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    Whoa ! Very good job indeed, I finished a playthrough yesterday and it was really amazing. I had some problems however : For a reason I don't understand, my changelog wasn't telling me the right weapon mastery of my childrens (For exemple, lester was bowknight and was displayed as "Sword B, Lance C", which I supposed to be Paladin). Maybe you've already changed that in the new version, I did play on the 2.1.6. Also Seliph didn't inherit any sacred blood - because Sigurd had like Loptyr/Vala- which was pretty fun to see, he was so weak compared to the other childrens. On the other hand, Arthur came with 80 hp at level 1, that was... yeah, broken. I found also that you can "duplicate" the Tyrfing because you can transmit it to anyone, then you can get another one in Chapter 10 if you talk to the bishop... but this is the same weapon, with same uses and kills, and if you save and reload, it disappear. I think you can do that with the Gae Bolg too. It's pretty fun. Maybe you can make Arion, Arvis, Brian and Langbalt drop their holy weapons ? It would be really amazing to use Valflamme or Mjollnir in the game. Anyway, great work and thank you !