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  1. Fate/Grand Order USA

    The irony is that I pulled Emiya on the ticket after Hassan of the Hundred Strands of Hair. Still no luck pulling a certain zero star guy. I have The Thing that makes him funny, too! I wonder if a team of Emiya, Iri, and Unhappy Dessert will fare?
  2. Fire Emblem Tales of The Stones

    . . .and I can't apply the patch. Did you zip it? I recommend NOT putting decimals in the file name, because it confuses the everliving daylights out of Windows.
  3. Ooh, that looks a lot better! Thanks!
  4. I think you need to define what role(s) you want each member of your team to do. I think Lukas will be able to bait physical units far better than anyone else, and no one on your team can replicate Chrom's dragonslaying niche (especially with Falchion's forge effect). From there, you can decide what to give them.
  5. When in doubt, save-state RNG abuse! It's a lot easier to cover up! . . .what do you mean, "have I done that"?
  6. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Both of you got the first move right. . .but on the wrong target. Here's what I did: Turn 1: Use Buff All Allies, MHX NPQQ on the 82K golem. Her NP does a bit over 100K damage, meaning that it'll kill it outright. Her next two cards and extra attack will bounce over to the 69K golem, which dropped it to something like 45K. Turn 2: Stun one of the golems using the plugsuit, pray for a buster card. Instead, I pulled a buster chain out of my deck, with 60+ crit stars to my name. That's enough to kill the non-stunned golem and drop the other down to something manageable. Turn 3: Take out the broom and sweep up whatever's left of the final golem. If I hadn't pulled a buster card on turn 2, I would've been forced to use Tesla's NP (this is why I maxed out Pioneer of the Stars).
  7. Left the lower stuff in for scale. @VincentASM
  8. Nitpick: Maybe it's my rather wide screen, but the light part of the banner in Night Forest bleeds into the upper-right control panel. If this is the case on something that isn't 16:9, would it be possible to move that section of the forest a wee bit to the left? Otherwise, these new banners look really nice!
  9. Does it make sense, given the context of both characters and past conversations? If it does, I'll probably like it. Nifty bonus if it builds on the existing character (see: Tharja's supports).
  10. Fire emblem Tales of the Stones

    No, posting this on his behalf also counts as spamming. Keep it to one topic. If you (or anyone else on his team) pulls this nonsense again, it will be a very long suspension.
  11. New Tempest Trials: Thunder’s Fist!

    Someone talk me out of slapping Berkut's Lance and QR on Finn. Three of his stats are amazing, and I'd love to patch up that Res of his! If I use him, I'll reshuffle my TT team so it's Olivia, Merric, Finn, and Azama. I'm still super-screwed when it comes to a map full of mages, but at least I don't have to deal with regular Tyrfing Seliph!
  12. Official Pull Topic

    I had to dig for more orbs than I care to admit. Up to 879 total pulled units (really).
  13. So I did this in three takes because it was funnier. Infantry clear: Leon goes on a rampage with the help of three dancers. Fjorm clear: She needed the Close Def seal to tank Hinoka, but she killed most of the map on her own. Leon gave her a hand with the axe guy. Anna clear: I had to get creative for this one. Hector was able to bait and eliminate Takumi/blue mage. Then, I had to do some emergency shuffling to get him out of the way. Olivia kills the axe guy on EP, and Anna with Lancebreaker and the Close Def seal can JUST survive Hinoka. Anna goes on clean-up duty, and Leon removes the last flier to end the map.
  14. Fate/Grand Order USA

    So, I have a puzzle for y'all. Your team: MHX, Tesla, Lancelot The enemy team: 3 golems, one with 45K HP, one with 82K HP, one with 69K HP (give or take) The situation: MHX is at 63 HP because she got focus-fired by the mooks. Her Fire Support just went off, so the entire enemy team is stunned. Your Plugsuit's swap was used on your Lancelot, because your friend's Lancelot was weaker. The cards: MHX NP, MHX Q, MHX Q, Tesla A, Lancelot B, Lancelot B The goal: Kill the enemy team in three turns without taking damage Can you do it? Bonus if you do it without using any of your servant's skills.