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  1. Is she on the field when you start the battle?
  2. It's a bit more complicated than that. Can't link to the exact location, but you'll need to start by having him chat with Tatiana during the battle.
  3. New member

    Alas, you can't make Haitaka a Dark Knight! Also, it doesn't matter when or where you began the series - a fan of FE is a fan of FE! Anyway, welcome~! Don't forget to read the rules and all~! (end generic greeting)
  4. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Awful, the only Lancer of note I got off of Brynhilder's banner was Cu. PROTOTYPE Cu.
  5. Things the world did not need to know: What I cut out of this quote.
  6. Jakob, Devoted Servant

    The canonical servant to female Corrin, he's best utilized when on a horse or a wyvern. However, Fates doesn't give us the option to reclass, so Jakob is stuck as a staffbot butler. Sporting a much bigger nose, some awesome special quotes, and annoying balanced stats, Jakob doesn't really excel at anything. But like my last victim (Raigh), this means that his build is reliant on his boon and bane. Due to his weapon, he can get away with -Atk, but I wouldn't recommend it. -Spd is especially painful, and will open him up to far more double attacks. He can work with -HP, -Def, and -Res. For boons, +Atk turns him into a half-decent offensive unit, +Spd turns him into a more balanced Saizo, +HP means he ties Gaius for most HP, and +Def/+Res allow him to tank certain things better. Base stats: HP: 35/39/42 Atk: 25/29/32 Spd: 27/31/34 Def: 22/25/29 Res: 21/24/28 Blue indicates a better boon. Red indicates a worse bane. Boring Debuffer (Silver Dagger+/Smoke Dagger+, any) One-time nuke (Seashell+, +Atk/+Spd) Not Matthew (Rogue Dagger+, +Def/+Res, -Res/-Def) Poking for free! (any weapon, +Spd) Not Jaffar (Smoke Dagger+, +Atk/+Spd) I LIEK STUPID GIMMICKS! (any, +HP) "Where are the Poison Dagger/Kitty Paddle options?" On better units, where they belong. Jakob's Attack is a bit too low to truly take advantage of these weapons. Jakob's not the most offensive/most defensive/best-looking, but that's okay, because he can fulfill whatever role you need him to. Except that last build. Please don't do that unless you really want to be silly.
  7. Raigh, Dark Child

    I'd rather abbreviate their names as opposed to outright misspell them. It depends on how much Sophia survives by. Raigh's biggest tank issue is his low HP pool.
  8. Lucius: The Light

    You can also shove Wings of Mercy in the B slot so that he can warp and heal anyone who needs it! Currently doing that for Tempest Trials, and it's funny.
  9. Or they could be sagging, but that's not an issue you have to worry about for a long time.
  10. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Because I realized just how big of a backlog I have. After the crap I put Caesar through, he earned his ascension! Yeah, I should've farmed Nobunaga harder. ;/
  11. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Why must Page farming be such a gigantic pain in the neck? TESLA, I'M TRYING! BUT I CAN'T GET ANY TO DROP! In other news, I TRIED for a Lancer. Got. . .Prototype Cu. I couldn't even get Fionn, the guy I was aiming for!
  12. General US Politics

    As someone who is way the hell older than 25, terrorism was an issue. . .but not in the US. We had some scattered bombing incidents which weren't linked to Islam IIRC. The first major one that I can think of before 9/11 was this. However, it had nowhere near the amount of coverage 9/11 had. Even when 9/11 hit, I didn't think much of it, because it was on the other side of the country. That's how far down my priority list terrorism was.
  13. Leo, Sorcerous Prince

    Brynhilder's in a pretty bad spot right now ATM. But if he's supposed to be attacked, why not devise a build for something like +Def/-Spd? Turns him into a mixed tank of sorts.
  14. New player. Any decks of these characters? (question)

    Not all characters and cards are created equal. I'm not sure how familiar you are with TCGs, but if you've played at least one, you should have some preferred deck type. You've listed a lot of characters, so you need to ask yourself the following: 1. Do I like overpowering my opponent? Irritating them? Stalling? Messing with their field? Something else? 2. Do I want a top-tier deck, or do I want to have fun with my favorite characters? Answer these questions, and it should narrow down what kind of deck you're looking for.