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  1. Your animals are always fantastic! I also like that Harken, I don't think I've seen it before. Sad about your old gallery, sad to have image hosting break.
  2. Assorted stuff. I'll save all my SoA stuff for after fee3 so no spoil
  3. bbss

    Harken in whatever a hero overclass would be
  4. bbss

    Ice wizard I guess
  5. bbss

    March = April
  6. Pm'd my votes in. I like all the different styles, lots of variety.
  7. Do participants get to vote and if so how does voting for yourself work?
  8. what do you want it for?
  9. First two are my favorites, though I feel the ears are in the wrong place second one, and their shoulder might be a little slim. Something about the green hair girls' faces is off putting to me. First one's face seems crowded or something and the second's eye might be too low or something. I really like the hair on the first two.
  10. Both directions for that person are pretty pillowy. For the far side of the face, its better to make most of it second shade (or 3rd if you're into fe8 shading). and for a lot of other areas it looks like you might have just been overzealous with anti aliasing. For areas that are going to be lighter you don't need that much anti aliasing and don't be afraid to let the lightest and darkest colors touch.
  11. bbss

    I would appreciate an extension
  12. BBSS

  13. You really need to work on your pillow shading, as well as your colors. It looks kinda like you're using mug colors for your skin shades when you should be using bs colors. Everything is also super pillowy, you don't need to AA everything, I think that's contributing to your problem.