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  1. Arthur isn't implying that Chrom is immortal. Chrom dies in the plot, doesn't he? He meant that Ike isn't immune and invulnerable, at least not as much Anacybele is making him out to be over Chrom. At least, that's how I took it. edit: ninja'd by Arthur himself!
  2. I apologize if I was too much! But I couldn't really tell if you were offering your opinion or not Sorry! I was just confused Regardless, you DO have good taste. Kaden>Keaton all the time! Hmm, to be honest, I'm really glad Orochi's on here though. I love her character, and she was really good as a Dark Flier for me in Birthright. She was a beast!
  3. This is what Jedi himself wants. This is what he would do if he had free reign over the game.The title of this topic has "Jedi's Dream Roster". I don't think this is the topic to be saying that some of his picks are uncool or you'd prefer this character over that character. If his dream roster doesn't include Silas or Gunter, then it doesn't include Silas or Gunter. It makes sense why he chose Keaton over Kaden and Nah over Nowi. Why? Because they're his favorites.
  4. Yeah! I just know he's going to kill it as Valbar! He's very unlikely though because he's from Echoes and not SD/Fates/Awakening :'-( It might just be me but I don't mind people having some debates here at all, and they're being pretty civil about it. This sub-forum is pretty dead to be honest. There's not much we can discuss that we haven't already lol, and it'll probably be a while until we get more news. But this is just my two cents
  5. Hmm, SD didn't have an official popularity poll and it's possible that KT's picks mostly aligned with the Awakening/Fates popularity polls, but for some specific choices that scored high, IS made a request for them. That may be how we got Lucina and the other (unrevealed lol) ones.
  6. Okay, but if there's over 30 characters then it just makes no sense at that point to not have all of the royals, especially when they're all so varied. And yeah, you can add more axes and lances, but nothing will change the fact that if a roster was 26 characters, a third would still be weak to lances. That was my point. You can't change the overwhelming weakness to lances in a 26 man roster because trying to include more axes would just let you not include weapons outside the triangle like tomes and stones. You have limited space, just 26. I made a 26 character roster. So why would you expect it to be perfectly balanced? I've stated by now that was just characters who came to mind at the time. Yeah if I had more spots then I would had given them to axes but once again, it was hypothetical. I never said "My roster WILL HAPPEN! Get ready!" You're taking my words out of context imho : ^ (, either that or I'm not explaining myself well, probably the latter You say they need to balance weapon diversity and I'm agreeing with you, that's why you add the royals?? all of them are very strong candidates and have their own niche and though the sisters besides Camilla have a bit of competition/hurdles against them, even then Sakura wouldn't be that irrelevant (another bow user for an alternate to Takumi and for the weapon triangle, fits in because you might want more neutral-to-everything people, also fits for pegasus knight bonus damage). And I honestly don't see how gender is such a big deal. Okay, Subaki's the first male Pegasus Knight, it doesn't make him the face or a representative of Pegasus Knights. They said they're fans of FE too, and that they're choosing the roster from a fan perspective. That won't be true if they're shoving characters in just based off of what's between their legs. Even just "they're popular" would be a better reason imho. And I never said that oh because the twins use swords they don't care about balance. No! I said if they were extensively worried about balance of weapons, then they would make the OC's something else besides swords. It makes sense for there to be a bit of balance in weapon types but it doesn't require them to be exactly equal in quantity. And while it makes sense why the twins use swords, they could also come up with a reason why they would use lances or axes. I really don't think I have anything else to say past this since I feel like we'll just go in circles.
  7. True! You have a point, especially after the last interview where it was confirmed IS showed the popularity polls to KT and requested some characters. The pool is significantly larger so that may have played a part as well. At least there's only two months until we find out!
  8. I knew that would come up. I know in Japan he's pretty popular I assume but he didn't even break the top 100 in the Heroes poll, he got 173rd place. His popularity may have declined or he might just not be popular in the U.S., but I honestly haven't seen any fans of him. It's 99% just me though so I shouldn't let my personal experiences get into my reasoning, but that 173rd place in the Heroes poll is still kind of telling, even if the poll isn't too reliable.
