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  1. Haha. It's a yolo worth taking then.
  2. Hector has amazing boon and bane. Lucina is a bit hurt because of the speed bane, but it can be saved. Reinhardt is okay.
  3. I thought you were waiting for the bunny banner, Vax? I'd bet Priscilla will become available as 4*.
  4. If they're paired with units with positioning skills, I reckoned they'll be really hard to deal with. I once encountered a Nino paired with Swap Sharena and boy it was not pretty. Sharena: I won't let you touch Nino! -swap- Red units trying to ORK Nino: .......
  5. Ah. That's a blunder on my part. I was randomly tapping without reading the VA and thought "Sounds like Koyasu. Must be Koyasu" when checking out Odin.
  6. Not meaning to make fun of you or anything, but the way you describe the 1% rate is rather funny. Though you bring up some really fair points, most people does care about getting shinies and whatnot. The gacha itself doesn't miffed me too much, mind you. It's more of how it takes quite a bit of time to burn off the stamina you got (mainly due to slow loading times and the overall game being not too optimized), which can be a royal pain when you're trying to grind stuffs or if you're quite serious about the game.
  7. Good news is Hector hasn't had his focus yet, so you can at least wait for that. Julia and Azura must not be thrown imo.
  8. If my memory serves me well, M Corrin is a Jack of All Trade unit, right? As in, I can build him in anyway I want according to my preference, tanky, offensive, etc. Tagging tactician @MrSmokestack for clarification and suggestions.
  9. So I switched to JP since I was wondering how Ninian sounded like. And boy, she really had me there. Her polite way of speaking which gives off a dignified vibe is a music to my ears. I'm definitely keeping with JP now. Also, Fae is definitely way cuter in JP, even though her Eng one is not half bad either. And Odin is voiced by Koyasu. Wished I had known this sooner.
  10. Haha please. I can't compare to a Mega Washi Washi. And man, her JP voice is really great.
  11. In light of being not interested in the Easter Banner, I decided to spend my saved up 80 orbs to try for Ninian again. I'm avoiding whites because they're dangerous Pull 1 Forgot to ss the next pull but this is my result Still no Ninian in sight.... So I did one more pull and.... The rest of the summon session Thank you Easter for these ultimate blessings. No regrets. Now I can finally join @shadowofchaos and @Ice Dragon in their Ice Dragon waifu wagon.
  12. During the middle of spring banner most likely.
  13. It's best you don't approach that game, fellow summoner. It's a game designed for M. Also not pulling the spring gacha. That means I can try for a Ninian again! 80 orbs leggoo.
  14. I actually like the English ones for their accents, e.g ENG Seliph over JP Seliph. The overall quality of the English voiceover does take a dip, admittedly (like Hinata or Eldigan's...and I'm potentially missing the glorious Ayaneru). If only we can switch character voice manually ala Street Fighter/UMVC3. I'll probably switch over to JP sooner or later.
  15. Three Divine Tacticians: Weaboos. If anything, I'll probably miss my spotlight because of my timezone, lol. But I'll see if I can be of assistance to others.