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  1. I would've loved to see the full poll, but alas.
  2. General US Politics

    If by "solid" you mean "everything is inferred". That doesn't give me a lot of hope.
  3. The Fire Emblem averages page.

    Er, you can do the math manually, while you wait for that update.
  4. First, LOOK at your thread title. You're putting the spotlight on your thoughts, and looking to see if anyone else agrees. Did you honestly think that you were the only person in the entire FE fandom to come up with that idea? Because that's what your topic titles implies. From my PoV, that's either an immense ego speaking, or someone who's looking for validation, and neither are okay. Didn't mean it like that? Then stay away from such things, whether it's "Is is just me or (something)", "Am I the only one who (something)", etc. A topic title should describe what the topic is, without having to resort to tactics that I'd expect to see on a low-quality clickbait site. Something like "Fates and the theme of choices" explains what the topic is about, without trying to make yourself look special. To edit a topic title, click and hold down on it.
  5. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    Yes, the colors look brighter. This could be due to a number of things (different medium, different stages of development, etc.). I'll reserve judgment until the issue comes out, and we can get a better look at everyone.
  6. The Fire Emblem averages page.

    It's possible to manually calculate it, though the more reclasses and whatnot you do, the more complicated it gets.
  7. You're assuming that I'd answer honestly.
  8. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    Art? Petty? Only if you're playing the likes of Zork. It doesn't matter to you? That's great. There's a balance between expressing a negative opinion and being toxic about it - so far, things are more towards the former. If I brought that opinion into every topic, including things that have nothing to do with the art/Famitsu article, then it's an issue. If I trash-talk people who have a different opinion of the art (directly or passive-aggressively), that's an issue, too. So again, this is my job, not yours. It's doubly bad that you're posting as a guest, which tells me you'd rather point fingers, instead of do things like agree to the rules. No one has to be thrilled about every single new thing, and as long as that discontent is expressed appropriately, it's fine.
  9. Fire Emblem Rejects?

    Eleven units is plenty IMO.
  10. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    If you hate it so much, you're free to not post. I mean, you're halfway there with the lack of account! In other words, that's my job. Consider this a prelude to what's going to happen once the actual article is scanned, because the aesthetics were discussed quite a bit in the trailer threads.
  11. I guess Reina's your favorite FE character? Ahem. . . That's enough about 4chan.
  12. Detective Pikachu Hype Check

    This topic could go either way. . .eh, I'm lazy.
  13. The closest thing to a vampire is Byleth's leggings. Not that I cared - it would have to be a trainwreck before it affected my enjoyment of the game. (in other words, the leak was irrelevant)
  14. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    It's twofold for me. The first is the reason you stated, along with the fact that she looks like a young girl. The second is that it doesn't look very comfortable, especially with that sword. The art I'm most curious about is Dimitri's. I wasn't a huge fan of the art I've seen of him so far, but what's in this article looks a lot more polished (in Edelgard's legging's case, a bit TOO polished).
  15. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    Banned for making me remember that! Ahem. . . I'll hold off judgment on the details of the character art until there's a more detailed scan released. Not liking the pose Sothis has, though.