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  1. My Sprite Work

    Your colors are pretty close together, you should pick colors with higher contrast between them so that you can still see details. It helps to pick existing FE colors and then edit them a bt if you're having trouble.
  2. Toa's Sprites

    Some original characters!
  3. Backer's Sprites

    These sprites are pretty good, but there are definitely things you can improve. On many of your sprites, you don't have far cheek shading, which is a staple of FE sprites. Some of your lines could do with cleaning up by making curves smoother and more consistent. Your anatomy is pretty good(the latest girl has a veeeeery small frame though), but details could be spiced up. If you want to improve your hair, I'd suggest studying hair from the vanilla portraits and how they do things. Same deal for things like cloth and armor and especially for trim, which can be pretty hard. It also helps to know how things are drawn in other styles. Keep practicing and you'll keep getting better! A lot of your stuff appears to have disappeared though...
  4. To be fair to the guy, pretty sure it's free to use. If he's using it to try and figure out hack boxing, seems fine, though he could credit. You have the right idea for framing splices with the first one, though when you use FE6 faces you have to create additional frames like blinking. Here's my guide to simple splicing which has a bit about hack boxing at the end. Hope it helps!
  5. Eiserino Spriterini

    I like the new glasses girl, dig the hair. The hair shades on pink hair seem a little close together and her skin tones seem to have a similar problem, but I like it. The finished portraits are rare, exciting, and pretty nice.
  6. SaXor's Vault

    The body looks pretty good! The face seems a little weird, the nose is very straight and the far cheek is a little too angular. The eyes need to be shaded a bit better, right not they look kinda out of place. The features of the face could use some more anit-alisaing, except for the jaw where the anit-aliasing is pretty extreme and could be toned down a bit. His neck is too long but you said you threw it together and it doesn't look like you changed that positioning so you might already know that.
  7. Paladin's (new) Sprite Gallery

    The colors on both the battlesprite and the portrait could use some work. On the battlesprite, all the whites are pretty close together so it all kinda looks the same. The hair on both has a similar problem, you need to make your shadow colors much darker. It's advisable to borrow colors from existing FE sprites and tweak them a bit as they give you a good base to work off of. The portrait has a lot of problems. First thing I notice is that the near eye is in a bit of a weird place, it looks like its too high up and too far to our right. Your fifth skin shade (the dark gray one) is definitely wrong, it's far too light and makes your eyebrows and jawline too light. The bridge of the nose is just sort of drawn in place as opposed to meshing into the eye shading, girls in FEGBA have pretty weak bridges so you could probably erase most of it. The shaping of some of the lines is sort of ugly, as they aren't smooth curves. Her near shoulder, far cheek, and jawline are noticeable to me. You're going to want to avoid drawing lines with a 2-1-1-2 pattern as it looks pretty bad on a small scale. The outline-black lines on her shirt stick out pretty badly as they aren't anti-aliased into the shirt at all. Hope you keep spriting and improving, good luck!
  8. Persona 5 Akira Kurusu portrait

    Your black is very black and your white is very white. With the blacks you can't really see any detail when you make your colors that dark. FE blacks usually have like a mid gray as their light shade so that you can see details. The white on the neck is pretty unshaded. For the glasses, you're going to want to anti-alias them a bit to make them not just look like lines drawn on the face. To make the sides equal, you either need to make the far side a little wider or the near side a little narrower.

    Dark mage Trainee. He only picked dark magic because it looks cool.
  10. Toa's Sprites

    If I were a wyvern lord
  11. The Koala is bored. (Splices)

    The integration between the parts is kinda rough, things to look out for are janky necks and badly shaded foreheads. Adult Myrrh looks like a child's head on an adult body as opposed to an adult character. Klaid's neck is kinda weird, might be a little too long. The colors in his armor are a little too dark too. I don't know why you would have color problems with that palette, with the way FE portrait palettes are done you should have 6 colors for skin and outline, 3 colors for hair, 3 colors for armor 1, and 3 colors for body 2 + 1 for the background. Since it looks like you only have 1 set of hair colors and 1 set of armor colors, you lost three colors somewhere. Your profile pic is pretty good, the pieces are put together well, except for the fact that your hair and face are at different angles which is kind of awkward.
  12. Eiserino Spriterini

    You should finish gil cosplay, looks sick so far
  13. SaXor's Vault

    Like others have said, the head and hair are pretty good. The body has definitely improved since the last version, but still has some problems. The body the collarbones are pretty dark and they slant upwards too quickly. The transition from neck to shoulders is kind of awkward as well. Here's how I draw collarbones
  14. Auto's Sprites

    The head is a little strangely positioned on the body, it feels too far up and maybe a little too far to our left. The jaw is a little strange, especially around where it meets the collar, you might want to resplice that in. The two pieces of hair are blended together pretty well, and you did an ok job covering up Valter's paint on the armor, though the curve of the shading could be a little smoother. The battle sprite is pretty cool, but feels a little skinny.
  15. Melliel's Sprite Dump

    Looks pretty good but i don't really do map sprites. Weirdest thing to me is the major shadow movement on the left OPV.