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  1. TESTERS WANTED! Final test of this hack!

    Ragefest Gaiden Final demo, not much changes but just needs to be tested one last time before I ship it off. This is my last submission to the contest. I so over this and want this to be over. So only 2 chapters instead of 3 like I planned. For all the testers I will give them credit in game before I ship this off. If you do not want to be mentioned let me know.
  2. TESTERS WANTED! Final test of this hack!

    Interesting, I feared he was too non-aggressive cause his AI only attacks 80% of the time. Will play around with it. My last question is did you ever notice the maze changing?
  3. TESTERS WANTED! Final test of this hack!

    Nice. That is actually what I expected. - Would you say the chapter is fair and reasonable or I went overboard with the traps? - I know it wastes turns but would you say getting all the story tiles had a reasonable amount of time or would like a bit more turns? - Does the chapter work and do not mind replaying or is still missing something? Again thanks.
  4. TESTERS WANTED! Final test of this hack!

    Thanks for the feedback. More or less in the expected ballpark and glad you found it worthy. Been awhile but I have been scripting and cramming a lot of bad jokes in chapter 2 as well as fixing the level design. Now it is finally ready to be tested. RFV? demo v.2 Things I already know: - music, no music changes, that will be done towards the end. need to get this out and tested while I am busy for the next few days. - not being as good as chapter 1. that is the point, giving the player a bit of a breather before I ramp things over 1000. Things I want to know: - Did midas ever kill you? - Did the map itself ever kill you? - Did you feel if the maze gave you enough time to get what you needed to get? - How you feel about the gimmick of this chapter. Once again, thank you for your help. Pictures:
  5. Ragefest V: The Enragement Ring OFFICIAL THREAD

    ah I miss salty joe. I have a sneaking suspicion the reason why this hack is so long is because they couldn't figure out how to do separate chapters.
  6. TESTERS WANTED! Final test of this hack!

    Woo boy these past few weeks have really pissed me off. Finished polishing chapter 1(not to mention finally beat it too). This is the final chapter 1 demo and if I get no feedback in a week, I am going to go ahead with my plan and release chapter 1 officially. Download link: Final chapter 1 Demo What has changed: - More jokes/dialogue have been added - Stats have been tweaked and enemies repositioned. - Player has more tools, shops also give more tools if you play wisely - Storm Armor What is left - custom music, learning how to do this so bear with the regular music for now - portraits may get redone under my new system. yes most of the portraits are very old. - Ending scene dialogue. maybe. What I already know: - luna's spawn point problem. can't find a fix for it but whatever, gameplay still works. - Enemy hit rates, they are mostly based around Marc. Clair and Lyra are suppose to have more dodge while Broh/Kaiden are suppose to get hit more often. What I would like to know: - Can you beat it - Yes, how? - No, why? - How hard is the chapter? - Fun hard or tedious hard? - Why? - Overall enjoyment Again, if I don't hear anything in 1 week, going to assume it's the greatest chapter of all time and moving on to chapter 2. Have some previews:
  7. Ragefest V: The Enragement Ring OFFICIAL THREAD

    Probably discord, ever since it came out I have seen a lot of threads/forums just die while the discord channel dedicated to the thread/forum seems populated. could be wrong though.
  8. TESTERS WANTED! Final test of this hack!

    quick note: link has been updated due to a spawn bug that crashed the game.
  9. TESTERS WANTED! Final test of this hack!

    Chapter 1 demo v1.1 What has been improved: - music changes when entering houses - Enemies buffed across the board, player units are balanced around 130 BST while Sentinel is Balanced around 140 BST - Enemy Hit rates - The time it takes to flood. - Village no longer closes early - Shops have better Items in it. - Enemy Placement What I want to know: - Can you beat it and how - If you can't beat it, why? - How many times you get a game over - Who keeps dying - Can you do it deathless - Were you able to visit the shop? - Were you able to visit the village? - Thoughts on the boss - Overall opinion of the gameplay and gameplay only. (memes and jokes will be added later in 1.2) Ignore chapter 2 for now, will be overhauled.
  10. TESTERS WANTED! Final test of this hack!

