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  1. I always advocate that you should consider two questions: 1. What do I want to do? 2. WHat can i reasonably get a job doing? I don't advocate getting a job you don't want, but if your choices are, say, history and programing, and you would enjoy either, i would advocate for programing because it pays more and is easier to get a job in. I should also point out that law is a much harder field to get a job in now than it used to be. I should also mention that I am an engineer, and knew since i was 10 or so that I wanted to be an engineer, so i had a much eaiser time deciding on a career than most people.
  2. I actually just sold a lose copy of that (along with the rest of my gc and wii collection), and only got 20 bucks or so for it (although this was to a retro game store, so i of course got less than i would have if i had used ebay. By comparison, i got like twice as much for SSB: melee. This is one of those games where complete copies go for considerably more, selling for around $30 on ebay. Still nowhere near the price of conker, though (probably due to the massive number of ways to experience zelda 1, zelda 2, ocerina of time, and majora's mask, including superior remakes of the last 2, and the fact that the emulation on the n64 games is not great on the collecters edition. Conker, by contrast can only be legally experienced with the original, "rare replay" on the xbone only, or "live and reloaded", which is censored). By far my most expensive game is the fates special edition. It goes for 80-90 bucks game only (i used the 3ds pouch for its intended purpose, and then lost it). I expect the price to increase because it is the only way to get a physical copy of revelation. The rest of my collection seldom goes above 20-30 dollars.
  3. Yeah. At pokemon go's height, my brother and his friends went to the santa monica pier in the middle of the night to film a vidio, and the were apparently people all over the place there even at midnight due to how good of a place it is to catch pokemon. I recently went in the middle of the day and did not notice any pokemon go players. 5 millon daily users is still quite good, and still enough to populate the game world well, but it is enough of a drop that you don't really see pokemon go players much when walking around pokespots. THat being said, i would have been exremely surprised if pokmon go had kept anywhere near its peak userbase. Another thing: downloads is not a comparable figure with "daily users". Lots of people probably downloaded it, tried it once to see what it was about, and never opened it again. I would not count those people as players. Also, not everyone played it every day. If you play it twice a week, then you only count as 2/7ths of a daily user. As such, i would not be surprised if the peak daily user number is more like 150-200 million or something. Granted, this is still more than a 95% drop.
  4. I generaly agree with this exept for the part about why you should never play casual mode. It is true that classic mode is not necessarily adaquite preparation for casual mode, but that is not the only reason that people play casual mode. It is also tue that casual mode lets you make more mistakes, but to me, this is kind of the point. I play casual mode because i find it less fun to play the game if i have to redo 45 minutes of work every time I mess up. I find the "classic mode is the only way to play the game" attitude to be elitist and destructive. The thing about team composition also depends heavily on the game. In FE4, for instance, you can get almost all of your team to the level cap using the elite ring and civilians, removing the incentive to only give exp to good characters (unless you are trying to promote someone early).
  5. I belive so. i don't know for sure about your example, But i do know for sure that ameratsu (20% healing for adjacent allys) stacks with azura's personal skill(10% healing for adjacent allys). That being said, you should post future questions like this in the "i just want to know one thing" thread, to avoid cluttering up the board with topics like this.
  6. I actualy liked fighter->hero when i did it. That way, you only have to get one weapon rank, and you can start using all of the c rank swords (especialy wyrmslayer). Heroes also have really good base stats. I unfortionatly don't remember what past, present, and future i used.
  7. I have never done an RP before. I am theoretically interested, but was wondering how much of a time commitment these things tend to be. I am also job-hunting. As soon as a get one, i expect to be extremely busy. I would also want more backstory and rule details before committing. I think the lack of character creation rules (and rules in general) may also have something to do with the lack of displayed interest. For example, I would theoretically like to create a thief, but whether this makes sense depends on the ruleset for stealing.
  8. What skills should appear in a game depends heavily on the general design and balancing of that game. So the DF's "regain lost stat points twice as fast" skill worked in fates because that game is designed around stat manipulation. THat skill would have deen utterly ussless had it appeared in awakening, but in fates, it can be a life-saver. For this reason, i tend not to think about design elements in issolation. The "first aid" skill you mentioned notably makes the game much more EP-focused, because it effectively multiplies a unit's hp by 1.5, making it easier to take out a crowd of enemies. As such, it is a good skill idea if the developers want the game to be more EP focused., and a bad skill otherwise. FE games often try to be more PP-focused, because it encourages strategic thinking (as opposed to turtling and watching everyone suicide on you.)
