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  1. Lyn - Mine is -Atk. It's painful. Even then, Atk/Spd Bond helps her offense, and Armor March means that she wants someone next to her. Being a mage armor is probably her strongest point, because a melee armor with those stats would be mediocre. While she can sort-of pull off the mixed tank thing, she'd have to sacrifice Atk/Spd Bond, something she absolutely doesn't want to do. She can also shove a Ploy in there somewhere, if there's other members with Armor March (or if it's a mixed team). 8/10 Lilina - Her A skill sucks. She gets better mileage out of Fury (what is she going to do with that extra HP?). Her C skill implies that she wants to be on a mixed team, which is fine. She can grab -blade and OHKO everything, or something like -owl and become surprisingly tanky (assuming Fury and a full party around her, she'll have 34/29/35 defenses at neutral). +Spd makes her insanely good. +Atk makes her hit harder. +Res can think about ploys, assuming that her A slot is Fury (I generally don't use ploys on units with less than 30 Res; ideally, they'll have 35 Res). She has a bunch of silly things she can do, but she's reliant on her boon. 8/10
  2. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    I'm trying to farm Clive. It's painful. Might have to hack out Full Horse Cheese to make him better. QR seal helps a lot, though.
  3. Fate/Grand Order General

    Excuse me while I contain my excitement for Bronze Fous. Right after we had an event to farm a bunch of better Fous.
  4. Scenes we'd like to see

    "The good news is that you weren't faking it." (yes, this actually happened)
  5. FE noob in need of some advice

    Sacred Stones is probably the easiest, and shortest. Anyway, welcome~! Don't forget to read the rules and all! And do exercise some taste. (end generic greeting)
  6. Hey does anyone have tips for FE 4 cuz i suck at it lol

    . . .and this isn't even an introduction. I mean, good luck with FE4 and all, but at least post a proper intro before wandering off after 24 hours. Surely your question can wait that long!
  7. Takumi - 34/34 is pretty good offensively (who is this Linde?), but I'm not sure how I feel about such a good weapon being locked to a seasonal. His skills make very little sense - Atk/Res bond isn't going to make him an amazing magic tank, and with 17 Def, he doesn't want to take a bow attack anyway (+Atk Leon with his regular bow and Death Blow OHKOs him). Brazen Atk/Spd and Desperation turns him into quite the machine gun (Moonbow on every attack, assuming he doubles). Does fairly well for a glass cannon, even if he doesn't get cavalry/flier buffs. 8.5/10 Ike - Warding Breath doesn't turn him into a mage tank! His speed's awkward, but Ragnell is still great, and Radiant Aether's a cool special. Can be put through a surprising amount of crap, but will still die to a good blue mage. He's free, so no excuses for NOT having him! Sort-of has a player phase, but it's not his strong point. What makes him better than his counterparts IMO is the Earth affinity thingy, which amps his damage even further. 9/10
  8. Official Pull Topic

    @Zeo -Spd on Lyn hurts, trust me. Congrats on the pulls, though!
  9. Etrian Odyssey X

    OW! But I totally needed that, thanks~! I'll read up on what all the classes do when it's closer to release day. I'm going for the team with the biggest lulz, and one of my requirements is that an EO3 class must make its way in.
  10. [FE8] Terror Of The Forest

    Shoving this into Concepts until there's a patch with a few chapters available.
  11. Oh, the DEMO is available by the end of summer! Looks like the actual release date is in 2019. Still, not bad for a teaser!
  12. Fire Emblem S rank run Chapter 13x

    Keep it in one topic. There's no need to start a new one every time you complete a chapter.
  13. Building low tier units

    Lovely. Are you going to say what you're doing, instead of taking potshots at the subject? My other odd project is Jakob - I'm waiting to see if he gets a personal weapon. I also need something on the order of 200,000 feathers, which won't happen anytime soon (Leon/Ares merges come first).
  14. Camilla - WTF, her BST is one less than Ayra's, and her stats are fairly similar (Ayra has two more speed). It would explain why her Atk, Spd, and Def are all pretty good (relatively speaking). Spd/Def Bond turns her into a physical wall that isn't likely to be doubled, while something like Brazen Atk/Def can up two of her better stats. Her weapon is more for her teammates, which isn't a bad thing (since she flies, and appreciates flier buffs). Unlike Ayra, she doesn't come with a speed-stacked weapon/special. Still, she can function as both an offensive and defensive unit for fliers, something that red needed. 8.5/10 Azura - While her PA weapon is better, this incarnation flies, which automatically makes positioning a lot less of an issue. Hone Fliers is always welcome, and Earth Dance means that any -blade fliers will have +17 power when all is said and done (assuming they started next to her). She isn't necessarily going to hit back hard (nor does she want to bait things), but she's fast enough to avoid a fair number of doubles. And since she's a dancer, her offense is a lot less critical. 8.5/10
  15. Grand Hero Battle Breaks Through: Takumi

    @Zeo Gotcha. I call this the battle of the benchmarks for a reason. I wouldn't have thought of using Takumi, because of all the benchmarks that he'd need to hit. Still, nice clear! Also good seeing Ogma in action~!