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  1. A Little Black Friday Decision Making Help

    The only games from the list that I have played are dq 4 and 6. Both are interesting. dq 6 has a class system similar to 7, but is less long. dq 4 has little party custimisation, other than deciding which 4 of the 8 partymembers are in the party at any given time. The first half of 4 is really interesting (where you play as individual party members, and then play as the hero as he recruits them), but the second half is just kind of generic. In both 6 and 7, the class system does not start untill late (altough the 3ds remake of 7 cuts a few hours off of the opening sequence, it is still really long). Honestly, if you have to get one dq game, i would recomend 9. The plot is not quite as good as the other ones, but the gameplay is leagues better IMO (think 8's skill point and forging systems, with a class/job system on top of that). Other totaly recomended ds/3ds games that you might find a gamestop (which you may or may not have played, and which tend to involve minimal reflexes): Chrono trigger: this is the the definitive version of the classic snes rpg you have probably heard of. Unlike, say, ds ff3 or 4, it is an enhanced port as opposed to a remake. The ds version is full of extras and ease of use adjustments. Puzzle quest, challenge of the warlords: an epic ds rpg, except all the battles are games of bejeweled. May involve some reflexes. Radient historia: arguably the best original ds rpg. Will get an enhanced 3ds port next year, so you probably want to wait till then. devil surviver: great (but really hard) ds srpg with a really dark story. The 3ds remaster is better, and the digital copy ocashionaly comes on sale. also has a sequal that I have not played (with its own 3ds version) Etrian odyssey 4: 3ds first person dungion crawling rpg (think Wizardry). This one is the best in the series imo (have not played the ds games, but have played the remakes of two of them.) Golden Sun: Dark Dawn: Has it's issues (like way too many tutorials and permenant missables), but i still had a ton of fun with this one. It has a classic jrpg combat system, with environmental puzzles that you solve by using the same magic you use in battle. The presentation is also top notch. Final Fantasy 3 ds: total 3d remake of the nes game. Great game, but very grindy at the end, and later ports of this version apparently help with that, so get one of those instead. There is also a total ff4 remake that i have not played. Pokemon mystery dungion explorers of time/darkness/sky: a rouguelike (in the classic top-down dungion crawler sense) with pokemon characters. Had some annoying mechanics, but was still quite good. I played darkness, but sky is the enhanced 3rd version with more contents. Also, the only pokemon games afik where skitty is arguably the best starter. I have other suggestions, (like new 3ds virtual console earthbound) that you can't buy a pyhsical copy of at gamestop.
  2. There is no reason not to try. Put in a few hours and see if you like them. I find the fun i have on the first few chapters to be representative of the full experience (except for fe5, where the first few chapters are comparatively really easy). FYI, I have a comp that was highish end 4 years ago, and it has no issues emulating any game except RD, which has annoying slowdown. I have played every fe game except for the first, and book 2 of the third, and finished all of them except for gaiden (which just hasn't aged well), and RD (which I gave up when i discovered that i had missed the brave bow, which is buried treasure on a non-desert map, and would have to replay several chapters because i had saved over the file.) This is simply not true. FE5 is the first game with fog of war, rescuing, the build stat, weapon exp (fe4 introduced weapon ranks, but they were fixed unless you promoted, or used a father with different holy blood), fatigue(although only echoes used that), the entire wind magic type being super effective against flyers (although fe 1 and 3 had wind tomes with this property.), other objectives, like defend and escape (although you could argue that fe4's "enemies destroying the home castle means game over" mechanic is a direct precurser to defend, even it it only really gets used once), almost everyone promoting using a master seal (as opposed to a variety of promotion items, or going to a specified location), adn the capture mechanic. Every single later fe game has borrowed at least one (and usualy more) of the elements on that list.
  3. The meaning of Feh

    in my experience (which involves a lot of Yiddish speakers, and american jews who use many more Yiddish loan words than normal) "feh" is a less comonly used word, especialy nowadays. Despite my better than usual Yiddish vocabulary, I did not even think of the word when thinking about the owl until you brought it up (although i had heard it once or twice). The fact is, Yiddish is unfortunately dying out among everyone but chasidic jews, who only use it because they are explicitly avoiding modern culture, including video games. In a context like this, where the intended meaning is blatently obvious, people just accept it and move on. It is only then the derivation of the word is not obvious that people dig up unintended meanings like this.
  4. Dumb College Classes You've Taken

    I actualy took organic chemistry as an elective once. I had to take gen chem for my major and really, really liked it, so i took orgo to see if i liked that too. I didn't. FYI, I had to take sense of music as a core requirement. It was actually really difficult (we had to do things like go to a concert and write a paper on it, or take a test in which we identify some of the "tools" that music uses). I find that stupid courses depend more on the professor than the course. I once took a fencing course where the professor did not care, and just had us play basketball. Obviously, most fencing courses are more rigorous. That being said, I mostly tried to find fun but at least theoreticaly useful electives, like architectural drawing, or 3D animation.
  5. For the second time, I got 20000 feathers. Can anyone recommend who I should raise to 5*? Current 5* units: Swords: Ike. Athena, Eirika Red Tome: Katrina Lance: Lance!lucinia Blue Tome: delthea Blue Dragon: F!corrin Axe: Raven Green Tome: Julia, Soren Bow: klien Dagger: Holloween!sakura Staff: Genny As for Who I can raise to five stars, I generaly have a good selection of random 4 and 3 star units (such as olivia, reinhardt, sheena, fae, beruka, and nowi. I have a ton of others too) .Plus 4 star versions of the 3 starting characters, and a 3 star alvis. Things to note about my current 5* lineup:I have no non-foot units.I have no deffensive green or colorless units (although i plan to continue trying for dorcas and takumi, I have run out of easy orbs, and don't plan to buy any.) I have no "general purpose" dagger users (sakura can only debuff magic users). I have no green or red dragons. my only dancer/singer (at any rarity) is a 4* olivia.
  6. Should the magic triangle return?