  9. Subaki being male isn't that big of a deal, and it certainly won't be the reason why he would ever get into a Warriors game. Gender alone won't get you places. Caeda is the main Pegasus Knight, the face of them. We certainly aren't getting her and all of the Whitewings. Virion is the first Heroes summon and he did get into TMS but he isn't very popular, and isn't very noteworthy/memorable compared to the other archers. I left out Gordin and Jeorge because I think they stand a (albeit small imho) chance. In my honest opinion, it's a bit late to balance out the weapon choices when they've already announced 8 sword characters. They could have fixed it if Rowan/Lianna used say an axe and a bow, some weapon besides a sword. I'm not sure if they're worried about having all of the weapon types be balanced in quantity, I think they're more focused on having enough characters of each type. They've kind of already shot themselves in the foot because I don't think we'll be seeing like 6 axes to make up for there being 8 swords. And for that lance map, while a HUGE chunk of the roster would be at a disadvantage, I don't think the weapon triangle would have that much of an effect. It still certainly won't be favorable, but it won't hinder you in a major way. I'm probably wrong though since I haven't seen much gameplay footage. And honestly, those characters were something I just said for examples. Just brainstorming. Hardin isn't an armored unit in FE1/11, you're right, but he was just a character that came to mind at the time. Replace him with Draug. I said Grima and Gangrel in case they wanted villains (plus Gangrel as a spellblade since he has the Levin sword sounds cool). And the roster may be bigger than the characters I speculated on, who knows. That's just what I personally would hope it would come out to be. I don't see many armored units because there's not many notable ones (who does Awakening have? Kellam? Kjelle? Fates has Effie and Benny and I'm not sure on SD). I'd much rather the weapon triangle be lopsided on swords because there's not much of a reason to not have all the main characters of the games they're focusing on. The royals are all unique in weapons. While the roster would have three axes, once again it may turn out to be bigger than what we all think. The way I see it, we shouldn't have to miss out on main characters because they wanted to include 8 characters who used a sword so they have to include more axes and lances to balance it out. This is my honest opinion, but if they were really worried (not really as in honestly but really as in extensively) about having too many swords, once again, Rowan and Lianna wouldn't use one. Regardless, if we have around 25 characters, maybe 24, maybe 26, we know that 8 use a sword. That's about a third of the roster. Nothing can change that. If we want swords, axes, and lances to all have the same amount of characters, in that roster of 24, it'd just be 8 swords/8 axes/8 lances. There'd be no room for Robin (who's already confirmed) and any archers or Tiki, or Leo (who's hinted at), etc. Since nothing can truly change the roster's overwhelming weakness to lances, you might as well include all of the Fates royals for weapon diversity (1 flying axe 1 foot lance 1 flying lance 1 bow 1 cleric/bow 1 tome 1 tome/cleric 1 foot sword 1 horse sword 1 manakete sword. That's a lot of diversity!) instead of trying to balance out the quantity of each different kind of weapon. Too late for that. That's how I see it.
  10. A lot of the characters you mentioned have like no chance though. Camilla's definitely beating Cherche. For Hinoka, Sumia and Subaki definitely aren't getting in. And I don't see us getting the Whitewings; just put in Caeda. For Sakura, Tomas, Norne, Setsuna, and I wanna say Virion have no chance. I also don;'t see Maribelle getting in, so Elise is a bit more safe. And if I remember correctly, Lissa can cast thunder from her staff in this game. I'm not too sure though, I heard it on this forums though. I think it's very likely Elise can get in and kind of have a focus on staves. It would be awesome to use staves like Freeze offensively and this would allow her to play differently from Leo. Sakura is kind of harder to pinpoint, but I think that since archers are going to have bonus damage against Pegasus Knights, that we'll have an alternate archer to choose from, so that that bonus doesn't apply to just one character. If they can come up with movesets for 8 swords, I think they could brainstorm 2 archer movesets. I think the little sisters could play different enough from their brothers, because their brothers have their own special weapon that would of course have an impact on their moveset. Leo can summon trees, but have somewhat small hitboxes and high damage. Elise would be limited to just Fire/Thunder/Wind magic, and she could be more focused on larger crowds but have lower damage. That would completely change how they play. Or shoot, have Elise be able to do Fire, Thunder, and Wind and be able to switch between them. Wind could have a large range, Fire could have high damage, and Thunder could stun. For Sakura/Takumi, the two could have different niches as well, by kind of copying Leo/Elise and giving Takumi high damage, short range and giving Sakura low damage but high range. Or vice versa. Just a bit of brainstorming but I don't think it would be difficult to make the little sisters unique. We do have three Falchion users after all I don't think we'll see