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  1. Name: Link Game: Legend of Zelda Class: Mercenary to Hero (for the sword and shield combo, plus he's the Hero of Time) Boon: HP Bane: Speed Personal Skill: Swordfaire Castle Address: 09971-53141 34481-14393
  2. Well there goes Geoffrey. Time for a new character then: Name: Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne Sex: Male Class: Heavy Bio: A former English international football player and manager. "Gazza" was known for two things: his extraordinary ability as a midfielder and his breaking down in tears after a penalty in a World Cup semifinal game. He lets his emotions run wild on the battlefield.
  3. Hey, I'm all for another round of XCOM! Name: Geoffrey Howe Sex: Male Class: Flare Bio: A colleague of Norman Tebbit and former Conservative MP who famously resigned from his post of Deputy Prime Minister in 1990. A man who also speaks at nothing louder than a mumble, droning on about unemployment figures and interest rates and taxation until fellow soldiers find themselves nodding off.
  4. finished

    Shame about Owain. Here's my last, but not least, submission. Name: Margaret Thatcher Sex: Female Class: Shock Other: Back from the grave and determined to avenge Norman Tebbit, the former Prime Minister of Britain is vengeful, tough as nails, and very likely to harangue her fellow soldiers. The Iron Lady won't give up until she or all the aliens are dead.
  5. finished

    Name: Owain Glynd┼Ár Class: Heavy Sex: Male Other: The last native Welshman to hold the title of the Prince of Wales in the 15th century. He has been raised from the dead to fight the alien scourge just as he had struggled against the English for Welsh independence. A fiery presence on the battlefield, alleged to have great mental powers. If that fails, his gun should suffice.
  6. finished

    Name: Ambrose Bierce Class: Medic Sex: Male Other: An American author, poet, journalist, satirist, soldier, and social critic who was last seen heading into Mexico in 1914. Somehow he has stumbled upon the aliens and decided to take up arms again for a new adventure. He is famous for penning the remarkable "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," a short story, and his satirical definitions of common words in "The Devil's Dictionary." A bigger cynic you could never imagine.
  7. finished

    Yeah I screwed up Brett Favre's name. Guess my phone didn't autocorrect it that time.
  8. finished

    Name: Brett Favre Sex: Male Class: Shock Other: An American football player most known for his long career as a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. He's been called out of retirement yet again to combat the alien hordes. While he's a decent shot with a rifle, he prefers throwing grenades at the aliens as if he were back on the astroturf.
  9. Screenshots

    Maybe the portraits were redone in the color palette of Sacred Stones. I could be wrong though
  10. finished

    Well at least Norman Tebbit had a great run. Time to draft up another character then. Name: David Attenborough Sex: Male Class: Scout Other: Normally a peaceful man, David was forced into the fight against the aliens. Despite his lack of combat experience, he often wades into the thick of the action, treating the exotic specimens he finds like the subjects of his many nature documentaries.
  11. finished

    Name: Norman Tebbit Sex: Male Class: Sniper Other: A tough old bastard who had a long political career in the British parliament. Now his main hobby is shooting aliens.
  12. finished

    Name: Private Leonard "Gomer Pyle" Lawrence Class: Shock Sex: Male Other: An excellent shot with a rifle, and bulky as hell, but slow and hilariously out of shape. He doesn't get along too well with higher ups in the army, especially drill sergeants.
  13. Nah, still no luck. Maybe I'll have to play through the game again with new save files. Not sure why it's still acting the same way.
  14. Maybe my emulator isn't up to date, but yeah, all three options result in the same black screen. I have VBA-M, but I don't know if it's current.
  15. This seems to have happened to me, or at least something similar to it. When I play Chapter 8 of the Green Patch, the one before the route split, I can go through the map as normal. Eirika doesn't vanish for me, thankfully, but after I seize the chapter and select an option from the route split menu, the cutscene goes black and I can't go any further. I hear the background music playing but there's no way for me to go on to Chapter 9. I've tried giving her max health with codes, an angelic robe, and carrying her through the chapter. Anyone have a similar problem?