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  1. Point isn't to double on counter, it's NOT to be doubled on attack. But if survivability is that much of an issue, Water Boost with HP +3 will help a lot, since the only blue mages that can get around it are +HP M!Robin/Reinhardt with HP +3 and +HP Odin. . .and of these, Robin will do a whopping 12 damage at 5* if he can get around Water Boost, no one in their right mind will run Reinhardt with the HP seal, and Odin's damage output is pretty laughable when Defiant Atk isn't active. Meanwhile, it takes a single 60 Atk hit to break B Tomebreaker 3 using the above setup. That's +Atk Linde/Delthea with Death Blow range. . .or Reinhardt with Death Blow 3, but it's not like Rein was going to quad in the first place.
  2. This would've been a much better answer. Seliph will overkill squishy green things (Nino), but probably isn't the best at dueling the likes of Bartre (who I barely see in the arena). Huh. The description reads like a Spur. Is it a typo? For comparison, Alfonse's reads like Defiant Atk 2. (not like this wouldn't be the first thing that doesn't work as advertised, but still)
  3. I don't care how sub-optimal some builds are. If someone is dead-set around building something around that unit, focus on that unit. This isn't the "make everything optimal" type of question this is a "I want to use this unit to its fullest using these parameters".
  4. If you don't mind nerfing his offense a bit, Fortress Def. Turns Berkut into a decent wall. A flat stat+ can also work, 'cept for Speed. For a slightly more idiotic build, slap B Tomebreaker on him, and have him facetank blue mages.
  5. Let's pretend that every last character in the poll was released. That's 700 characters. Throw in the seasonal ones (Chrom in bunny ears), and you're looking at a GIGANTIC cast. --- I am That Person who'd love a Kingdom Hearts crossover.
  6. Let's start with Things Seliph Doesn't Want To Fight: - Things that can ping him from a distance - Blue units - Stuff with Swordbreaker - Things that attack his Res stat This means you'll want - Two units that attack from a distance (one will work, but it's not optimal IMO) - A strong green unit - Stuff that can kill something with Swordbreaker - Stuff that can absorb Res hits "Stuff that can absorb Res hits" and "things that attack from a distance" point to a mage. Throw in "strong green unit", and you're looking at one of Nino/Julia (or an event gal). You'll definitely want a dancer, so Seliph isn't in range of things like mages after he obliterates something with Ignis - either of Azura/Ninian will work. The last unit is a bit of a wild card - I prefer a -raven user, since colorless units are ranged attackers. M!Robin will work nicely, since your dancer may have better things to do with her time. Regardless, you'll want Hone Atk/Spd in that mix, somewhere.
  7. I do. Speaking of the early posts, it's nigh-impossible to read the stats on the enemies in the first post if you're on Night Forest.
  8. Thanks to free pulls and a lot of orbs, up to 303 total pulled units. Boons/banes: B-but I have plan for hottier, edgier Stahl!
  9. I KNEW sitting on all those Donnels was a good thing. . . . . .if I had Clive. I'll have to think about that, since it's intriguing. Wouldn't do it with Berkut, though.
  10. Screw it, it's Alm time. The Tempest banner reset on someone that isn't a focus hero. Currently at 5K, and am happy. The bonuses that Alm gets are enough for him to wreak some serious havoc.
  11. Please contact the administrators regarding this issue.
  12. "How utterly uninformative," Kolmar grumbled. "Wonder what'll happen if 'His Majesty'," he spat out, "decides to clean up some loose ends. Probably best to keep 'em locked up away from important things, eh?"
  13. fate

    Sitting on a pile of quartz? Check. Interested? Nope. Still heart Robin Hood. May grab Emiya if he ever goes on special or something, but I've been doing fine with a lone archer.
  14. I think so. You can use an external image site and link the images instead.