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  1. Robin, Fell Vessel (WIP)

    short answer: yeah, probably would work for any builds that rely on speed. Longer answers (or any at all, for future reference) would be better sought here or here.
  2. Yo hey real quick questions here: 1) what's a quick/effective build for a corrin who wants to focus on Dragonstone usage? (was thinking maybe like +Mag/-Luk and dragfang, drachex, wary fighter, renewal, nohr trust/magicounter, planning on monk talent for those latter 1-2) 2) What boon/bane do I want for a Bow Knight!Corrin with Malefic Aura/Bowfaire, Quick Draw, Strong Riposte, Elbow Room & Trample? +Mag and -Luk or maybe like +Spd or something? (primarily a Shining Bow build but also with Hunter's Bow and yato accessibility) (EDIT: yikes this forum is none too active these days, huh)
  3. Who are you using Flashing Blade on?

    I was really irritated to find that fliers and cavalry couldn't run it; I was really banking on being able to let my NYCamilla use it to free up her Heavy Blade seal for someone else, since she has my highest flat speed of all my units at 45 :\ Guess I'll let Nino have it so she can proc Miracle faster, but... -sigh- wow what a letdown.
  4. Henry: Twisted Mind

    Allright, I think everything should be up to date with this boi. Let me know if I goofed anything up, but otherwise I think he's done.
  5. Alfonse, Prince of Askr

    Yeah, Brazen/Vantage as a means of recovering more HP with Sol is a valid strat I'd say. In that case, it's not so much the case that you want to stay in Brazen range as it is that Brazen (and Vantage) are your means of boosting Sol and staying healthy, I think. Definitely agree with Swordbreaker for the player phase build though, it's certainly helpful for slow sword-wielders like ol' Al. Regarding the formatting, I'd suggest going more minimal when it comes to the build options themselves; just slash skill options for the build and explain the skill choices and combinations in summary below the build. It's kind of difficult to read and ingest as is currently, or otherwise has too little explanation for stuff like Prince of Swords.
  6. Soren: Shrewd Strategist [WIP]

    If it helps at all, here's a Soren I'm pretty proud of. Debuff boi, AKA Gunnthra lite (no wheels) Res refine + Def Ploy gives him great support utility, but I like the improved combat that the unique refine and Spd+3 seal give him. All he needs is 2 adjacent allies or one (1) Ike (or any other S-supported ally, but who else is there) to exceed the Res refine's boost in that and every other stat, making it kinda superior for general combat outside of ploy activation. Besides those, I think Draconic Aura is the only less-than-perfect option on him, and admittedly I only run it because of the flavor implications (IIRC Glimmer is probably best for him)
  7. Nephenee, Fierce Halbedier

    Is Warding Breath worth mentioning as an option for her A-slot, given the prominence of dragons?
  8. Henry: Twisted Mind

    I'l probably add it as an option when it exists, but I don't see much reason to until then =3= I'm sure it'll be great when it does exist though, it basically performs like Owl tome when all allies are flanking without the need for them to do so, and without the offense boosts. I'm not too impressed with Dull Ranged myself, but some people like using it so I figure it can't hurt to leave it as a slash. As for +Def, I'm not seeing it getting better results than +Atk, tbh :o If you're Ignis-bombing folks after tanking a few rounds (definitely viable IMO), then it's probably what you want to go with, but as far as overall combat performance in general, the extra 3 points of Atk just give him better performance all around, and less reliance on his Special. After testing again I feel like I do have to recommend +Atk the most, though I'll definitely make mention of the benefits of +Res and +Def.
  9. Henry: Twisted Mind

    Sounds like Panic Ploy and Dull Ranged are best when not used together, since they kinda occupy the same niche. Guard + Panic Ploy + QR Dull Ranged + Infantry Pulse/other + QR ...although, I wonder if Infantry Pulse is even still worth mentioning now that Infantry Rush exists, and requires no such HP threshold. hmm. (It's more limited and difficult to obtain, granted, but still... seems like there are better options these days) EDIT: Okay, so after some testing, here's what I'm thinking: +Atk/-Spd with Def-refined Owl, Bonfire, CC, Guard, Panic Ploy and QR seem like they give the best results overall VS the 700+ list as well as the hard list (tested on the arcticsilverfox sim, this one-- tested with 1 S-ranked adjacent ally.). I'm thinking that will be the primary set, with other potential options slashed in. for solely ranged opponents, switching the IV to +Res seems to be the only factor that yields better results (with Guard outperforming Dull Ranged). As such, I feel like Dull Ranged is still a weaker option for the build, but will slash it as an option all the same. Surprisingly, AtkDef Bond yields much better results than AtkRes Bond against ranged foes; it definitely seems like the res-focused options really don't make much of a difference in his overall performance compared the Def-focused stuff. All things considered, the build in the first bullet seems pretty straightforwardly like the best option, with slashes for +Res IV, Dull Ranged, and AtkDef Bond having some merits of their own. I'm having trouble seeing another build being worthwhile for him, save perhaps his budget build. At this point, planning to go forward with the writeups for these two builds without much additional variation (IMO no point mentioning the candelabra when Owl is infinitely more accessible).
  10. Henry: Twisted Mind

