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  1. UGLY SCREECHING TIKI....... I HAVE A MIGHTY NEEEEEEED Holy jeez wow fans self. 4 babes out of 4 units. This might be the banner that breaks my mighty F2P streak..... .3. EDIT: BTW we have information on the skills and.... well pretty much everything else, if we didn't know about that already: Notably, the [weapon] Valor skills that increase SP gain by users of those weapons is pretty neat. Nice to have a more practical counterpart to the [Weapon] Experience skills. Close Def and Def Ploy also seem pretty useful, though it's too bad no weapons have built-in Close Counter like how melee weapons have DC, so it's hard to imagine anyone REALLy properly taking advantage of Close Def.... BUT STILL.
  2. Ahhh this is really good! I'm super impressed dude nice work! You guys have gotten so good at this in my absence I am prud QwQ Yeah yours was fine, things are just a little hectic right now since we're in the process of transferring ownership and such... ;; some things might go unmentioned and/or get lost in the shuffle, so please bear with us with all that... Giving reminders if you're not sure is okay to make sure you get handled.
  3. I believe someone actually did a sprite of Owain already, try using the search function in the thread and you should be able to find it. It might also be in the OP samples if you check those. I wanna say maybe Luchi did it.
  4. Regarding Xander VS Eldigan debate, I think Xander is pretty safely the better bet. IMO Eldigan would be best if you want to utilize Mystletainn's killer effect alongside Quickened Pulse and maybe Heavy Blade to make Aether/Galeforce more viable or something, and given he's pretty tanky Aether seems like an attractive option. Otherwise, I think Xander is your go-to guy. The most frequent B-skills I see suggested for brave nukers are Drag Back/Hit and Run, especially good for fliers on maps that let them retreat out of melee range of other units (IE, attacking from the water or a 1-tile thick mountain range and hopping back across the other side to avoid being attacked at 1-range). Also useful is Wings of Mercy, which is especially good (or trollish) on Arena Defense. EDIT: I'm getting ready to finally build my Oboro (most likely the Wall 'o fire and sharp things build with Killer Ignis QR), and I've been struggling to figure out which A-skill I should be using for her, either in the short term or the long. Fury is an attractive option but that's pretty much only useful for Arena given how it synergizes not very well with QR (being able to use her in TT and stuff would be cool too if possible)... So... I guess my question is, what WOULD the optimal A-skill be for her? I assume something along the lines of Bun Chrom's Atk/Def+2 would be best if they ever re-release it, but apart from that or other flat stat-boosters, I'm not sure what else would be best. In the short term I guess I'll be shooting for something like HP/Def+ until I can pull a Hinata or something that has AtkDef+2 is released? If it helps, full build otherwise will be Killer+ | Swap | Ignis | ?? | QR2 | Threaten Atk 3. EDIT AGAIN: Okay I decided to actually run the calcs on this lol and it looks like AtkDef+2 is actually NOT the best option for this build, with Def+3 being better than it and Fury being the best overall. I guess that answers my question then lol. I'll just leave this here in case anyone else wants to build Oboro and happens to see it ;; If I manage to get a +Atk Oboro I might switch focus and go for a Brave + Bonfire + Sturdy/Death Blow + QR build instead that seems pretty neat (current Oboro is +Def/-HP)
  5. oh .3. ....-highkey tries to hide the fact that I doesn't know literally any other mods ;;;;;;;;;;;-
  6. You need to list every single component that you want whoever makes it to use, friendo. If you're not sure what I'd mean, I'd suggest taking a look at some of the game's sprite sheets to get an idea of what our spriters have to work with, and then checking out the sample posts linked somewhere in the OP that are listed as examples of what to do and what not to do. Most of us are assembling the sprites from what's already in the game and recoloring them to fit the new characters' color schemes, so you kinda have to mix and match the closest thing to the character from what's in the game. I know it's a lot to read in the OP, but give it a few more reads over to make sure you've got it, and remember that actually making the sprite is just slightly more work than listing out everything needed for it ~3o It really does save us a ton of time and hassle so that everyone can get their requests. And NP dude, I'd suggest posting in the introductions subforum and just ask around if you're not sure about things, don't forget to read the rules and whatnot, etc. etc. GL getting settled in~
  7. So far, my worst decision continues to be my choice to give Reciprocal Aid + Hone Speed 2 to Kagero from my single, solitary free Matthew. It wasn't until I realized that Matthew is the only 4* unit who can pass Hone Speed 3 that I realized the gravity of my mistake OTL ;;; I just wanted to get her RecipAid but now my small army of Donnels constantly remind me of this grievous error. EDIT: Correction: Eirika can also pass Hone Spd 3 at 4*, but she's also literally the best buffbot so why sack her when she can do so well at that herself? ...although I AM dragging my feet on building the one Eirika that I DID pull, on the off chance that I should happen to get a better one and the availability for that Hone Speed to be SI'd should happen to thusly open up.... It doesn't help that most of the time grey is a pretty poor choice to pull on... ;; it wasn't until the bridal banner that I started attempting it, but alas nothing. (Hey at least I actually got the one waifu I was going for ehehe ;; ) Still no Matthews, and now I even have a team comp that slightly hinges on being able to have Hone Speed 3... RIP me. T3T I guess the silver lining is that even just Hone Speed 2 is pretty good just on Kagero, but the main team I use her with (Tiki/Robin) doesn't get much use out of it unless I happen to run Nino with them over Titania or one of my other greens, and even then, only Nino really needs or appreciates it... ;; le sigh.
