axe cavalier. :p I wonder what Skadi would do. According to the wiki, it's a magic bow that increases the user's critical evade by 20 and also has a unique aesthetic effect of giving Takumi afterimages along with increasing resistance like with bows in Fates? Critical evade could be Guard in Heroes which isn't that great, but the magic bow part makes me think of Felicia's Plate which would make it pretty busted since assuming possessed Takumi has similar stats to regular Takumi, you'd be talking about an archer with about 32/33 offenses who targets whatever defensive stat is lower and the chance of it having built-in Guard as well, so RIP using defensive specials to lower the damage you take from him or being able to attempt to get a charge to do some damage on him or someone else. Also, I find it a bit humorous that the developers planned for Valentine's Hector and witch Celica only for the players to vote for these them in CYL2 and almost Eirika who you could say got shafted by being released during CYL2's voting. Veronica's probably not going to get an alternate version of herself being summoned and Ephraim is a bit unlikely unless CYL2 comes out very late and there's another Magvel banner by that time and he's in it, but it's funny how with each of them being introduced, they developers make a note of how they're not the CYL2 versions of themselves.
  3. Yeah, I checked the wiki and I'm watching a video of it and all the enemies are on the map from the beginning. I don't know if Heroes can have 50 enemies on a single map without being stupid. I know you can have a lot of enemies on the map as the Warriors maps have shown, but 50, though. Anyway, having his GHB gradually introduce reinforcements could work.
  4. A bit late, but I like how F!Robin's opening dialogue for her GHB is friendly making it seem like you're not really fighting her, but sparring with her. Makes sense since compared to the other GHB units, she's not exactly an enemy unit even though F!Robin's more associated with Grima. I wonder if it's a yin yang thing since F!Corrin has that thing going on too where she's associated with Nohr while M!Corrin is associated with Hoshido. Anyway, I wonder if there are any potential GHB units who could have a friendly opening dialogue like F!Robin. The only person I can think of is Priam who I find would be hilarious if he's the upcoming GHB unit. Priam being the upcoming GHB unit would mean three free Ikes: BH Ike (player dependent), vanguard Ike (probably the winner of A Hero Rises), and Priam (Ike's descendant and pseudo-Ike), and that would be hilarious to me since if vanguard Ike wins, then people voted for a free Ike only to get another "Ike". The only issue is what Priam's stat spread will be. If he has the same stat spread as regular Ike which would really make him another Ike, then I could see people being pissed off that he's both a crappy version of regular Ike and vanguard Ike. Priam wouldn't have access to natures, he probably won't have the same skills as him including Aether if they reference him not having Aether in Awakening since it was locked to Chrom and Lucina, he's definitely not going to have Radiant Aether, and he'll be a regular unit unlike vanguard Ike who is a legendary hero. If he has the same stats as regular Ike, then he'll have less BST than vanguard Ike who is essentially a better, promoted regular Ike. If they give him a different stat spread, then he could stand out a bit. They could dump his resistance and pull an Ogma on him and make him lean towards being very physical, but that would make Ragnell not so great on him since his resistance would be atrocious and he'd have to deal with Felicia and BH Lyn where Felicia's Plate would target his low resistance and BH Lyn negates Distant Counter and she could just chip away at his defense or straight-up kill him. I'm talking about stats like 47 HP, 35 Atk, 31 Spd, 37 Def, and 13 Res. The hilarity of this hypothetical Priam running L&D3. 47 HP, 56 Atk, 36 Spd, 32 Def, and 8 Res with Ragnell or 52 HP, 54 Atk, 39 Spd, 32 Def, and 8 Res with a speed refined 14 Mt sword. Quick edit: Priam's map is supposed to be very hard, right? I never got to the end of Awakening, but his GHB could be really fun in that department. Or terrible as a reminder of Valter's. Wait, I just thought of a better idea: Priam as a "dagger Ike" and chucking Ragnell like in Awakening. This would be so dumb. I love it!
