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  1. I like bow units, and Niles' antics won the spot for me. So you can have him as a husbando, I want him as a killing machine.
  2. Arvis can, though I'd rather use his default Valflame. I think Lilina/Sanaki work better as OHKO machines, while Katarina fills Tharja's niche. A healer's buffs are rather eh, IMO. The closest would be one of the Renais twins with Ardent Sacrifice and Renewal, which I think is subpar. If you absolutely want a healer, use one of the ranged dancers off of the PA banner.
  3. Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth

    You have no idea how tempted I was to call her Panne. But my headcanon is that this party is from a bunch of different game universes, and goes by semi-precious jewels to keep their timelines intact. For reference:
  4. Pairing your Avatar.

    It varies. I don't pair based on preference, I pair based on what kind of units I need. Last run was Leo, because my avatar was magic-based.
  5. I've never seen a save file with the .sps extension before. Regardless, do a search of this subform, Drafts, Fan Projects, and Fan Projects -> Questions. You'll probably find one, somewhere.
  6. Would you go p2w is orbs cheaper?

    Since I have a certain amount I'd like to spend (one day), it wouldn't really make a difference. I'd be happy if my money got me more, of course!
  7. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    Will most likely run Sigurd, Shigure, and a couple of other units (green/archer. . .or maybe a certain green-haired archer). Horse Emblem is tempting, but mostly everyone there doesn't need the extra SP.
  8. IAP confessions

    Or there's whales who have no idea WTF they're doing, or the tiers allow more people in there due to more people playing the game. If my experiences with the voting gauntlet are any indication, a LOT of people don't really use SI. . .or put some really questionable things on SI (like Palla with Ruby Sword and Triangle Adept).
  9. Cleaning up my Inventory

    There's other threads for such questions, mentioned earlier.
  10. The Golden Age. Act 2: Converging Paths.

    Even I'M not that reckless! Kolmar to O-14
  11. Personal Impressions

    I use the Forge for this. Yes, it's a bit inconvenient, but at least I know what an effect does before I actually use it in battle.
  12. Fire Emblem Warriors overall scores!

    What bothers me is the complete and utter lack of critical thinking involved. And to illustrate this, I'm going to use a children's card game. Have a gander at this card. No, you don't need to know the rules, you only need to read its first effect, specifically "you win the game". You'd think that a card that offers another way of winning would be widely used, right? After all, YOU'RE A WINNER! In truth, it's not even in the meta. The conditions to pull it off are surprisingly strict, the "best" build involves focusing only on that win condition, and most decks can work around it. Now, how does this relate to the topic? In a vacuum, that's a mediocre Warriors score. But if you consider the other external factors, namely that Musou games tend to do poorly on reviews, this is actually a decent score. So next time, consider the other factors before posting topics like this.
  13. Is the New 3DS version worth purchasing?

    Definitely! It's plenty playable, even if the mini-map's a bit annoying.
  14. The one where this gets posted to the correct section. I'm disappointed in those of you that answered, and didn't bother alerting a mod that this was in here.
  15. Personal Impressions

    Weird, "chipping away" is how I felt about Lissa and Robin. Different strokes, I guess. Currently in the middle of the story. Someone needs to tell Sakura to take it easy - she's murdering everything, and looking damn cool while doing so. Also. . .