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  1. Favorite Era?

    Honestly SNES because in FE4 and especially 5 the standards for Fire Emblem of today were set there. New mission types like defense, capturing, fatigue, route splitting or a skill system were born in this era. Also the soundtrack was the best and FE5 feels like the only part of this series with an absolute senseful story to me.
  2. In 12 you have to 1cc on normal or above to unlock extra stage. In 15 the final boss dialogue is changed, if you have not lost one single life yet. Also what has this post exactly to do with Smash?
  3. The cat shitted in my bed. The beasty stink spreaded in no time that I had to throw my blanket out of the window. The sound of poop woke me up after five seconds the smell told me what happened. I must admit the room was closed because my mum had a cat allergie, so I cannot blame the cat. However I did not want to let it happen again, so I did not take them over nights anymore.
  4. Of course I could not sleep without her: That said I also slept with my cats when I had them. But I stopped when one pooped in my bed at night.
  5. Post a fact about the person above!

    Is Easter mood apparently.
  6. Post fanart requested by the person above!

    Basically a tie between these two Your Smash Bros character with your most favorite final smash
  7. The Last To Post Wins!

    Huh, I thought it would be more warmer in Brasilia at night even if for laying high. Honestly it is not so easy to describe German summers anymore as all seasons. Past years became drier and hot for a longer period.
  8. Post fanart requested by the person above! your best Super Smash Bros character (best, not favorite)
  9. The Last To Post Wins!

    I am honest I have no real idea how tropical conditions really feel for me. The nearest place to the equator has been Tunesia which is barely suptropes. I have already trouble with 25 °C at night just on maybe ten days per year, so I do not want to imagine how to deal with these conditions the entire year, the entire LIFE. Sure it is a question of acclimatization, but my body would not take these conditions for long, especially since I react extremely sensible to air conditioners. Brasilia is a bit cooler for being high-lying and a bit farer away from the equator. Whenever I check out the temperatures of Rio or Manaus for fun, my reaction: "OMG". This is also the reason why I plan to go to the US not in summer because summers tend to be hot and humid as well, even in the northern states.
  10. Rate the video game song above

    It is......TRULY disturbing. 1 Persona 3 - The Battle For Everyone's Souls
  11. The Last To Post Wins!

    I would rather take dry 45 °C in the desert than humid 30 °C in the tropes. People from Arizona or Las Vegas are absolutely familar with these temperatures. I am really not excited about summer when the heat goes up to the roof where I am living and have to deal with ~30 °C without air conditioner at night.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    In terms of quantity my luck is not bad, probably just not the best timing. For some reason I pull more focus units in seasonal banners which could and should be traded with New Heroes since I do not care for most alts (2019's Valentine's excluded). But then again Heroes is definitely not made for favorism unless the player has a big wallet, so I take what I get. BTW it was my target not getting identified since I do not want bother with my (dark) past. I found my destination, means I will not change my name anymore. *swearing*
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Somehow the Laguz really do not like me. Was trying for one more focus unit after Caineghis, but I ended up only with a SwordReinhardt, who I already had and has no real special skills. Of eight possible Laguz I have got only two, and only because Reyson was demoted thankfully. This is a bit sad especially for a FE10 lover as I am. I will use the tap battles TT orbs to try again.
  14. Rate The Person Above

    Likes similar games as I do, a nice person from the posts I have ready yet and a fellow countryman iirc. 9
  15. The Last To Post Wins!

    I really would like continental climate, but >35 °C would be a bit too much for me. Anyways I am living almost in the most western place of Germany.