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  1. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I can't tell if this is satire or not.
  2. Best 3DS Game

    We're going to go with "the game I sunk the most time in", and that's Awakening by a mile. For the 3DS-like thing, it's Project X Zone 2, because it becomes way more fun when going for low turn counts. Even if Chrom/Lucina were terrible.
  3. Curious question about Fire emblem Bloodline

    I'll, uh, move this to where it belongs.
  4. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    It happens. Rarely.
  5. Due to some RL issues, I've asked for the other mods to look at this. In the meantime, I'm going to lock this topic. Whether it gets unlocked will be determined by whether or not another mod wants to chime in.
  6. Give me the Eliwood that's featured in FE7's ending, and I will be insanely happy.
  7. Pipe dream: With each house representing a major nation, the interactions you (as Byleth) fosters between your house of choice and the others have a noticeable impact on how the story pans out. Let's pretend Byleth helps out Edelgard. If he/she encourages her to be friendly towards Dimitri's house, the later maps will feature recruits from both red and blue, with yellow being the main antagonist. More likely: The starting house determines the main character. Some of the earlier maps might change a bit, but in the end, all three houses unite to fight off some ancient threat or other.
  8. Looks like you'll have to do it the clunkier way - edit the first post. The title should be at the top.
  9. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Panne's art looks amazing. Discussing the finer points of sexuality is not. Take that elsewhere.
  10. Open the topic, then click and hold to edit the topic title. I think that should work?
  11. You can edit the title to reflect who you're currently discussing.
  12. Anime Review - Yu Yu Hakusho

    Entertainment is thataway.
  13. Scenario 36 - 4/230 The SR point is the first mission objective, thank goodness. As soon as one finishes, the next one pops up. While there's a turn limit, it's pretty easy to finish before then. Decided to spend an extra turn to nuke everything before using Best Girl to end the map. Kallen and Lelouch got their ace bonuses here, and both of them are extremely good. New units: Jill - She doesn't come with Mail Rider, sadly. IMO this is an absolute travesty, as she is the coolest looking of the bunch by a mile, and she has a lot of lore nonsense thrown at her for who-knows-what reason. Raziya is really, REALLY boring. Chris - One day, I'll give her the time of day. But not today. Salia - Cleopatra comes with Ability Unlock, which makes it better on offense. With Salia's innate Commander aura, she rises head and shoulders above the rest of the 1st Para-Mail Squadron (sans Ange). Ange - Finally gets her MAP attack and Discord Phaser, both of which hit insanely hard. With that, she's a full main character! Joe - If you have to use someone from that universe, go with Maito. Joe looks cooler, and that's about where it ends. Scenario 37 - 3/233 The SR point is another fairly easy one, as the enemy will waltz down towards you. I made it a point to off the third wheel, since he's more experience. SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS did something like half of Hina's HP. Finished off both enemy Valiancers on turn 3. I didn't touch the reinforcements, because I was too busy beating up Bizon. New unit: Hina - She'll work if Dio isn't being used. She's more supportive, though Bonds is an excellent skill. Scenario 38 - 6/239 The SR point requires a little bit of patience - or the Gratan and its crazy amount of Spirits. Amari slowly retreated, then used Multi Action to regroup with everyone. After that, I took great pains in whittling units down, so that a Valor-driven Cyflash could off a giant group at once (seven, to be exact). The boss is dangerous for maybe two attacks, then crumples pretty quickly. Intuition is a life-saver here. Heero and Genryusai got their ace bonuses, and I managed to unlock two different vault parts (one involving that massive Cyflash, and the other for getting so many ace pilots). Scenario 39 - 4/243 . . .I think I found my favorite scene in the game. Go Grandis! Bum-rushed the enemies, because the boss doesn't move. Had to get really creative to get the SR point - used Resolve on the Nautilus, then had it restore Banjo's action. VALOROUS SUNLIGHT more-or-less wiped out the boss. After his untimely resurrection, it was again HYPER SUNSHINE that chunked the boss, with Heero stealing the kill. Tobia got his ace bonus, which translates to "spam Valor and die happy". New unit: Iori - The other protagonist shows up here with Bonds and Resupply, both of which will be useful later on. Scenario 40 - 5/248 Once again, Banjo and SOLAR-POWERED VALOR are to thank for the SR point. The second half is basically a shooting range - the enemies are big and have barriers, but are otherwise not threatening. Perfect for feeding the new guys kills! Speaking of. . . New units: The twins - Because they're about as forgettable. Yoko - She comes with Hit & Run, Snipe, and Charge. In other words, this is what Trowa wished he was. After gaining a level or two, she'll get Valor. Her attacks aren't anything special, but being able to snipe while running is welcome. Plus, her tank is the biggest thing ever, so all she has to worry about are barriers. Kittan - He PUNCHES THINGS, and they die. He also comes with all his spirits, and Valor makes him hit harder. He's not on Banjo's level, but he'll help to clear out some tougher generics. Scenario 41 - 5/253 Another fairly easy SR point, especially if your team has a bunch of MAP attacks. Stack Valor/Soul on top of them, and watch the fireworks. Used this map to feed Yoko and Kittan kills. Anya is one away from her ace bonus. C.C. is about seven or so. Should be able to get all of them up to ace before endgame, at least! This map features the first boss with six-digit HP. But thanks to Valor/Soul, it went down VERY fast (Valor-boosted Cosmo Nova is not to be trifled with).