  5. Voted for the "Normal Girl" and I was tempted to vote for PA Azura because I have yet to summon any Azuras. I'd love to have any of the units, but vanguard Ike might be the most important one for me considering the new mode where only legendary heroes and blessed heroes can participate and the only legendary hero I have is Fjorm, the one everyone got for free and if you don't have her yet, complete Chapter 1 of Book II to receive a free Fjorm. :p
  6. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    I could really go for a miraculous summon of spring Camilla, summer F!Corrin, Myrrh, and/or Halloween Nowi, an Aversa GHB, or Reina being introduced in the future right about now. Anyway, armor quest was interesting. Winter Lissa is really showing how strong Bold Fighter is along with her her good mixed bulk. Doubling at any health, but death with Bold Fighter is pretty awesome. Otherwise, the Black Knight pretty much did everything with buffs from Arden, winter Lissa, and Zephiel. Cavalry ended up becoming Xander does everything. People said Camus would be useful because of Gradivus and Grani's Shield and I remembered Xander being one of two, the other being Stahl, sword cavalier people used for freebie strategies for Ursula's GHB because of his ability to take little to no damage against the thieves, so I fielded them mainly because they could bait the thieves to start the map. Xander also has Siegfried and I gave him QR3 a long time ago, so why not. The other teammates were Seth and Ursula who I figured Seth would be able to help out by dealing with the axe armor and maybe the green cavalry mage and Ursula would be able to deal with the sword cavalier if I could get Camus to get to him. Well, Seth ended up being only there to deter the green cavalry mage from attacking Xander and Ursula was just there for Fortify Cavalry buffs. So, 5* Camus with Reposition, Vantage 3, and a QR3 seal, 5* Seth (+Atk, -Def) with Ward Cavalry, 5* Ursula with Keen Blarwolf+, Draw Back, R Tomebreaker 3, and Fortify Cavalry, and 5* Xander with Swap, QR3, Hone Cavalry, and a Distant Def 3 seal. The map begins by having Xander go down into the range of the Death Blow thief and within Seth's range for Ward Cavalry and I think after being buffed by Ursula's Fortify Cavalry. None of this is really necessary since the thief only has 42 attack on initiation and Xander with Distant Def 3 has 43 defense. Camus stays close to the group, he just moves down from the highest starting point, but close enough to go directly up where the Fury thief could reach on the next turn. Enemy phase is just the thief getting obliterated by Xander, his Blazing Light being charged, and the enemy moving closer to the group. On this player phase, I pulled everyone back since they couldn't really do anything to the enemy units on player phase. Camus went up to the top to bait the Fury thief, Ursula moves to the tile directly under him which is a safe zone, Seth moves directly under her, and Xander moves to the right corner starting point where the Fury thief could attack him, but he would have done less damage to Xander than to Camus. I gave Distant Def to Xander on the off chance he would need it against the green cavalry mage who I didn't know had Gronnwolf until doing the map since I didn't bother to check way back when infernal Ursula was introduced or the other times with the armor and infantry quests. Well, he didn't need it against the green cavalry mage since it was mainly for the Death Blow thief and even then, it was overkill since if I did have him receive a Fortify Cavalry from Ursula in addition to having DD3 and being buffed by Ward Cavalry, Xander would have had 53 defense against the poor thief. Oh well. I already said what happened and Seth is the one who eats a hit from the green cavalry and survives with probably 17 HP. If not, then 11 if he didn't receive a Fortify Cavalry buff from Ursula which I think didn't happen. Considering