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  1. Nahh man don't sweat it, I didn't mean to imply that I just saw that you wrote a lot haha sry ;; Yeah it's true 'frontliner' might not quite be the best role or term for Abel, but I do use him as such on occasion-- he still works decently well as a sword-deleter even on defense haha. Truth be told I don't have that many units that make great frontliners though so I kinda gotta take what I can get in that regard. =w= I'll keep deliberating on it for now in any case. I think for the most part it's pretty solid, though there are a few that could be placed slightly better (IE, Cherche is leagues above Barst IMHO)... Odin is pretty good though I suspect he's placed slightly lower due to Linde being extremely strong in general and Robin being such a good counter to a lot of the meta's top threats. IMO though Odin should be about on par with Reinhardt based on what I've seen, though granted Odin also requires more team support to be at Rein's level or higher-- which is probably why he's lower, the others are less team-reliant. Although given the advent of skill inheritance, I wouldn't be surprised if the tiers start to radically shift.
  2. Easy there pard Poison Strike was more of a byproduct of getting RecipAid haha I'm not super attached to it or anything. I definitely agree that it's far from optimal on Kagero and, now that I think about it, probably not worth dropping Daggerbreaker anyway. Maybe I'll just give her the two levels of Hone Spd that Matty can offer and go for the third level later if the opportunity arises. Escape Route / Wings of Mercy sounds pretty interesting on her though haha hmm. Vantage is always good but the issue ofc always comes down to waiting for a Lon'qu to come around ;; and my Tiki's getting dibs on the first one. I thought about maybe Brash Assault for Kagero as well since I've got a couple Bartres hangin out; it's no Vantage certainly but I've been in a lot of situations where it'd have helped. And yeah, I was planning to keep Hone Atk on Nino at least for now. Fortify Def on Abel sounds good, I've got a Fred I can sack for that... although... I wonder if those buffs would actually be better swapped between those two...?? I feel like Abel gets more use out of having more Defense (being a frontliner) and Kagero gets more use out of speed (Abel doesn't since he runs Brave)... But... hmm... The Hone Speed COMES with the RecipAid, so.... huh. I dunno, it's not worth losing out on Reciprocal Aid for Kagero so that she can have Fortify Def and Abel can have Hone Speed is it...?? I... I raised Sophia from 1* but uh. I don't know if I'd call her salvagable yet. Already have too many passable reds so haven't been able to spare the resources to bump her higher than 3* just yet... Desperation is good on Nino, Fury too, though IMO Life-and-Death is better than Fury if you can get it on her (if your options are limited then nvm). Moonbow would be passable on her but according to Sire she gets more out of Draconic Aura. If you've got a moonbow you can spare and are all right waiting for DA then go for Moonbow; personally I'm hoarding my proc fodder like the dickens haha ;; tl;dr IMO Draconic Aura and LaD are more optimal, but Moonbow and Fury aren't bad at all. TBQH the worst thing about that is Nino's nature unfortunately ;; not much you can do about that, though.
  3. That sounds pretty good, but if you're calcing neutral stats for all characters, I might suggest revisiting them with some relevant boons (and/or banes if you know what's popular or optimal) and seeing what, if anything, changes. Still, ORKOing the sword ladies on defense is pretty impressive. Since I did the calcs for Nino I might do the writeup for her =3= if no one else wants to claim it.
  4. Allllllllrighty. I've got a Matthew who I want to sack for skills, but only one Matty and several of his stuffs I want to use. Question is, should I get Reciprocal Aid + Poison Strike 1/2 for Kagero (she'll be a Defiant Attack / Reprisal build), or bump him up to 4* and give someone with a free C-slot Hone Speed 3 for the sake of boosting my Nino? For reference, my team comp usually consists of Marth + Abel + Kagero along with one of several filler options like m!Robin, Cherche, Olivia, and a!Tiki-- needless to say, none of them except Olivia can really buff Nino like she wants (I do have a Serra who can buff Nino's two main stats, but don't usually run her in arena and whatnot), so I could give Hone Speed to Kagero or Abel who have their C-slot unfilled... BUT also RA is kind of important for Kagero's build to let her safely lower her health. Also I don't have a good 5* green yet and Nino has probably the best nature of any of the units I've gotten thus far lol. So. What's the best call here? EDIT: This also ties into my persistent issue of being indecisive about who to bump to 5* between Kagero, Nino, and Robin lol.
