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  1. Voice actors [Wings of Fate complete]

    More like a curse. Japanese VA's sound way too similar to each other honestly.
  2. Voice actors [Wings of Fate complete]

    Different strokes I suppose. Personally I didn't really care one way. I've actually never used Male Kana outside of Heirs of Fate since I never played as Female Corrin.
  3. Voice actors [Wings of Fate complete]

    As long as Sandy does a good job of making him sound boyish without the voice crack, I think we'll be fine. If I recall right, people hated the voice crack above all else with his Fates voice.
  4. Voice actors [Wings of Fate complete]

    Boy, recasts just keep on coming. Male Kana- Sandy Fox (replacing Laura Faye Smith) Kaze- Xander Mobus (replacing David Stanbra)
  5. Honestly, I don't really have too much of a problem with Hinoka getting an alt. She's actually one of the few characters I genuinely like from Fates and think she's rather underappreciated by the fanbase. Plus, she kind of got screwed out of a seasonal by Camilla somehow taking a spot on an otherwise Hoshido-focused NY banner.
  6. Voice actors [Wings of Fate complete]

    Another recast. Claudia Lenz (Eden Riegel) replaces Danielle Judovits as Female Kana.
  7. There would be far less unit variety if the ability to dodge attacks was taken out. The Myrmidon class is pretty much dependent on its ability to dodge attacks and deliver criticals. Take those away, and it's basically just another Mercenary class.
  8. Until they say otherwise, I'll continue to believe it's coming this year. They asserted all last year that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was coming in 2017 and people continued to disbelieve that all year until they actually gave a December 2017 release, just as they promised.
  9. I guess for me I never fully understood the "no one expected" comment of her ending, possible because I wasn't sure how many of Genny's friends actually knew about her interests.
  10. The wording at the end of Genny's profile is curious. It makes it sound like she didn't marry an older man in the end.
  11. Voice actors [Wings of Fate complete]

    Here's the others! Saias: Ben Lepley Finn: Robert Clotworthy
  12. Voice actors [Wings of Fate complete]

    Well, a bit of a surprise here. Leif: Nicolas Roye Nanna: Alicia Stratten Olwen: Tara Sands (replacing Erin Fitzgerald)
  13. So, on a small note, I guess they retconned another thing from Awakening. That Duma was buried together with Mila with a tree forming from him as well with the two trees eventually merging into the Milla Tree we know. It all pretty much differs from Awakening trying to establish that Duma was buried beneath the Demon's Ingle (called Duma's Remains in the Japanese version). Though frankly, the retcon makes more sense.