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  1. I'd have said the same thing too if i had a copy. That being said, they are way too expensive for me to get one. This is one of those games where ebay is full of bootlegs, gamestop is probably just as full, and the sort of indy game stores that check for bootlegs are selling them for exorbitant prices. I would also be reluctant I could always emulate, but i really value portability.
  2. I don't know if this is too late, but there is a save editer that can do this in another thread:
  3. Now i TOTALY want an FE game to pull something like that.
  4. Not me. THis is primaraly due to the fact that crystal exists, so I will just wait for the vc release of that, as it is the superior version. I know there is no release anounced yet, but this is probably to get people to buy two versions. THis has something to do with the fact that i plan to wait untill after the end of 3ds support to buy a switch, so even in crystal comes out right at the end of the 3ds's life, I will still be playing my 3ds then. If there is some sort of pokemon sale when ultra sun/moon or switch pokemon comes out or something, I might get it then.
  5. I used parthia in both my runs, and 8 range is great.
  6. Honestly, the only time i got the mercurius was when i aimed for the "get all three regalia" achievement, and even then, you can always just copy the save file, create the mercurius, and then delete the save with mercurius afterword.
  7. I actualy tried the demo on that ages back. Didn't like it very much. A friend let me borrow his ds copy, and i completed it on that (this was the same friend who let me borrow his copy of fe7, which is what introduced me to FE). I generally don't see a reason to buy games i have already completed. That website literally just gives me directions for how to search in google, and redirects me to the relevant google search. of course, google was the first thing i did. Edit: mobius ff is ok, but it is taking up WAY too much of my HD space, so im going to have to delete it (on my low-endish phone, i have 16 gb of memory, Mobius takes up over 1 gb of that, and it wants another massive update after essentially only the first dungion.) By comparison, FEH is 800 mb, after downloading all avalible content. (plus, it can get away with it due to being much more fun.
  8. Yeah, if the game has a superior 3DS port, i will just play that, especially because they tend to have any f2p elements removed. That being said, everyone is still welcome to mention them. Because I am also on the lookout for new 3ds games.
  9. I just got a new phone that can play actual apps (my old phone was too cruddy to be compatible with anything). I tried FEH, and had fun, but am running out of content. also tried final fantisy: record keeper, but did not like it. I am looking for other RPGs on android. Paid or free is fine (although it has to be possible to easily play through the game with out micro-transactions). I also don't want markedly inferior ports of game i can play in other ways. (I tried the sega forever version of sonic 1, and the controls were bad enough to ruin the experience). I have heard that most of the sqeenix ports are victim to this. I would also not mind emulator suggestions (with the major caviat that any snes emulator you suggest has to be able to play the new fe4 translation patch, which has horrible compatibility due to the large rom size). One last thing: I want to avoid always online games if possible, as my city has not finished installing cell phone service in the subway, and some places just have bad cellphone service. I will at least try free ones, though.
  10. The one they mention in the video is "piloted shredder", which was power creep of the accidental variety, although they also mentioned that the next set was full of counters to it, so i don't know how that worked out (this video is two years old).
  11. Magic: the gathering has been going on for, like 20 years without much power creep (partly because cards "expire" from the most common tournament format, which allows them to modulate difficulty levels, and partly because things that are accidentally too powerful get nerfed via errata, or get banned altogether) THing is, neither of those solutions would go over well in this setting. Also, Extra credits did some realy interesting vidios on what is and is not power creep. the hearthstone video is especially interesting, because it deals speccaly with things that look like power creep but arn't, or that don't look like power creep that totaly are :
  12. THe introduction of units that are strictly better than other units does not imply power creep, if the initial unit was bad to begin with. It is only if the initial unit is good that this is power creep. Similarly, i heard that killer weapons are one of the worse weapon types (although I have not gotten far enough to test that), so the existance of slayer weapons is not nesesairaly power creep if all it does is make them usable competitavly. There is another way to prevent power creep: introduce skills and weapons that are qualitativly different (like isted of introducing weapons that are like other weapons, only buffed, introduce weapons that come with attached skills that you have not attached to a weapon yet..
  13. Honestly broken is probably too strong a word, given that the only place she was able to really take advantage of galeforce is the final chapter, where it was instramental to the two-turn. in the only other chapter she had it, she was constrained by the fact that her defensive stats were bad. as for titania, its not that she's THAT bad. It is worth noting that Einerjar only runs have cavaleer availability issues, because there are no unpromoted cavalers. Titania is the lowest level great knight that you get (except mycen, who is obviously a jaigen. You can tell, because he is listed between lower level units in the bonus box list). In retrospect, i should have reclassed chrom, because prince marth was filling the lord niche. THe other role that einerjar have a hard time filling is axe users. There are NO unpromoted axe users (although some jaigens, such as dagdar and mycen, have good axe ranks). As such, you have to reclasss someone, such as roy or brom. you may want to pick someone who is A. close to level 10, (Too far over, and you will have a hard time getting your level 15 skill by endgame.) and B, has ranks in a weapon that thier axe clas'es promotion can use (such as brom having lance rank and promoting into a wyvren lord.
  14. One thing that people are not aware of is that the pokemon tv show is an anime. If you have watched it, you know more about anime then you think. I would recomend starting with a few shorter anime. these are often 12 episodes long, and are a much better jumping off point than something with 600 episodes. Two that I like are Bakano (a story about immortal gangsters in the 20s told in a really well done non-chronological order), and madoka magica (it is a magical girl show, but it is also the sort of show that works best after having watched other anime, including at least one magical girl show). I no longer have a netflix subscription, so i do not know if madoka is still there. YOu used to be able to watch bakano for free and legaly on another website, but i can't find it now. As for amazon prime, their anime selection stinks. They have very few good anime: "kabeneri and the iron fortress" is good (It's the sort of zombie apocalypse story that really works). THey have a lot of robotech/macross stuff (one of the classic giant robot series, although it origionaly aired in 1985, and is thus not a good representation of modern anime.) Otherwise, the closest you get is "Avatar: the Last Airbender" and the first 3 seasons of its sequal "the legend of Kora" which are not anime (being anime inspired shows from the US), but they are great anyway and you should totaly watch them. TBH, i would also recommend watching other shows that no one has mentioned after you watch some of these recomendations. I honestly find that I only really understand and fully appreciate a genre when I have watched some bad/generic examples of it, both because then i can appreciate the artistry of the best examples even more, and because parodies, jokes, and deconstructions are less likely to sail over my head. You might also find something you enjoy, even if other shows are objectively better.
  15. FE is a game which is adapted surprisingly well to board play with no modifications (quite possible the single best vidio game franchise for that purpose). The only randomness in FE can be simulated by rolling D100s, and all of the formulas can easily be worked out by a person. The only part that is not provided is character creation, and you will find that most of the rollplaying rules on the forums adress this aspect.