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  1. I always found it amusing that Intelligent Systems decided to give Gonzales and Garcia (from Sacred Stones) Spanish surnames as their first names. Everyone else has given names, like Roy or Wendy or Ephraim. Hell, there was a Pablo in Sacred Stones too, now that I think about it. And Tomas from Shadow Dragon/New Mystery. They have Spanish given names, so why not Garcia? Or Gonzales?
  2. Ol' Wrys, the scrotum-faced priest. By the way, Ostia was the name of an ancient Roman port on the Italian peninsula. But it does sound identical to hostia. Nice to see a new LP from you!
  3. Nice LP! I'm looking forward to your future projects, if you choose to continue showing them here, that is. Hope to see a new thread from you soon!
  4. The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

    Cool, thanks for the clarification. I also noticed that most single weapon promoted classes (swordmaster, sniper, berserker, commander) have the 15% crit bonus while halberdiers do not. Is this intentional?
  5. The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

    I'm liking the hack so far; I'm up to Chapter 15. The maps are quite good and nicely designed, and the concept of having generic units fight alongside named characters is novel and interesting. I am also curious about the growth rates (namely to see if my Kristoph is getting screwed) and also about the support conversations. Aside from a few obvious ones, I haven't seen many. I don't know who supports with whom. Information like that would be nice. Can one also patch 3.0.2 to the already modified rom or does the rom have to be clean? Thanks.
  6. Really the MU doesn't deserve to die. Unless it's Pretzel. I mean, it's the one unit in FE that you create yourself. The only problem is that you can't control its boring personality. If you could make any character you wanted that would be more fitting for a role playing game, no? But nope. You always get the same character traits for every avatar you make. They're always so infatuated with and servile to Marth whatever you do. I guess that's why you hate Pretzel so. No matter what you do, he's still the dumbest, most uninteresting character in any Fire Emblem game.
  7. Now make a female myrmidon called Shanoa to avenge Pretzel's death. Looking forward to your next LP!
  8. Congratulations and thanks for the great LP! Do you have any plans for a future run of this game or a playthrough of a different one?
  9. I don't care how many rules you've broken, I'm just glad you've even considered using units like Ymir or Roshea. I made this kind of post before, but it bears repeating. Barlowe's Benchwarmer Brigade will rise again!
  10. Ay, dios. Ay, dios. Ay, dios. Has enloquecido por completo. La muerte de Matthis va a joder todo. Suerte.
  11. Hasty is the adjective, haste is a noun. Many adverbs are made in English (as well as Spanish, e.g. rĂ¡pido to rĂ¡pidamente) by affixing an ending to an adjective, such as -ly or -mente for Spanish. You could also say "with haste" but "hastely" isn't really in use now.
  12. If only you'd known that Yumina would turn out so awesome, maybe you would have made Pretzel a fighter rather than a mage at the beginning. Still, it didn't help that your MU got so stat screwed. I don't think I've ever seen a worse one. I'm glad that you've developed some rarely used units, though. Athena and Matthis, and Leiden sure appreciate your efforts, and so do I. Nice work cranking these out!
  13. Yumina can use it. The resurrected person doesn't have to be a princess for the staff to work. The user, however, does.
  14. NA Corrinquest videogame character edition

    Name: Link Game: Legend of Zelda Class: Mercenary to Hero (for the sword and shield combo, plus he's the Hero of Time) Boon: HP Bane: Speed Personal Skill: Swordfaire Castle Address: 09971-53141 34481-14393
  15. Let's Play OpenXCOM - Terror from the Deep

    Well there goes Geoffrey. Time for a new character then: Name: Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne Sex: Male Class: Heavy Bio: A former English international football player and manager. "Gazza" was known for two things: his extraordinary ability as a midfielder and his breaking down in tears after a penalty in a World Cup semifinal game. He lets his emotions run wild on the battlefield.