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  1. In retrospect, you are right (especialy because i promoted her for this and reinhardt and bride caeda (Blade) already existed. It may also have been a mistake to use my one swift sparrow on her. In all honesty, I just wanted to play with a cavalry blade mage). As for lachesis, I am already running dazzling gravity/savage blow 6 on my +atk genny. are the 20,000 feathers worth it (although I could always switch genny to a dual hone set)? What about a BOL9 set (bol skill, seal, and daseling absorb +)? is that worth it? I wouldn't really mind saving lachesis to fodder, but I already have genny as a physc user, and i don't know how good absorb+ is. Also, What staff do you recomend for lachesis? (you left it out of your set recomendation, although if i am sacraficing a Lisa for gravity, i would be inclined toword rehabilitate).
  2. I have a katarina, but would not mind more of her (swift sparrow and atk ploy). Elise is someone i have been wanting forever. Ditto Brave Lyn, who I have pulled for on every banner she appears in, but missed her every time. Wouldn't mind more siegberts for merge or atk ploy. Dorcas manages to have 3(!) great skills (although this extends to any one with qr3, realy, i need like six copies). Want a ninian for my dragon team. Really want more of brave ike for steady breath. Honestly, now that lots of the trash has been skimmed off, many if not most 5* units have some skill i need on someone.
  3. Just got my pity broken by a +res/-HP leo and a -atk/+spd lachesis. What can I do with them? For reference, my existing cavalry are l'arachel(blade), reinhardt, Sigurd, Abel, Siegbert, Chrom(branded). My other red mages are katarina(blade), and lyon. My only other staff user is Genny. I have a 4* tharja, over 40,000 feathers, and over 200 divine dew, with no urgent targets for any of those resources (although there are alternatives).
  4. Eh. Fantasy settings not changing for thousands of years is so common that i am heard pressed to think of five fantasy settings that DO change. Usually, when a setting changes, it is a fall of the roman empire type regression (ie: what Tolkien did with lord of the rings and the slimirilian). Dragon quest is an excellent example of a setting that does not change at all, despite hundreds of years. THe only fantasy settings I can think of that have century long time jumps and advance technologically are avatar (between "the last airbender" and "the legend of korra"), and Mistborn (between "the hero of ages" and "the alloy of law") This sort of thing is so common that i don't even notice it anymore.
  5. THis if often true, but i have been having a ton of trouble with the GHB elite quests, and have not cleared any of the armored quests yet.
  6. I just got a +spd/-def valentines hector. Obviously, this is the worst nature possible. I am f2p, so i would not bet on getting another hecter again. My only other DC axe user is +hp/-def dorcas. (no normal hector or or other vlalentines hector.) THis hector is also my fourth armor unit (with BK, valentines eliwood, and christmass chrom), so i have incentive to use him on armor quests. Should I attempt to use this hector? if so, what build would work best? (assume only access to 4* skills, plus MAYBE one skill avalible by promoting a 4* unit to 5* (although i would petfer to use my feathers to add merges to reinhardt))
  7. A Hero Rises - WINNER ANNOUNCED

    Yeah. Me too. I actualy got my normal ike on my second of third summon (immidiatly after starting the game for the first time), so I am attached to him.
  8. A Hero Rises - WINNER ANNOUNCED

    Honestly, I really want warding breath fodder on my nowi, except that I feel like they are going to set up quests and arena bonuses assuming everyone has L-Ike (just like with fjorm), so it would be a bad idea to use one unless you have anouther one.
  9. Geneology of the holy war: May 24th, 1996 Game of thrones: August 1st 1996 (in the US). IDK what publication dates are in other regions, although these novels are so long that they are sometimes broken into multiple books in other languages.) As for themes, just read any book of medieval history, or watch any documentary, especially anything with David Starky as the narrator (as he is melodramatic, and does not spare disturbing detail). "Monarchy" is good (and came out before the TV show). It is telling that lots of material "inspired" by game of thrones is either nonfiction or historical fiction. Not to mention that Medieval stories have lots of this too. Keep in mind that a popular version of the king Arther myth has him getting killed by his illegitimate son, whose mother was Arther's half sister (although modern adaptions often change this to be Morgan le fey, an unrelated (pun intended) villain). Not to mention the part where Arther's right hand man has an affair with his wife, which causes a civil war when discovered. And that's not even getting into feudal Japan...
  10. After the 2.2 update, I have 3 candidates for refining using divine dew. Michalis, +atk/-def raven (who has been runing a brave axe build, but i have heard that basilikos builds are better, and i wae never able to get him death blow fodder), and masked marth (who i am using as a falchion medic). I should note that I have exactly 4 fliers. Elincia, HYNazura, michalis, and a +spd/-def minerva with a +eff hautheclere.I should note that I have 100 devine dew and 242 refining stones (my luck has given me a lot of legendary weapon units reletive to units of refinable weapons), so i really want to know who the second best devine dew target is, as well as the best one. (I should note that i don't have a sothe yet, so i don't have Life or Death fodder. I have no 4* klien for death blow 3 fodder.)
  11. Wait, you mean as a budget build, right? In that case, you mean I should wait for LoD as her prefered A skill? Also, She has 42 atk and 40 spd unboosted with blar blade+ equiped (and 35HP, so that desperation triggers after one ardent sacrafice). WHich of the skills works better in that instance? Also, What is the best use for my one copy of swift sparrow?
  12. I'm building +SPD bride Caeda as and infantry blade mage. Right now, her skillset is Barblade+ ardent sacrifice Moonbow Atk/res+2 Desperation Hone spd/Drive spd Obviously, the A skill here is not ideal. I have seen guides recommend Life or death, but I have no copies of sothe despite quite a bit of colorless pulling. I have a Katarina with a garbage nature and swift sparrow 2, but I have no idea when or if I will ever get another one, so I want to wait untill the optimal moment to use her. Note that I also have a raven that i want to build, and want to build blade mages of other unit types eventualy. Should I use my one copy of swift sparrow here? Or should i run some sort of placeholder build, like my current atk/res+2, flowing strike or a defiant skill (because they give you field buffs, unlike every other self-buffing skill in the game). No copies of klien either, so death blow is not a budget option.
  13. DLC in the ds games?

    I recomend playing the three bonus chapters. THey are fun (and the "assasins" one allows you to play as villans, which is the only time in the series where you can do that.)
  14. DLC in the ds games?

    THe satelaveow bonus chapters are unlocked by compleating the prolog, and are thus not DLC. There are three new bonus chapters, and some usefull free items, that are only avalible by downloding from the internet (the free items work like the free items in awakening, and that you can give a copy to each save file once per save file. All bonus chapters use a predetermined party, and give you no rewards for clearing). More info here: The common method of accessing this DLC is to load save data with the DLC already enabled. Whether the DLC has been downloaded is not part of any given save file, so all saves can use it (this as also frue with unlocks, such as the satelaview chapters). I belive that this one has all the DLC, and all unlocks: Given that anyone who uses the fan translation is using either a flashcart or an emulator, this is how everyone gets these items. As for the shop, it is appreently possible to spoof your DSi's internet connection to connect to a replacement wfc that someone set up, which has the shops live. IDK how to do that though. Otherwise, you have to use cheats to get the shop items directly into your inventory.