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  1. I got the new fates dlc and some very strange glitch happened when i was playing story mode to get the rest of the momentos, i switched a unit too Azura and i ended up getting 2 lyns. Not that im really complaining though. But now i cant seem to get it to happen again.
  2. My Castle Central: Friend|Castle Code Sharing

    My castle code is 05256-20632 00446-18144 Come by and have a visit! Have some useful skills and could use the help as i am doing a lunatic classic play through. I also have Quartz and Daikons as well.
  3. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  4. Hello its nice to be a part of the community! Well a little about me is I like to make sprites and such even music! well I guess thats really it for now I can not think of much else to say at the moment haha, anyway see ya all around the Forums!