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  1. Managed to get to 93k with a couple of extra stamina potions. Tomorrow I should easily reach that final benchmark. I just have to keep going in the morning.
  2. At 86K myself. I probably will just start auto battling on Hard to get to 90K then call it quits. I have the stamina potions, but I have just reached the point where Tempest goes from mind numbingly repetitive to frustrating every run. I just don't want to play anymore.
  3. Took me a while to track down all of the information, but here is the current list in order obtained/Promoted. 1.Fae (+Atk -Res) Pulled on Deep Devotion. 2.Y!Tiki +1(+Atk -HP) Pulled on Legendary Heroes. 3.Ephraim +1 (Neutral) Pulled on Family Bonds. 4.Ryoma (+Atk -HP) Pulled on Family Bonds. 5.Jeorge +1 (+HP -Spd) Pulled on Sibling Bonds. 6.Catria (+Res -Atk) Pulled on Blazing Shadows. 7.Beruka (+HP -Spd) Pulled on the Wyvern Voting Gauntlet. 8.Titania (+Atk -HP) Pulled on World of Radiance. 9.Reinhardt (+Res -Def) Promoted from Four Stars. 10.Zephiel (Neutral) Promoted from Four Stars. 11.Azura (IVs currently unknown) Pulled on Hero Fest. 12.Boey (+Res -Atk) Pulled on Rite of Shadows. 13.Klein (+HP -Spd) Pulled on Battling Lloyd. 14.Charlotte (+Atk Res) Obviously pulled on Bridal Blessings. 15.Linde (+Def -HP) Pulled on Bridal Blessings. 16.Marth (Neutral) Tempest Trial Reward 17.Eirika (+Atk -Def) Promoted from Four Stars. 18.Tobin (Neutral) Tempest Trial Reward. 19.Gray (+Atk -HP) Pulled on Alm's Army. So 22 Five Stars in Total, 19 without duplicates and 14 unique pulls. Of those I have 7 reds, 6 blues, 4 greens, and 2 colorless. Later this week I plan on promoting a few characters to five stars so I will update then.
  4. Apart from the obvious Valentia banners, I think we will also get a continuation of Sibling Bonds because of the sheer amount of siblings in FE and the fact that we only got one half of the sibling pair in Sanaki. Sibling bonds had two new sets of siblings, a sibling of an existing character, and a sibling with no correlation at the time. For the brand new pairs Clair and Clive can continue off the Valentia hype, Maybe Delthea and Luthier as well. Sanaki can have her sister whose name I will revoke and we could have some oddball like Dart to round out the set of six.
  5. Normally I find the types of changes pointless, but this pink actually is really cute. Can we have it as a selectable thing for real?
  6. When Mangs sees all of these Arden requests. Still, Arden's sacrifice was legit.
  7. Honestly, I think my castle is a great idea. Giving players a customizable area with streetpass options, experience grinding and support building. It seems better than going through a plethora of dull menu screens. That said face rubbing makes me uncomfortable. Also listening in at 2:36 reveals the Vendor Music is back. I feel an unnatural amount of hype for that alone.
  8. Hoshido on hard mode. Then Nohr on hard mode. Then back to Lunatic Hoshido to raise the stakes and replay the path with more understanding of the Nohr's side of things.
  9. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  10. I hate Diddy With a passion. Samus players that know what they are doing also give me a lot of grief. Either way I tend to do team matches in for glory. Nothing like doing all the work while your teammate steals all the kills. And Dealing with D3's being Gordos spammed while I have my hands full.
  11. 1:21 He looks like a fusion between Camus and Narcian. I am being Sirius.
  12. I can't argue with that. However, I really do think that Dark magic suits them best due to defense growths. If a Wyvern Mage had a higher magic growth, I would be fine with low resistant to balance it out. Even if the class would not be particularly good, it would still be very cool to have.
  13. I really would enjoy flying units split up into 3 groups based on weapons. Pegasus Tree Pegasus Knight-Swords Promotes to Falcon Knight-Swords, Staves or Holy Flier-Swords, Light Magic Griffon Tree Griffon Scout-Axes Promotes to Griffon Knight-Axes, Lances or Griffon Hunter-Axes, Bows Wyvern Tree Wyvern Rider-Lances Promotes to Wyvern Lord-Lances, Swords or Wyvern Warlock-Lances, Dark Magic It may need tweaking, but it seems like a good start.
  14. My username is Egotistical Fool, I joined these forums a few days ago and am enjoying this site. While my experience with Fire Emblem is limited to Radiant Dawn, Shadow Dragon and Awakening, I am enjoying the franchise so far.
  15. Considering I am slow but sturdy, I would most likely be a Knight. My reclasses would be Dark mage due to my intelligence and sadistic outlook on life, coupled with Mercenary due to my tendency to choose what side fits me best. I would certainly be any enemy unit that has to be recruited and initially has a shakey relationship with everyone.