Xander has Siegfried and has enough speed to not be doubled by the green cavalry mage, the green cavalry mage would have done more damage to him, Xander would have only had 7 HP after the exchange with DD3 and Ward Cavalry, but the mage would have died as a result. Hitting Seth does less damage, but there's no fear of counter attacks. Moving on, the enemy continues moving closer and the Fury thief dies against Camus. Now, I don't think I'm remembering wrong, but I don't know if the sword cavalier screwed up or if he couldn't get to a position to block Seth from taking out the green cavalry mage and anyone from getting towards Ursula. Whatever, Seth taking out the mage allowed Xander to ride up and destroy enemy Ursula with Blazing Light. He was also in a position where he blocked the sword cavalier and the axe armor from getting to Seth who was very low on health. Seth probably could have survived, but he was in a dangerous situation regardless. The map ends with Xander tanking the remaining two enemies and Camus closing out the sword cavalier and Xander finishing off the axe armor. I think, and I'm not exactly sure on this, but I think this strategy could be replicated with 4* Jagen and 4* Eliwood or 4* Stahl with Ward Cavalry in place of Ursula and Seth, respectively. Jagen would just be there for Fortify Cavalry and that's mainly for whoever will be tanking the green cavalry mage and kind of Camus so he'd take less damage from the Fury thief. 4* Eliwood has Ward Cavalry and high resistance while Stahl has Ruby Sword and just enough speed without Camus's Goad Cavalry to not be doubled by the green mage. Stahl would just need Ward Cavalry from either the limited Berkut or a spare Eliwood and you could give Eliwood a Ruby Sword or T-Adept if you want him to take less damage from the green cavalry mage. A default, -Res 4* Eliwood without Fortify Cavalry will take 37 damage meaning he will die if he's not +HP or has anything to boost his HP or resistance. If he did receive a Fortify Cavalry buff, then he's fine as having 5 HP can be. Eliwood will need 33 speed to double the mage which if he's =Spd, then all he needs is a Hone Cavalry buff. If he's +Spd, +2 speed of some kind and if he's -Spd, Hone Cavalry and a Goad Cavalry or +2 speed of some kind. Neutral Stahl on the other hand will take 28 damage dropping him down to 14 HP, but he'll need 33 speed somehow to G Tomebreaker to double the mage. The speed requirement is possible with -Spd Stahl. Positioning Camus with Goad Cavalry near him and receiving Xander's inherited Hone Cavalry buff brings him up to 31 speed. So, Stahl just needs +2 speed from somewhere which considering if the mage attacks him, then a Threaten Spd 1 seal would. That being said, I have no idea if the AI will do anything different considering Eliwood would have lower defense than Seth, so the sword cavalier might target him and 4* Stahl would be as slow as Xander, but without Siegfried and would be easily doubled by Ursula if not one-shotted like Seth because of Ruby Sword. There's also the issue of do you have Camus or Xander, especially Camus who has yet to receive a re-run. Xander could replace Camus for dealing with the remaining thief where he could use swap on an ally at the top of the map, but you'd need to also address how the position would work since someone else is going to need to be where Xander was in my strategy and it probably shouldn't be someone who can't take a hit from the green cavalry mage. I guess you could use another Xander or another Stahl to occupy the thief's attention.
  7. When his GHB is back again in a week, you could try @Johann's suggestion which I used to complete the quest with 5* Eliwood (+Atk, -Res), BH Roy (+Res, -Def), 5* Titania (+Res, -Atk), and 5* Ursula: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/68256-fire-emblem-heroes-general-discussion-and-links/&do=findComment&comment=5134688. Scroll down a bit and you'll see my post.
