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    Dark mage Trainee. He only picked dark magic because it looks cool.
  2. Toa's Sprites

    If I were a wyvern lord
  3. The Koala is bored. (Splices)

    The integration between the parts is kinda rough, things to look out for are janky necks and badly shaded foreheads. Adult Myrrh looks like a child's head on an adult body as opposed to an adult character. Klaid's neck is kinda weird, might be a little too long. The colors in his armor are a little too dark too. I don't know why you would have color problems with that palette, with the way FE portrait palettes are done you should have 6 colors for skin and outline, 3 colors for hair, 3 colors for armor 1, and 3 colors for body 2 + 1 for the background. Since it looks like you only have 1 set of hair colors and 1 set of armor colors, you lost three colors somewhere. Your profile pic is pretty good, the pieces are put together well, except for the fact that your hair and face are at different angles which is kind of awkward.
  4. Eiserino Spriterini

    You should finish gil cosplay, looks sick so far
  5. SaXor's Vault

    Like others have said, the head and hair are pretty good. The body has definitely improved since the last version, but still has some problems. The body the collarbones are pretty dark and they slant upwards too quickly. The transition from neck to shoulders is kind of awkward as well. Here's how I draw collarbones
  6. TheMightyJacobo's Sprites!(Critique Please!)

    The head is a little strangely positioned on the body, it feels too far up and maybe a little too far to our left. The jaw is a little strange, especially around where it meets the collar, you might want to resplice that in. The two pieces of hair are blended together pretty well, and you did an ok job covering up Valter's paint on the armor, though the curve of the shading could be a little smoother. The battle sprite is pretty cool, but feels a little skinny.
  7. Melliel's Sprite Dump

    Looks pretty good but i don't really do map sprites. Weirdest thing to me is the major shadow movement on the left OPV.
  8. Mecha's Sprite Hub

    These are pretty good! Kinda cute. The One Piece ones seem a little different stylistically, though I could see that being on purpose. Some of the dark areas are a little muddled. The biggest issue I see is that the wings on the one guy don't look that great, look up some references for wings and you can improve them. Overall they're pretty good!

    Didn't really finish this but i am out of time A holy class that summons weapons with divine power to smite people
  10. Melliel's Sprite Dump

    That's pretty! It's easier to view sprites of this size if you post them in standard resolution instead of zoomed in. The portrait looks good, have you been doing pixel art long? If you're trying to match FE style, it's a little small, and the shoulders are pretty tiny. I feel that the colors could be a little more contrasty too. The hair shading with the highlights that way isn't really FE style either, but its a cool personal style if you aren't trying to be too close to FE. I really like the armor and collar. Excited to see more from you!
  11. Her face still looks kinda derpy, the eye positioning is kind of weird. Armor is pretty good, though her neck might be a little long and the far shoulder doesn't seem like the same style of armor. The hair colors are better but the hair shading still needs a lot of work. Sorry I don't really have time to make a good hair example, you just gotta study the vanilla mugs.
  12. Eiserino Spriterini

    For Bride Lyn, her neck shape doesn't feel right to me, might be too wide or maybe too long. Where her hair meets her face is pretty unshaded and her jawline is kinda weird on the near side, it looks like you were going to put an ear but then the ear isn't there. And lol I don't even draw clavicles that deep. The hair and the hair thing are both quite nice. Personal is pretty sick, yay you actually finished stuff!
  13. Mecha's Sprite Hub

    I can see you're trying here with the customs, but there are a lot of problems. On the middle one, his eyes very slanted and he doesn't really have eyebrows(I'm a little confused as to what is up to date). The trim on all of them you spent too much effort trying to anti alias and not enough trying to make it into a smooth shape and line. You shouldn't ever have trim connected just by the corner, each line should end in a sort of transition rectangle where the it shadowed. <- example. The blocks can be made smaller depending on how you shade them. The inside of the collar being skin tone is kind of weird. The scales look more like a tattoo, if you want them to look like scales I would suggest using the second or third skin shades to make them a little more blended into the skin. For the hair on the far right, the colors could use a little more context and I think you should ref like Forde's hair pretty closely to make it look better. A lot of your pixel fundamentals could use work but it's a start.
  14. Her head is still really tall and her neck how now grown to be rather tall as well. The hair colors and shading haven't improved much either. The armor is a better as it doesn't have as many sharp and obvious jagged lines, but the near shoulder is still shaded from the wrong side and parts of it are a little pillowy. Again, I suggest you study hair and armor shading to get a better idea of how they work. Here's some edits, I didn't really finish anything except for the face. I made her skin tones fe8 colors to match the fe8 outline and then changed her hair color. I edited the armor colors a little bit as well and reshaded her near shoulder armor to be shaded from the correct side. I would've worked off the new armor but I had already started working on the old version.
  15. TheMightyJacobo's Sprites!(Critique Please!)

    It's better to post sprites without zooming in. It's still pretty simple, but it's good that you're bringing in more parts! The pieces are put together pretty well, though the integration between the hair and head is a kinda week. The positioning is good, but the hairline needs some shading with the skintones to get it blend in properly with the head. The shoulder pad looks a little slapped on since it goes over the cape without any real shading.