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  1. Lass From Afar: F!Morgan

    Okay it's been a bit and I've been kind of busy, but here are the two main builds that I would generally suggest with her: typical base kit: dual phase utility (+Spd, speed stacking) Raven tome (+Def IVs) There.... I think that's..... I think that's about all the sets she could really ever want to run (and you can probably still label these with your cool Tactic titles lol they're just grouped more by her skill set and role than weapon, since the fury build is pretty versatile with what weapon it can be run with) I would probably call the default kit her optimal build, TBH; it's a pretty unique role and she's also built to succeed pretty well at walling magic in terms of her stat spread, both among blue tomes in general and especially among fliers. She's the definition of specialized, but still pretty cool. Dragons can be an issue for her, though.
  2. Lass From Afar: F!Morgan

    @Poimagic I hate to rush you 'cause I know stuff happens and life is more important, but I notice it's been a few days and it looks like we've still got no progress. Actually, I've done a bit of research and testing with precious daughter while trying to work out a build for my own, so I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on her capabilities-- would you want me to assist a bit with like, sharing what I've figured out and maybe suggesting some build skeletons and key points on them? Like if that would help or make things easier, I'm happy to offer that just let me know. Don't wanna be steppin on your toes if you've got a handle on things, though.
  3. Chrom, Knight Exalt

    Not that it super matters, but.... *fourth (1: OG, 2: Bun, 3: Xmas, 4: this one) Also, having used this Chrom a bit in TT I gotta say I'm a big fan of the ol' Heavy Blade Aether, and Fury synergizing with Falchion's new effect is really cool. Who needs HP when you can pump SO much out of everything else (that matters)? Will probably be addressed in the analysis but I just wanted to throw that out there lol
  4. Ahh. I misread, then; my mistake. Regardless, I may end up giving him both to try them out depending on my feather/fodder situation. Escutcheon fodder isn't exactly in high demand so that shouldn't be an issue lol.
  5. Yeah it's all right xD As long as the conversation prompted is interesting and informative, it's not a problem to me. TBH I'm kinda just losing interest in Corrin on the subject lol.... I may come back later to consult on that but for now I'm not gonna worry about it I think. Thanks for the input all the same. Barring my Tiki who I'm working on the +10 for, Raven (and most of my 5* units for that matter) isn't/aren't liable to exceed 5*+1 or 4*+10-ish, so I'm not too concerned about it for the time being. I'll keep it in mind, though. Mmm NOT advisable, IMO. I highly suggest having QR on her somewhere, whether B-slot or seal, and if you've got +Atk then Heavy Blade may be worthwhile to run as a seal (otherwise I'd say DC/QR/CD is what you want). Chrom might surprise you with that, but based on the advice I was getting for a similar question, I'd put it on a Brave Bow / Firesweep melee weapon user maybe. I've been running HB Chrom and assuming you double and 2HKO, Aether should be procing every other round which SHOULD do the trick I think, in theory... I was actually thinking of trying something like this, although I was gonna run Sturdy Blow and Bonfire (for arena/short term stuff) in addition to possibly Aether later down the line. I'd run calcs on whether Moonbow or Glimmer does more just to be safe; his ATk is good, but I'm not sure it's quite high enough to justify Glimmer over Moonbow. Those would be the ideal situation though I think, unless you're okay with the lesser consistency/greater power of DA. And yeah, Spd+3 seal looks pretty good. Looks like you mostly got your answer already, but dat boi is looking pretty solid already TBH. Trial and error to determine your preference is always a good idea ~3o Okay I've got a new question lol. I'm tryna decide which of my two Ephraims (infantry-type) to keep and which to merge onto the keeper. IVs and plans for them detailed below: Current Ephraim is +Def/-Spd and helluva reliable tank. Bonfire, Earth Boost, QR, hone Spd, HP+5. EB may not be typical but I'm very satisfied with its performance, enough to not want to switch to TA or Fury or the like. New Ephraim is +Atk/-HP and would be built to abuse Siegmund's effect with Bonfire/Aether, Sturdy/Death Blow, still QR (I like the EP utility) and Heavy Blade for that every-round Bonfire or every-other-round Aether. NGL, this guy is definitely a tempting option for the combination of attack power and longevity, but the main downside to him is his IV making him impossible to use in my current ephraim's role. I DO have other bulky lancers for that (Nephenee and Oboro), but it's hard to understate just how much of a mainstay that defensive Ephraim has become for me. It's a tough call x-x
  6. Hmm noted. TBH I am strongly leaning toward the notion of giving him the LnD refine alongside Fury and Desp, since that seems like it gives him the best tradeoffs of bulk for offenses (-2 Atk/Spd in exchange for +3 Def VS LnD3 in the A-slot, or even 2 which is what I have now). And yeah, Escutcheon seems like a solid plan, I run that on my TT Cherche and she just. JUST demolishes, and doesn't need to be healed if I keep her out of magic range (I was also considering Miracle, which works really well on my Nino). TBH I'd consider Spd and maybe HP the best boons to take; if you're planning on refining his weapon, he can actually be a pretty good magic-soaker, especially if you decide to give him like Warding Breath or something. His Res isn't that good to begin with, so I feel like he'd be better off being at least neutral there to get the most out of being able to take magic hits. Grain of salt though I'm not so much an expert on him, but it seems like a decent idea to make him good at taking magical hits. Hmm I suppose. I kind of wanted to run a Guard Bow unit, though :0 Not really sure who works for that besides Jakob... >> I figured Corrin, being tanky, might be a passable candidate =__=
  7. Eyyyy dragon fetish, that's me! Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I would say +HP/-Spd is a great nature for abusing her high HP with skills like Infantry Pulse and Panic Ploy, which IMO is the main selling point she has over the other two green dragons... Her HP gets really quite high too, so it makes her pretty flexible for non-dragon infantry teams as well. And as you say, Spd is not such an important stat for her so taking a boon in it is perfectly fine assuming you're running something like QR to overcome this. Otherwise, I'd say +Atk/-Def is passable if you pump up her Defense to compensate for the bane (IE Def refine, maybe Def+3 seal, and either Fury or Steady Breath or something of the like)-- although maybe you don't even need her to counter physical things, in which case whatever. +Atk is pretty nice though, this is what I have on my 5* Fae and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. +Res/-HP is also pretty good if you want her to be more of a dedicated mage counter that doesn't sac her defense against melee matchups; I'd say you can probably still do the same thing with pumping/refining Defense, but you may not need to focus as heavily on it and her mage-blocking ability will be naturally higher without assistance. Ultimately it's your call, but I'd say +HP/-Spd is ideal if you plan to utilize HP-based skills like Infantry Pulse (I'd consider her one of the best users of this skill) and Panic Ploy (the Boosts are another good one; Earth Boost is pretty easy to come by and easy to abuse), BUT if you don't have fodder for those or don't care to utilize them, it's +Atk/-Def or +Res/-HP depending on your preferences and what you need her to counter. (+Atk is always great on dragons though) Hope that helps! Isn't that better on faster folks tho? :O Besides, I've got the very deliciously evil plan of Firesweep Bow BLyn if I ever pull a Fae >3>
  8. It's Chill Def, friendo ~3o If it were Spd I'd have given it to my Soren in a heartbeat (debuffing Atk/Spd with no drawbacks? Yesplz) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don't remember where I asked for suggestions of replacements for him, but if you have better skill suggestions for a NYC who may possibly be running Close Counter I'm all ears. Yeahh that was my backup plan in the meantime anyway haha. Noted. Someone also suggested Fury alongside the refine, and admittedly +8/8/-2/2 doesn't sounds pretty decent actually, so I'm considering that; only issue is that I've got a relative shortage of Fury fodder relative to characters who want it lol. But, in time. And ofc Tiki is worth it =3= Right now she and my Ephraim (rather, giving him Sturdy Blow from Athena) are the two I'm considering.
  9. When in doubt, run calcs to see if something else works better is what I say. I wound up giving my spare Horsephraim's sturdy stance to my Grima =3= Shiro and Beruka are both perfectly solid options for it though yeah; personally I was planning to give my Beruka Steady Stance cause I feel like going full-on defensive wall is better for her but that's just me. If the performance in the calcs doesn't differ much from cheaper options, youre probably clear to merge, but if you're not sure could always wait. Not like the Legendary units are exceptionally common. EDIT: oops @Astellius and @Rafiel's Aria thanks for the input, sorry I didn't acknowledge but I did see .3. Decided to keep Chrom for now, and still considering my feathers options....
  10. So I'm Pretty Sure Tharja Is Morgan's Mother in Heroes