  8. I've been using F2P guides to do armor and flier quests, so nothing to note for Narcian's GHB. Pretty lazy with infantry quests as well. Anyway, I decided to figure out the cavalry quest after checking some videos on who to target: the sword infantry. Cavalry quest done with 5* Camus, 5* Eliwood (+Atk, -Res), 5* Titania (+Res, -Atk), and 5* Ursula. Basically Phoenixmaster1's strategy, but with Camus in place of Cecilia and Titania in place of Gunter in terms of units. For skill inheritance and seals, Camus has Reposition, Vantage 3, and a Distant Def 3 seal, Eliwood has Blazing Durandal, Reposition, Draconic Aura, and a Drive Def 2 seal, Titania has Glacies and Hone Cavalry, and Ursula has Keen Blarwolf+, Reposition, Fortify Cavalry, and a Spd+1 seal -- this can be substituted with anything else that gives Ursula at least +1 speed like a speed refined Keen Blarwolf+. The map begins by positioning Ursula just out of range in the left pathway with Titania under her to buff her with Hone Cavalry, Camus below Titania and just in range to reposition Ursula, and Eliwood at the bottom. Ursula with a Spd+1 seal and Hone Cavalry (+6 Spd) has 39 speed allowing her to double the sword infantry taking him out. After she does that, Camus repositions her out and Eliwood and Titania move about so that Eliwood can provide Ward Cavalry and Drive Def 2 buffs to Camus. Narcian moves down to rally the infantry archer putting him in range where Eliwood can bait him. I think it was the infantry archer since the blue cavalry mage would have taken much more damage and would have died if Narcian didn't rally them. Well, Camus tanks a hit, the other enemies start to move down, and because I left Eliwood under the infantry archer with Titania buffing him with Hone Cavalry, he was panicked and if it wasn't him, then the green cavalry mage possibly did that. On this player phase, Eliwood moves in to bait Narcian and I think I just pulled everyone back since I could have had Ursula one-shot the cavalry archer, but then it would have been a hassle to try to get her out or something. Anyway, Narcian survives attacking Eliwood. Assuming Eliwood was panicked, he would have had 47 attack, +4 higher than Narcian's, and would have done 24 + 38 = 62 damage. Yeah, that sounds about right. If I hadn't had Eliwood be buffed with Hone Cavalry, then Eliwood would have done 33 + 48 = 81 damage. It didn't really matter since Eliwood's job was to let Camus survive and deal with Narcian who was basically dead on the following player phase. This is the part where it got weird and stupid. So, the cavalry archer is at the head of the line with his fellow goons behind him and they're in in front of Titania, Ursula, and Camus. At this point I thought I screwed up and didn't know if I could take them out without getting anyone killed. Ursula could one-shot the cavalry archer, but I think I had Titania smack him just because. After Ursula does that, Camus repositions her out. Titania is left in the enemy's range and I figured the blue cavalry mage would move back so the green cavalry mage or infantry archer could hit her. Apparently the green cavalry mage has Axebreaker, so that would have made it worse. Well, he didn't and he just hit her doing no damage. Okay, so I decide to end my turn doing nothing just to see what would happen and if I could figure out a way to position the others so I could take the remaining enemies safely. Enemy phase begins and the green cavalry mage decides to get in front of Titania. I have Titania smack him, he leaves, and the infantry archer stands right in front of Titania who smacks him. So, it starts a loop of the archer and the green cavalry mage going in and out letting Titania slowly chip away at the archer who she wouldn't have even done actual damage to without activating Glacies and Camus's Goad Cavalry. When the infantry archer's health was low enough, I had Ursula finish him off and Camus reposition Ursula out. Then the green cavalry mage died and Camus or Titania could have finished off the blue cavalry mage. I had Camus do it since he had much less SP than Titania. I love how tanky Titania can be against blues and that she can stall out enemies with Guard, but I'm not sure if had she not had Guard, would the enemies have decided to position themselves so they could activate a special on her? Then again, she would have died to the green cavalry mage without a Fortify Cavalry buff since he would have done 23x2 to her and Titania only has 37 HP, but that didn't happen because the blue cavalry mage was hellbent on attacking her.
  9. There's also the issue of Hone and Ward Fliers being rare with Fortify Fliers being somewhat rare if you can't summon Caeda. Goad Fliers is powerful, but you can't always brute force everything and sometimes you need bulk that exceeds +6 Def/Res and/or cannot be affected by panic. Hinoka to me is a lie myth that keeps getting bigger and bigger when she possesses the elusive Hone Fliers and recently is said to become even stronger with her new spear. At least Minerva is a reality to me. A flier with a Distant Counter weapon makes me wonder if they'll give Narcian a "Runeaxe" in the future like how Caeda has Wing Sword instead of Wing Spear. Narcian has good all-around defenses with his only weakness average 29/29 offenses and being naturally weak to archers. If he gets Runeaxe and it's not a Distant Counter weapon, they could have it be a legendary (refined) Carrot Axe+ that has a unique refinement allowing it to target the weaker defensive stat of enemies.
