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  1. The Last To Post Wins!

    My parents had the same attitude, mainly I inherited theirs, by preferring to watch movies at home. Star Watch was watched with my cousin's family which also disliked the quality of the movie. Watching on huge screen is quite an experience, but with the exploded prices for a movie entrance and the food, it is not really justified for me. The movie entrance costs almost as much as a DVD or Blueray copy of the movie. But I am honest the main reason why I avoid cinemas is that I do not want to be around in a crowd of people.
  2. Rate the video game song above

    8 Sora No Kiseki - Tetrycelic Tower
  3. The Last To Post Wins!

    I have been gone into two movies in total in my life: Flintstones in ~ 1993 where I left early because of boredom (mentioned in a post earlier). And in mentioned Star Wars movie, the reason why I do not follow this series, a massive disappointment. The only movies I am consuming are as mentioned documentaries and anything by Disney. I have grabbed some goldies like Lion King, Jungle Book or Frozen lately. Watching from bed is way more comfortable, saves me money and I have no other people around me.
  4. Post a fact about the person above!

    The battle against the two soldiers (trolls)? I remember losing against them too, but I played on normal by accident. Admittedly Yuri's solo fights tend to be tricky since his moving speed feels kinda awkward to me.
  5. Post a fact about the person above!

    Shared the final dungeon theme from Trails Of Cold Steel I in an other thread of this section.
  6. The Last To Post Wins!

    I would not lie if I said that the last time I watched a movie was back in the last millennium, to be more precise in 1999 for Star Wars Episode I. That means I have not seen the inside of an cinema for more than two decades. That said I do not really watch movies aside of documentaries, and if so, then only from my smoothy bed.
  7. Rate the video game song above

    Just sad it did not return to the sequel. 9 Tales Of The Abyss - Casino
  8. Bad ads?

    It might be a total dumb question, but can anti malware software be used for tablets as well since I only have that issue with this device?
  9. Fate/Grand Order General

    Today's summoning ticket gave me a Gorgon. This was a pleasant surprise. Fairly sure it has been the first non 3* unit I have pulled with all my tickets yet.
  10. Which version of persona 3 should I play?

    The portable version is probabably a bit easier since everyone can be commanded manually in battles. Otherwise I do know really know about their differences aside of having a female protagonist in portable. I only played the PS2 version for having a PS2 / PS3.
  11. Rate the video game song above

    8 Trails Of Cold Steel - Exceed
  12. Princesses Thread

    Some princesses might act naive or honorable, but they all share one trait: They are all Pretty. So who is your favorite princess in these categories? Fire Emblem Non Fire Emblem video game Disney Fictional not from Disney Real existing My answers
  13. The Last To Post Wins!

    This happened to me once, but for a good movie actually, The Flintstones. I would leave the Sonic movie after like 20 seconds. Just one picture of him already disgusts me.