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  1. [COMPLETE][FE8] Void's Blitzarre Adventure - v1.1.1 RELEASED

    It's not a bug, it's a feature. Fleets have the same movement type as pirates; you just never see them move onto land because they don't have time to in the only chapter they appear in (Ephraim ch10).
  2. It's against the rules to post roms, so you'll want to remove that. Put a patch instead.
  3. How do I insert a custom map into a rom?

    This is useful for inserting Tiled (.tmx) maps. I'm assuming the map creator you're using is Yeti's FE Map Creator? If it is, just save as a .tmx and you should be good to go.
  4. Romhacking: 50 Character (Unit) Limit

    Matthew's data is saved when he leaves, since he returns later and has the same stats. Merlinus counts as a unit, since he has stats that need to be saved.
  5. Narrative Marithon (NM) Official Thread

    You would be a late entrant, and thus have an extended deadline up to December 31st. So it should still be doable if you work hard.

    A byte can either be unsigned or signed. If unsigned, it represents the numbers 0 through 255 in decimal (0x00 through 0xFF). In a signed value, the topmost bit (0x80) is used as a sign; it's set if the number is negative and not set if the number is positive. In this case, 0x00 through 0x7F are positive and represent the numbers 0 through 127, and 0x80 through 0xFF are negative and represent -128 through -1. In hex, your hp growth is 0x87. If the byte were unsigned, it would be equivalent to 134 decimal, but because FEBuilder decided growths were signed (for whatever reason), it'll display -121. However, the function that calculates growths uses unsigned bytes, and thus it will calculate the growth as 134, as you intended.

    Rest assured that growths are not, in fact, signed values.
  8. (FE8)How to remove the world Map and the Intro?

    For the intro world map events ("The continent of Magvel..."), assemble this with Event Assembler: ORG $A39768 EVBIT_MODIFY 0x1 SKIPWN ENDA The intro (the spiel about the sacred stones): //Skip New Game text ORG $C4928 SHORT 0 //Silence New Game music ORG $C4A0C BYTE 0
  9. Don't replace the palettes for map sprites, only the graphics.
  10. Nightmare doesn't work?

    Where are you changing his class? If it's in the character editor module, I'm pretty sure that says it only affects the support viewer. You need to change it in the Chapter Units editors (and there sometimes might be multiple copies). Also, you have to do it in the chapter the character first appears in (playable), and you have to restart the chapter (to reload the unit) for the changes to take affect. So, for instance, if I wanted to make Heath a pegasus rider, I'd modify his unit data in chapter 22 (where he starts out as an enemy unit) and not chapter 15 (where he appears in a cutscene). If I'm already past chapter 22, then the Heath in my party won't suddenly change class. Hope that helps!
  11. FEhacking Newbie Questions!

    When you say "it won't work", what is "it"? Is the conversation not happening at all? If that's the case, it sounds like you may need to edit the events or something. As to your second question, you can import most animations without issues. Some special ones (fire dragon, dark druid) might either be 'weird' or be missing sound effects. For the most part, however, there shouldn't be any issues.
  12. Izarck's Quest

    Looks like FE7, based on the title screen.
  13. Sacred Stones Revamp

    Definitely make a new post in the spriter's forum if you want feedback. It won't be seen here.
  14. Fire Emblem and the Twelve Heroes Base Stats

    It's kind of hard to judge anything about bases in a vacuum. We don't even know what level they start at, or how they compare to enemies, or anything. It's nice to have as a guideline, sure, but playtesting will ultimately tell you whether your stats work or not. That being said, the con values overall look really high. A female (I assume, going by the name) cavalier with 16 con? She can't rescue anyone. If it's in fact a male, he would only be able to rescue the cleric and the tactician, provided none of them are promoted. 10 hp at base for a cleric is absolutely atrocious, unless you really want someone that can't take a hit ever (even if they have a high hp growth, healers don't level up very quickly unless you modify base staff exp). Heck, she has more magic than hp! And even if they're not supposed to be a frontliner, 12 hp for someone who is (Stephanie) is just...really bad.
  15. Sacred Stones Revamp

    I dunno about bad, but it sounds like an enormous waste of time. You're recreating a game that already exists with (theoretically) better assets. If you're going to go through all this hassle, you might as well make something original (which also solves the copyright issue). The goals (get better at art and coding) are worthwhile; the idea needs work, essentially. And if you really are double-majoring, I think you'll find that you have even less time than you think, unless you're a genius and don't need to sleep.