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  1. Games you didn't expect to like

    Steam World Dig: I am generally really bad at action games in general and platformers in perticular (due to really bad reflexes), so i expected to not like it, but i have liked some action games in the past, (such as anything 2d zelda) so I bought it when it went on sale for a few bucks. I actualy really enjoyed it (and the sequel, but i expected to enjoy it by that point) Radiant Historia: perfect chronology: I loved the original and consider it one of my top ten rpgs (i played it when it first came out), but story/text heavy rpgs tend not to replay well. THat being said, i have forgotten just enough of the fine details of the plot for it to feel fresh, but remembered enough to get all of the forshadowing. It helps that this game's normal mode is exactly my preferred level of difficulty: not brainless, but no grinding required (i have not tried easy, hard, or "deadly"). THe new coat of paint (art/voice acting) is the icing on the cake. THe new story content is not as good as the original, but is still good, and is all entirely optional.
  2. Best SNES emulator?

    zsnes is ancient, and is no longer updated. It is not at all accurate. That being said, some patches and romhacks were coded using zsnes or some other emulator, and only work on that emulator because they require an emulation inaccuracy to run. one notable issue with zsnes it the fact that it does not handle large ROM sizes. This includes the new fe4 translation patch, which simply will not run on zsnes, or any other emulator missing this feature. Given that this is an FE forum, and the new translation is the only one where the ending is translated, that is kind of important. Good alternatives i have personally used are SNES9x (which I use due to the wide variety of features, and which ran on a five year old laptop with no issues) and HIGAN (which is also a good choice, and actualy includes three exicutables, which each have ). Retroarch allows you to emulate different systems from the same program (by being a wrapper for versions of most other emulaters), but i heard it requires more set up (i have not used the pc version, but i was unable to set up the android version). I had no issues setting up snes9s, HIGAN, or zsnes. Other emulaters exist, like bizhawk (which is perfered for tool asisted speedruns), but they tend to be more niche in application, or not support features like large ROM sizes. I also don't know which version of snes9x added large ROM size support. I would say try the latest version of each emulater. If it runs slowly, there are usualy settings that you can change that help it run on slower computers at the expense of accuracy.
  3. i wouldn't call it bad per se, just generic. it is pretty much every 90s anime only with a plot based on fe1. it also only has two thirty minute episodes (which means it got canceled after chapter three or so of the actual game).
  4. After pulling a lot on the bridal blessings banner, i have two bride lyns: +atk/-spd, and +spd/-def. WHich one should i build (i plan on using the other as daseling fodder)
  5. Speaking of, the datamine does NOT include a new weapon for canas, and i don't recognise the weapon in his art. Does anyone else resognise it? THat being said, mages often have tomes in their art that are not representitive of what thier tome actualy looks like. In fact, katarina's art definatly does not show an owl tome, so i think it is likely that he will get an owl tome also, given that is what was in the chapter image.
  6. Where as for me, who got raven within month of starting the game (almost a year ago now), and refined him at the first opprotunity, linus just got less interesting. even if he theoreticaly has better stats, it will not be worth the dew and feathers unless it is a very different weapon. THat being said, he will almost certainly have good fodder skills. I am also wondering if he comes with a normal 5* weapon. We have so far never had a new character come with one of the retcon weapons, so we don't know if the game will give two 5* options, like it would if you actualy get raven now.
  7. I'm honestly annoyed that they removed the existing sort by favorite option, simply because it had a convenient general use order for viewing units, and showd the level underneath (showing rarity stars is pointless because background color conveys the same info, but this does a good job of replicating it. it dos add aditional work to what used to be an easy sort, though)
  8. You know, I think I am noticing a general theme for these new refines.
  9. Grand Hero Battle of Destiny: Linus, the Mad Dog