  9. My favorate DQ story is 5, but 9 is my favorate, gameplay wise. This is partly because i like how the class system is implemented. 9's class system opens up much earlier than those in other games. (whereas six and 7 both require you to play for over 15 hours before unlocking classes). 7 is one of the longest and slowest games i have ever played. I recomend the DS version of 5 for a first play-through (pro tip: use a slime knight as a party member. they are easy to get, have good stats, can use good equipment, some decent spells, and don't fall off in usefullness). Note that 8 is the only us-released DQ game that i have not played.
  10. In lunatic conquest, the game sttarts spaming ninjas with S ranks and a skill that causes debuffs to stack. You want to get hit as little as possible whenever they show up. WTA and kunaibreaker are really usefull if you want to avod having zero in all your stats for almost the whole chapter..
  11. Which FE game are you talking about? There is a program called nightmare that makes this really easy to do for most of the older games as long as you have the modules (files that tell nightmare where to edit), but fe12 and latter encrypt lots of these things, making them harder to change.
  12. People refer to him as "ralleyman" for a reason. 4 ralleys is way better than you can expect to get in any other way without a LOT of investment. He is right up ther with "penta axe general" from fe5 (who had an inventory stuffed full of axes, some of which were great and hard to get) on the "generic capterable units that everyone remembers" list. I actualy deployed him in the final chapter, simply because you pretty much need to one-turn that chapter, and orkoing the final boss is much eaiser if the boss killer gets +4 to 4 stats (protip, have a charge left on 2 rescue staffs. galeforce and warp help a lot).
  13. I got a platinum at a game store in Los Angeles (World 8 Video games) for 20 bucks a year ago, and game stores have to pay for employee salaries and such (keep in mind that game store prices are often slightly higher because you are paying a middle man to do things like weed out bootlegs). There are at least 6 independent retro game stores in LA and the immediate area, and those are just the ones that i have been to or called up. NYC also has a similar number (although my part of town in nyc had people selling bootleg everything, including vidio games.). A lot of market forces set the price of any given game. The classic example is japanese pokemon red and green. They are almost identical games (exept for a few version exclusives), and had similar numbers produced from what i can tell, but green version is twice as expensive because of how famious it is, which drives up demand ("i have Japanese red" does not have quite the same cachet as "i have green version"). Platinum seems to be one of the cheaper pokemon games (i guess demand is not that high). HGSS, on the other hand are one of the most expensive. ANother place you can get lost of great games for cheap are vidio game exclusive swap meets or fairs. I just got a copy of alpha saphire for 18 bucks at such an event (and a copy of ffta for 8). The advantage of that sort of thing is that they let you inspect and test games before buying, although the return policies at such booths may be spoty. Note that some stores have better prices than others. Let me knpw if you want any more details.
  14. I genearly play untill i get tired of playing. This can be anywhere from after the first dungion (etrian mystery dungion) to a large chunk of the postgame content (etrian odyssey 4), to multiple playthroughs to get more endings (undertale, chrono trigger) I have stoped something like a quarter the games i played right at endgame. THis is because endgame often has a large dificulaty spike that i do NOT want to deal with. THen there is my steam library, and other games that i keep planning to "get around to". Actual 100% completion is rare for me. THere is inevitably that last few percent that is either too tedious or too reflex based for my liking. An example is radient historia, where I have completed the entire game, and gotten the true ending, but have not betten the bonus boss. Then there are games like FF9, where the developers included something with an absolutely insane condition to get it. You can only get the excalaber 2 by reaching the final dungeon in under 12 hours of play time. This is in a game with an 8:49.35 world record speedrun. Keep in mind that 100% includes both that and perfect "treasure hunter rank", which is hard to get even in a normal, untimed, run due to the sheer amount of missable content and hidden items. Miss a potion hidden behind scenery in a one time dungeon, and you are SOL. Don't get me wrong, i really like FF9. I would just never attempt to 100% it.
  15. I used fallout fixt. It patches pugs, and makes fallout comptable with modern pcs