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  1. Camilla, Bewitching Beauty

    See the thing is, yes, you have Distant Counter and yes you can kill mages. BUT why does that have to be the ONLY thing you focus on? If you can kill mages AND kill lancers/manaketes as well, why not just be an all-range blue counter? That's all I'm saying. (Frankly my neutral-res Camilla, who hangs out with my mixed infantry team for anti-blue and Guidance support, has zero trouble with Reins at all so I have trouble believing that +Res is particularly necessary for the Emerald build.) To that end, yeah you're right -Spd is actually quite good for the Emerald Axe variant, especially since the built-in TA lets her tank blue hits for single digit damage or less, so I endorse that idea cool. HOWEVER for the Slaying Axe build, her defenses aren't as prominent so +Spd is definitely going to be useful there (+Res also good for taking hits and fueling Iceberg). +Atk is definitely good, probably optimal, but consider the potential applications of the other two as well. You are doing battle sim calcs to demonstrate why these natures are the best, right? Hope you understand where I'm coming from.
  2. Valter: Dark Moonstone Summary / Intro Level 40 stats: HP: 42 Atk: 32 Spd: 31 Def: 34 Res: 19 Total: 158 Default skills: Weapon: Cursed Lance Assist: -- Special: Luna Passive A: Darting Blow Passive B: -- Passive C: Panic Ploy Apex Predator (Heavy Blade + Aether) *Optimal Build*, General Use, Arena Offense/Defense, Chain modes Defaulter (budget build) General Use, Arena Offense/Defense, Chain modes
  3. Tiki (Ylissean Summer)

    Yeah, that was why I was thinking Desp would be a good option, and likewise Eridas' suggestion of Vantage works well for the same reason. Both are definitely worthwhile, and Desperation certainly synergizes well, and she HAS the speed to use it. Not gonna lie though, Wrath is hands-down the best option IF you can get it. Her kill counts rocket through the roof when she has that equipped on the sims, and it's not hard to see why. But yeah! The budget build can actually end up being really good for her, since her tank builds don't require that many inherits regardless. I could have just as easily named it a tank build as a budget build, honestly. That's one of her strengths over other axes, really.
  4. Camilla, Bewitching Beauty

    Would like to offer some input on IVs for the DC set; I have a +Def/-HP Camilla that I've found to be a solid all-encompassing anti-blue unit (not just mages), since she hits 31 in both defenses which with Emerald is pretty good at taking no/negligible damage from anyone blue. +Def and +Spd seem good for Emerald, while +Spd, +Res, and +Atk seem best for Slaying. For emerald I would definitely not suggest -Def though, so if you feel like it, it might be a good idea to specify which IVs work with which weapons, since the needs are somewhat different (not different enough to make a separate set for it, IMO, but it should be mentioned I think too). Other builds look good too, though I'm not sure the Brave and Budget builds need to be separated; since the Brave build doesn't use any non-native weapons and only LnD/Swift Sparrow are 5* exclusive for the highest level, I wonder if combining the two might be a good idea? Since Death Blow is a pretty solid budget option for the dedicated brave build, and suggested ON the budget build, you know? Also, shoutout to the Guidance seal for any Camillas being run on non-flier teams; I do this myself with Emerald tank Cammy and it is a HUGE help on maps like the bridges, the water squares, and other movement-restricting stuff like that.
  5. Sophia: Nabata Prophet

    All right, OP has been adjusted accordingly to list Swordbreaker and QR as the main options of note for Red Robin build.
  6. Tiki (Ylissean Summer)

    ...that's... huh... not sure how I goofed on that, go figure e___e fixing momentarily, thanks for the catch. Yeah I didn't think of Vantage admittedly but on folks with good Atk who take recoil that's always a solid option, I'll make mention of it. How DOES this build perform in practice, by the way? I came up with it on principle, but the only Summer Tiki I was ever able to pull was -Spd, so I haven't been able to attempt or test it out myself....
  7. Sophia: Nabata Prophet