    At the risk of taking the genetics of anime characters a bit too seriously, I feel like the Morgans' hair color is most likely a result of latent genes from their grandfather >3> Yeah, Validar has black hair too.
  11. By process of elimination of folks who rely on skills like Desperation and QR, here are my potential Chill Def candidates: Amelia (+Def/-Spd), budget build of Bonfire, Darting Blow, Renewal. Already pretty solid honestly, and my armor team is currently 2 mages + Grima, so not much utility.... NY Camilla (+Spd/-HP), Wo Dao Fury build-- current B-skill is Swordbreaker but TBH with trip Goad she might not even need it to double most swords except to beat other swordbreaker-users. Also a highly regarded waifu deserving of bias inheritance, but only if I'm sure no one else can use it better Eliwood (+Atk/-Spd, but I'm on the lookout for a better IV), Blazing Durandal build with Iceberg, Death Blow, and Swordbreaker. certainly helps his goal of one-shotting folks. Abel (+Atk/-HP), standard Drag Back Brave Lance. See above, but Abel isn't much of a priority (besides, Brash Desp might be better for him) Valter: Heavy Blade + Aether. Has a few B-skills like Lancebreaker, Escape Route, and Vantage, though none have stood out much as being completely ideal (although it's worth noting that I don't mind swapping them around). Also may not need this due to Goad-stacking letting him kill most things anyway. Titania (+Spd/-HP), pretty much just her base kit with Armored Blow and Luna. She's on my list of eventual Fury recipients, though I don't remember what B-skill I was planning to give her. Catria (+Atk or +Spd, working on IVs), planning a Firesweep build with LnD and Galeforce. Don't have Cancel Affinity which IIRC is ideal for Firesweep builds, but this may be the next best thing if/when I decide to build her. Klein (+Atk/-Def), pretty much his base kit; current B-skill is Bowbreaker. Strikes me as particularly useful for him unless I go with Brash Desp for him again. Camilla, Catria, and Klein feel like the best options to me right now. Oh, and my Chrom is +Atk/-Def. If anyone wants to try convincing me to keep him I'll take these arguments too lol. He definitely seems solid, I'm just not that interested in him. And of course, it's likely that all of these folks with the possible exception of Klein have perfectly serviceable alternatives at their disposal, so unless Chill Def is like, SUPER optimal for them, chances are I'll give it a pass and just keep him. EDIT: Oops I didn't mean to post this yet .-. I meant to edit it into my last post Dx sorry mods & others. =3= ;; Welp while I'm editing / asking things.... does anyone want to offer some input for my next feather expenditure? ~___~ 1) better nature merges: m!Corrin (Atk+/-Res) Oboro (+Def/-Spd) Raven (+Spd/-Res) - gonna be a while before I can refine him though he's 2nd next at best 2) Ephraim: Sturdy Blow from Athena (+Atk Heavy Blade Bonfire Ephraim with his refinement = hella sexy) 3) Giving folks LnD 3: Raven (has 2) Nino (has 2) Tharja 4) ny!Corrin: Guard Bow 5) Tiki merges: 140k needed, 7 remaining (they're taking up space in my barracks lol...)
  12. Definitely usable. To be honest, Res and Atk are the only stats that are particularly important for her if you want to use her default kit; I'd give her Res refinement and DD seal along with her base kit, QR in place of Guard, and she will be a helluva EP magic tank. Definitely usable. Okay I saw you got advice on this already but I wanted to throw my two cents in... IDK if you're thinking of swapping out her weapon or sticking with Serpent, but if you do, I'd strongly recommend going with Fury and Spd+3 seal over Darting Blow, so you can utilize the added Speed on enemy phase (to take advantage of her weapon effect) as well as player phase. If you're planning to give her Blade or Owl, then Darting is fine. But yeah, with +Spd, Spd+3 seal, Spd refine and Fury she hits 41 Spd on both phases IIRC (I have a +Spd/-Atk Morgan myself so this is the option that I'm attempting to go with). And then probably like a breaker for the B-slot. I actually came to ask my own question but I wanted to throw in my input for precious daughter builds first lol. So anyway yeah. Who are good recipients for Chill Defense? I pulled Chrom as pitybreaker and wondering if I should give it to someone. I'll list my prospective units in a bit or when I get a response
  13. Yeah I'm gonna jump on the argument saying 'yes Blarserpent'; with her default kit (Quick Riposte in place of Guard) and Distant Def seal, she can still be a pretty substantial Res tank (-Spd actually sort of works to her advantage since she'll proc Iceberg so long as she's doubled) and with +Def she actually stands a better chance of tanking daggers, if not bows. You can do Blade if you want, but I feel like you're better off trying to make the most of her base kit. Remember, her EP Res with all the skills mentioned is a hefty 49, which is absolutely nothing to sneeze at. I definitely highly suggest sticking with her base kit and making her a res tank, it's not only easier to build but probably better than anything else she can do with that IV. Still perfectly salvageable. EDIT: Oh and Res or Def refine are both perfectly acceptable either way IMO. Since you're +Def you can technically afford to pump up her Def as well if you want.
  14. Female Corrin: Novice Vactioner

