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  1. Shannan and Altena would be nice at least, to get their holy weapons in the game. Can only get Travant as GHB to get Gungneir as well. Given Tailtyu's in the game, I imagine one of her kids would get in eventually, and I imagine Tine would probably get prioritized over Arthur. Just my guess on that. Other than that, I don't really mind who else they put in.
  2. I don't really care who specifically, as long as we continue to get more of the Holy weapons.
  3. 1. Affinities were a nice way to vary support bonuses as opposed to the generic ones we have now so yes I'd like that. 2. Honestly speaking, I don't. Or at the very least, I want platonic endings to return. Sacred Stones was my first game and the reason why supports became something I loved in that game was the variety of relationships between characters it had. Now a days, it's all shifted towards romance and I really don't like that. 3. Don't really care. I like them either way. 4. Absolutely. Echoes showed me just how much charm voice acting adds to the characters. 5. This question is sort of vague. If you mean limited in the sense like characters could only have 5 conversations like in the old games, then no. If you mean limited as in characters don't support every other character, than I agree. Characters should only support with those that make sense. I dislike the "support anyone" style as character personalities are often dummed down to compensate for it.
  4. Absolutely not. I want this to be its own thing, without shoving in fanservice from other games. Anna is pretty much obligatory at this point, but that's it.
  5. Voting Gauntlet: Fathers and Daughters!

    Nice to see a character I actually like win. :)
  6. Voting Gauntlet: Fathers and Daughters!

    As long as Nina doesn't win, any of the others are fine by me. Julia will be my first choice.
  7. September's Legendary Hero - Tiki: Legendary Dragon

    There's really no rhyme or reason towards how the dragons are colored. Might as well just accept it that way.
  8. September's Legendary Hero - Tiki: Legendary Dragon

    So Mystery of the Emblem Tiki? That's pretty sweet. And I just so happened to finally get Laevatein, which means I'm done with the Muspell banner and can take a shot on this Legendary banner.
  9. I'm honestly not surprised. I began to think that might be the case when they were put in the last update along with all the upcoming quests but with no new chapter.
  10. How Book 2 ended just makes it feel worse....
  11. Yeah, I'm thinking January too. I don't see them interrupting Smash or Pokemon Let's Go.
  12. Voice actors [Scattered Fang complete]

    He might be. He didn't even come back for Theodore in Persona Q.
  13. Voice actors [Scattered Fang complete]

    We just got one recast. Patrick Seitz is now voicing Garon. Guess he's taking over Travis's roles now.
  14. Welp, definitely going for Flora now. Don't really care for the others.
  15. [Datamine] New GHB: Garon, King of Nohr

    Well, this is interesting. I wonder if Travis is coming back to voice him.