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  1. Blargh. I don't have enough orbs for all these waifus. Goes for the free summon to try to get Ninian gets all red and grey summon nodes FML this game hates me haha
  2. I'll admit it's hard to let go the appeal of +11 from LnD + Hone Fliers stacked onto 37 Speed, but... gotta take what I can realistically work with, too =w= Yeah, even though I'm the one who said it that DOES sound pretty good though lol. Fliers have an easier time sticking to each other than any other type of unit, and... lemme see here... Assuming we're giving Goad to all the fliers in the given setup and have Corn surrounded by her buds, that's an additional +6 to all stats from Owl... 49 Atk / 49 Spd / 31 Def / 32 Res. Holy shit. I mean... It's certainly not as easy to get as a single Hone user ending the turn next to her and letting her go to town on anyone nearby with a Blade, but... Barring that capability it's hard to deny the appeal.... huh... The only issue for me is not having any Maes, but I guess this gives me something to do with her if she ever shows up lol.
  3. Blarowl might be good with Goad stacking since Palla is pretty common for inheritance; it sucks that Flier Emblem is such a chore to build due to its necessary fodder (Hinoka) being locked to 5* and its mages being locked to events ~___~ But yeah, that might be your next best bet. I don't see Blarraven as being particularly useful on her. Incidentally, who has two thumbs and pulled what is probably Corrin's worst IV? This guyyyyyyyy. (+Def/-Spd RIP) I really don't know what to put on her to make her even halfway useful lol. In the dreamlike, unrealistic situation where I have enough orbs after pulling for Sonya and Ninian to try more, I might attempt to pull a better nature, but it's pretty unlikely.
  4. These are good answers. Bunny banner: Lissa or Azura Bride Banner: Deirdre Summer Banner: Lon'qu
  5. OKAY. I managed to do it with Titania, Olivia, Tharja, and Nino! That wasn't TOO bad actually just kinda finicky to get the AI to act in a manageable fashion.
  6. JFC Berkut's shit is hard. Like, damn dude, take some freakin' stool softener or somethin christ. Help .-. (not pictured: Also have a mediocre-IV'd Klein and a -Atk Olwen, don't imagine they'll be doing much but hey JIC)
  7. I still haven't drawn a single Hinata lmao. The lack of Fury on my units is becoming painfully abundant and clear. Also can't pull any Matthews after the first one. Fae and Klein I've both pulled once each but could certainly do with more ;; Also never seen Azama, though I think I've gotten all of the lower-rarity healers (everyone except the princesses, I think).
  8. Is Heavenly Light really so essential for healers? :0 I didn't realize. Heh, good thing I never got around to selling the two free Wryses. I think I did pawn off a 4* one at some point but meh, ain't many healers I care to invest in anyway.
  9. @Marcodian_Elite Axebreaker is pretty useful on some units depending on who you have, I'd keep the Laslows, personally. For Felicia, Breath of Life is actually pretty useful now that it can stack with the sacred seal, but I strongly doubt you need so many. I wouldn't bother with using her or merging her, just keep 2-3 of them and sell the rest. Raigh? I can't imagine you'd need Seal Res (?) or Rally Atk that often. Sell him if you don't want to use him I think. Cecilia and Wrys-- CAN be used, but have pretty niche inheritance recipients... Escape Route and Rally Res are decent filler, but other than Gronnraven+ there isn't too much she's valuable for. Wrys... unless you want to 5* him for Live to Serve 3, he can give Slow + Rehab + Heavenly Light IIRC, which.... if you have a healer who lacks Rehab that you wanna invest in, that could be something I guess? For Tiki, I'd suggest keeping at least one with the best nature, she can actually be pretty good if you decide to invest in her. Otherwise, I'd keep the others; Bonfire is one of the more commonly-desired Specials so having a lot of fodder for it is probably a good idea. So, haven't looked at the others from the new banner yet, but Sonya seems pretty good, with possibly the most optimized stats (meaning lowest Defense) for a mix of Nino and Julia. Same Res as Julia, same Atk as Soren/Nino, and second best speed of the green mages after Nino. Seems like a pretty solid Rein counter to me. EDIT: Oh. Uh. I got confused somehow lol ;; Soren still has better speed I guess? wtf is wrong with me can't I read I'm thinking she'd do the Fury+Desp build pretty good, though maybe she'd prefer Swift Sparrow or hell even Darting Blow for a better edge on Speed.... with Dark Excalibur she probably wants more speed to proc Moonbow more often anyway.
  10. Ahhh jeez I'm not ready... ;; I still have to pull s!Tiki before I can try for Sonya haha ;; TwT
  11. CALLED IT. ...kinda ;; I made a build for Sonya with Excalibur mentioned in the same post it counts
  12. I... hope that's not the case about the slayers?? I would have also preferred a buff to Killers instead of adding something downright better but with worse availability.... ouch... Not sure if they'll be as good as Brave Bow or Wo Dao either way, though... and yeah, the Dark versions of the leg tomes look to be unique, sounds about right.
  13. AHH GOOD, SONYA. Yes good. Almost as good as getting Luthier (and yeah I know expecting him is unrealistic RIP). EDIT: Oh somehow I missed Mathilda being in there before actually watching the video lol... I like how 2/3 of these units are folks I made mockup builds for in the Custom Unit thread hah. And hey, Ridersbane looks like a legit anti-cav tool. I am pleased. EDIT AGAIN: Also, was kinda half-right in my prediction that Delthea might have Aura, hah. (My guess was Delthea could have Aura and Luthier might have Excalibur shrug) Damn though whether it's Luthier or Sonya I wasn't far off, hah!
  14. Free orbs is nice.
  15. Updated the third build with the more budget-friedly options and took out Clair.