    THe big issue with a sepearate magic triangle is that there are reletively few mages compared to physical units in all FE games. As such, any seperate magic triangle will have the issue that most of the units in the game ignore it. It is no accident that the few times a seperate triangle matters is when the unit ballence is skewed tward magic users (such as chapter 4 of fe4, where tiltyu is even less usable because 1/3rd of the units are wind mages, who she has wtd against.) This is why I like the heroes and fates triangles. In fact, heroes does the best job in the series of making magic users distinct by having them use a triangle that mattered, giving them notably different stat spreads and skills, and including a wide variety of distinct magical weapons (whereas other games in the series tend to have 4 or 5 progressively stronger tomes with no special effects, and a 3-10 range tome).
  7. Community Based Functions!

    I want the game to still be playable in 15 years when the servers are down. my main issue with how foreging works in fates is that geting aditional types of raw materails is really hard is you don't have internet access. A good example of a multiplayer feature that is fun, but not required to play the game well is dragon quest 9's ability to have other players in your party. It's nice, but you can use generics (who are just as good, but not multiplayer) if you don't have internet, or the servers are down (which they are now, because dq9 was a 3ds game). On the other hand, lots of the postgame was free dlc, and is not accessable anymore.
  8. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    There are also the special items that sylvia's children's replacements get (berserk staff and barrier sword). These (plus the fact that each substitute gets a great skill, and the fact that stats matter a little less for their roles), make many people perfer the subs in this case. (the fact that the beserk staff can trivialise julious helps) That being said, slyvia is the only person whose kids have better subs. tyltu has okay subs (primaraly because tinny's sub can use thoron before promotion), but her best pairings are still way better.
  9. It is worth noting that the explanation above misses dynamic growths. They are slight adjustments to growths made when you level up and a stat is not proced. they are tiny, but they can result in things like someone gaining a stat on a 0% growth, if you have previously leveled up as a class for which the growth was nonzero. They also have the effect of making average stats slightly higher than they look like from just the percentage growth rates. Full explanation here:
  10. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    I disagree with lots of these, because all of these changes taken together remove geneology's uniqueness. Some changes are nesesairy to make the game more fun, but to many and it just feels like any other fe. One idea I like is the "avatar with minor holy blood" one, but only if the avatar gets killed, (with his kid filling in the same role in gen two.) THis is a game that revolves around the brahara masacure. Allowing an excessive number of people to survive dilutes the impact of the event. By contrast, seting up an avatar character, and then killing him, makes the twist even more effective. if you must have paralogs, make them be about fe5 characters, substitutes, or origional characters.
  11. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    WRT getting all holy weapons: I think that the fact that not all holy weapons end up on the same side was part of the message and theme of the game. This game is about inheritance of birthrights and responsibilities (after all, the second generation is about dealing with the first's unfinished buisness, and lots of the problems in the first generation are due to the mistakes of THEIR parents). Many people interpret their inherited responsibilities differently, or ignore them entirely. This is especialy true given that the events of the original crusaders (who are the great grand parents of the gen one heroes) happened just long enough ago that they are passing out of living memory. If you ended up with all of the holy weapons, it would undermine the theme. WRT other characters being underpowered: This game has ridiculess enemy hp inflation, making it hard to kill enemies without an op weapon. reducing holy weapon stats (perhaps to 25 mt and +10 in bonuses), while also reducing endgame enemy hp, would probably solve the problem. WRT incest: Brother sister incest is NOT considered okay. That's why fates had that stupid "not actually your blood siblings" plot twist that gets revealed via a completely out of nowhere letter during S supports. That would obviously be impossible to do in this case. Keep in mind that this game acualy has "incest is bad" as an explicet theme.
  12. Fire emblem 4 impressions/pairings

    This is also true for Delmund, who can't inherit any swords from fin (except for enemy drops). As such, be sure to use one of the above methods for him as well. Fair warning: if fin is a father, the game takes away all of his items to paas to his kid and all of his lances count as uninhereted (given that non of his potential kids can use them at base). make sure to give the hero lance to eryns before the end of chapter 3. Fin will start with just an iron lance in gen 2, but he should be overleveled enough to not need it until he can get to a shop.
  13. Fire emblem 4 impressions/pairings

    It is worth noting that the village that gets destroyed first has a bargen ring. That being said, you don't really need it in the first gen, and the guy who can most easily get it in the second gen (from the enemy who drops it if you miss it in gen one) gets a lot of use out of it, and can't inherit it. You can fix lex's son's weapon problems by having lex kill chagal in chapter 3, which allows him to get the silver blade drop, which he can then pass down to his kid. Alternatly, you can have one of your three early other sword users inheret the weapon you want lex's son to use, and sell it in the starting castle's shop on the first or second turn of chapter 6, and have lex's son buy it.
  14. Mistakes or errors on the site 2

    On the echoes promotion page, ( ) the paladin to gold knight promotion in the female table shows the -- symbol (from when no promotion exists) instead of the promotion level (10). It is displayed properly in the male table.
  15. FE4 Final Boss

    Using charisma bonuses, lover bonuses, and leadership stars, we can get as much as +60 if he is within three tiles of celice, delmund, nana, laylea, and his lover (who you can make nana or laylea to combine two bonuses in one cheracter, or lana for the +3 res conversation). THis allows for a 100% hit rate. Keep in mind that the optimal bonus requires you to essentially play the entire game with this outcome in mind, but you still get a significant bonus for doing most of what i said above.