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  1. Answers for day 2 Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 Round 3 Question 1 Which animal can reach the largest weight? a: lion b: giraffe c: elephant d: hippo Question 2 The number 0 is the lowest... a: prime number b: square number c: square root number d: perfect number Question 3 Which musicial band form Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe? a: Backstreet Boys b: Beastie Boys c: Pet Shop Boys d: The Beach Boys Question 4 In which TV game show will you determine your prize in a bag? a: Wheel of Fortune b: Jeopardy c: The Price is Right d: Deal or No Deal
  2. It's a natural phenomenon you might see only once in your life, maybe twice if you're really lucky and become very old.
  3. Seriously Ashera has been the only really great boss in FE gameplaywise because it's not a traditional 1vs.1 battle at once. This map requires perfect positioning and best possible use of skills, dragons, and supports to take her down quickly. It's incredibly hard to take her down in one turn in NM / HM (pretty sure impossible without triangles). However sucks plotwise that Ike has to set the final blow to her. Ashnard is cool in harder difficulties since he moves unlike most other bosses and really hard if Ike has not resolve at least. The final boss in Revelations was actually the only good thing about this game because it was a multi stage fight. Idoun was the worst boss for obvious reasons. Veld was pretty terrible too. Could remember that Mareeta ORKO'd him. He was really generic unlike most of his subordinates. It was rather like Mizar with the multi stage fights. In the Polaris fight you can avoid the outside tentarcles or whatever they are iirc.
  4. Wouldn't it be 208 damage or is the weapon might excluded in eclipse? Eclipse is the best to destroy doors, to kill Ike and to ensure law and order in this forum.
  5. @ Natalie For some reason I thought your hair would be rather red blonde by watching your image with one of your cats where a part of your hair is shown. Anyways looks nice! BTW I don't mind pink hair at all.
  6. I guess he tried to ask if play in the same league as FE7 Marcus. Regault = Renault + Legault?
  7. storywise: Eirika's route > Ephraim's route gameplaywise (term of difficulty and map design): Ephraim's route >>> Eirika's route Just a little thing for screenshot LPs in general: Just post each part in a spoiler tag. It'd be clearer for the viewer and easier to scroll down to read all the comments.
  8. I made some own ideas about fatigue here but I'm not surprised that the majority refused them as the entire mechanic. You could miss with 100% in XCOM!? This is like the biggest troll mechanic I've seen in RPGs. Thankfully hasn't happened to me yet.
  9. Honestly as much I like this game and the origin intention of this thread, I'm considering to let it close when I see people "opinion's" about sth. who haven't finished, much less even started this game. Also my opinion still stays that FE5 had the best ideas in terms of mechanics but not the best solutions how to make these ideas work. Things like perma status effect and forcing to let Leaf escape last just reflect the dark atmosphere of this game in a realistic way. Fatigue also makes sense but needs modification badly. There's no need to deny that a few chapters are totally unfair to newcomers like 24x. 8x is similar to Zephiel's chapter in FE7 because Tanya's and Dagda's survival mainly depend on luck if you don't have warp staves from chapter 7 left. The more I wish for a remake which fixes the gameplay issues and improves mechanics like fatigue and 1-99% hitrate to 0-100%.
  10. The main differences are that stages feature a lot more projectiles and they are faster sometimes than they were in T8. ... And that you can't upfill your number of lives to 5. Came with Reimu and Aya till stage 3's boss yet. Still have a long way to go.
  11. Interviews

    I promised it to her. Clarine
  12. Time for the final! Now you may rank who your favorite of the DB is and how you would rank the DB with the other two parties.
  13. why!? Also Touhou 16 is tough, really TOUGH! The stages are actually harder than the bosses so far.