  5. I technically did 'team oppai' already xD Great minds think alike, though! =3 I'm diggin' flat justice as well xDDD Elise/Sakura could probably also work (I think f!Robin has about as much boobs as any of the girls with smaller but not quite flat chests)
  6. ahh, right right. Sounds like I mostly got it right then except when it comes to Azura. So... knowing that... That means that even with LaD2, neutral Res Azura is getting nuked and OHKO'd with no blade boosts, and neutral Speed is getting doubled and obliterated. Verrrry good to know hahaha~
  7. Hey sorry wanted to revisit this 1) to see if I'm doing this right and 2) to confirm that skills like Life and Death do NOT add to the effect of Blade tomes; they appear as a flat modifier to the unit's base stats, as evidenced by how the stats change when adding/removing the skill. I'm pretty sure Blade tomes only count the effect of boosts that come in the form of the little green arrow and whatnot. So.... the bonuses afforded by the Blade tomes are added to the unit's attack in Step 1, right...?? So here are my calcs for Speed+ Nino VS neutral Res Linde and some others: So in summary, the difference of Life and Death 3 (as opposed to 2) on Speed+ Nino with Desperation basically means you can safely ORKO any variant of Linde and Azura without needing buffs, and can ORKO Takumi and most Blues even with just LaD2. Sounds like having anyone with Rally/Hone Speed pretty much covers her bases if I decide to go with the lesser route... so that's pretty good. Otherwise, Camilla, Julia, and Minerva are the standout targets who Nino wants to be buffed to take on, with Speed+ Minerva being the big threat in terms of speed (Nino cannot double except with a speed buff and LaD3), though LaD3 Nino could take her out with a +4 buff to any stat or +2 to Atk assuming I'm calcing Gronnblade's boosts correctly. That's pretty freakin' good if I'm doing this right. Dangit. I need another Matthew to give someone Hone Speed 3 lol. Although actually... I think she'll be fine with just Olivia's Hone Atk 3... so I guess I just need to run those two together if I'm gonna use Nino haha.
  8. 'worship' is not necessarily the same as 'having explicit romantic feelings for' xD Which is more what I was going for...
  9. Ahahaha. Very inspirational, I like it. I might be mistaken but I think Kynim posted that first one in her own art thread already lol It's pretty good though xD
  10. ...wait... DOES Jakob canonically have a crush on Corrin?? I didn't know anything about that... And it'd be Cordelia > Sumia, it's supposed to be the 'unrequited crush on the lord' team but I guess I didn't name it very well ;; Not sure if Tharja / Oboro work for that though now that I mention it since technically they CAN hook up with their respective crushes... hmm...
  11. Honestly I think this is a really tough call as they definitely both have their uses, but unless the wall is universal (both physical and special) I think Swap might be the go-to here since it has applications for the unit's personal escape as much as it does assisting others. Reposition ONLY moves the targetted ally, not both them and the user. I think it depends on your purpose, since I can see Reposition being potentially highly useful for getting vulnerable units out of the firing line, but I think enough use of both is required to say for certain.
  12. @OKigen Just a quick addendum to say that it's worth noting that there is some flexibility between the Hone and the Rally, as the stats they can boost could potentially be interchangeable, giving you some flexibility on what to inherit from whom.
  13. Hmm. I'll consider it if I happen to roll Arthur ~3~ Yeah I think the Fury VS Def+3 debate is best settled by trial-and-error haha. Admittedly I DID forget about Mystletainn's special quickener lol
  14. Ahh I suppose you have a point there. Even so, I think the fact that she feels the need to share it with everyone she talks to is somewhat telling.... but perhaps I'm not giving her enough credit (I actually do like Beruka lol). In any case, I'm gonna do what I suggested to roflol and split team edgy into two teams: Team Edgelord: Jaffar, Karel, Beruka, Raigh / Leo Team REVENNNNGE: Takumi, Saizo, Raven, Leo / Linde (lol) Also Team Country Bumpkin: Donnel, Rebecca, Barst, Stahl? (Nephenee would replace Stahl if she gets added)