    ....all right, you make a fair point. I think I was thinking that dealing with most of those folks in a second round of combat (barring Felicia who lots of people like and thus stands a high chance of killing you with Kitty Paddle if she has it regardless) wasn't a bit deal, but now that you mention it, it definitely makes sense that eliminating them in a single round is often the more desirable outcome esp if other teammates are vulnerable to and in range of them. Thank you for your input and sorry for my initial flippancy, I will make an adjustment when I have the time.
  8. Tiki: Summering Scion Summer Tiki is one of those peculiar units whose balanced stat build can be seen as a detriment, making it difficult to know exactly how to build her or set her apart from the crowd. She has excellent Attack, just behind Cherche among axe-users... But so are many other prominent units like Hector and Legion, as well as lesser-used units like Bartre. Compared to her fellow axe-users, it can be difficult for her to find a niche that stands out... But likewise, her propensity for her stats to go in any of several numerous directions makes her quite flexible, capable of fulfilling multiple different roles depending on her nature and player preference. Unlike many other Axe-users like Cherche, Bartre, and Barst, she comes with a great kit for tanking out of the box and thus is great even with budget builds, making her easy to build for F2Players. One of her most noteworthy characteristics is her limited and useful weapon, the unassuming melon-on-a-stick that can potentially contribute to some ungodly stat-stacking, especially when combined with ally and/or summoner supports. And with the additions of weapon refinements, not only can this stacking get even more insane, the buffs to healers make it easier to keep Tiki at full health to take advantage of her Melon Smasher's buffs. One way or another, the eternal summer season she brings with her will be sure to leave an impression, whether in hearts or on faces. Level 40 stats: HP: 32 / 35 / 38 Atk: 33 / 36 / 39 Spd: 27 / 30 / 33 Def: 29 / 32 / 35 Res: 21 / 24 / 27 Total: 157 Default skills: Weapon: Melon Crusher+ Assist: -- Special: Sol Passive A: Close Defense 3 Passive B: -- Passive C: Axe Valor 3 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Speed Stacked (speedtank build) *Optimal Build* General Use, Arena Offense/Defense, Chain modes Brave Beachster (standard Brave Axe) General Use, Arena Offense, Chain modes Budget Vacation (budget build) General Use, Chain modes
  9. Sophia: Nabata Prophet

    You read the analysis, right? And, loathe as I am to give any acknowledgement to those tired, overused jokes, yes.
  10. Sophia: Nabata Prophet

    GACK you're right, what a dumb mistake... @[email protected] It's interesting to know that Raven Sophia can still do pretty well without TA. o3o Thanks for sharing hah.
  11. Felicia, Maid Mayhem

    Hmm. That's a fair point. Aight then!
  12. Felicia, Maid Mayhem

    Hmm. We should probably have some kind of analysis skeleton, so everyone knows what stuff means and the analyses look consistent (as they really don't ATM). @Ice Dragon thoughts on this? Is this something we might be able to do? I wonder if we should also have (possibly mandatory?) QC checks for little formatting / grammar / mechanical mistakes here and there. Having written two of these and seen some others it definitely seems like it's easy to miss little things, and having a fresh pair of eyes on things tends to help.
  13. Felicia, Maid Mayhem

    Not sure if everyone is doing the same things with color markers on stats, but if the red is meant to denote a -4 bane, shouldn't the HP bane be normal and the HP be highlighted as the one that gives a +4?
  14. I'd say yes, but with the stipulation that you're better off taking someone with high Attack and low Spd and going for a Brash Desperation situation. The low might of Brave weapons and their penalty to Speed makes them more attractive for a Brash Desp build and less so for speedy, frail units than stuff like Firesweep IMO. Others might disagree, but... yeah that's my take.
  15. Corrin: Fateful Princess

    TBQH Fierce Stance was just a sub-in I used for the Windsweep build to see how it performed on defense against Dark Breath-debuffed foes, and it (along with Steady Breath) yielded the best win/loss ratio, though I'll admit I didn't look at the actual matchups themselves that closely when I probably should have. That's the main reason I mention it; either it or SB would be the optimal non-DC option, with Fury being a very solid budget option, I think.