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  1. Grand Hero Battle: Lyon

    Can't wait for him. He's my favorite antagonist in the franchise.
  2. Voice actors [Book 2 complete]

    I just realized something. Oliver's VA's have both been the voice of Joseph Joestar from JJBA at some point. Tomokazu Sugita did young Joseph, while Richard Epcar did older Joseph.
  3. Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year!

    Wonder if the 4th 40% hero might be Ryoma, given he was included with the NY units in the VG.
  4. Voice actors [Book 2 complete]

    Radiant Dawn characters finally! Micaiah- Veronica Taylor Sothe- Nicolas Roye Zelgius- Robert Clotworthy Oliver- Richard Epcar
  5. FE Heroes English Voice Acting: Ranked

    I find your post ironic given the same VA does both of them.
  6. Do you want an avatar & S-rank supports? (Poll)

    And add in some platonic pairings too. I loved those in Blazing Blade and Sacred Stones.
  7. Fire Emblem Switch Teaser Expectations

    Especially with Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a very text-heavy RPG, getting a simultaneous release. I imagine Nintendo will want to replicate that as much as possible for Fire Emblem.
  8. Voice actors [Book 2 complete]

    Wow, I actually forgot to chime in this time. I'm slacking on the job!
  9. I'd like to believe there was, but there was no mention of it which sadly makes me nervous about it. I guess we'll know for sure when the eventual datamine comes later.
  10. Yeah. I'm curious if there will be a new chapter to formally introduce Guunthra, since she only vaguely appeared earlier. Plus there was no mention of getting a free variation of her. That'll kind of suck if that's the case.
  11. This just single-handedly redeemed December for me. :D
  12. How many of you have the willpower to hold feathers?

    Hoarding feathers ain't that hard. I had over 190k just a while ago. It's pretty easy to save since most characters I want to use come in as 5* so I don't have to promote them, and there's been a real lack of GHB units lately so that helps hoarding.
  13. FEH: Winter's Envoy Banner

    Well, that kind of killed any excitement I might have had. Why all armors? They're the kind of unit I dislike the most in this game.