    Fair. I suppose that's the basis for the primary build, with any of the listed natures suitable for the job, then. When I run calcs I'll make note of which foes each IV handles better.
  11. Marth: Altean Prince Description I gotta do calcs on Henry and stuff, but I have ideas for ol' Marth and wanted to at least lay the foundations lol (not like anyone else was tripping over theyself ta write up the poor boi) 5* Level 40 Stats: HP: 37 / 41 / 44 Atk: 28 / 31 / 34 Spd: 31 / 34 / 37 Def: 25 / 29 / 32 Res: 20 / 23 / 26 BST: 157~158 Default Skills: Weapon: Falchion Assist: Pivot Special: -- A-Skill: -- B-Skill: Escape Route 3 C-Skill: Spur Speed 3 Build Name (description) General use Build Name (description) General use
  12. Henry: Twisted Mind

    I hope y'all can forgive me for merely skimming this discussion =3= Regarding the combat sims, while yes, they should never be viewed in a vacuum, they are undeniably useful for mass-testing matchups, whether against everyone at once or even narrowed down against a selective demographic of targets that the unit is needed to handle. Hard results are also important, to be sure, but neither should be overlooked IMO. In any case, I'm thinking the breakdown for Henry's builds might want to be IV-based possibly, since pretty much all his -Spd IVs seem to have their merits (even +HP might be... debatably useful for HP-based skills, but. shrug. others probably better) With regards to what @Ice Dragon was saying about specialism VS generalism, I think it's best for Henry to focus on the type of units he wants to counter, as opposed to maybe the color. (example: Wolf Sophia, who can potentially live through QP Moonbow Rein) If he CAN successfully bait and kill blue tanks who ordinarily are intended for enemy phase play, that is a perk he can afford himself, though his target focus should not be on them for the aforementioned reason of losing points in other areas. I'm thinking something along the lines of: +Def = CC + Guard + QR/CD (survival-focused; specialist against wrath/wo dao/slaying/etc melee units) +Res = CC/AtkRes Bond + Dull Ranged + QR/CD/DD (generalist if CC / ranged specialist if ARB; intended mainly to handle red/green/grey ranged units on emblem teams that pack the higher buffs, or else just blade mages. Since his Res isn't the best, I'm not entirely convinced he is best suited to this; its main niche would be the likes of Hibowka, STakumi, SKagero, etc. but I'm not sure they're common enough to warrant specializing against. testing will help I'm sure) +Atk = CC + QR + CD/DD (kill-count focused melee specialist, with a side of bow/dagger handling capabilities) (for other skills assume the standard Owl + bonfirignis + Panic Ploy/Infantry Pulse/Atk Smoke) I haven't had a chance to run simtests yet regrettably, but I feel like this discussion has been good for narrowing my focus when it does come to the testing. With regards to the Savage Poison build I had, it's bad. Just. Really bad, unfortunately. I like it in terms of concept and flavor, but it performed poorly even before staff refinements were introduced, and trust me, Henry is better off taking advantage of what he has over staff-users: his ability to kill things with a proc.
  13. Henry: Twisted Mind

    Looking over this again, I agree that +Atk is probably not the best, and that this boi could definitely use a bit of an overhaul, where +Def and +Res should be the preferred options on any given set really. Henry's high HP letting him make use of Panic Ploy and Infantry Pulse is one of his main advantages over other mages as well, yeah. As for QuickPulse, I will be honest and chalk that up to lack of experience at the time of writing lol. Completely agree, he definitely wants different S-passives like Close/Distant Defense, Panic Ploy, or Atk Smoke instead. Yes, Henry can definitely use an overhaul! And especially with both Close Counter and Raudrowl becoming more accessible due to Canas' and Takumi's F2P availability, there's scarcely been a better time to take advantage of dat boi's unique traits-- and write him as such. I'm going through your analysis ATM and seeing what can be used from it, and would be happy to share co-author credit, since you've clearly put some work in yourself as well. Here's what I'm getting that should be changed/added: +Def/+Res* > +Atk Ideal S/C skills should be Infantry Pulse, Atk Smoke, Panic Ploy, and Close/Distant Defense (will run tests to see if the latter two make a substantial enough difference to be mandatory, or if they can be skipped) I think it's safe to say Owl, Candle, and to a lesser extent Raven are all the best/most usable weapons on him, though do let me know if perhaps there's a special banner one I might have forgotten about I feel AtkDef or AtkRes Bond is probably worth mentioning alongside Close Counter on an Owl build, since the Bond skills synergize super nicely with Owl tomes and might even be worth skipping close counter on (though that is the main reason to use Henry over other red mages, besides his HP) Guard should definitely be mentioned somewhere, shame on me for not doing so myself Does Dull Ranged get good enough results to be worth consideration? It sounds pretty lackluster on paper I'll admit, though in practice I don't know what it can do, so maybe I'd be surprised ....and lastly (but perhaps most importantly), I need some good owl puns to name the set after lol. It's what Henry would want
  14. Henry, Twisted Mind

    As I understand it, Ice Dragon has been kinda busy and had trouble updating it I suppose. I've just been Ctrl+F'ing my way through each page of the subforum just to be sure anytime I need to check if an analysis has been done. (also yeah I suppose that is a fitting reaction given the circumstances, huh xD)
  15. Soren: Shrewd Strategist [WIP] I mean, if you have new stuff for the thread, I'd think you can just edit it in right? or else post it in the thread?