  10. Thanks, I was able to figure it out with that using Eliwood (+Atk, -Res), BH Roy (+Res, -Def), Titania (+Res, -Atk), and Ursula (Ursula). If only Marcus or someone else from Elibe was in the game and as an axe cavalier. I could have had Elibe versus Xander. Eliwood has Blazing Durandal, Reposition, Draconic Aura, Death Blow 3, Swordbreaker, Ward Cavalry, and a Spur Spd 2 used to keep Ursula alive at the end; BH Roy has his default kit and Reposition, Fortify Cavalry which I should have removed since it killed his dad's defense and Titania's in the failed attempts, and a Drive Def 2 seal to make sure Ursula takes as little damage as possible; Ursula has Keen Blarwolf+, Draw Back which didn't get used, Fortify Cavalry, and a Distant Def 3 seal to keep her alive; and Titania has her default kit and Glacies, Hone Cavalry, and a QR3 seal. I tried it at first with Xander, but I think I screwed up by having him attack the sword infantry and letting him charge an Ignis. It might have worked, but whatever. I think things would have went much more smoothly had I not kept Fortify Cavalry on BH Roy since whoever would reposition Titania would end up getting affected by Xander's Panic Ploy and their defenses dropping severely. The irony of it all is that I have a ton of Eliwoods... I narrowed it down to Eliwood repositioning Titania so she could smack the lance infantry. She's just there to start the map and stall out the left side, so I think she could have been fine without QR3 to speed up the lance infantry's defeat. Enemy phase begins and Xander and the Gronnwolf mage go down the middle path towards Eliwood while the sword infantry and green infantry mage go down the right path towards Ursula who's in front of BH Roy. Ursula destroys Xander, Eliwood destroys the sword infantry, BH Roy dismantles the damned Gronnwolf mage, and Titania smacks the lance infantry finishing her off. This is the part where it got a bit tricky since Ursula's in range of the green infantry mage where she will be doubled without having 34 speed or she'll just keel over after taking a hit from Xander. Fiddled with the seals a bit and she lived allowing the final turn to be Eliwood and Ursula teaming up on the green mage and BH Roy and Titania taking out the healer. So, now that leaves the fliers quest which I'd rather wait and see if a miracle happens and I can get Halloween Nowi or any of the other flying mages, Aversa becoming a GHB soon, or whatever else that might help. I bet Michalis or whatever axe flier could pull the same thing where they stall and deal with the left side while everyone else deals with the right side, but there is an issue of movement since Titania was only able to get into that safe zone by being a cavalier.
  11. Yeah, I didn't get lucky with him. At least I have his son, wife, and his wife's other husband? :p There's this with Camus (Bonfire, Drawback, Fury 3, Vantage 3, Ward Cavalry, Spd+2 seal), BH Lyn (Draw Back, Ward Cavalry, Atk+3 seal), +Def, -HP Reinhardt (Swap, Moonbow, Death Blow 3, Lancebreaker 3, Sacred Seal Ace E 3 [Atk+3)), and Xander (Bonfire, Draw Back, Def+3, QR2, Hone Cavalry, Distant Def 3 seal): https://www.reddit.com/r/FireEmblemHeroes/comments/7wv0gt/elite_ghb_xander_cavalry_clear_no_green_units/. I have a feeling that 5* Ursula Keen Blarwolf+ with Swordbreaker or a speed refine could work. With Xander's Hone Cavalry buff, she'd do 35x2 against the Drive Res 2 buffed sword infantry which kills him since he has 61 HP and unbuffed, she can do 26 (Aegis) + 53 = 79 against the Fortify Cavalry buffed and Water Boost using Xander which kills him since he only has 70 HP. Unique refined Keen Blarwolf+ would nullify Xander's buffs, but a speed refine would let her reach 40 speed with Hone Cavalry to double the sword infantry. Ursula normally takes 22 damage from Xander, but with two allies using Ward Cavalry, she'd take 14 damage instead.
