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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Now up to 1,018 total pulled units. I didn't have that many orbs to spend, no thanks to the Scattered Fangs banner.
  2. "Is Rebecca good?" Experiment

    Yep. Though the only blessing that matters IMO is the Strength one.
  3. "Is Rebecca good?" Experiment

    OBJECTIVELY SPEAKING, your Rebecca should be at the following levels for her stats: HP: 18 Str: 19 Skl: 13 (but 14 also works) Spd: 15 (rounding can also put her at 14) Lck: 20/2 Def: 15 (rounding can put her at 14) Res: 11 (she's at the tail end of this - one more level without Res and she'll be behind) The only major blessings IMO are HP, Str, and Lck. And of these, the only one that matters is Str (+2).
  4. General US Politics

    . . .okay, what? Abnormal psychology involves deviant behavior patterns. Some can be destructive to others, like schizophrenia. Others are a hindrance to the person that has them, like OCD. Some of these can cause people to behave in socially unacceptable ways, ranging from being dishonest for no apparent reason to outright killing people. Agreed on by everyone? That's democracy. And last I checked, democracy is working just fine, when it comes to "should we have a death penalty in this state?". IMO the death penalty is extremely inefficient. In the US, it's cheaper to imprison an inmate for life as opposed to executing them. I don't think it works very well as a deterrent, either. There's also the issue of wrongful convictions - are you comfortable with exercising the death penalty, when there's a chance that a nonzero number of them are innocent?
  5. (forum mod post incoming) This is a warnable offense. Tone it down.
  6. Dead or Alive 6 announced

    Those guys could really tone down the swearing. But otherwise, it's a solid video. Looks like they're aiming for realism. . .well, as realistic as divebombing ninjas can be.
  7. . . .and THIS belongs in General Gaming. Just a sec.
  8. Favorite Dancer (refresher unit)

    Already did the move!
  9. Fate/Grand Order General

    Lancelot it is. The Hot Springs map features a lot of random classes.
  10. Rate the Unit, Day 51: Lucius & Rebecca

    Karel - Look at that hair. And those pecs. And. . .uh, FINE, I'll stop drooling over his art. His base Atk is pretty bad, and he has a ton of HP for whatever reason. 35 Speed is nice, but he has the third-lowest Atk out of all of them (he beats Selena and Eir). Nameless Blade is a damn good weapon, and makes Sol a somewhat viable special. Desperation, at least, makes some sense, though he'll want Fury/Life and Death in the A slot. He can thank the Nameless Blade for this rating, because it would be a lot lower otherwise. 4.5/10 Ninian - She's a melee units that hits resistance (or the lower of the two defensive stats on ranged units), and she dances. Unlike most other dragons, she can get away with subpar offensive stats. She's by far and away my most used dancer, because I naturally run two ranged units (Leon and Spring Camilla), and I'm always in need of magic attackers. Did I mention that Light Breath+ is great for initiating? She's bulky enough that she'll survive most red units and a good chunk of blue, too. 9/10
  11. Favorite Dancer (refresher unit)

    This isn't a debate because Reyson in heron form is the best. Regardless, off to General FE with you~!
  12. General US Politics

    You're free to run your mouth (to an extent), but you're also free to eat the consequences of your words. First and foremost, do not argue from emotion. First misstep. I took a basic psychology course, too. I'm just as qualified as you! Except I though that Pavlov's dogs were the most interesting thing, not the bystander effect. Second misstep. See, it's possible to put an average time to a lot of things, and make it sound scary. Why not do it for car accidents? Heart attacks? People dealing with TSA? Or people being simultaneously struck by a meteorite, lightning, and a bad idea? IIRC, the heart attack rate is pretty high, yet there's still an obesity problem in the US. If people can't help themselves, then why do you expect them to help others? I guess your basic psychology course failed to go into abnormal psychology. Stuff like a lack of empathy or impulse control (among other factors) can cause people to do some pretty heinous things. Part of prison is to ensure that such people can do no more harm to general society. First, don't put words in my mouth. I'll decide whether you're being unreasonable. Your proposed solution doesn't make the world a better place. Who are you to decide who is "evil"? What makes you think you'll know the difference between "evil that deserves to be killed" and "evil that can live"? Again, if your basic psychology course went into abnormal psychology, you'd find that a non-zero number of these so-called "evil" people have some sort of mental illness. Do we kill sick people for being sick? And then there's this "you" business, which attaches a bunch of qualifiers. You are in no position to judge whoever's reading this. Absolutely not. If you have any sort of empathy, you'd realize that there's other people living there. And believe it or not, the vast majority of people want to live out their lives in peace - hence why they come to America. Despite the media war/Internet yelling, our country hasn't devolved into a place where you have to worry about being shot because you stepped out of your house. Nor is the police force so bad that they can drag you off to prison, where you'll never be heard from again. You're the one that mentioned those scary statistics. And your proposed solution will only add to those murders. You're the one the statistics were warning us about. So. . .if you really like talking about this, go start a blog or something. But as long as you post stuff like this in Serious Discussion, you're implicitly allowing other people to respond to your ideas. . .and quite frankly, your ideas are terrible.
  13. Then don't do it again. Or you can edit the title, and make it more descriptive. A good title will give the reader an idea of what they're in for when they click the topic.
  14. Lock this topic because screw clickbait titles. Oh, wait, the actual topic? Nah, once i see a bad topic title, I ignore the rest.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    Just remember that Bride Ninian could've been -Atk. Like mine.