  8. @eclipse yooo long time no talk, hope you're doing well. Hey is it possible to transfer ownership of this thread to @NekoKnight (assuming everyone else summoned in the above council has no objections to it)? Like, to where they'll be able to edit the OP to keep track of requests and such? or would it be more advisable to move to a new thread? Hello Afterburn, welcome to SFF as well as the thread! We appreciate your enthusiasm. With that said, Imma have to ask all four of you to please read the OP in its entirety and make a proper request post; only then can we consider the request. Please and thanks. @Legendary_Hero7, I don't believe any of them have been done, but you will need to make a proper request in order for that to happen ~3o @LowTierFE7Tresh A nifty way to check and see if anyone has been done or discussed is to use the search bar near the top of the site to check the thread for the name of the character in question! For future reference, ofc. I CAN STILL HELP MAINTAIN THE THREAD IN SOME SMALL WAY
  9. Sorry if this advice is unneeded rn, but wanted to throw my 2cents in. I somewhat agree with Ice Dragon to where Fury is probably best on Nino for getting into Desp range and whatnot etc. I personally run LnD2 and am happy with it (44 is a pretty untouchable speed tier) but I definitely see the arguments for Fury. For Tharja, I have +Spd/-Res (not optimal, but decent) and I've been running her default of Darting Blow to decent effect. My current team comp doesn't even have a speed buffer and she usually kills things pretty easily, I find that with Blade boosting her offense so much she usually appreciates the extra speed more than anything else since her speed tier isn't quite as high as other glass cannon mages. Life and Death is certainly good on her, but DB is a slightly more economical option if you're looking to save feathers and I feel it works pretty great. Luna on Tharja is best proc IMO (that's what I run anyway). Nino honestly doesn't need a proc at all if she's running LnD like mine is, it's basically just to kill things through weapon triangle which IIRC she can do anyway. I would actually advocate going for something unconventional like Growing Wind or Miracle on her (more for TT than anything else since she'll never activate them in Arena), but if you want a straightforward option then Draconic Aura is best IMO (though it's almost always overkill tbh, I got it for the Legion Infernal GHB and even there she didn't need it). If it helps at all, my (planned) team comp for these two is: Tharja with Luna, Draw Back, Darting Blow, Desp, and Hone Attack (all maxed) Nino with DracAura, Draw BAck, LnD2, Desp, and Hone Attack Robin with Repo, Bonfire, TA3, (filler), and Hone Speed (if Olivia isn't present then Robin gets Hone Res seal) Dancer (Olivia, who also has Hone Atk + the Hone Res seal) / arena bonus ^ Those four with Abel over Robin was my best team for Tempest, incidentally. (Abel had Hone Def 2 / Cav, Atk+3, and Moonbow aside from his default kit) Highest frequency of perfect AA victories came from this team. If I ever get around to upgrading my Rein I can only imagine how much their success rate would improve. ...I feel like there was other stuff that people had questions on which didn't get addressed, but that was this morning and I can't find it now .-. OTL oh well.... ;; hopefully they got their stuff resolved....??
  10. As long as yall can handle the requests more or less in the order they're received and everyone else is cool with it, I got no problem with it. Should we run it by the other active spriters? It's... uhh.... ...well I don't really know who all's been active but maybe we can tag them in here to let them know/give their input .3.
