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  1. Artwork and Sketches of the Book II Characters

    Pretty sure it was established long ago that the art director makes out the clothing/armor designs while Kozaki just does the character in them. Toshiyuki Kusakihara was the art director for Awakening and Fates while Mai Kusakihara did it for Heroes.
  2. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Depends on context. There's a lot of defintions for love. Romantic couples.....siblings....parents and children..... Or characters where love is basically their main theme (Caeda, Cordelia)
  3. Free Update / Nov 16

    Anyone playing the 3DS version and experiencing problems with the update? I haven't downloaded it yet, but I'm hearing stories around GameFAQs and such that the update is really screwing up 3DS versions of the game.
  4. Voice actors [Farfetched Heroes complete]

    Curiously, he wasn't credited in Warriors so there is good reason to believe it might be him. It sounded like him in some parts.
  5. Voice actors [Farfetched Heroes complete]

    So....a few surprises here. Lute: Brina Palencia Joshua: Todd Haberkorn Dorcas: Uncredited (no idea who it could be) And in a bit of surprise, Lani Minella returns as Mia, the first actor from the PoR/RD days to return for this game.
  6. Eh, you just sound like a poor sport at the moment. I mean, I would have been satisfied with either winning, but claiming something is rigged just because you don't like the result is pretty juvenile.
  7. Right, rig the gauntlet in favor of a character very few cared about before this thing over one of Fates' most popular characters. Seriously, you gotta see how backwards thinking that is. I can't see any reason why they would rig it towards Shanna over Takumi.
  8. Now that was an unbelievable comeback! Congrats to all in Team Shanna. :D The first VG winner to come from a Japan-exclusive game. Incredible!
  9. Which version is better?

    Well, the Switch version is obviously going to have the higher performance objectively. However, the 3DS version is a fine substitute if you don't have a Switch or just don't care to get it on Switch.
  10. Another FEH channel on the 14th: Post Talk

    Curious place in the week to put in a broadcast. I was expecting the next banner to come on Monday, but now I wonder if it'll be delayed to after the broadcast.
  11. That's one big reason why I don't believe the two to be involved in that sort of way. I think it's funny how so many people determine that Soren is gay for Ike when there really is no indication he thinks like that. Sure, he's deeply devoted to Ike for sure, but so is Frederick for Chrom and I doubt he's gay.
  12. Man, Shanna might be the biggest Cinderella story yet of these Gauntlets. And with Soren out, I don't have to worry about who wins this now. :D
  13. The supports in this game are really good

    Could possibly be because neither game had implications of underage drinking, but what do I know. From what I heard, the reason why alcohol was scrapped as an item to consume was because it was going to be limited to characters of proper age but that would mean characters not of age would have less options.
  14. The supports in this game are really good

    I'll expect, even with the low expectations I had for this game's script writing, the supports are outstanding. Lucina was already a favorite of mine, and I'm so glad that her supports gave her a lot more context than Awakening's supports did. Her support with Elise really highlights how she's ended up a very serious person who really doesn't know when or even how to loosen up. Hinoka's line of "You've gone through things that would break most people," really highlights why Lucina is one of my favorite heroines in the franchise. Although, if there's one thing I wish had been done better, it's Rowan and Lianna's supports. Don't get me wrong, I don't think any of their supports are bad. The one thing that gets me is that I feel like their supports don't really show a lot and end up leaving both characters as kind of of one-note. For example, I get the feeling that Rowan's relationship with his dad and his eventual passing is what lead to his masculinity complex. Problem is that his supports don't elaborate a whole lot about it. As for Lianna, she doesn't get to show off much other than the fact that she lacks self-confidence. It was implied in other materials that she's very studious. I wish that got to be showed off more.
  15. Congratulations to Team Shanna. :) I nearly went with her, as she really carried me through this game's earlier days when I had no 5 star units. I went with Amelia in the end, but still, love seeing an Elibe character beat someone from Fates. Best of luck in the Amelia vs. Shanna battle. Don't even really mind who wins so long as they take down the male winner. :)