a SD archer because they've stated a few times that representation will be uneven between the three games, and that one will seem smaller than the other two. I believe that one is SD. If we get Marth/Tiki/Caeda/Camus, that's four. Add in Hardin and Linde or Merric and that's 6. I think that, depending on the roster size, that's a reasonable amount to expect if SD is truly the smallest one of the three games. This saves all of the archers for Fates, specifically Sakura, a magic one, and Takumi. With Awakening, we already have 5 characters confirmed, and if we add Tharja and Cordelia, it's 7. If we round it off with a villain pick, say Gangrel, that's 8. That'd make the roster 6/8/10 split for SD/Awakening/Fates and that sounds pretty fair to me. They could say the 2nd Awakening villain is a Grima moveset for Robin and the Fates villains are like Xander (who could be against you at first for a bit) and Possessed!Takumi. This all has like no chance at all but it's just a little bit of brainstorming. Regardless, I think that since they've been praising the roster size forever now that they'll find enough room to squeeze in all the royals. And you don't have to worry about weapon diversity when adding in all of the royals. Just from those 10 you get a dragon Swordsman, a foot lancer/dancer, a legendary tome, two legendary swords, a legendary bow, a Wyvern Rider, a Pegasus Knight, a cleric/archer and a cleric/mounted mage. Each one is different from the rest. The only weapon not in these 10 is like kunai/shuriken I think? I think all of the royals are pretty likely, even though some are more likely than others. I really want to see how they'd take on Sakura and Elise in particular (those two are my favorites so I'm really biased but they have a lot of potential in my opinion). It'd really suck to have some royals but leave some out because they're all pretty popular and the face characters of all of the routes.
  11. Ooo, true, they did state they had an interest in that before. It's completely possible they could remake scenes from it The plot when Rowan/Lianna crossover onto Fates is probably going to be really complicated tbh since there's three paths they could pull from and reference. There's not much we can say about it now since we don't have much to go off of In my opinion, it makes sense to limit Fates to the royals because they're all pretty unique and popular, and there's already 10 of them so there's not much room to add more characters. Maybe if the roster is really bigger than what we think it is there might be room for other characters, but if they've said they're picking characters from a fan's perspective then that makes the royals even likelier imho because as a fan, it makes sense to include all of the important characters of a game. Especially when they're all so different from each other. Also as a fan, it would be frustrating for there to be side characters (retainers) over important characters (royals).
  12. The prologue isn't really relevant imho. Yeah, you see them but it's the prologue, it's supposed to be a sampling of what's to come in the future. That's it. And they chose to make the crossover at the split because they didn't want to alienate the players by choosing one route. This tells us that there may not be later scenes from each route, especially since Rowan and Lianna are going to throw everything off by coming in at such a crucial point. It'll kind of be it's own route then lol. You're right, the retainers don't stop existing, but they'll have to try really hard to fit them in, considering how all of the royals are basically guaranteed to make an appearance. Not necessarily as playable, mind you, but if you're going to give them all models and story involvement you might as well take the extra step. Your example with Elise, Arthur and Effie makes sense but since we're seeing all of the royals (there's 10 of them, it's a lot) in some way I just don't have much faith in a retainer making it in as a playable character.
  13. This might just be me but I'd rather have it be a dull choice and get all of the royals + Corrin & Azura rather than only get some of the royals and have it not be a dull choice. I wouldn't find getting all of the royals dull as they could do a lot with Elise in particular (it would be AMAZING if she used staves such as Freeze offensively). They're all crucial characters and have a lot of potential for movesets. They're all also the most popular characters (besides Oboro) and they make the most sense if Rowan/Lianna do really crossover into Fates at around Chapter 6. That's the only chapter where we see ALL of the royals. And it wouldn't make much sense to get any retainers, considering how we don't see them until after Chapter 6.
  14. I wouldn't consider Tingle a joke character, considering how he's pretty prevalent in Zelda compared to most characters. And the Great Fairy being a joke character, I guess it depends on your definition? Charlotte's pretty popular, enough to get her 9th place in the Fates popularity poll. Regardless, I think Fates will just get all 10 royals and nothing more than that.
  15. I don't think we'll have a "joke" character. Hyrule Warriors didn't have any, as Agitha was just many of the developer's favorites. I don't think they would add in a character, solely to fulfill some obligation that there has to be a joke character. Especially when you could give most of the moveset to Charlotte, should they choose to add characters past all of the royals.