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  1. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    Nice now all you gotta do is add Glacies for that sweet +4 damage. Just realized I haven't yet posted my pride and joy, who's also not often considered to be great... so here's the waifu Bike never showed up during the CYL banner so I just have to sit and wait and hope he'll show up so I can give her that sweet Steady Breath Aether combo Q^Q I've also got a +Res/-Spd Tiki (and like 4 others) waiting in the wings to merge with her, so that Res will shoot up to 32 whenever I get the feathers to merge again.
  2. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    @CWGameplay Glad you liked my Oboro =w= and yeah man what can I say, she's a cool gal, glad she gets the respect she deserves x3 @Jingle Jangle aww man that's my exact Camilla except I haven't pulled Hector to give her DC yet x__x Even then she's hella useful but maybe one day....! Dx One day she'll be the universal bluekiller she was destined to be X,X So anyway I recently finished building my dark mage daughter, so here's her along with my other half-dragon son: Would like to get Sophs with QR or Bowbreaker, but lack the respective feathers and fodder for it at the moment. This is also the same Sophia who you get at 1* from the daily maps; much like in her native game, I pulled out all the stops to make her great! Soren wants Fury but my luck with pulling Hinatas has been quite bad, so Spd+ is the placeholder x3x Phantom Speed is for when he occasionally runs Watersweep, which I'm still not 100% convinced is as terrible as it seems. Soren still hooked up to Nephenee from the TT for the moment, but I think Imma divorce them to hook up Soren with Ephraim and maybe put Neph with Soph shrug
  3. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    I posted this in the VG threat, but might as well post it here! Oboro is pretty much universally the worst infantry lancer, but I like her in Fates so f#$% it I built her. She normally runs the Def+1 seal but for some reason she had HB when I took the screencap and I don't feel like doing another to fix it. She does her job really well too! Reds don't scratch her and even some physical greens get tanked pretty well. Been considering giving her Steady Stance 3 from my spare BK, but obviously that's a big commitment since who knows when we'll get more of them... I also 5*ed a Henry on behalf of my wifey who likes him, and I'm currently working on a non-CC build (since I've never pulled him RIP) of Raudrraven, Ignis, Fortress Def, Poison Strike, and Savage Blow haha. He also has Raudrblade+, QR2, and Threaten Atk 3 owo grinding SP for him is rough but he's nearly complete haha xD SOON
  4. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Oh man... I'm holding out for a battle of the oracles in the final round. Tiki VS Ninian, let's go!
  5. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    I'm just gonna leave this here. (she has Def+1 seal currently instead of HB but yeah not too different) Team Tiki. Jussayin'. -finger guns out of the room-
  6. Making Healers Viable

    That is certainly true, though in the same vein that many folks would argue for running a Falchion healer in place of a staffer, likewise such units can simply toss BoL 6 onto their build for additional healing utility on top of RecipAid/ArdSac, which just offers further argument against running a healer at all. But it's true, and I will concede the point that having to attack in order to heal is not always easy to put into practice. And for what it's worth, I personally prefer to run a healer for CC/TT over my Medic Alm the vast majority of the time, and might still even with the extra BoL access, but the point is more that this game continues to give players ways to heal without the units SOLELY DEDICATED to that, and doesn't give those units enough options to either do their job better or branch out and have additional utility. Not well enough IMO, anyway. It's true, and I realize that Genny is very slow and that hurts her offensive potential a lot, I was more trying to make the point that Wrathful Staff isn't particularly super useful on the majority of healers, largely for the reasons you cite as well.
  7. Which seals upgrade do you prioritize?

    I upgraded both Fortify Seals to level 2, though maybe the coins would have been better spent on Spurs instead? I've been really enjoying my Spur Def 3+1 Robin, and I can only imagine the kind of shenanigans that Spur 3+3 (comes out to 8, IIRC) can accomplish. But for now, Distant Def definitely seems like the best investment, continuing that can only otherwise come from Celica/PA Olivia and it has TONS of utility. Like, that feels way more worthwhile than either of the ranged Deflect seals, personally. Otherwise, Breath of Life is probably gonna be a good one to do since it offers 14 HP recovery whenever initiating an attack, even more if you're an Aura-using Linde or have one of the PA weapons. I'm probably gonna focus my efforts on DD along with unique stuff like Hardy Bearing and BoL first, then go for the spurs and maybe squad aces after that. Really, I think it depends on what units you want to prioritize, and what areas of improvement are needed most.
  8. Making Healers Viable

