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  1. This is where you kick Catria for Subaki. If you're going to run double blues, you might as well have someone who acts as a wall! Palla's. . .workable, thanks to Hone Fliers.
  2. I think it's more of "what situation is this unit good?" For example, Elise is the best offensive staff user. . .if she's in Horse Emblem with heavy skill investment. On the other hand, Azura can be plopped in almost any team, and still be useful because she dances. I requested Spring Camilla, Ursula, and Cecilia to be dropped because two of them require a specific team to really shine, and Spring Camilla's most generically effective build doesn't stack up to Julia/Nino (and her non-generically effective build requires a bunch of things that die to arrows). Now, for specific units: Mae - Handy. Blarowl is not a weapon to be underestimated, because having what's essentially Spur Everything +6 is pretty funny, especially on top of 36 base Atk. She's competing with Linde for the blue mage slot, which is unfortunate. The thing that's holding her back from Useful is her 31 Spd. Spring Lucina - Handy. Her biggest issue is that she really wants Odin's everything (yes, even Defiant Atk). Otherwise, she's basically Nino with four less Atk. . .which turns into something pretty unholy with Defiant Atk active. Nowi - Useful. Yes, she dies to greens. Yes, she doesn't like Falchion. However, she'll murder every other red out there, along with a good chunk of colorless and blue units. Having innate 1-2 range along with her decent bulk means that she'll probably dish out a hit before she goes down.
  3. Why do you think I speak out against religion in government? The last thing I want is a Christian theocracy - I'm not so naive to think that America will somehow not screw up a la every other theocracy out there. Hence why I refuse to vote Republican, and why I'm also really mad that I'm living with someone who thinks that Trump is doing a great job.
  4. . . .only nine of you? How is this even going to work? Ah, screw it, #TeamWhiskey. None of this sweet nonsense!
  5. Was originally gonna go with Luke, but -HP is. . .uh, painful. If I can't get Horse Emblem ready in time, Jakob it is~! I'll finally be able to run my dream team of Jakob/Azura/Spring Camilla/Ryoma~!
  6. I want to see an all-out argument between the three professors. It should be entertaining, to say the least~!
  7. "After Rausten" means "after the chapter". Or. . . This. Once the events at Rausten conclude, you have one last chance to shop/grind/pray, then it's off to endgame.
  8. Moulder's Luck issue can be worked around thanks to the Hoplon Guard. His draw is his beastly CON stat, which allows him to wield a bunch of things without taking an AS penalty - something both Natasha and L'Arachel will. Moulder's 6 Def is tied with L'arachel for highest, except that he has 34 HP to back it up (as opposed to the two ladies who are under 30 HP). He doesn't tank mages very well, but that's about it. If you're taking the time to grind, then I'm not sure why this is even a question. Postgame has infinite stat boosters, so RNG screwage isn't as big of a deal.
  9. Clipsey, you're gonna be playing Fate Grand Order when it comes out in the US, right?
    I remember you saying so.

    1. eclipse


      Maybe.  It depends on when it comes out, and how busy I am~!  You'll have to bonk me over the head once it's out, since I'm tied up with RL stuff.

    2. Sophie


      Alright! It comes out the 25th, I'll probably end up making a thread too if someone else doesn't beat me to it, so.~

    3. eclipse


      Oh man, I'm gonna miss launch by a few days.  Good to know though, thanks~!

  10. Sweet dreams~! I don't think it's too out-of-character for Celica. Yes, she wants to see Alm again, but she can't do it if the world ends. Given a choice between herself or making sure Alm lives, I think she'd choose the latter. I'm still miffed that she didn't talk to her friends, since she claims that she can trust them. That felt out-of-character.
  11. Not quite. Part of mafia is trying to figure out who to trust, then use the analysis to remove someone from the game. At the start, townspeople don't know who other townies are. Thus, there's no indication that anyone is telling the truth or not. All you have is your own info. I'd argue that Jedah would be decent at mafia, at worst. He made it way up the Duma's Faithful ladder. It means that Jedah had to compete with other Faithful who were vying for a strength-based god's attention. Either Jedah had some sort of amazing display of strength, to the point where he got that position, or he talked his way up there. My guess that it's a bit of both, which means that he'd have experience with manipulating people. Meanwhile, Celica's past experiences were in a castle, in a village, then in a priory, none of which were places where she'd expect to be betrayed. That's why it's within the scope of reason for her to believe what he says - he should be capable enough to frame it in a way that she'll listen, and she wasn't raised in an environment that would teach her how to deal with manipulation. Now, whether Jedah would actually WANT to play a mafia game is another question. . .
  12. Tone it down, yo. If the mafia subforum wasn't so inactive because everyone has better things to do with their time, I'd totally direct you there. Part of that game is figuring out who you can trust, when there's no guarantee that anyone's telling the truth - thus, trusting the sketchy guy, to her knowledge, isn't completely out of left field. Since Celica's theme is "solve things without fighting", her behavior makes some sense. Her not telling anyone about this is what I have issue with - this goes directly against the communication theme.
  13. - He really wants a better proc, since a 5-turn CD is really long. Moonbow/Dragonic Aura are best, since his defensive stats are meh. - His assist is pretty flexible - A/B skills are somewhat dependent on his boon/bane and your team. For example, he can work as an anti-weapon unit with the appropriate -breaker. Life and Death/Swift Sparrow/Fury are options, if he's +Atk or +Spd. - C skills are almost always "what does my team need?"
  14. Tee-hee~! She drastically improves with Darting Blow, especially on Flier Emblem. Her base Atk is tied with Cordelia/Hinoka, though she lacks their Speed. Her stupid-high Res means that she's perfect for Iceberg. If you ever get a +Spd one, try Iceberg/Darting Blow/Desperation.
  15. Your promoted units scream mage, which narrows the pool down to Nino, Robin, and Tharja. By color alone, I'd do Nino, since you're also missing a green unit besides Anna.