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  1. FE7 PME: Pink Suit Edition

    Reduce the weight of all steel weapons by 2 points. It's a double edged sword (haha) in that both you and the enemy benefit, but it should help your lower con units, of which there are many. Perhaps also switch weapon ranks such that silvers now only require a B, but brave weapons need A.
  2. FE7 PME: Pink Suit Edition

    Behold! Karla has become your Archsage!
  3. FE7 PME: Pink Suit Edition

    Isadora will now be called "I a soard." Make her a swordmaster.
  4. FE7 PME: Pink Suit Edition

    Have Sain be a cleric. e: whoops, just looked at the list again. Let Kent be a cleric then.
  5. FE7 PME: Pink Suit Edition

    Okay then, let Dart be a myrmidon.
  6. FE7 PME: Pink Suit Edition

    This looks pretty interesting! Why not make Dart a Myrmidon or Guy a Cavalier?
  7. Let's play Binding Blade again - give me a squad

    You'll need a healer, so try using Saul. He's (relatively) early.
  8. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    I swear, Conquest has you fight against Nohrian units as often as Hoshidan units. Are there any deceitful or venal officers in Hoshido whom you face in Birthright? Nope, they're all saints and 100% loyal to the royal family. For all the game's crowing about war not being black and white, there is little to show for it. The stories in Fates are just so bad it really boggles the mind.
  9. FE7 HHM Low-Tier Playthrough (Complete!)

    Hey, good to see you and your LPs again! I thoroughly enjoyed both your low-tier runs; what's more, you clearly devoted a great deal of effort and thought to these projects, and it shows. Well done! I hope you'll consider doing Sacred Stones next!
  10. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Don't forget about Haitaka. He's pretty good; at least he has Rally Def.
  11. Axe-venture Time with hatchets! Elibian Axes Playthrough

    Lundgren is an evil man with a crescent moon shaped face. It's like IS knew he was a pretty cartoonish villain. His methods for achieving his goals are suspect, but at least he gets a great line in one of his scenes.
  12. I always found it amusing that Intelligent Systems decided to give Gonzales and Garcia (from Sacred Stones) Spanish surnames as their first names. Everyone else has given names, like Roy or Wendy or Ephraim. Hell, there was a Pablo in Sacred Stones too, now that I think about it. And Tomas from Shadow Dragon/New Mystery. They have Spanish given names, so why not Garcia? Or Gonzales?
  13. Ol' Wrys, the scrotum-faced priest. By the way, Ostia was the name of an ancient Roman port on the Italian peninsula. But it does sound identical to hostia. Nice to see a new LP from you!
  14. Nice LP! I'm looking forward to your future projects, if you choose to continue showing them here, that is. Hope to see a new thread from you soon!
  15. The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

    Cool, thanks for the clarification. I also noticed that most single weapon promoted classes (swordmaster, sniper, berserker, commander) have the 15% crit bonus while halberdiers do not. Is this intentional?