    Hmm. I feel like some of these could be condensed and/or finetuned in terms of skills offered... For instance, I don't think there's any reason for an enemy phase Blarowl set to be an option when Blarserpent exists now, and I feel like the Blarblade, Sealife, and offensive Blarowl could be condensed onto a single player phase offense set since they're built pretty similarly; I don't think it's necessary to separate sets by weapon when they all have pretty much the same job-- that's just kinda more work for you anyway. Some of the Sacred Seal options also need to be updated or more specific (I don't think just saying 'flexible' is acceptable for seals, since you can usually narrow it down to 2-3 that are reasonably fitting if not necessary for the set). Some of the writeups are also pretty lackluster and I think you need to go into more detail to justify why some sets (IE Blarraven) are worth investing in. I think Blarraven COULD possibly work with stuff like Iote's Shield, but I would want to see that calcs have been run to prove that it's justified and worth running (for instance, I ran calcs on a Raven build for Merric and found it to not be worthwhile, so I didn't write it up). How successful the unit is at the role in question should dictate what sets they run more than if they CAN technically run it, in other words. Hope this doesn't come across as too harsh, just tryna make sure these are up to standard. If I can help in some other way don't hesitate to let me know. I'll probably be commenting on Morgan at some point too because I love her lol. (loving her set names so far btw)