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  1. HAHA WOW. I let my wife summoning for me (trying for Ninian again) and we got like 3 sessions that were mostly greys and no blues... which, yeah, disappointing, but 2 of the sessions of getting 1 grey before trying again were Klein and Clarine, back to back to boot haha. And then she gets a 5* Olwen as well x3x We spent I think it was 45 orbs. My wife is talented lol.
  2. Finally got a chance to check in on the thread after being rather busy today and just wanted to throw my voice in to echo NK; I'm fairly certain that wasn't your intent ofc Sire, but when asking for tweaks and corrections please keep in mind that this is a free service we provide for fun of all parties involved (ideally), and Luna mentioned how it did take her quite a large chunk of her day. Thanks for keeping this in mind and I trust you'll specify dimensions and location of characters in background placement like this in advance on future requests (as I recall, you were pretty specific with your Krystal request too) ~3o The more specific you are, the easier it makes things for us-- that's just a general rule when it comes to stuff like this haha. Thanks and hope everyone's doin' well and stuff x3x I'll... uhh... add the requests to the OP soon....-ish. Like, within the next day or so hopefully. EDIT: @Lord_Grima oh I almost forgot but uhhh did you want Berkut horse-mounted or what there? with all the horseman assets going into him it might look best if he was. And if so specifiying whose horse to use might be helpful as well. (I'd imagine Xanders or smth)
  3. Ehh I'll count it anyway since Seliph is not considered to be very good by most folks =3= (or at least, he faces a lot of stiff competition) MORE NONTRADITIONAL STUFF GOOD. I APPROVE Hey so can Healers get Fury...? I feel like both that Elise and that Lucius would appreciate it but maybe they can't and I'm remembering wrong.
  4. I would definitely try to hold out for Gronnraven+ and Triangle Adept 2 if you can, unless there are specific additional skills you would want to inherit from Roy or someone else. Otherwise, that ought to be okay.
  5. Yeah no color changing is totally fine, it's just stuff like removing belts that involves the modification of the sprites' lineart and whatnot that's significantly trickier. Our spriters may choose to do some of this if they're comfortable with doing so (and Luchi is able to hand-draw stuff if you want to specifically request them, though I don't know how active they are), but generally speaking it's preferred not to ask for stuff like that. Thanks for understanding!
  6. okay, cool. should we also assume you're fine with those other parts being used without being modified or did you want to ask for different ones?
  7. The level of description might be okay but you are asking for a lot of modification of the base assets, which is kind of a crapshoot at best... I think this might be asking a bit much. It would be better if you picked assets that don't need to be modified... I think of those, maybe removing Soren's mark is plausibly acceptable to ask for but the rest I think is too much. So are we to assume that for the 'body' you're also asking for the upper arms, lower arms, hands, and lower body components as well right? If not then you need to specify each individual piece further.
  8. Well yeah I was gonna get it anyway... I WANTED to find my phone first, but hey man... I tried >___o Gonna go get a new one tomorrow in any case... should be able to work something out....
  9. Folks I finally went out and got Echoes today, so Imma be shirking my responsibilities on this thread for awhile lol. As far as requests in the OP go I think it's only @Kon who needs to handle the Edea Lee request (if you can't do it / are too busy / etc, unclaiming it is totes okay) and the RWBY group shot thing.... (....oh yeah we were kinda waiting on me for that one weren't we. Well I'll deliver that at some point but not tonight lol.) Other than that, I'll trust y'all to operate off of the recent posts and stuff and take care of each other without my updating of the OP hopefully being needed haha~ ;;
  10. Here's @Lord_Grima's request, hope the pose is close enough!
  11. Actually I meant to @ you / invite you here after I saw your cool avatar xDD so no worries! I KNOWWW THEY'RE NOWHERE TO BE SEEN ON HIS SPRITE. WHAT EVEN ARE THEY ASDGLKJS I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT IS THIS SORCERY
  12. Yeah I'm sure you ain't wrong lol. Just as well though, being able to get some phone numbers and baby pictures off of it would be most welcome T3T
  13. Actually a fun topic idea, Ana. Aight, cool. I can't provide screenshots but I certainly have a little list of things I'm working on, heh... EDIT: just gonna... just gonna go ahead and spoiler this for length .w. ;;; EDIT: gotta give mad props to @Rezzy @Tuvy @DarkLordIvy all for using and 5*ing their favorites who aren't necessarily considered great or optimal >w< As someone using the manakete + infantry lancer who are typically considered the worst of the bunch (along with Camilla who is probably worst just after Beruka) I can respect that haha ~u~
  14. Azura is definitely noteworthy but Ninian interests me more haha ;; =w= As for my phone... ahh, it's stupid... It's SOMEwhere in my living room because I fell asleep with it in here but I have no godly idea where, and I couldn't call it as radar because it died. It's been missing for several days and it just all around sucks lol. But ehh I'll be getting a replacement shortly if I can't find it today or tomorrow... It's bothersome but no huge deal.
  15. THE GAME'S LACK OF CONTENT CONTINUES TO BE MERCIFUL TO MY MISSING PHONE SITUATION LMAO Who's even in this banner anyway? ....Oh. No one of note lol... although, Hinata, Fury, hmmm... 5* Hinata for Fury fodder would be kind of a waste though innit. Welp too bad I'm gonna be spending all my orbs tryna get Ninian anyway lol.