    On the water stuff I am planning to allow certain units be able to walk on rivers during rain. Also there is a story reason why he is alone but the party comes back in the 3rd chapter. (wanted to meet the deadline but marc coming out with the video, I guess I can work on this one more week before I have to focus on real life stuff. Have to get really serious about my job before the full time position opens up.) Notes on your chapter 2 run: - Not as worse as I was expecting, was afraid it would be too easy or the chapter was so bad it should be scraped altogether. It also seems you got the speed clear too and I can shorten the time on the maze changes If I get more feedback that says the same. As for the challenge been thinking about adding 2 more op enemies to add in the chase especially with the light rune idea. (I have been trying for a very long time to design a chapter that uses light runes. my mafc failed submission was entirely created to use light runes lol) -Very happy that's the worst thing that happened with the glitches, You didn't get the gba scream of death which means I just need to shave off a few more traps instead of a lot when I first put them in. The FE7 engine makes me depressed sometimes. - Screen capping the map is fine. You probably didn't see the gimmick of this chapter because once again I thought it would take y'all at least 21+ turns and wanted to give a lot of wiggle room in the testing phase. Once I get more data, will decide if I should add more changes to the map. Again thank you very much for the feedback. Means a lot to me.
  11. TESTERS WANTED! Final test of this hack!

    First I would like to say thank you once again to everyone for testing my hack and providing feedback. Chapter 1 will be updated soon and hopefully posted up tomorrow. Next I need chapter 2 tested while I am fixing up chapter 1. This link will have chapter 2 included and I am also linking my sav file so one can skip straight to chapter 2 to test it. Some things to know - To beat the chapter you need to stand on the stairs tile in the red carpet room with enragement ring in hand or it's a gameover. - Time limit is 45 turns for now. If you get walled in the starting area consider it a gameover. - No text put in yet, so know you can loot the corpse for vital items. It is required to win. Things I want to know: - How many turns you beat it and how - How many times you died - How many times Midas caught and killed you - Did anything glitch - If you were able to kill Midas - Overall difficulty of the hack, trying something new that I haven't really seen in ragefest so let's find out if it's a good idea to begin with. Chapter 2 demo Sav file Good luck! (maybe)
  12. TESTERS WANTED! Final test of this hack!

    UPDATE: shit did not go as planned for chapter 2, the concept was a maze with 1 and only 1 overpowered enemy and nothing but traps in tharcia fog. However I found out there is a limit to fire traps in general (Add fire 184 traps and the game does some very weird shit. Also found out there is purple light arrows that randomly kill units who are not even there. I would use this if the game wouldn't crash after walking through a certain part in the maze.) and it seems 80-90 is the safe number but pushing it. This also means this lowers the difficulty of the chapter as a whole. So I am going to get creative, some traps will not work on purpose. The theme is madness so the op enemy won't always chase you. Going to also add more poison traps to pick up the slack. May be more annoying but hopefully gives more incentive to visit the shop in chapter 1 and demands healing item management. Hopefully I can get this done enough for y'all to test before the afternoon where I can't work on this while being elsewhere. Haven't even got to the adjustments for chapter 1 and that will most likely be monday. Obviously there will be no 3rd chapter like I planned. Decided to cut that for now to polish chapters 1 and 2. (Sadly it's kind of looking like I have to cut chapter 2) So expect 1 of the major changes in chapter 1 to be gameover if any character dies.
  13. TESTERS WANTED! Final test of this hack!

    I see, will think about adding a little bit of movement through water. For the mage no, the flood is my way of giving the player a gameover and to punish them if they are too slow but in a slow creeping way. However it's not a complete shutdown if you kept the units who can forge through water alive and the lake tile did not appear. Visiting the chaos house clears the rain (but it can be overwritten and the last rain change is around the 40 turns I think). Visiting the Rescue lady stops the lake change to keep the water around the cave possible to walk on for the units who can forge through water and carry the mage. (plan to add the general to the list of river walkers.). As for the other units who get completely stuck, that is the point. Gotta go fast, which all of you did >.>
  14. TESTERS WANTED! Final test of this hack!

    Thank you, it seems you too beat it before the flooding. (23-30 turns) and it is very nice to know you still beat it while doing everything. In short I need to design this in 20 turns instead of 30-40. As for the robe and torch staff, very damn important for chapter 2 or suppose to be anyway. Was suppose to have it out earlier today but its looking like another 2 am job. Hopefully it will be done enough for you guys to test it while I adjust chapter 1.
  15. TESTERS WANTED! Final test of this hack!

    Noted, I know he has tricks up his sleeve when it comes to the gba engines. I'm just not sure if it's fair to balance around rng abuse or just allow it. Also for those who already beaten it, if y'all don't mind, can y'all see if you can beat while visiting the village. (note the village closes automatically by accident but thats like in the 20 turn+) Want to see if the hack gets radically different opinions or if it's about the same.