    I disagree, simply because they seem to be fine with reusing areas in different maps, especialy if it is the area on the other side of some key feature. In fact, the current BHB (seliph and julia) uses a similar area to the julious grand hero battle, with a different enough design to make playing it different. (the GHB has lots of trees, whereas the BHB has fewer trees, but includes the cliffs to the south, and an (in)conveniently placed trench. In practice, the GHB is more open, and more about running around killing and avoiding reinforcements before they overwealm you. THe BHB, on the other hand, is more about constraining your aproach options to make the map more of a puzzle. They could easily do something like this for any other feature, including the pedestal of COD.
  10. From experience, 5* exclusive staff weapons and healing are WAY more usefull than the ones 4* units get. In fact, most of them are arguably the biggest increase in skill usefullness between the 4 and 5 star versions of a nonlegendary skill. they can also be forged to get wrathfull staff (staff does full damage instead of half damage) or daseling staff (enemy can not counter) effects. However, If I were you, I would try to pull for bride lyn, because she has dasseling staff, which is tied for best staff skill in the game (and allows you to run both wrathful and daseling effects at once, which is really usefull. the only way to get both effects is by foddering Genny, who is 5* exclusive). I have not used bride lyn, but she is an easy staff user right now, and most non-budget builds for most staff users assume the wrathfull daseling combo anyway. I also hear that forged Candelight+ (inflicts status that prevents foe from countering for a turn) is a good weapon.
  11. I just got a +hp/-spd bridal cordelia on my free pull. I already have a +atk/-def +1 klien, and a +res/-spd brave lyn, both of whom are running brave bow sets atm (the combination of cordelia's bad iv's and kliens good ivs/merge means that they tie strength, and klien has one more spd.) How should I build her? is it worth foddering someone for a brave bow? I don't have any fayes atm, so fire sweep is out. Note that I plan to pull colorless, so I may get a better one, but i don't want to count on it. In other "great character. bad nature" news, just got my first hector and he is +spd/-hp (too bad those two natures are not reversed) Note that i already have a +spd/-def valentines hector. How should i build him (or should i just fodder one of them to someone for DD, like sigurd, valentines eliwood, or ayra)? Edit: just got a +hp/-def Normal ninian (not the bride variety. I actualy got her when trying to pull for cordelia and there were no colorless) What's a good way to build her? I already have lightning breath nowi, lightning breath faye, and both genders of grima, plus normal olivia (runing wo dao), PA ingo (running TA raven), and NY azura (running fury and defensive drive stacking). I also have a 5* -atk/+spd F! corrin who i rarely use and am fine with foddering if a debuff build would be good. I am atracted to the dark breth debuff build because I have all the tools i need right now, having kept 4* joshua for just such an eventuality (whereas I am criticaly short on fury and TA atm). On the other hand, I have no idea how well this would work in practice, especialy given that this is my one copy of windsweep for the forseeable future, given that I don't have a +spd nature, and given that F! grima already has res smoke.
  12. I almost always snipe unless It's a legendary banner or something (in which case you are unlikely to get any given unit anyway). Granted, part of the reason for that is a lack of self control on my part (I want to pull now instaed of waiting until i have 20 orbs, darnit) THat being said, I sometimes will pull off-banner colors if i need fodder in that color anyway, and it is a 3 orb summon (i pulled one or two colorless on the current bride banner when i had a bunch of orbs, and wanted klien, nanna, and sothe from the 4* pool (got a nanna, too).
  13. Desperation 3 is avalible on shanna at 4*. no promotion required. She was in the 3-4* pool at launch, so you may have a 3* copy as well (which is of coures cheap). of course, you could be in the boat i am in right now where you run out of copies of shanna because everyone wants desperation. Raven especialy requires no feathers for a great build. basilikis +eff (refine weapon he can learn at 5*. dew is required) Reposition (barst or selena at any star rating) Glimmer (beruka, clarise, lon'qu, peri, or soth at 4*) Life or death (soth at 4*) or fury (hinata at 4*). Desperation (Shanna at 4*) Threaten def (he comes with it). Note that Galeforce (which DOES require you to spend feathers to promote a cordelia to 5*) apparently works better than glimmer if you equip the heavy blade seal, and it apparently changes "great" to "borderline broken", but he is still excellent without it. (he works very well for me, and I never gave him galeforce).
  14. I just got a +res/-atk ares. Can/should I use him (i have several other red sword cavs, and a tiltyu for tempest trials/arena bonuses)? THat being said, if i fodder him, what kind of unit would want either of his skills? Would leo want brazen atk/def? (he has a placeholder A skill atm.) Or is it worth it to just keep him for variety, given that i can't be sure of getting him ever again.
  15. Wanted to run a erica on a mixed tactic team along with blade l'arachel, siegbert, and L!lyn. This team includes all 4 tactics, with eirica running def ploy and everyone else running their native ploy skills. Currently I have a 5* +hp/-def erica, and my 4* eiricas are +spd/-hp and +spd/-res (no 3* ones). Should I promote and merge one for the better nature, or should I hold off for a different nature (or save the feathers for something else, if the nature is not a big difference.) Note that, although I have other merge targets, i don't have enough units (merging my +2 reinhardt to +10, with no avalible 3/4* reinhardts atm), or they are not of the right nature (i want a clair, but mine is -atk). I have enough feathers for severavl promotions (but not enough to finish reinhardt).