  12. T-Adept or double Distant Def 3, QR or G Tomebreaker Xander with Fortify Cavalry buffs works from what I've seen, but I don't have Distant Def 3 sources other than my only Celica and T-Adept is just something I don't want on Xander just because. I'm picky when it comes to what units have what. Mage knight Eirika works as well, but that's a given really considering she and Leo are the only red cavalry mages. Red mage Sacred Stones Selena when? I hope Julie Ann Taylor voices Sacred Stones Selena.
  13. What armor units do you have? Arden, Draug, the Black Knight, and Gwendolyn have been used successfully for the quests with Effie sometimes being used and Sheena for some strategies like infernal Michalis because she provides Fortify Armor buffs and has Svalinn's Shield to deal with the lance infantry not to mention being the only 4* summonable axe armor. I substituted Sheena for winter Lissa just to see if it would work and because I was too lazy to give Sheena Swap. It worked, she survived the lance infantry and dealt enough damage on him to let the Black Knight finish him off with Black Luna. Arden and especially the Black Knight take care most of everything while Draug and Gwendolyn provide buffs. So, you could substitute some of them for others like I didn't have enough SP at the time for freebie Gwendolyn to give her Swap and I just recently had Zephiel learn Hone Armors just because and that worked out for infernal Lloyd, Michalis, and Xander. Some of the strategies need Swap on them which isn't surprising considering it's a staple on armor teams. One infernal Xander strategy requires that Gwendolyn learn Reciprocal Aid to heal the Black Knight. I didn't want to do that, so I used Zephiel instead and had Arden in place of Draug who closed the map out by destroying the healer. Also, some seals might need to be upgraded like Close Def, Distant Def, and at least Spur Spd 2 for the Xander strategy I used or else the Black Knight won't be able to double the green infantry mage with 38 speed. This was the strategy I used for Xander: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x2kYa-07u8. Ventus and a couple of others just recently uploaded theirs. I'm stuck on cavalry and fliers. The Keen Gronnwolf mage is an ass and I don't really know how to approach the fliers quest. One issue I have with the fliers quest is that Hone Fliers is still locked to 5*-only fliers where one of them is a red mage, Halloween Nowi, and she would have been really freaking usefu on her own being able to take out the sword infantry and deal with the green mages. Someone said Elincia could deal with the right side on her own with Distant Def 3 to lower the damage she takes from the mages, but I think she'll need Swordbreaker or be in range of enough Goad buffs that don't cause those fliers to get targeted by and killed by the green mages. Alternatively, Michalis could probably handle the left side, but then the question becomes how do I get pass Xander to deal with the green mages who would likely kill him and probably the blue flier I'd be using to deal with Xander? I hope Aversa is introduced sometime this year as a GHB. Reina as a regularly available flying archer would be helpful even though she would likely be a 5*-only summon. I will laugh if the upcoming legendary hero is a flying dagger unit.
  14. I dunno. Probably speed refine because of Windsweep. I've seen the build before and a friend runs it, but I don't actually know how well it works. I'm assuming it's good for what it does as it uses F!Corrin's speed, she's still the fastest dragon in the game with Ninian being second at 33 base and kid Tiki at 30 base to F!Corrin's 34 base, to safely inflict -7 Atk/Spd on her enemies with a refined Dark Breath+ and Windsweep on player phase. On enemy phase, her enemies will have to deal with -7 Atk/Spd, F!Corrin's high speed and defense, third highest defense at 34 base under adult Tiki's 35 and Myrrh's 36, and if she has Distant Counter, also her ability to target the weaker defensive stat of ranged units. Phantom Spd 3 would be helpful for Windsweep, but you could give her Close or Distant Def depending in what you need and if and when Def or Res Smoke become seals, they could help out too depending on what your team needs. I wonder if anyone here is knowledgeable or has experience using a Dark Breath, Windsweep F!Corrin?
  15. +Spd for that Dark Breath and Watersweep or Windsweep cheese, though. :p With her targeting resistance and refined breaths targeting the weaker defensive stat of ranged units, I think 27 neutral attack should be fine. +Atk F!Corrin having 31/34 looks good, but so does +Spd F!Corrin having 27/37 offenses in consideration to what stat she targets.