  11. Welp I've been waiting to have some free time to take a stab at building some of my favorites from Shadows of Valentia, so I guess now is the time. Name: Luthier Title: Eccentric Mage Unit Type: Green | Tome | Infantry Character Description: A mage from a Zofian forest village and brother to Delthea. Dedicated to his studies, but makes little time for socializing. Appears in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. 5* Max Neutral Stats: 45 HP | 31 Atk | 26 Spd | 18 Def | 28 Res (148 total) Weapon: Gronnarrow+ (10 Mt | 2 Range | Accelerates Special trigger -1 ) Special Skill: Moonbow Passive A: Defiant Res 3 Passive B: Seal Speed 3 Yeah, Luthier's not very good x3x Art imitates life I guess. I still like him though. At least he's grade A weapon fodder OTL Wanted to invent a new series of spell since it seems to be the case that none of the Raudr/Blar/Gronn spells repeat across more than one unit despite being inheritable, but sadly I'm not very creative OTL. So... killer tome. My other idea was making them somewhat like one of the Sweep skills/weapons, to simulate Sagittae's 3 range making it harder for ranged units to counter, but I barely understand those effects so I thought it wiser not to dabble in them =3= Alternatively, Luthier and Delthea could maybe be instances of Excalibur + Aura repeats? since those are kind of treated as their signature spells IIRC... In that situation I'd probably give Sonya Thoron+ since IIRC no in-game units have that yet (going with the Litrarrow system, Delthea would probably have Blararrow... but I don't like her that much so I didn't feel like building her lol) Name: Mathilda Title: Fabled Knight Unit Type: Blue | Lance | Cavalry Character Description: A knight from Zofia betrothed to Clive. Known for her unparalleled skill on the battlefield. Appears in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. 5* Max Neutral Stats: 34 HP | 29 Atk | 35 Spd | 26 Def | 30 Res (154 total) Weapon: Heavy Spear+ Assist Skill: Rally Resistance Passive A: Sturdy Blow 2 Passive C: Hone Cavalry Name: Sonya Title: Sultry Sorceress Unit Type: Red | Tome | Infantry Character Description: A skilled and cool-headed mage formerly employed by the bandit king Greith to fight Celica. Appears in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. 5* Max Neutral Stats: 34 HP | 32 Atk | 31 Spd | 20 Def | 31 Res (148 total) Weapon: Raudrarrow+ (10 Mt | 2 Range | Accelerates Special trigger -1 ) Special Skill: Astra Passive B: Seal Res 3 Passive C: Threaten Res 3 Name: Deen Title: eeeeehhyyyyuh? IDK man Unit Type: Red | Sword | Infantry Character Description: A serious, hard-edged swordfighter formerly employed by the bandit king Greith to fight Celica. Appears in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. 5* Max Neutral Stats: 41 HP | 32 Atk | 34 Spd | 30 Def | 19 Res (156 total) Weapon: Brave Sword+ Special Skill: Luna Passive B: Drag Back Passive C: Savage Blow 3 Can you tell I started to kinda run out of steam with Deen haha ;;
  12. Sure it's been said already but hooray, finally a voting gauntlet without a winner who's 100% blatantly obvious =w= I pulled a Priscilla lately so I guess I'll be repping her for some FE7 love. I'm not really crazy about any of the clerics (and the ones I prefer aren't in the gauntlet OTL, RIP Serra and Lucius), so she'll have to do. Probably gonna go Prissy -> Lissa, since I don't have anyone else in the gauntlet but Clarine and don't plan to pull for anyone else.
  13. AH YES, THIS WOULD WORK. Yes, changing my suggestion to this. Still not sure who the candidate to do it would be, but I'm willing to be part of the discussion to help figure that out.
  14. yooo it's Pride Month and I wanted to do SOMEthing to sorta celebrate that, so I made a FE Heroes sprite of my daughteru Nubrya holding an Ace flag, since I decided a while back that that's what her sexuality would be. Also, her armor kinda matches the colors. Thought that was sort of a fun coincidence.
  15. Ooooookay. Been tryna find time to come post here for a while now... sorry folks. At first I just wanted to take a hiatus to play Shadows of Valentia for a while and such, but as it turns out life and my job have been keeping me just a bit too busy. =3= I've barely had time for personal sprite projects, much less stuff in here... So... I have kind of a significant announcement to make, though I also wanted to post the sprites I HAVE been working on since then, so I'll spoiler them so as not to distract from the main topic at hand... In any case. Yeah... So the main thing is what a lot of people have probably realized by my absence, which is that I don't feel like I can really keep up as the main leader/administrator/(whatever less grandiose word would actually be more fitting) of this thread. I would like to properly pass the ownership of the thread off, but needless to say my being the OP will make it difficult to maintain the proper to-do list and sample page, so it is with a slightly heavy heart that I would like to suggest and/or propose that a new thread be created in its stead by someone who feels confident that they can properly maintain it, and that this thread be locked + linked in that one for relevant samples, material, etc. I will leave it to y'all, both the official and unofficial sprite editors who have been working hard to keep up with folks' requests despite my absence, to decide what exactly should be done about that, as I haven't really been able to keep up with who's been active or leading or anything of the sort in the meantime .-. My go-to choice would be my OG partner @Vaximillian ofc but I'm not sure how he'd feel about that, so again I leave it to you guys to decide who would/will be taking over IF that's what you guys decide that's what you wanna do. I plan to attempt being active in here again, though unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to handle any/many requests and would/will mostly be sharing my personal stuff .-. Sorry if this announcement is a letdown for anyone (hell it might just be kinda... officializing the obvious and maybe no one will much mind, IDK .3.), but unfortunately I gotta make do with the hand life has dealt me for now. Hope yall understand.