    Now, I have to preface this by saying that I think Recover was tied with Rehab for the best healing staff, since with Imbue or Heavenly Light it can get a LOT of HP recovery very quickly without needing the infirm ally to be on their last legs; really I'd say it's down to preference, but... Yeah, WAS tied with Rehab. Now we have Breath of Life 3+3 that gets you 14 HP recovery AND lets you attack IN THE SAME TURN, compared to staffers who can do only 1 HP more than (that barring specials), but still can't kill jack shit even with WrathStaff (having pulled a Genny, she still does not feel like much of an attack unit for anything but emergency situations where an enemy needs a not-huge chunk of health polished off or something)... Rehab still has its uses, but when you can get 14 HP recovered to adjacent allies with every Attack-- and a ridiculous 21 if you're running the PA weapons over others for any reason-- it's hard to see the point of even Rehab. In ideal (not remotely frequent, ofc) conditions, PA Olivia can heal a total 63 HP in one turn WHILE attacking someone. It's unlikely that the stars would ever align for that scenario to happen, but all the same, it's pretty absurd in its potential. Sad to say I think the added features with Sacred Coins + Seals is the final nail in the coffin for any widespread utility of staffers. The only thing keeping healers relevant right now is the fact that the BoL Seal is less of a priority than stuff like Distant Defense and Spurs, but after folks have enough time to accrue coins, I'm not sure why healers would be needed for much besides maybe providing backup healing in Chain Challenges or TT for teams that can afford to run only 3 attackers (which, admittedly, is my usual setup for those modes, but if I get PA Olivia..... well then).
  9. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Oh man. For a few short, glorious minutes, I was #50-- then (though unfortunately I failed to get a screencap of it RIP) # 1 7 on a!Tiki's leaderboard @[email protected] holy shit. ....course, that was before I figured out how the new multipliers work and when I blew all my flags prematurely. Now I've got 100 to my name left for this round... ;; GDI there goes my amazing ranking... ;;; HOW AM I GONNA PROVE MY DEVOTION TO TIKI NOW ;;;;
  10. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    no takers? uwu no other Tol Tiki Team members around or is Oboro putting people off? =u= I also got Ephraim, Spur Def 4 Robin, a -Spd Darting Blow Nephenee, a Ninian that isn't Triangle Adept...
  11. Making Healers Viable

    Rescue is a cool idea; the best way I can think of it being implemented is as basically a 2-range Reposition, since one 2-range staff currently exists in the form of Physic, which means that the concept of a ranged assist is at least viable with the UI.
  12. Making Healers Viable

    It'd certainly be one way to discourage people from all mages in the arena haha. x3 And y'know, people with their slipslope logical fallacies, what can you do lol
  13. I doubt they'd do that, since (I don't think) they've done that with any other healers thus far.
  14. Making Healers Viable

    I think the introduction of staves with more interesting and/or useful support options would help a lot. BrideLyn's Candle + Dazzling Staff combo is an interesting tool for enabling counterless kills (though there are already a lot of ways of subverting such a thing with a unit that can actually kill lol to be fair)... Something like Silence Staff that disables all attacks for Tomes on a character like Deirdre (who we may or may not be getting soon?) might help as well, but honestly the hole has dug for IS' staff users in this game is pretty deep. Personally, I enjoy using them in modes like Tempest and Chain Challenge, but I totally get where people are coming from when people say they're not very useful, and because of the restrictions that have been set forth on them, I'm not sure there's a whole lot that can be done to recover from it. Because of the short-lived nature of battles in this game, it's kind of hard to see healers having ever had too much of a use TBH.
  15. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Oh dammit.... ;; that's my dream build for her... Q∆Q BIKE WHERE WERE YOU DAMMIT Well anyway. I'm also rockin Team Tiki naturally, I'll have this Falchion-smashing gal as my leader if anyone wants to add me. She's less impressive now that Nephenee and the Slaying Lance exist ofc but she does her job lol.