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  1. Update! Chapter 18: Closing Spaces In Between
  2. Update! Chapter 17: Debt To Be Paid I divided some of the earlier chapters up, so Chapters 1-16 is just old material.
  3. Gotta post all my spring artwork. A Marx/Hinoka doodle: Spring!Hinoka inspired by Heroes bunny suits: Python for a SoV countdown: Zero that I submitted to the scribbles contest:
  4. Details for Volume 1
  5. Marx's design in the new FEH banner is so ridiculous, I had to draw a matching outfit for Hinoka: Thanks!I had fun finding places for both of the crests (just in case their hair didn't give away who they were)
  6. Tinny x Leaf
  7. Kiss, Marxander/Hinoka edition:
  8. Hey all FE fans, our application to participate is currently open to the public. So if you’d like to work with other fans on a zine filled with love for the entire FE games series, please read our rules then fill it out! This volume we are focusing on both Fates and Heroes FE characters. We’re seeking: artists, comic makers, and writers to collaborative with. Applications for volume 2 close March 19th. Closed, and volume 2 is now completed!
  9. We're front page news, exciting! Also we're currently accepting applications for future volumes...in case any creative types are interested. Thanks! I'm really pleased with the overall quality of work the participating artists came up with. Some of the funnier pages are a hoot too.
  10. Late to the thread. Back when the game was just out I rerolled until I got a team not worth passing up: More recently I did a roll and pulled a 5 star Elise right off the bat- so now my team is magic and dragons (pegknights are starting to be a pain). I've been hoarding orbs, but am really unsure if I want to try a pull on this banner since the 3 and 4 stars are all the same... but there are low-star characters in the current roster I wouldn't mind getting. Eh.
  11. That'd be great! Thanks so much. I had fun organizing it and letting artists choose their fav characters to work with (this all started in Oct 2016, way before Heroes was announced, haha). If this volume sells well enough, I was thinking of doing more- but won't know that til later.
  12. Hi all, just wanted to share a collaborative fanart project I organized and am publishing. Volume two just came out so I wanted to update this thread! It involves characters from across the game series, here's some previews- Heroes: Fates: Archenea: +Jugdral: Awakening: Tellius: Magvel: Elibe: There's also a Heroes Summons inspired series of stickers this time around: For those interested in the artists involved please check this info page.
  13. Swimsuits

    It was the "love toga" which actually covered more than a bath towel, but yeah it was murdered and buried. There's a hack to restore it all, so the code's still there just hidden.
  14. Kamui as Sumeragi's kid and Aqua as Garon's I vastly prefer (ditto to no S-ranking any siblings). I'd get rid of all the extra Touma|Valla elements (including Kamui's transforming) as a Nohr vs Hoshido conflict has more than enough potential for a decent plot/game. As for everyone speculating on Kamui's age in relation to when they arrived in Hoshido...
  15. FE4

    If Finn dies, he and Cuan and Ethlin immediately withdraw from the map and are no longer usable. Ditto when Ethlin or Cuan dies (Finn always leaves with them). So if you kill Finn you're stuck with whatever his inventory was at the time, same with the other two.